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Csg apush1st sf

  1. 1. Complete Study Guide: APUSH 1st Semester FinalCH 1Treaty that divided lands between Spain and Portugal: Treaty of TordesillasJamestown leader that forced people to work for food: John SmithStarted own church in order to divorce his wife: King Henry VIIIReligious colony founded by Pilgrims: PlymouthDiscovered New World in 1492: Christopher ColumbusCall of massive exodus of puritans to New World: Great MigrationName of Spanish conquerors: ConquistadorsName of first Native Americans to come in contact with: TainosPilgrim agreement to govern by majority rule: Mayflower CompactName of people who worked for passage to New World: Indentured ServantsMechanism that allowed investors to profit off of private investors: Joint Stock CompaniesPurifiers of the Church of England: PuritansKing that started civil war in England: King Charles ISchism in Catholic Church: Protestant Reformation or Great SchismOther name for Pilgrims: SeparatistsFounder of the colony of Roanoke: Sir Walter RaleighSpanish fleet defeated by British: Spanish ArmadaConquered Aztecs: Hernan CortesJamestown namesake: King James IBritish Queen to solidify Protestantism: Queen ElizabethDiseases spread by the Native Americans wiped out millions of Europeans: TRUE
  2. 2. Portuguese introduced slavery into British colonies: FALSETaino Indians had a strong military that appeared quite formidable to Columbus: FALSEMuslims were involved in the slave the trade long before in Africa: TRUECH 2Collective name of Virginia and Maryland colonies: Chesapeake ColoniesName of uprising of poor farmers, led to rising of Georgia: Bacon’s RebellionName of people who worked for passage to New World: Indentured ServantsFirst Governor of Georgia: James OglethorpeQuaker that founded a colony because of inheritance of his father: William PennBritish laws that restricted trade to and from colonies: Navigation ActsDoc that guaranteed freedom of worship in Pennsylvania: Charter of LibertiesChristian sect of Quakers believed men and women are equal: TRUE2 lasting problems of Bacon’s Rebellion were colonial resistance and disparity between rich and poor: TRSlavery became popular because of the increase in labor due to diminishing people: TRUERestrictions on rum and prostitution dropped when Georgia became a Royal Colony: TRUEUnder Dutch control, New York was called New Amistad: FALSEThe Act of Toleration provided religious freedom to worshippers of all faiths: FALSEMerchantism was the belief of colonies existed to enrich parent country: FALSECh 3&4Argued state is bound by natural laws: John LockeArgued English government should recognize the rights of all citizens: Patrick HenryAsserted that a social contract existed between people and government: Jean Jacques RousseauBritish failed to capture Quebec and got nothing: King Williams WarBritish failed to capture Quebec but gained Nova Scotia: Queen Anne’s War
  3. 3. Georgian colonists repelled Spanish invasion from Florida: King George’s WarPreacher of Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God: Jonathan EdwardsWar resulted in total expulsion from France in the New World: French and Indian War or 7 years warIntolerable Acts as a direct result of Boston Tea Party: TRUEStamp act place tax on printed materials: TRUESugar act was an example of an indirect tax: TRUEEnlightenment philosophies empowered colonists: TRUEPeople generally resent indirect taxes rather than direct tax: FALSEColonists hated the ship Gaspey because it thwarted smugglers from importing merchandise: TRUECH 5Led uprising of New England farmers: Daniel ShaysConservative to continental congress: John JayRadical delegate on continental congress: Patrick HenryModerate delegate to continental congress: George WashingtonWriter of Common Sense: Thomas PaineAlong with Paul Revere, made midnight ride to inform forces about the attack: William DawesBattle of Water Lowe encouraged French to make alliances with the US: FALSEContinental Congress came about because of Coercive acts: TRUENorthwest Ordinance outlined rules for statehood: TRUERadical delegates of the continental congress were from the south: FALSEAristocratic privileges were reduced or eliminated at the end of the Revolutionary War: TRUEArticles of Confederation established a unicameral house: TRUEArticles of Confederation allowed the central government to levy taxes: FALSEArticles of Confederation the central government could not conscript soldiers: TRUE
  4. 4. First continental congress was a result of the coercive act: TRUEThe Treaty of Paris (1783) the USA got Florida: FALSECH 6Amendment insures one to speedy and public trial: 6thAmendment no cruel or unusual punishment: 8thAmendment to a jury in civil cases: 7thAmendment to freedom of press, religion, speech, assembly, and petition: 1stAmendment right to bear arms and militia: 2ndAmendment no quartering soldiers during peacetime: 3RDAmendment no unreasonable search and seizures: 4thAmendment powers not to federal government belong to states or people: 10THAmendment any right not in constitution is still guaranteed against government infringement: 9thAmendment need not to testify themselves, no double jeopardy: 5thJames Madison and Alexander Hamilton pushed to create new doc instead of articles of Confed: TRUEFeds argued against bill of rights because people need not be protected by gov officials they elected: TRDecline of Federalist party can be reaced to XYZ affair: FALSEAnti-federalists argued that new constitution might destroy works of recent revolution: TRUESpain, fearful of having its American lands seized sold us Mississipi territory: TRUENaturalization act increased # of years for immigrants to qualify for citizenship: TRUEElection of 1800 resulted in a tie vote in electoral college: TRUECH 7Cousin of John Marshall: Thomas JeffersonWar hawk congressman from South Carolina: John C. CalhounWar hawk congressman from Kentucky: DA NIGGA HENRY CLAY
  5. 5. Name of justice, who establish power of judicial review for Supreme Court: John MarshallMan offered Louisiana Purchase to USA: Napoleon BonaparteMan who led US in battle of New Orleans: Andrew JacksonFederalist judge who sued the government for his commission: William MarburyMarshall’s decision in the case of Marbury v. Madison established the principal of legal president: FALSE1 of the reasons the US got into the war of 1812 was because of the impressment of American semen: TJefferson’s chief reason for purchasing Louisian was to challenge Hamilton’s loose interpretation: FALSEJefferson’s assertion to presidency in 1800 brought change to Washington: TRUEJefferson’s ascension to presidency changed policies established by Washington and Adams: TRUE(?)Native Americans in the west allied themselves with the British in the War of 1812 cuz of land: FALSECH 8Tax to limit imports in order for industry to flourish: Protective TariffLong standing chief justice responsible for many decisions: John MarshallBelief one’s region of residence is superior to the country as a whole: SectionalismWho designed a system of interchangeable rifle parts during war of 1812: Eli WhitneyMan that advocated eco package to improve domestic situation: Henry ClayName of president during Era of Good Feelings: James MonroeBelief one’s country is superior to others: NationalismBritish navy guy foreign secrety responsible for suggesting the Monroe doctrine: George CanningClay’s American system relied on state banks: FALSEEli Whitney’s cotton gin increased southern demand for slaves: TRUEContributing factor to westward movement was promise of citizenship for home steady acreage: FALSEMissouri Compromise was 3 separate proposals: TRUEMonroe asserted rights to US to send troops to latin America for political stability: FALSE
  6. 6. CH 9 & 10Majority of people welcomed immigrants as a cheap form of labor: FALSENatavist reaction to immigrants resulted in changes to immigration laws: FALSEAfrican slaves resisted slavery through political activism: FALSEThere were large numbers of Irish immigrants because of promised lands for home steading: FALSEThe know nothing party drew its constituency from anti-immigration americans: TRUEFactor that most directly promoted two party systems was because of sectional conflict in the N&S: FALSCH11Author of Moby Dick: Herman MelvilleFounder of church of Christ of latter day saints: Joseph SmithLeader of mental health reform movement: Doraphia DixLeader of public school reformation: Horace MannAuthor of leatherstocking tales: James Fenimore CooperAuthor of rip van winkle and legend of sleepy hallow: Washington Irvingauthor of scarlet letter: Nathaniel HawthorneFounder of New harmony utopia: Robert OwenLeader of Virginia Uprising: Nat TurnerTwo female leaders of women’s sufferage movement: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B AnthonyOnieda community was successful due to utopian ideas: FALSEAntebellum literally means before war: TRUEShaker community failed due to no reproduction: TRUESecond Great Awakening was characterized by growing unity among protestant churches: FALSECult of domesticity strived for economic and social equality: FALSETemperance movement was oppressed by German and Irish immigrants: TRUE
  7. 7. Seneca falls convention was significant due to historical doc woman’s rights: TRUECH12Discovery of gold motivated Americans to move west: TRUEOverland passage oregan trail, caused disease, cold, and difficult to travel: TRUEOne of the major consequesnces of the Mexican war was increased sectional tensions over slavery: TRUWith new land, many poor Americans moved west to home stead and acquire their share of land: FALSETreaty that ended the Mexican war was popular with anti slavery southerners: FALSEThe US delayed the annex of texas because of the balance of slave and free states: TRUEMain reason US delayed annex of texas was opposition in congress for slave states: TRUECH 13The Lincoln-douglass debates resulted in increased support for douglas in the south: FALSEMany southerners argued that slaves were treated better than factory workers: TRUEUnder fugitive law whites caught aiding escape slaves could be fined, imprisoned, and deported: FALSECompromise of 1850 came as a result of an influx of settlers to California in search of gold: TRUELincoln and republican party stood that slavery should not expand: TRUEUnder fugitive slave law slave catchers could detain any black person, even if born free in north: TRUEFILL INName of cash crop in Virginia: tobaccoTerm for Elizabeth 1st ‘s naval explorers: sea dogsNickname of Elizabeth: virgin queenName of first permanent English settlement in the New World: JamestownChurch founded by henry 8th CHURCH OF ENGLAND/ANGLICAN CHURCHOfficial name of Quakers; their church: Religious Society of Friends
  8. 8. Title of Maryland governor: Lord BaltimorePennsylvania literally means: Penn’s woodsLaw school student turn monk, responsible for protestant reformation: Martin LutherBuying and selling between 3 parties/countries: triangle tradeBelief of no need to obey law: antinomianismProgram that promised land as incentive to colonists who paid: headright systemSweet substance popular with crusades: white deathWinter of 1609-1610: starving timeKilled Charles I in England: oliver CromwellUnusual food stuffs Jamestown colonists ate: people, mice/rats, cats, dogsFirst French settlement in new world: QuebecFirst English settlement in new world: JamestownName of respresenative body in Jamestown: House of BurgessesDisease Native Americans gave to Europeans: syphilisGeorgia was filled with criminals for what crime: debtSupremecourt case that ruled private contracts can’t be altered by state: Dartmouth college v.woodwardSupremecourt case that ruled that federal government has implied powers and federal laws are superiorto state laws: McCulloch v. MarylandHenry Clay’s economic package: American systemGeneral term for James Monroe’s two term presidency: Era of Good FeelingsPower granted to supreme court as a result of marbury v. Madison: Judicial ReviewGroup that recived tribune from Washington and adams: barbury piratesTerm for William penn’s goals: holy experiment
  9. 9. Name of uprising in England that replaced james with William and Mary: Glorious Revolutionlaw that prevented trade with England and France: nonintercoarse actshow much for Louisiana purchase: $15 millionNative American leader that tried to unite tribes against us: TecumsehNickname for US constitution: old iron sidesNickname for old republicans: quidsWriter of star spangled banner: Francis Scott KeyBattle in which star spangled banner was written at this fort: fort mchenryFirst 10 amendments to constitution: bill of rightsFirst 2 political parties: federalists and democratic-republicansBritish policy, which allowed colonist to violate trade laws due to lack of enforcement: salutary neglectBlank search warrant: writ of assistanceThe intolerable acts in England: coercive actsName of treaty that ended French and Indian War: the peace of paris/ treaty of paris 1763Paradigm shifted from god grants authority, to people give authority: the EnlightenmentOutbreak of religious conversion during 1730s and 1740s: The Great Awakening7 years war called in Europe: French Indian WarLaw that forbade colonists of settling west of Appalachian Mountains: Proclamation 1763Type of native Americans people dressed during boston tea party: MohawksPrincipal author of Declaration of Independence: Thomas JeffersonName for loyalists: TorriesName for patriot: WhigWashington’s warning: no sectionalism, no political parties, no permanent alliances, avoid foreignaffairs
  10. 10. Colonist torture method involving picket fence: riding the fenceInstitution created from the land ordnance: public educationBattle as a result encouraged French to help: Battle of SaratogaBattle in which the British army surrendered: Battle of YorktownBritish general that surrendered at Yorktown: Charles CornwallisInventor of steamboat: Robert FultonLast Federalist judge: John MarshallTwo largest immigrant groups 1830s&40s: German and IrishShift from rural living to urban living: UrbanizationForced marched of Cherokees of tribal land in Georgia: Trail of TearsKing Caucus was replaced by: nominating conventionAge of Jackson is also known as the: Era of the Common ManGifting of government jobs for past service: spoils systemAndrew Jackson’s nickname: Old HickoryName of treaty that ended Mexican American war: treaty of Guadalupe hidalgoAmerican’s for-ordained mission to expand: Manifest destinyPractice allowing men to have more than one wife: polygamyLiterally meaning moderation; to curtail or curve consumption of alcohol: TemperanceMan listed as vp candidate for both adams and Jackson: John C. CalhounAnti-immigration proponents: nativistsname of doc issued by wmn at Seneca falls convention: declaration of sentimentsbelief of many Americans that adams appointed henry clay as secretary of state: Corrupt Bargainsouthern term used to refer to slavery once it became uncomfortable: peculiar institutionmost populous subcategory in a category when the subcategory blah blah blah blah: plurality
  11. 11. 4 countries that claimed oregan territory: Spain, Britain, Russia, and the USFirst state to succeed from Union: south CarolinaNext 6 to succeed: Texas, Mississipi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, FloridaHarper’s ferry was a: federal arsonalPosition to compleltey eradicate slavery everywhere: abolitionistPosition to not allow slavery to expand, and only stay where its established: Free SoilPosition to allow residents/people to decide/vote on slavery: popular sovereigntyMost popular book during the Antebellum period on slavery: Uncle Tom’s CabinAuthor of that book: Harriet Beacher StoweCollective term of the territory given to the US after Mexican American war: Mexican CessionHorrendous trip from Africa to US: middle passageFree State that entered the union to balance the entrance of the slave state of Missouri: MainePREAMBLEWe the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insuredomestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure theBlessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for theUnited States of America.