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Gmo Research Service Overview 2010



GMO description

GMO description



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Gmo Research Service Overview 2010 Gmo Research Service Overview 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • Copyright © 2010 GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • 1. Group Overview 2. Company Profile 3. How GMO Research was established 4. Our competitive advantage 5. Our Panel Quality Standards 6. Global Panel Network 7. Asia Panel Network 8. Feasibility Tool 9. Panel Attributes 10. Japan Doctor Panel 11. ContactCopyright © 2010 GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • B2B Segment Consumer Segment No. 1 Market Share in •Net Ratings No. 6 in Japan •Domain Registration with 22.3 million users/ month •Web Hosting • No. 1 in Japan with 50.35 •EC Solutions and Web Dev. million Plugins •Payment ProcessingCopyright © 2010 GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • Company Name GMO Research, Inc. Established January 2002 Capital 500 million yen Address Cerulean Tower, 26-1, Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Phone Tel.03-5459-5565 Fax.03-5459-5564 Service Internet Research Masatoshi Kumagai (Chairman) Shinichi Hosokawa (President and CEO) Executives Yasutaro Watanabe (COO) Akira Tanabe (Auditor) Masashi Yasuda (Auditor) Staff size 56 (As of September 2010) Group Company GMO Japan Market IntelligenceCopyright © 2010 GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • After utilizing GMO’s large media network, an online panel was born! MR Layer Research Company Research Company MR companies utilize our online panel and internet know-how to sell online panels to end clients. Using the GMO Group access to media and internet infrastructure the following occurred: •Research-only panel called infoQ was created •GMO Research, Inc. was established •Research software was created Media Network Panelists GMO Group: 22 million usersCopyright (C) 20010GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • One-stop service for research around the world Avoid going to multiple panel partners for one multi-country project. At GMO Research, we will be your one stop provider in online sampling in Asia and globally. Quality standards that meet Global Standards All GMO Research panel providers observe the ESOMAR’s guideline or the equivalent in the domestic market. (※) In addition, based on the results and experience that we cultivated from our survey community site infoQ in Japan, we strictly manage the quality of our global network. ※ESOMAR・・・・European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research・ Confirmit Programming ■ Multilingual correspondence Correspondence in not only major languages such as English, Chinese, Korean but 150 other ones . ■ Correspondence in complicated and high-leveled question design Correspondence in complicated condition divergence, matrix and the substitution of questions by the result of answers. ■ High quality programming service The survey is programmed at GMO Research with the highest quality standards that are demanded to us by our clients in Japan. Service is fast and accurate.Copyright © 2010 GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • GMO Research Global Network Based on the standard that we cultivated from our panel administration management in Japan, we now manage a network of panels in 34 countries globally with an emphasis on Asia. infoQ Global Network We select online research companies around the world according to the company’s basis of selection, and built our network.Copyright © 2010 GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • GMO Research Global Network Panel Population Inter Users Internet Research Population Inter Users Internet Research Total Panel Total Panel Country (Estimate 09) (Estimate 09) (Estimate 09) Country (Estimate 09) (Estimate 09) (Estimate 09) Size Size (million) (million) Market Ratio (million) Market Ratio Asia Europe Japan 127.0 90.9 30% 500,342 UK 61.1 48.8 18% 610,388 China 1,338.6 298 5% 711,493 Germany 82.3 62 NA 210,285 Hong Kong 7.1 4.1 NA 39,684 France 64.1 42.9 12% 350,853 Taiwan 22.9 15.4 NA 212,007 Spain 40.5 25.2 11% 124,354 South Korea 48.5 37.5 12% 414,162 Italy 58.1 25 NA 120,887 Singapore 4.7 3.4 20% 24,197 Ireland 4.2 2.8 NA 40,060 India 1,156.9 81 NA 250,079 Austria 8.2 5.9 8% 8,557 Thailand 66 16.1 NA 95,722 Portugal 10.7 4.5 3% 39,152 Malaysia 25.7 16.9 NA 37,654 Denmark 5.5 4.6 24% 35,872 North America Norway 4.7 3.9 23% 32,642 United States 307.2 231 21% 536,600 Sweden 9.1 8.1 22% 41,623 Canada 33.5 25.1 31% 28,887 Finland 5.3 4.4 33% 35,726 South America Russia 140 45.2 5% 150,743 Argentina 40.9 11.2 NA 141,417 Czech Republic 10.2 6 5% 16,570 Mexico 111.2 23.3 NA 235,589 Poland 38.5 18.7 10% 65,984 Peru 23.5 7.1 2% 71,308 Greece 10.7 4.3 1% 7,043 Chile 16.6 5.5 1% 47,621 The Netherlands 16.7 14.2 25% 90,534 Oceania Belgium 10.4 7.3 9% 90,657 Australia 21.3 15.2 33% 43,254 Switzerland 7.6 5.7 10% 10,731 ※According to the company’s regular new recruitment of panel members and clients’ request, the total panel size in the form varies at any time. *From Central Intelligence Agency (The world fact book)Copyright © 2010 GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • GMO Research Asia NetworkCopyright © 2010 GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • State of the art feasibility is available so clients know exactly our sampling reach. ー About jissa.jp ー ー The flow to project commission ー ※Please refer to the flow to concrete ordering below. jissa.jp is capable of the following… ・Searching panelist numbers of every attribute. ・Judging the feasibility ・Smooth project commission. This is the first web infrastructure system of its kind in the industry! Searching screen of panelist availability Judging screen of feasibility The realization of seamless flow!Copyright © 2010 GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • B2B (Online Panel Profile) 1.Occupation 4. Position (Company scale) Occupation×Gender 3. Field Position Housewife Sales/Planning Public/Private Company