High V Romi 5.4.10


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High V Romi 5.4.10

  1. 1. MAY 4, 2010 ISSUE III The Neustadt famliy: Romi with husband, John, and two children, Nate (4.5 yrs) and Bebe (16 months).
  2. 2. For Level V Executive Consultant Romi Neustadt, giving back and moving forwardgo hand in hand. Thats because she believes strongly in sharing her successwith others and has made that an important part of her business plan. The moreher Rodan + Fields® business grows, the more she can give to charitablecauses, and that is a formula that is proving to be enormously satisfying to Romiand her team.Given that Romi has built a sizable team in less than a year, you would think sheis a direct selling veteran. But Romis background is in law and public relations."I knew nothing about network marketing," she says. Working as a publicrelations consultant from her home in Bozeman, Montana, Romi was intriguedwhen one of her clients mentioned Rodan + Fields. "She worked the topic of skininto our conversation one day on the phone, and it came to me at a time when Iwas looking for something else," says Romi.A former lawyer who worked as a business litigator in Dallas, Romi spent three days doing serious duediligence. "I put on my lawyer hat and I looked at this thing from a business standpoint, the productstandpoint and I looked at the industry," says Romi. She also asked her husband, an entrepreneurhimself who manufactures dietary supplements, to take a look at the opportunity. "At the end of threedays we both came to the conclusion that this was it and I needed to do it." Set for Success with a Professional AttitudeRomi credits her success to recognizing early on that this is a system. "You learn the system,you teach others to do it and thats how were going to duplicate," she explains. Romi alsotreated her Rodan + Fields business like a business - "I talked to everybody who had skin,"she says. "Its not a hobby ... I am driven to create my own seven figure business." And thismeans, just as she would if she were working for someone else, she shows up when she issupposed to, she excels at her tasks, she strives to get promotions and raises, and "to reallyknock it out of the park."Charitable Giving Begins with Preferred Customers
  3. 3. Romi is indeed knocking it out of the park. She now has an organization of more than 700people around the country and has been named the top producer four times. And even thoughshe is committed to becoming as successful as possible, she is just as committed to givingback. "For me, giving back has always been a part of my life," she explains. "My parentstaught me the importance of donating time and money to charity ... every month I donate $10for every Preferred Customer to a national charity."So far, Romi and her team have been able to help the American Red Cross Haitian Relief Fund;WomenHeart: the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease; National Womens HistoryMonth; the National Breast Coalition (in honor of Romis mother, a breast cancer survivor);and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of Rodan + Fields Vice President of Sales,Chris Diaz.Romi is thrilled that her team is also giving back, and together they have created innovativeways to help others. For example, at a "New Year, New You" event, Romi and ConsultantBridget Cavanaugh paid the beauty forward by asking all guests to bring beautiful clothes theyno longer wanted so they could be donated to the local womens shelter.Romi firmly believes that people are only as successful as the people who train them and thepeople who work with them. And she is indebted to both her upline and her downline for theirsupport and efforts. And even though she loves the income and the special rewards her Rodan+ Fields business gives her, for Romi this opportunity is about much more than money."Because I decided to take a chance and throw myself into this 100 percent, there arehundreds of people around the country who have the opportunity to dramatically change andimprove their futures. What an absolute gift that is."n
  4. 4. Romi at X-Factor 09 with Dr. Katie Rodan and Consultants (L to R) Susie Sheftel, Melissa Tulp, Kacie Shover and Carlyn ShawCopyright ©2010 Rodan & Fields, LLC. All rights reserved. www.rodanandfields.com