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8   coast and jungle peruvian malnutrition
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  • 2. GROUP # 8: Burga Cueva Jonathan Cabanillas Ventura JorgeChapoñán Bances Cristhian Torres Tafur KarinaZulueta Santacruz Jaroslav Zúñiga Callacna Gustavo
  • 3. Food gives you the energy you need forplaying, studying, staying active, andhanging out with your friends! A goodnutrition means eating foods that aregood for you and eating them in the rightamounts.
  • 4. Nutritional pyramid
  • 5. It is the result of insufficient nutrient intake to meet daily energy requirements
  • 6. Deficiency Of Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, CarbohydratesBad Nutrient And FatsAbsorption not influence the complexion of the person Improper DietMALNUTRITION
  • 7. subacute or acute or primary secondary chronic changes in the values ​of dysfunction in nutrients contained in physical symptoms organs and with the risk of death. blood tissues Proteins fatCarbohydrates Vitamins water Minerals
  • 8. Malnourishedmother malnourished newborn malnourished malnourished child adult overweight adult
  • 9. CAUSES OF MALNUTRITION IMMEDIATE CAUSESinsufficient power attention diseases inadequate
  • 10. CAUSES OF MALNUTRITION UNDERLYING CAUSES Inadequate waterLack of access to food Lack of health care and sanitation
  • 11. CAUSES OF MALNUTRITION ROOT CAUSES Low parentalpoverty inequality education
  • 12. CAUSES OF MALNUTRITION immediate causes attention insufficient power diseases inadequate underlying causes Inadequate waterLack of access to food Lack of health care and sanitation root causes Low parental poverty inequality education
  • 13. CONSEQUENCES OF MALNUTRITION Symptoms vary according to each specific disorderFatigue, dizziness and pallor.Excessive weight lossPoor growth and memory.Dry skin.Decreased immune response.
  • 14. CONSEQUENCES OF MALNUTRITIONIrregular menstruation.Alterations in blood coagulation.Fast heartbeat.Rickets and anemia.Continuous respiratory tract infections
  • 15. In the last years, the goverment, different organizations, restaurants and institutes have joined forces against: NUTRITIONAL PROBLEMS IN PERU that’s whyChronic malnutrition has shown a decreasing trend in the last five years
  • 16. 23.2% of children under 5 haveIn 2011 chronic malnutrition around 8 416 children
  • 17. The problem of malnutrition is three times higher in rural areas than urban areas. CHRONIC MALNUTRITION BY GEOGRAPHIC AREA IN PERU Chronic malnutrition 2011 Chronic malnutrition 2007–08 Anemia 2007 – 2008 Anemia 2011 URBAN
  • 18. • Jungle departments have a bigger proportion of children with chronic malnutrition than the coast departments. AVERAGE IN COAST: 13% AVERAGE IN JUNGLE: 24.5% MALNUTRITION IN COAST 2012 (in children under 5 years) MALNUTRITION IN JUNGLE 2012 DEPARTMENT CHRONIC MALNUTRITION (in children under 5 years) (OMS) (%) DEPARTMENT CHRONIC Ancash 28.6 MALNUTRITION La Libertad 26.1 (OMS) (%) Piura 22.9 Ucayali 31.6 Lambayeque 17.8 Tumbes 12.8 Loreto 30.1 Arequipa 12.3 Madre de Dios 11.9 Ica 10.3 Lima 8.9 Moquegua 5.7 Tacna 3.0
  • 19. Give only breastmilk until 4 to 6months of age.
  • 20. Prepare foods with cleaning.
  • 21. Monitor their growthand development and take it to vaccinate.
  • 22. • Include foods at each meal three groups: 1. Cereals and tubers ( bread, rice, pasta, potatoes or potatoes) 2. Legumes and animal foods (beans, lentils, beans, chicken, egg, fish, meat, milk or cheese). 3. Vegetables and fruits in season and region.
  • 23. • Wash your hands before preparing food and after using the bathroom.
  • 24. • Encourage healthy food choices.
  • 25. • Snacking (a snack or snacks) healthy
  • 26. Make the foodtaste good again
  • 27. • Consider adding supplements to the diet of your loved one.
  • 28. how to prevent malnutrition in adult?. Encourage physical exercise
  • 29. how to prevent malnutrition in adult?. • Plan social activities
  • 30. THANK YOU!