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  1. 1. jonathan levy {ind us t rial d es ig ner}
  2. 2. work experiencePhilips Color Kinetics {Staff Designer} Dec 09 - Present LPK {Internship} Mar 06-Jun06Developed LED lighting fixtures for entertainment and arcitecture industry. Was relied Assigned task of redesigning Bicycle brand playing card graphics andon heavily for creating mechanically innovative and manufacturable concepts. Fol- packaging. Researched company values, previous, and current packaging.lowed designs through research phase, concept , and final manufacturing process. Created concepts, and constructed prototypes for market testing. Also fa-Become very resourceful among Advanced Development team while collaborating cilitated design of packaging for a charity organization by creating multiplewith a diversified team of engineers, system architect, and marketing dept. ideations based on soft goods and hard enclosed packaging.Proteus Design {Junior Designer} July 09 - Oct 09 educationInterfaced with large clients such as Universal Studios and Euro-Pro to create workranging from ideation concepts to production level products and displays. Merged DAAP University of Cincinnatiwith engineers on various projects to keep concepts manufacturable. Collaborated I ndustrial Design Class of 09with other designers to keep projects true to the original design vision and intent. HonorsDesigned new Blu-Ray display for Universal in Best Buy. Balanced multiple projects Dean’s List University of Cincinnati / Cincinnatuson a daily basis and met with other designers to ensure superior results were given Scholarship / National Honor Society Scholarshipahead of deadlines. skillsTool Inc. {Internship} Mar 08 - June 08 / Sept 08 - Dec 08Was one of three designers working on multiple projects at once. Met daily to discuss Autodesk Image Studio / Autodesk Showcaseconcepts and work progression. Worked with brands such as Red, Staples, APC, Alias Studio Tools / Solid Works / Adobe Illustra-and Reebok. Created concepts that were sent to clients then refined according to tor / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Indesign / Corelfeedback and evolved according to proposals. Responsible for design direction Painter / Maxwell Render / Bunk Speed Hyper-chosen on the 09 Cannondale accessory product line. shot / Luxion Keyshot Metal and wood lathe / milling / mig and tigWhirlpool {Internship} Sept - Dec 07 welding / metal and wood working / 3D printingExtensive concept work on interior oven cavities for future platform models. Met with laser cutting / molding and casting / auto paint-engineers and graphic designers on creating interface graphics for dishwasher and ing / fiberglass / soldering.cooking range products. Illustrated concepts from brainstorms to visually display newideas and mechanisms for future product implications according to brand language. contact infoEthicon Endosurgery {Internship} Sept 06-Jun07Created new handles for existing product and worked with engineering company in jonathan.s.levy@gmail.comChina to develop prototypes. Initiated concept sketching for future surgical devicesas well as analyzing existing competitor’s products. Acquired knowledge of 3d print- 614-218-4532ing as well as improving computer modeling skills. Taught new program MaxwellRender to company and how to implement more realistic renders to create a betterunderstanding of product appearance
  3. 3. how can childhood obesity be prevented? Act!ve childhood obesity prevention
  4. 4. decrease of physical activity is a major factorscontributing to the increase in childhood obesityrisks: goal: engage children in increased daily activityhigh cholesterol / high blood pressure /diabetes
  5. 5. source ofinteraction?direction moved from a hand held device towrist worn for the source of interaction.
  6. 6. Why a bracelet?a child’s hand is the connection point for allobjects and people they come in contact with.
  7. 7. final designthis is Act!ve. a programmable braceletthat provides a high level of interaction. therewards are internal and relate to how muchchildren use it in their daily activities.
  8. 8. What doesAct!ve do?Act!ve provides a high level of interactivitynot seen in tradional active games.
  9. 9. Action chips program the Effect chips program the The location of the small trigger activity bracelet response rfid scanner is marked by the exclamation.These are the act!ve chips. they use rfid tags that tell theact!ve bracelet what to do and when to do it. 3. Now the bracelet is ready for play! 1. First child swipes the 2. Then the effect chip action chip How it’s used with easy programability kids can choose various effects according to their interactions with Act!ve.