Public Officer Administration Staff Size Teacher Service/Retail Revenue Medical Creative Capital Technical (Software/Network) Work Location Technical (Electric/Machinery) Office 2. Industry Technical (Foods, Medical) Decision Makers/Influencers for the following Schedule administration system and Groupware Industry×Gender Technical (Civil Engineering) Office computer system (Orders/Budget management) Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing Information Systems Customer Management System IT/Communication Specialty Network and infrastructure Maker Business Firm Hardware (server) Construction/Real Estate Hardware (Company computers) Distribution/Retail/Wholesale Internet Security (Excluding commercial software) Service/Leisure Packaged software Mass Communication Mobile Phone Finance/Asset/Insurance Printer/FAX/Copy Industry×Field Training Industry×Staff Size Staff Hiring Decision Makers/Influencers for the following Drafting/Revision of Personnel system Schedule administration system and Groupware Office computer system (Orders/Budget management) 5. Others Customer Management System Network and infrastructure Travel (Within 1 year) Hardware (server) Overseas (Leisure) 212,369 Hardware (Company computers) Overseas (Business) panelists Domestic (Leisure) Internet Security (Excluding commercial software) Domestic (Business) Packaged software Newspaper readers Mobile Phone Web site with video Printer/FAX/Copy Training TV viewing Staff Hiring Job transfer Drafting/Revision of Personnel system Job transfer rate Job transfer toolCopyright © 2010 GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ※Panel attributes vary with country
  • Patients/Disease (Online Panel Profile) Automobile (Online Panel Profile) 1. Car Possession 3. Past Car Possession 1. Current Illness of Individual 2. Illness that individual had suffered Use car in the family in the past Number of cars in the family Maker 3. Current or past illness of a family member Cars driven by individual Body Type High Blood Pressure Frequency Hyperlipemia Chronic Heart Failure Chronic Hepatitis Chronic Gastritis 2. Drivers Car Diabetes Maker 4. Expected plan of next purchase Prostatic Hypertrophy Body Type Expected Date of next purchase Pollakiuria Displacement New or Used Incontinent Insomnia New/Used Type of maker for next purchase Migraine Owner Type of car at time of purchase Bronchial Asthma Decision Maker Perennial Allergic Rhinitis Year of Purchase Allergy Atopic Dermatitis Parts and Functions Menopausal Disorders Parkinsons Disease Depression Athletes foot 221,700 5. Basic Demographics Osteoporosis panelists Gender Student 199,369 Joint Pain Lower Back Pain Age High School panelists Glaucoma Marital Status University Dry eyes Number of Children Graduate Student Anaphylactic enteritis syndrome People living in same house Annual personal income Gynecopathy Others Area Annual Household Income WorkCopyright © 2010 GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ※Panel attributes vary with country
  • Special Feature 100% Doctor certified In order to become a member, all panelists are double matched back to the doctor registration database of “Japan Alto mark” association or have their doctor registration/Hospital ID card faxed. High active/response rate PV: Approximately: 3,000,000 PV/Per month Active panelists: Approximately 10,000/Per month Average sojourn time: 35 minutes/ Per day Regular detail update All panelists can make amendments to their personal details and a full panel profiling survey is conducted annually, to give us the most recent personal details of our panelists. Achieves high quality answers and maintains an active research panelCopyright © 2010 GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • Doctor/Medical (Online Panel Profile) 1. Basic Demographics 4. Medical Practices 5. Specialist Qualifications Gender Internal Medicine Allergist Endocrinology and Metabolism Age Psycholosomatic Internal Medicine Cancer Drug Therapy Specialist (Internal Medicine and Pediatrics) Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine Pain Specialist Mammary Gland Specialist Region Cardiology, Internal Medicine Rheumatologist Burns Specialist Respiratory Medicine, Internal Medicine Rehabilitation Specialist Cerebral Treatment Vascular Specialist Infection Control Laser Specialist Brain Surgeon Allergy Surgeon Urology Specialist Rheumatology Nuclear Medicine Specialist Dermatologist 2. Employment status Pediatrics Infection Specialist Pathology Specialist Employed doctor Psychiatry Chinese Medicine Specilist Gynecologic Oncologist Neurology, Internal Medicine Hepatologist Radiology Specialist Own Clinic/Hospital (Self employed) Ophthalmologist Anesthesiology Specialist General Surgery Bronchoscope Specialist Clinical Genetics Specialist Orthopaedic Surgery / Sports Medicine Tracheoesophageal Specialist Geriatrician Plastic Surgery Gynecology specialist Neurosurgery ENT Specialist Respiratory Surgery Cardiologist Cardiovascular Surgery Pediatric Specialist 3. Years in practice Pediatric Surgery Pediatric Surgeon Obstetrics and Gynecology Less than 5 years Gastrointestinal Surgeon Ophthalmology Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 5 - 10 years Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Gastroenterological Surgery Digestive Disease Specialist 11 - 20 years Dermatology Cardiovascular Surgeon 21 - 30 years Urology Neurology Specialist 31 - 40 years Nephrology, Internal Medicine Nephrologist 26,696 41 years and above Radiology Orthopedic Surgeon panelists Anesthesiology General Medicine Specialist Pathology Coloproctology Specialist ER・ICU Ultrasound Specialist Endocrinology, Internal Medicine Diabetologist Breast and Endocrine Surgery Dialysis Specialist Hematology, Oncology Palliative Care Industrial Health ※Panel attributes vary with country OthersCopyright © 2010 GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • Phone 03-5456-3244 e-mail sales-global@gmo-research.jp HP http://www.gmo-research.jp/en For any questions, please contact GMO Research, Inc.Copyright © 2010 GMO Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved.