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Gluten intolerance
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Gluten intolerance


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Some of the early symptoms of this disease are gas, bloating etc which you will experience after eating. The reason may be there was gluten in your food. Gradually you may experience other symptoms …

Some of the early symptoms of this disease are gas, bloating etc which you will experience after eating. The reason may be there was gluten in your food. Gradually you may experience other symptoms like tiredness, dizziness, constipation etc. Later on as the disease progresses it causes severe problems like pain in your abdomen, numbness, headaches etc.

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  • 1. By:Judi MariaMany people cannot tolerate gluten in their diet. They experience symptomswhich signify that the food eaten had gluten in it. People who cannot tolerategluten should stick to a diet that is gluten-free otherwise these symptoms canturn severe. So what exactly is gluten intolerance and why people suffer from it?Medically there is another name for this intolerance and it is called celiac disease.If there is an auto-immune disorder in a person it leads to this disease and finallythat person suffers from malnutrition. To put it across in a simple language, whenyour body is unable to process certain types of proteins it leads to malnutritionwhich can take a serious form.People who suffer from gluten intolerance are the ones whose bodies cannothandle certain foods that contain protein. These foods are wheat, rye, barley etc.Our intestines have a micro hair like lining called villi. The function of villi is toabsorb the food nutrients. When your body is unable to process proteins thislining dies. Thereafter your body finds it hard to process any type pf food. Thisleads to malnutrition which in turn triggers several other conditions.Some of the early symptoms of this disease are gas, bloating etc which you willexperience after eating. The reason may be there was gluten in your food.Gradually you may experience other symptoms like tiredness, dizziness,constipation etc. Later on as the disease progresses it causes severe problemslike pain in your abdomen, numbness, headaches etc.
  • 2. Another chronic illness that is similar is the leaky gut syndrome. The symptoms ofthis condition can be bizarre which may even confuse doctors. When the linings inthe intestines gets damaged it leads to this condition. This weakens your gutwalls. As a result toxins, microbes and other waste material are passed into theblood stream which already has cytokines released by antibodies. All thesematerials mingle and gradually detoriate the gut walls. This leads to frequentstomach pains. Your body becomes unable to absorb the nutrients from food thatyou eat.A lot of people suffer from this condition called leaky gut syndrome. Later onvarious other health problems and allergies crop up. The intestinal walls play animportant role in digestion of food, absorption of nutrients and production ofenzymes. Poor intake of food, improper digestion and high intake of antibioticsare some of the common reasons that lead to the development of this condition.Candida is a genus of yeasts. Many species of this genus are endosymbionts ofanimal hosts including humans. Some Candida species have the potential tocause disease; it can cause infections in humans and other animals. The causesare mainly cultural, Candida overgrowth can happen when bacterial/fungalbalance in the intestines. It’s a fungus that is the cause of many undesirablesymptoms ranging from fatigue and weight gain, to joint pain and gas.Candida diet is the hardest, but it’s very important and crucial to eliminate theCandida and return to your health. Practitioners use diet to address theovergrowth of Candida, Candida treatment is a 3 step process. in very firstprocess there should be a diet which consists of what to eat and what not to, andit contains detox methods, in next step diet will reintroduce with other items,most probably Candida will start leaving from the body. After completing twosteps, you have hopefully detoxed your system and killed off most of the excesscandid growth, you have to move long term diet plan. It takes four weeks forany improvement.Constipation is common; in general population incidence of constipation variesfrom 2 to 30%. It refers to bowel movements that are infrequent and hard topass. It’s a common cause of painful defecation. Constipation is one of theburgeoning problems of a city life. Most people suffer from it due to a stress life,symptoms are no bowl movement, Abdomen pain, constant headaches.
  • 3. Constipation is more common in women and in people over age 65. There aredifferent constipation remedies are available, such as natural remedies andhome remedies, In natural way take less fiber and make sure that more fluidconsumption, fluid makes bowl movements softer and easier and beconstipating..Home remedies for constipation are drink some warm milk before you go to bed,drink warm water, warm lemon water, besides this make sure a sleep of 8 hours.Eat plenty of fruits. Only properly cooked vegetables should be consumed. Giveup non-veg deep fried, dried fruits, cabbage, cauliflower and a few pulses likedhal because they may lead to gas and toxins.Make sure that proper diet maintained in both Candida diet and constipationremedies to avoid side effects, it’s better to take early actions, consult thepractitioner to get proper treatment.Gluten is a type of protein present in many grains, majorly in wheat. This has aproperty like elastic. It helps to bind the flour together and gives the chewyfeeling. When the dough is kneaded the elasticity offered is through the glutenpresent therein. It cannot be completely removed from the grains. But themaximum amount of this protein can be removed leaving that product namedgluten free. This protein offers many good qualities to the bread made out of flourcontaining it like elasticity, absorbance, maintaining the shape of finished productetc. Like many other allergies of food particles, this protein also cannot bedigested. This is called gluten intolerance. People suffering with this disease
  • 4. develop indigestion of gluten and this leads to various other diseases. Thisdisease is inherited from family members or it can also be developed within anindividual due to his/ her own body characteristics. Grains containing highestgluten are wheat, rye, barley which are also rich in fiber and has other reallygood quality. But people suffering from intolerance to this particular proteincannot consume these otherwise healthy rich foods or consume them inprocessed form.There are many other diseases related to this intolerance such as celiac disease,leaky gut syndrome etc. All these diseases have to do with damaged intestinesand digestive system as the gluten attacks digestive system itself. The formerdisease is type of autoimmune, where the immunity system of a person attackson body itself. The main reason behind this is the gluten. The later on is also dueto consumption of this protein. In most of the cases this disease is left unnoticed,as there are no symptoms or external signs to detect this disease. This diseaseoccurs mainly due to gaps and loose villi at the intestine. This finger like elementat the internal wall side of intestine grabs food particles for digestion and passesdigestible particles into bloodstream. In damaged state, indigestible particles alsoget passed into the bloodstream and this leads to various other serious problemsdue to presence of non- acceptable particles in blood. This state is calledpermeable intestines, which does not have any medical treatment as of now. Butonly precaution is better than cure. Consuming gluten free products as much aspossible can put this phenomenon at bay.
  • 5. Contact www.brendawatson.com198 Palm Harbor Blvd. S. Palm Harbor, FL 34683 (800)830-4778