  10. 10. Small speaker similar to Micro vibration motor SMD LEDs provide visual ones in cell phones gives provides tactile feedback feedback with color chang- auditory response es and light patterns for charging, the child can place the bracelet on the induction charger which turns it into a night light.Accelerometers in the bracelet detect different types of movementand trigger various feedback according to what the child chooses. How it’s used small and durable electronic components help provide the high level of interaction children are familar with in todays world.
  11. 11. Futureapplicationswith minimal upgrades Act!ve couldprovide a whole new experience to existingplaygrounds. Further encouraging childrenand parents to become active in their owncommunities.
  12. 12. artifical disk replacement:the contrast of stainlesssteel struture with boneand flesh can seating be abstracted from this aesthetic? Vertebrae a flexible contrast for seating
  13. 13. contrastingelementsexplored various forms relating to the spineand surgical vertbrae replacements
  14. 14. prototypingjigs from laser cut MDF for bending ply.metal rod was formed using a bending jiband assembled with aquired welding skills.
  15. 15. frame was very flexible and conformed tousers to provide an optimal seatingexperience as well as a unique aesthetic
  16. 16. beard trimming:grooming productsshould be as elegant asa gentlemen’s style can a beard trimmer be looked as a piece of art? beard trimmer creating an elegant solution
  17. 17. who’s buying?An older upper class man devoted to styleand sophistication. Ease of interaction andminimal parts are what appeals to him.
  18. 18. formdevelopmentexploration to find ideal solutions to multi-piece accessory and marketed aesthetic.
  19. 19. inner mechanized trimmer head adjusts according to level desiredguard can be unlocked and removed for cleaningside burn trimmer is pushed up to engage trimmer head solutions an interior mobile blade system allows the user to change cutting length without multiple attachments with the added ease of pressing a button.
  20. 20. learing time:telling the hours andminutes for a childcan teaching time become a fun and desired experience? Watch helping a child learn time
  21. 21. learning to tell time ontop of everything else isfrustrating for a child
  22. 22. how can the designer turnthe act of learning time intosomething with emotionalvalue to ease the learningexperience for the child?
  23. 23. character of timerefinement for easy buckle mechanics andform for character exploration with afriendly interace
  24. 24. the story...When Billy wonders what time it is he looks at Ollie but if he’snot sure he can rub Ollie’s belly to get some auditory help.interactivityOllie’s face changes according to the time of day, he’s awake his name is olliewhen you’re awake and he’s tired when you’re tired. Ollie comes to life through a OLED screen behind a tinted plastic body blending form with function.
  25. 25. internship:tool inc.
  26. 26. APCdesign chosen as one of the final directionsfor power conditioning unit platform.
  27. 27. Staplesbinder assemblyideations for how a binder could bedisassembled by the consumer for recycling
  28. 28. Universal PestSolutionsideations for a vertical orientated spray unit toprevent mosquito populations in back yards.
  29. 29. Burton RedProtectionideations on a female snowboard helmetfor Burton.
  30. 30. CannondaleaccessoriesInitial concepts chosen as final directionfor entire accessory platform.
  31. 31. CannondaleaccessoriesBicycle computer for cyclists
  32. 32. CannondaleaccessoriesU-lock with innovative triangular shackel
  33. 33. CannondaleaccessoriesCable lock with triangular cable andscalloped combo keypad
  34. 34. CannondaleaccessoriesFloor pump with snap attachmentfor pump head
  35. 35. CannondaleaccessoriesCO2 pump with threaded cartridge system
  36. 36. CannondaleaccessoriesHandheld pump
  37. 37. CannondaleaccessoriesFront light with bayonettedbattery enclosure
  38. 38. CannondaleaccessoriesRear light with vertical orientation to matchbicycle seat posts
  39. 39. thank you {614.218.4532}