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  • Narrowing our market down to the users we want to attract Surveying potential clients Adding Social Networking growth
  • Estimate market share. I am still working on this Jud
  • Estimate market share. I am still working on this Jud
  • Estimate market share. I am still working on this Jud
  • Estimate market share. I am still working on this Jud
  • Just a guesstimate
  • Just a guesstimate
  • Just a guesstimate
  • Fanranker presentation \

    1. 1. Sports Fans Rewarded Investor Presentation
    2. 2. Overview The Problem The Product and Business Model The Market and Competition Strategy Business Drivers and Risk Customer Acquisition Costs Management Revenue Model Financials Funding Requirements
    3. 3. The Consumer Problem A Problem For Sports Fans  Sports fans attend games; purchase sports merchandise, and root for their favorite teams, athletes, and coaches without being properly recognized or rewarded. FanRanker’s Solution  Reward Sports Fans - Fans will be rewarded with prizes, discounts, and deals for being active in the real world and on the website.  Recognize Sports Fans - The top sports fans and best content will be spotlighted on the website and within FanRanker literature.
    4. 4. The Merchant Problem A Problem For Sports Merchants  Sports merchants do not have access to a platform that focuses on sports and that will provide them with the specific interests of their customers in real time. FanRanker’s Solution  Connect With Customers – Allow sports merchants to get to know their current customers and reach new ones.  Offer Deals That Matter – Help merchants provide deals on merchandise for sports fans’ favorite team, athlete, or coach.  Reward The Best Customers – Fans that are recognized and rewarded will often provide repeat business.
    5. 5. The Product Features FanRanker Website1. Post content and interact with other sports fans.2. Get rewarded for being active on the site.3. Compete for prizes.4. Unlock trophies to gain status on FanRanker. FanRanker App1. Check-in as a fan of ones favorite team, athlete, or coach.2. Get deals from merchants that matter to sports fans3. Get rewarded on FanRanker for being active in the real world.
    6. 6. The Product Functionality Free membership and app download. The site and app will be inter- linked so fans may combine their real world activity with the website. Virtual check-in to get deals from merchants who have an online presence. Facebook and Twitter integration for the site/app to gain exposure.
    7. 7. Physical Check-in System (Patent Pending Product)
    8. 8. Virtual Check-in System (Patent Pending Product)
    9. 9. The Product Reward SystemThe “Commish” Trophy Get active with merchant check-ins. Unlocking the “Commish” trophy means one continuously uses merchant discount/deals. The “Commish” trophy is the most valuable on FanRanker and will boost ones ranking on the FanRanker leader board.Other Trophies Improve ones social status on FanRanker and earn bragging rights when trophies are unlocked for various real world activity.
    10. 10. The Product Reward System (Cont.)Sports Fan Takes Post ones take on a sports event, story, or person. The best sports takes will rise to the top. Unlock trophies and earn bragging rights if ones sports take rises to the top. Boost rankings on the FanRanker leader board.
    11. 11. The Product Reward System (Cont.) FanRanker T-Shirt Deal the highest on  Rank the FanRanker leader board.  Get 10% of monthly sales for FanRanker T-Shirts or ($300 monthly).  Earn bragging rights.
    12. 12. Business Model Patent pending check-in technology Unique sports-themed social networking site Rewards users based on frequency and quality of use  Merchant check-in (physical and virtual)  Climb the ranks for submitting good posts on the website  Earn bragging rights and prizes Work directly with sports merchants  Allows merchants to target deals/coupons  Increase customer awareness and relations  Increase sales
    13. 13. The Market According to Plunkett  73% of teens and young Research, “annual adults are a member of at company spending for least one social sports advertising is over networking site $28 billion annually.”  Top Social network sites Within the four major visits per month, for 2011: sports, the average game  Facebook: 8,695,560,138 attendance:  Twitter: 1,399,127,428  NHL- 17,070  Linkedin: 79,000,000  NBA- 17,149  Unique visitors to niche  NFL- 66,957 social networking sites  MLB- 30,135 grew by 48.1% in 2011 The U.S sporting  Its estimated $1.5 billion equipment sales retail in will be spent on social the range of $40 billion networking sites in 2012 annually The estimated size of the U.S Sports Industry is over $620 billion
    14. 14. Sports Generated Revenue – Nearly Recession ProofEstimated Revenue from Regular Season Ticketing (%) 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010  Regular seasonNFL 16.9 16.6 16.7 16.0 16.6 revenue in most sports % % % % % has only modestlyMLB 34.6 34.5 36.5 35.7 35.2 declined even as the % % % % % average attendanceNBA 30.4 30.3 28.8 28.4 27.1 slightly declined. % % % % %  FanRanker will exist inNHL 40.2 42.3 38.7 39.5 39.6 a niche market that isRegular Season Attendance (M) % % % % % 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 steady and proven.NFL 17.6 17.6 17.5 17.3 17.1MLB 76.3 79.6 79.0 73.6 73.2NBA 21.6 21.8 21.4 21.5 21.1NHL 20.9 20.9 21.3 21.5 21.0 Source: WR Hambrecht + Co, E
    15. 15. Attendance At Games – Nearly Recession ProofRegular Season Attendance (M) 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010  Regular seasonNFL 17.6 17.6 17.5 17.3 17.1 attendance in mostMLB 76.3 79.6 79.0 73.6 73.2 sports has onlyNBA 21.6 21.8 21.4 21.5 21.1 modestly declinedNHL 20.9 20.9 21.3 21.5 21.0 even as the average ticket price has steadily risen.Average Ticket Price (USD)  FanRanker can help 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 incentivize more ticketNFL $62.3 $67.1 $72.2 $73.3 $76.4 sales as prices rise. 8 1 0 4 7MLB $22.2 $22.7 $25.4 $26.6 $26.7 1 7 3 4 4NBA $46.9 $48.8 $49.4 $48.9 $47.6 9 3 7 0 6NHL $43.1 $48.7 $49.6 $51.2 $54.2 Source: WR Hambrecht + Co, E 3 2 6 7 5
    16. 16. Customer Characteristics Typical Customer  Female aged 18-24  Receptive to online advertising and shopping  Males aged 18-35  75% more likely than females aged 18-35 to check-in to physical locations  Owns a Smartphone, watches live sports, purchases sporting gear, and sports tickets Studies show that nearly 50% of sports fans who checked in to a physical location via their phone were ages 25-34 Individuals in the age range of 16-35 average $50 in weekly spending for purchases over the Internet
    17. 17. Freethefan – This site focuses on sports talk,and allows members to download their ownvideos. It covers all sports and membershipis free.Faniq – This site focuses on sports statisticsin an effort to educate current fans, andmake fans out of novices. The site allowsfor the submission of articles and links tomany sports blogs. Membership is free.
    18. 18. Foursquare – This is a social network thatallows members to check in to variousestablishments in order to receivediscounts/freebies. However, the site does notspecialize in sports merchants as FanRankerwill. FanFeedr – This site focuses on sports news only which is not a major part of the FanRanker business model.
    19. 19. ESPN Passport – Allows sports fans to check in tosports events and chronicle the memories of thecheck-in. Loopt - This is a social network that allows members to review many places and get nearby deal alerts.
    20. 20. NBA Turnstile – Allows NBA sports fans tocheck in to sports games they watch live oron television.
    21. 21. Strategy FanRanker Overall Strategy  Physical check-in - Customers that visit/shop at sports stores, sports bars, hotels, or sports stadiums may receive highly targeted deals.  Virtual check-in - Caters to sports merchants without a physical location and customers that shop on the internet.  Rewards and Incentives – Fans will gain points for being active on the site and in the real world. The top fan will win 10% of FanRanker t-shirt revenue for a year.
