Nonviolent communication role play for pacifying scrum retrospectives


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I prepared this slide deck for further reference for the people that attended to my session at the Scrum Gathering Las Vegas 2013

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Nonviolent communication role play for pacifying scrum retrospectives

  1. 1. NonviolentCommunicationRole-play forPacifying ScrumRetrospectivesJuan Banda, MSc, CSP, ACP,PMPjuan.banda@percella.comPhoto by TZAPhoto by Darklight
  2. 2. Violentcommunicationexists inRetrospectivesbecause oftentimes teammembers don’tknow how toexpress theirfeelingsPhoto by Iceman Forever
  3. 3. Photo by Ghaith SalihWithoutfeelings there islittle chancethat other teammembers feelempathy forwhat one istrying tocommunicate
  4. 4. Photo by farmgatecreationsFrequentlywhat triggersviolentconversations isthe habit oflabelling peopleand callingthemsomething
  5. 5. Violentcommunicationis oftenineffectivebecause it doesnot implyspecificrequests forsomebody todo somethingPhoto by jhritz
  6. 6. Nonviolentcommunicationcomes torescue byproposing avery simplecommunicationprocess basedin four stepsPhoto by Olli Kelalainen
  7. 7. 1. “The concreteactions we areobserving that areaffecting our well-being2. How we feel inrelation to what weare observing3. Theneeds, values, desires, etc. that arecreating our feelings4. The concreteactions we requestin order to enrichour lives” Marshall Photo by Atomicity
  8. 8. Instead of saying“Peter you’re alousyprogrammer thatbroke the buildso often in thepast Sprint”Photo by tylerburkphotography
  9. 9. Say something like“I’ve observedthat the build wasbroken threetimes during thelast sprint, I feelfrustrated and I’mneeding that thisstops happeningso I can have abuild to test…Photo by scarycrow
  10. 10. …Peter could youmake sure yourun your unittests beforechecking in yourcode?”Photo by unravelled mistakes
  11. 11. NVC perfectlyfits intoretrospectivesmeetingsbecause itdrives thecommunicationprocess withoutviolencePhoto by dolfi
  12. 12. But you can usethe NVC processand stillcommunicateviolently becauseof your bodylanguage or thetone of your voicePhoto by
  13. 13. Role-playactivities are likelittleimprovisationsthat help teams tobe aware of thesubtle violence intheircommunicationPhoto by Erwannicolas
  14. 14. Improvisationsare also healthybecause they addhumor andreflection at thesame timePhoto by Erwannicolas
  15. 15. The key is not tobecome a team ofgreat actors but touncovercommunicationpatterns that areviolent andchange thembefore they hurtthe whole NVCprocess Photo by Serketamine
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