Triton Digital Product Summary


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Triton Digital Product Summary

  1. 1. INNOVATION.DELIVERED.APPLICATIONS & SERVICES DIVISION ABOUT US Triton Digital is the leading digital service provider to traditional and online radio. With our unmatched ability and willingness to invest in radio, Triton is leading the way with a relentless flow of new and enhanced products designed to grow digital audiences and revenue for clients around the globe. Our platform makes digital content extensible, personal, social, and profitable. Our mission is to make today’s media better and tomorrow’s media possible. PRODUCTS Ad Injector Fan Club Triton’s ad insertions allow you to deliver highly Triton’s online home base connects your users to contextual and appropriate ads to your audience contests, surveys, games and other exclusive member- through your streaming media player. Through our suite only content. Fan Club let’s you treat your audience like of ad insertion products and professional services, we VIP’s. can help you monetize your digital assets. FLEX Check In Radio Triton’s website management platform helps you Check In Radio lets your listeners enter TSL/Appointment- manage your website, the backbone of your digital based contests with a simple click on their iPhone or strategy. FLEX marries industry-leading content manage- Android mobile device. ment tools with a true enterprise-based approach to managing and monetizing your digital brands. Flex Daily Deals includes everything from drag-and-drop simplicity to Triton’s Daily Deals is a free, entirely station-branded multiple levels of administration and everything discount and deal platform that lets you generate in-between. revenue through the sale of discounted offers directly to consumers. While you and your team are focusing on Format Content local advertisers, Triton will be working hard to bring Triton’s Format Content delivers music news to your site national and multi-market advertisers into your deal that is completely format specific and written for Radio. program. Every day we deliver tightly-tuned, fresh, white-label music and entertainment news to your site in twelve Digital Ivy different formats. The news is delivered to keep listeners Triton’s contesting engine is powerful, flexible, and on your site and engaged with your brand, all while easy-to-use. It allows you to manage multiple promotions generating new page views for your advertisers. across a number of delivery channels. Digital Ivy supports every possible user-generated contest you can imagine Live Audio/Video Streaming – text, photos, videos, and audio. Triton’s distribution platform delivers rich audio and video streams reliably to your audience. It delivers your content on demand, on time, and on any device. cont...TritonDigital.com1 212 419 2915 |
  2. 2. INNOVATION.DELIVERED. PRODUCTS (contd...) Mobile Apps Tribal Direct Triton’s streaming mobile applications allow your audi- Triton’s advanced mass mail engine allows you to set up ence to enjoy your streaming media content anywhere email the way you want it delivered – with flexibility, in the world from their smartphones. Our applications power, targeting and efficiency. With Tribal Direct, you offer interaction capabilities that will enhance your have the power to compartmentalize your database program, as well as targeted mobile ads. around the specific interests of your audience. Mobile Xpress Messenger (MXM) Video (VMIX) Triton’s text messaging product is a simple yet robust tool Triton offers industry-leading video solutions for attracting that allows you to send texts to all your listeners and viewers and growing revenue. Our video platform receive texts back from them. Includes targeted messag- enables you to deliver station-generated as well as ing, engagement tools, and detailed reporting. user-generated content to your audience. Monetization is made easy via pre-rolls, companion ads, and video Player Creation overlays. Triton’s players give the greatest functionality for content display, advertising distribution and display, and other Webcast Metrics helpful interactive services. You can incorporate your Triton’s Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited audio brand into your media players with custom-designed measurement platform measures thousands of streams in player layouts. real-time with a comprehensive analytics dashboard. You can learn where your audience lives, which media Social Engagement Engine (SEE) they like to consume, and which devices they are using Triton’s Social Engagement Engine helps increase to watch and listen to your content. engagement on your website or platform. Through SEE, you can reward listeners with a rich set of Gamification elements. Plus, with SEE’s social media integration, users can log in via social networks, post their achievements, and share their favorite pieces of content. StickyFish Triton’s points-based loyalty program rewards your audience for engaging with your brand, interacting with your website, and engaging with your advertisers.TritonDigital.com1 212 419 2915 |