The Habit of winning - Jobin Joseph


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The Habit of winning - Jobin Joseph

  2. 2. About the author Prakash Iyer  In a corporate career spanning 25 years  He is currently the Managing Director of Kimberly Clark  Prakash is an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and also a trained executive coach.  Prakash speaks and writes on teamwork, leadership and the habit of winning.  He writes a monthly ‘Motivation’ column in Careers 360. Jobin Joseph
  3. 3. About This Book It is the book of motivational, inspirational stories. This book is loaded with great ideas , inspirational stories to help we more positive. This book is all about helping that leader inside you come into his own. Says that we all have unlimited potential and we can all improve. It will help you to help others to rise their potential. Jobin Joseph
  4. 4. Main Topics of this Book            Vision and Goals Self Belief Perseverance Winner’s mindsets Giving Hard work The winner’s way Winning with teams Other people Finding balance Take action. Jobin Joseph
  5. 5. Vision and Goals Set yourself a Goal and focus on it, If it is elusive change our tactics for achieving the goal.  Avoid the complaining and take the training. Formula for success : “ Believe in your dream and believe in yourself ”. Self Belief  Focus on your strength not on your weaknesses.  We all have our cracks and flaws. The challenge is to find good use for our unique talents.  Our lives are like windows we can look through our challenges and see the glory and feel the joy of winning. Jobin Joseph
  6. 6. Perseverance Every major achievements is the outcome of years of toil, hard work,failure,stress etc. When the chips are down, true leaders don’t hide.They stand up and fight, Keep your chin up even if your jaw is broken. Winner’s mindsets Expect more , get more. Expect failure and get that too. If you only what you’ve always done,you’ll only get what you,ve always got ! We see things not the way they are but the way we are. Jobin Joseph
  7. 7. Giving Become a go-giver, not a go-getter. You can achieve all your goals,if only you help enough other people achieve theirs. Hard Work  We should work hardly for achieve the goals.  Struggles and challenges make us stronger more capable, No struggle No success the Winner’s Way Time to rediscover our strengths. The way of hard work. Jobin Joseph
  8. 8. Winning with teams  Never mind what your goal is ,you need a team to achieve it. Other people  Life is not only about what you do when you have the ball- it’s about what you do when someone .  True leadersknow the importance of focussing 0n their team. Jobin Joseph
  9. 9. Finding Balance Our personal values are not just what you espouse. It’s how you behave and react in the face of temptation etc… We all have our definitions of Success, our secret list of desires wealth , respect, power frame and more. Win some lose some , to get something you’ve got to give up something. Take action Two keys to success-get started and learn to finish.  In all time you just think one thing your time starts now. Jobin Joseph
  10. 10. Conclusion  It is the mix of stories, some Indian-themed, some are global stories, and some are personal anecdotes, Mr. Iyer keeps reiterating his mantra that everyone can become a winner.  A leader does not mean that you need to lead a team of people, to be successful you need to be leader of your own life at various stages.  Not just young professional or managers, I would say it’s a must read book even for youngsters.  Short stories about learn to give more, no struggle - no success, getting out of your comfort zone, staying focused, perseverance and interpersonal relationship would take you towards making your habit of winning.  In all, a good book to anyone, who so ever wishes to work through his or her betterment and make winning a habit. Jobin Joseph
  11. 11. Main Quotes  “ Winning is a habit Unfortunately , so is losing.”  “ Focus on your strength not on your weaknesses”  “ If you think you can,you can. If you think you can’t you are right”  “ Break pot, get prize. No pot no prize !” Jobin Joseph
  12. 12. Jobin Joseph