    22. 22. Strategy (Cont.) FanRanker Merchants Strategy  Utilize geo-targeted SEO (search engine optimization) to get listed on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing to target sports merchants.  The Chamber of Commerce business listings will allow us to find and contact sports merchants via email and phone.  Create informative videos tailored to merchants and distributed to video networks.  FanRanker Soft Launch – Allow merchants to pre-register before the site/app goes live.  Utilize Facebook ads to target sports merchants.
    23. 23. Strategy (Cont.) FanRanker Member Strategy  FanRanker Soft Launch – This page will describe the website/app features and will allow sports fans to pre- register. One fan will win $50 on launch day.  Social Media – Allow members to invite friends and share content on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linked-in, and Google +.  Offer Prizes – We will give away a Free T-shirt every week on the FanRanker Facebook page to incentivize fans to join.  Recognition – We will spotlight prize winners and our best fans. Reward + Recognition = Repeat Business.
    24. 24. Business Model Drivers Sustaining Competitive Advantage  Using unique UID to allow users to virtually check-in to non- physical areas  Merchant deals based on users’ favorite sports team, coach, or athlete  Continuous recognition and rewards for sports fans Critical Success Factors  Monitor cash flow  Expand our market reach by continuously attracting new merchants and subscribers  Monitor customer needs and future trends, specifically new customer acquisition costs
    25. 25. Key Risks Low adoption rate System with bugs Unequal cash flow Keeping customer acquisition costs low
    26. 26. Customer Acquisition Costs New Customer Costs: Customer Acquisition Formula: (Website Development Costs / Expected Life of website) + Monthly Promotion Costs + Monthly Maintenance New Customers  Web Development Costs = $35,000  Expected Life of Website = 84 Months  Monthly Promotion Costs = $1,400  Monthly Maintenance = $626  New Customers Per Month = 15,000 (conservative figure)  New Customer Costs = $0.16 per customer
    27. 27. The ManagementReginald Woodie,President/Owner/Operator – Reginald is the Teamfounder of Idea Tycoon, LLC, the parentcompany for FanRanker. Mr. Woodie has adepth of experience in the field of Internetmarketing and commerce. Reginald hasranked sites on the first page of Google,Yahoo, and Bing and have sold the sites forprofit. Judson Lang, Partner – Judson will workclosely alongside Reginald Woodie in thisendeavor with the online/offline marketingfor FanRanker. Judson has a backgroundin marketing and has written businessplans for other companies to obtainfunding.
    28. 28. AWH, Programmer – RyanFrederick and his team haveyears of experience in developingtop quality websites and mobileapplications for the iOS, Android,and Blackberry platforms.
    29. 29. Revenue Model Fan Fav Store  Merchants will be charged monthly to list products in the website and app store.  FanRanker will receive a 20 to 25% cut of each sale.  Only products that match the member’s favorite team, athlete, or coach will show in the store. Advertisements will be strategically placed on the site. The FanRanker T-Shirt will be featured in the Fan Fav Store retailing at $19.95
    30. 30. Financial Highlights Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Revenues $187K $328K $510KAnnual Growth -- 75% 56%Net Profits $52K $132K $239KPct of Revenues 28% 40% 47%Cash Investment (100K) (-) (-)
    31. 31. Projected Cash Flow by Month
    32. 32. Projected Cash Flow by Year
    33. 33. Net Profit (or Loss) by Year
    34. 34. Funding Needs Seeking $100K in funding Milestones to be achieved (16 months)  App/Website Creation  Affiliate Programs (FanRanker Store) setup  Sports Merchant signups in 5 major geographical locations in the U.S.  FanRanker T-Shirts designed and ready for sale  Profitability by the end of 16 months Use of Funds For Year 1  Sales and Marketing $18K  Website/App Creation $35K  General Operating Expense $38K
    35. 35. Sports Fans Rewarded Thank You.Contact: