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Technology, communication & you!

  1. 1. Technology, Communication & YOU! Navigating Social MediaBy: Jasmine Reed
  2. 2. What are the Facts…• Employers are increasingly using Social Media (SM) to recruit employees• LinkedIn and Facebook lead the pack as recruiting sources• Existence of a Hidden Job Market• Job seeker and resource staff need to be able to navigate (SM) effectively
  3. 3. The Hidden Job Market:• Exists through Social Media Networks• Primarily a referral network based on recommendations• Used to identify and engage top candidates in a professional capacity
  4. 4. Relevance:• Relevance to the Job Seeker: • Not being Connected means… • Missed key opportunities to engage • Missed promotion queues • Lack if knowledge of more and more of the available job market • Relevance to the Employer: • Increased awareness of the organization • Increased traffic to website • Greater favorable perceptions of the brand • Able to monitor conversations about the organization • Able to develop targeted marketing activities • Better understanding of customers perceptions of their brand • Improved insights about their target markets & potential employees • Identification of positive and negative comments • Increase in new business • Identification of new product or service opportunities • Ability to measure the frequency of the discussion about the brand • Early warning of potential product or service issues
  5. 5. LinkedIn:• The Find Jobs Feature: • The LinkedIn JOB Insider: • Accessed through the main • Needs to be downloaded as add-in dashboard • Partnership with Career Builder and • Displays listed Job Openings Monster • Openings match listed qualifications • Informs you of connections you have • Quick links for more information with persons at Companies associated with positions you’ve• Advanced Search: applied for. • Located with Find Jobs Page • LinkedIn Company Pages: • Allows for keyword Search • Companys now have pages with career sections • Identify connections within the company • Handy for accessing the unadvertised jobs available • Lists previous employees and employers
  6. 6. LinkedIn Continued…• LinkedIn Connections: • LinkedIn Answers • Networking • Good place to make connections • Available openings at connections • Anyone can post and others can places of business answer • Introductions your/their “in” • Opportunity to build credibility with knowledgeable answers• LinkedIn Groups: • Responses are linked to profiles • Find Join and create groups related • Provides inside information about to your occupation you • Networking with those who are “in” your field • Often first place positions are advertised
  7. 7. Twitter: The 140- character Micro-Blogging tool• Tweets with Job Openings • More Information… • Twit job search ( • Updates can include links to other • Follow different companies websites • Ability to follow people associated with companies• #Hashtags • Ability to be followed • Used to organize information • Companies are announcing jobs here • Searchable and links to their company site • Most Popular • Used for providing customer service  #careerchat • Good for Branding  #hireFriday • Recommended for professional positions and high tech industries
  8. 8. Facebook:• Features status updates indicating a job search• Messaging personal networks• Job Leads & Future contacts• Likeable Career Pages• Facebook Add ins:• Branch Out (• Can grow or stunt your marketability
  9. 9. Helpful Hints:• LinkedIn : • Facebook • Be sure you have a complete profile • Check your privacy settings • Highlight qualifications and value (You control what people see) you bring • Reintroduce yourself with a more • Current photo is a must professional out look • Linking your profiles from other SM sites gives a more complete picture • Focus photos on volunteering and of you. professional activity • Get recommended • Feature links and highlight s about • Add skills tags to increase your your interest (professionally) search-ability • Like company pages and those of professional groups• Twitter • Use your profile to demonstrate knowledge and interest • Tweet about your industry • Network and connect to initiate professional Discussions
  10. 10. In Sum: Social Media is a Evil• For Job Seekers: • Opportunity to be informed • Target your resume and cover letter • Connect to key people • Increase your ability to demonstrate value • Gain insight to interviewers and their affiliations• Employers • The opportunity to get to know you before making what can be a very large investment.
  11. 11. Other Online Portfolios:• Slideshare (  Free presentation sharing site- PowerPoint friendly• Youtube (http://  Upload you 30-60 second elevator speech and link to SM sites• Vimeo ( Upload you 30-60 second elevator speech link and link to SM sites• WIkiSpaces (  Allows you to embed online presentations from all of the above including documents and scans of resumes, cover letters, awards, degrees, and certificates.
  12. 12. Sources:• 12 Major Business Benefits Of The Social Media Revolution • Social Networking Sites • Social Media for One-Stop Career Center Frontline Staff: Supporting Job Search and Improving Customer Service • Five Social Media Tips for Job-Seekers 
  13. 13. Video Tutorials: Click the boxes below to view tutorials@Social Networking # LinkedIn #Facebook @twitter
  14. 14. GO Forth & NETWORK!