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International Programs vol.7

  1. 1. Sripatum International College
  2. 2. Sripatum International College, Sripatum University 61 Phaholyothin Road, Jatujak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand Tel : +662 579 1111 ext. 1017-8, 1303 Fax : +662 558 6868 UPCOMING ACADEMIC PROGRAMS for SIC: ACADEMIC YEAR 2013 1) Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Communication & Media 2) Bachelor of Arts in Airline Business 3) Bachelor of Business Administration in International Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  3. 3. Findingthebestuniversityorcollegeandtheperfectprogramtomatch interests, skills and career ambitions is an exciting time for all students and their parents as they get ready to make the wonderful transition from high school to university life. Now more than ever with AEC soon opening amazing new prospects, it is imperative for anyone entering university to think ‘international’. With this in mind, the Seventh Annual International Programs in ThailandHandbook is an excellent reference to begin a productive search into educational choices. With revised and updated information, descriptions and details, along with two new sections, interviews with two universities and a list of The ASEAN University Network member universities, this edition is a vital source of answers to the most important decision in your life; a decision that should be based on the latest information regarding educational opportunitiesavailable. As Thailand continues to play an expanding and dynamic role in the region, FTC’s goal to provide graduating high school students with unbiased information about international programs has gained a reputation unmatched by any other publication of its type. This year’s handbook sees a massive 10,000+ copies being printed. Our increased print-run is needed as the handbook is now freely distributed to students at 130 international schools, 158 private bilingual schools and 176 schools with English and Mini English Programs throughoutThailand. In addition, our 2013 handbook is shared with counselors at all internationalandbilingualschoolsinThailand,120+leadingThaihighschools, 500+ school, university, public and corporate libraries, 170+ foreign embassies and consulates in Thailand, all Thai embassies and consulates overseas and finally, starting this year, our handbook will be distributed to all counselors and librarians at international schools throughout ASEAN. We continue to place our handbook in as many places as we can as we know from feedback received that a great many students have started their educational search with our content as an indispensible reference. Easy to find, it is increasingly being recognized as providing a clear and concise introduction to educational opportunities available in The Kingdom of Thailand. In closing, I would like to add that we believe our Handbook - InternationalProgramsinThailand plays a vital role in a continuing and widening trend to support friends and colleagues at the institutes included. This handbook is our way to show our continuing support for our friendsineducationastheystrivetodevelopThailandasaleaderinproviding exceptional international programs to a growing number of Thai and internationalstudentsseekingqualityeducationinalandknownforitshospitality. IntrIntrIntrIntrIntroductionoductionoductionoductionoduction Mahidol University
  4. 4. International Programs in Thailand Vol.73 4 With the current global environment and dynamic changes that are taking place today, every educational institution must rise to the challenge of providing the best for students as they face the demands of the world around them. Bangkok University is one of the leading institutions in Thailand that has positioned itself to meet this challenge and offers its students the opportunitytoexcelbeyond standard expectations. Bangkok University’s commitment to Creativity is enhanced by its mission towards internationalization and focus on generating student ability in entrepreneurship, to embed these aspects into its culture, among its faculty and staff as well as its students. “Howcanwemakeourstudentscompetitive,intermsoflanguageproficiency,andintermsoftheir abilitytoworkinternationally?” Asks Dr.SiriwanRatanakarn, Vice President for International Affairs. “Itissomethingthatwehavetowatchveryclosely.Bytheyear2015, therewillbesevenprofessions that will become open for mobility and free-flow of skilled labor between ASEAN member states - Bangkok University : Moving Forward with the AEC *Dr.SiriwanRatanakarn “ ” We have already revised our curriculum to meet those professional standards as our students will have to compete with more graduates from neighboring countries in todayís job market. SpecialSpecialSpecialSpecialSpecialSection
  5. 5. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 3 5 of which, many of our graduates belong to.” As of now, there are professional associations in these areas that have already set new professional standards. For example, the ASEAN Architect Council has already placed guidelines that dictate how employment in this field within the ASEAN community should be. “Wehavealreadyrevisedourcurriculum to meet those professional standards as our students will have to compete withmoregraduatesfromneighboringcountriesintoday’sjobmarket.” “Right now in Bangkok University International College, we have studentsfromover50countries,whichisthefirststeptolearningtoperform at the international level. Our diverse faculty from around the world at the International College also brings a wealth of perspective to our institution. Bangkok University is a small international arena. When you go into the classroom,youhaveclassmatesfromcountriesallovertheworld-sothisis the beginning of how our students start to get connected, learn and share. Our degree programs that we offer in both the international and Thai programs employ project-based and student-centered teaching methods. The students learn to be hands-on, learn to work with the equipment in additiontotheory,sothattheyapplywhattheylearnintorealpractice.” Bangkok University’s Tourism Tower is a brand new, state-of-the-art facility complete with hotel rooms, a lobby, front office and much more. “One floor contains a computer lab with actual software and programs that are used in the hospitality and airline industry to become familiar with ticketing and reservation functions. The BU Restaurant and Caf is considered a simulator for students to hone their skills from the restaurant management class to run real operations. There is a Kitchen Studio with individualcookingstationsforculinaryinstructionandpractice,whichgives our students the opportunity to discover and develop their craft in a safe, guided environment.” Bangkok University leads students towards being professionals in their area of study. Through these practical applications and use of real-world equipment, BU’s graduates are ready to provide great value with little need for training once they enter the workforce. *Dr.SiriwanistheVicePresidentofBangkokUniversityforInternationalAffairsandisthecurrent Acting Vice President for the International College. She has been with Bangkok University for 27 years and is a veteran in international education.
  6. 6. International Programs in Thailand Vol.73 6 SpecialSpecialSpecialSpecialSpecialSection KMUTT ranked among the Top 400 in Times Higher Education rankings 2012-2013. Assoc.Prof.SakarindrBhumiratana, the President, said, “OnethingthatmakestheUniversity ranked in this year’s rankings is research papers because King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi published more than 350 research papers this year. The number of the research papers seemsnotsomanywhencomparingwithotheruniversities,butincomparisonwithanumberofonly700 lecturers and researchers, the University finally received higher score than others in Thailand. However,therankingisnotourpriorityasourmainmissionistoproducegoodandqualifiedgraduates to develop the society and the nation. Besides, one of our roles is to produce and promote quality researchpaperstobewellrecognizedandusedasreferences.KingMongkut’sUniversityofTechnology Thonburi published a variety of research papers written by our lecturers and researchers who conducted the quality research with continuous support and promotion of future research from the University. During the past years, the University took great pleasure and pride in being ranked by King Mongkutís University of Technology Thonburi takes pride in being 1 of the top 400 world class universities at the international level ranked by THE or Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2012-2013 and being the only one university in Thailand in this yearís rankings.
  7. 7. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 3 73 73 73 73 7 several rankings; for example, being ranked No. 352 in Engineering and InformationSciencebyQSWorldUniversityRankings2012;beingranked No. 161-170 by QS Asian University Rankings and No. 1,293 by Scimago Institutions Rankings 2012. All these rankings emphasize our aim to be a university dominating in research and academic excellence at the internationallevel.ThoughtheUniversitydoesnotgiveprioritytothebetteror higher rankings, we sincerely acknowledge that they not only raise our moralebutalsoareconsideredrewardsforustoencourageourdetermination toproceedwithourexistingaimandcarryoutourmainmissionstoproduce goodandqualifiedgraduatestoservethesocietyandconductresearchfor thebenefitsofthenation.TheseareourutmostgoalsoftheUniversity.” Assoc. Prof. Sakarindr continued, “King Mongkut’s University of TechnologyThonburiplacesemphasisonproducingstudentstohavelateral thinking and be confident of thinking and expressing their ideas in classrooms,andonlearningprocesstoensurethatstudentswilllearnhowto think, write, present, search and discover ways to apply their entire knowledgetodesigningtheirbesttasks.Particularly,ouremphasisincludes energy saving, and our laboratories are provided for students to learn by practice. Furthermore, the University takes into consideration the environment and learning atmosphere for students by providing free Wi-Fi service to assist them in searching all information independently through the internet. Last but not least, the Library Center is equally important as collection of knowledge with high technology which makes it unique from others and encourages students in using services at all times. Being here, ourstudentsareproudofbeingapartofthisUniversity.”
  8. 8. International Programs in Thailand Vol.73 8 Higher education administration The Office of the Higher Education Commission, Thailand (OHEC) is responsible for Thailand’shighereducationatbothundergraduate and graduate levels. The OHEC is directed by the Board. According to the Article 16 of the Ministry of Education Regulatory Act, the Board has the authority to formulate higher education developmentpoliciesandplans correspondingto the National Economic and Social Development Plan and National Education Plan. It has to set standards while providing resources as well as carry out follow-up activities, inspection and evaluation of higher education management on the basis of academic freedom and excellence of each individual degree-granting institution. Moreover, the Board has to consider issuing regulations,criteriaandofficialordersasdeemed necessary. The OHEC has the mandate and authority to manage and to promote higher education with respect to the degree-granting institutions’ academicfreedomandexcellence.Therefore,the OHEC will have the following mandates: (1) Formulate policy recommendations, higher education standards, higher education development planning and carrying out international cooperation on higher education, (2) Devise criteria and guidelines for TTTTThai Higher Educationhai Higher Educationhai Higher Educationhai Higher Educationhai Higher EducationTTTTThai Higher Educationhai Higher Educationhai Higher Educationhai Higher Educationhai Higher Education resources allocation, establishment of higher educationinstitutionsandcommunitycollegesand providing financial support, (3) Coordinate and promote human resources development, to improve student capacityincludinghandicapped,disadvantagedand gifted and talented students in higher education institutions and to coordinate and promote research activities that generate new body of ChulalongkornUniversity MahidolUniversity UniversityoftheThaiChamber of Commerce
  9. 9. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 3 9 knowledge for the support of the national development, (4) Provide recommendation on the establishment, dissolve, amalgamation, upgrading and closing down of higher education institution and community college, (5) Implementhighereducationmonitoring, inspection, and evaluation as instructed by the OHEC and to compile data and information on highereducation, (6) Serve as the Secretariat to the OHEC Board, (7) Perform other functions prescribed by lawasauthoritiesandresponsibilitiesoftheOHEC, and to carry out assignment instructed by the Minister of Education or the Council of Ministers. Currently there are: (1) 80publicuniversities classified as 63 limited admission universities; 2 open admission universities; 15 autonomous universities including 2 Buddhist universities, (2) 71 private higher education institutions and (3) 20communitycolleges. Higher education policies Thailand’s Higher Education Development Plan has been formulated and integrated into the successive 5-year National Economic and Social Development Plan, interfacing educational activitiestotheeconomic,socialandculturalgoals of national development. The OHEC has developedtheSecond15-YearLongRangePlan onHigherEducation(2008-2022),whichhasbeen considered a significant innovation in higher educationadministration.Theobjectiveoftheplan is to provide recommendations on directions for development of higher education with diversity and differences that are responsive to the country’s development. The key theme of the Long Range Plan is an effort to eliminate persistent problems of the Thai higher education in order to set the right directions for higher education development, lessen duplication, upgrade quality, and enhance efficiency. In order to strengthen Thai higher education system, the Long Range Plan has set a major goal to be achieved by developing Thai higher education institutions into 4 categories comprising of (1) research and graduate universities, (2) specialized and comprehensive universities,(3)4-yearuniversitiesandliberalarts colleges, and (4) community colleges. AnumberofstrategiesincludingtheNational Research University Initiative, which are in line with the Framework of the Second 15-Year Long RangePlanhavebeenimplementedtobetterthe quality of Thai higher education and enhance the roleofthe9nationalresearchuniversitiesnamely (1) Chulalongkorn University, (2) Thammasat University, (3) Mahidol University, (4) Kasetsart University, (5) King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, (6) Chiang Mai University, Khon kaen University King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok
  10. 10. International Programs in Thailand Vol.74 0 (7) Khon Kaen University, (8) Suranaree UniversityofTechnology,and(9)PrinceofSongkla University. As science and technology has the major role to play in strengthening the nation’s self- reliance, sustainability, and competitiveness, centres of excellence in priority areas of science and technology were established as the inter-university consortia in 1999. At present, there are altogether 71 academic units from 25 universities/research institutions participating in 11 Centres of Excellence namely: (1) Centre of Excellence for Innovation in Chemistry, (2)CentreofExcellenceonEnvironmentalHealth and Toxicology, (3) Centre of Excellence on Hazardous Substance Management, (4) Centre of Excellence on Petrochemicals and Materials Technology, (5) Centre of Excellence on Energy Technology and Environment, (6) Centre of Excellence on Agricultural Biotechnology, (7) Centre of Excellence on Postharvest Technology Innovation, (8) Centre of Excellence in Mathematics, (9) Centre of Excellence in Physics,(10)CentreofExcellenceonBiodiversity, and (11) Centre of Excellence on Medical Biotechnology. A new movement in higher education in succession to the Second 15-Year Long Range Plan on Higher Education is the announcement of the 11th Higher Education Development Plan (2012-2016) formulated as a direction to strengthen Thai higher education with “LEGS” strategy, i.e. L = Leader of Change Management for Quality Education (All for quality education and quality education for all), E = Educator professional, G = Graduates with quality and social responsibility, and S = Satangutilization Educational standards and quality assurance The OHEC has a significant mission to encouragefull-fledgedqualityassurancesystems within all public and private higher education institutions by providing policy guidelines, supporting for knowledge sharing activities, and implementing related international projects. The quality systems are the external quality assurance (EQA) conducted by the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA) and internal quality assurance (IQA) prepared in the form of self-study report by institutions of higher learning. A self-study report consists of 9 aspects of quality factors provided by the OHEC. They are 1) philosophy, commitments, objectiveandimplementationplan,2)teachingand learning, 3) student development activities, 4) research, 5) academic service to the community, 6) preservation of art and culture, 7) administration and management, 8) finance and budgeting and 9) quality assurance andenhancement. TheOHECservesasalinkwiththeONESQA to ensure effective communication flow, mutual understanding and further actions for institutions Faculty of Law, Thammasat University Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
  11. 11. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 4 1 afterexternalqualityassessmentsarecompleted. In order that Thai degrees are internationally recognized, the OHEC has intensively encouraged Thai higher education institutions to work in close collaboration with many leading institutions around the world to heighten the quality of instructors and programs. Thai Qualifications Framework for Higher Education In addition, the Thai Qualifications Framework for Higher Education was initiated in 2003 to assist the implementation of education guidelinessetoutintheNationalEducationActof 1999, ensure consistency in both standards and award titles, and make clear the equivalence of academic awards with those granted by higher education institutions in other parts of the world. Theframeworkwillhelpprovideappropriatepoints Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep of comparisons in academic standards for institutions in their planning and internal quality assurance process, for evaluators involved in external reviews, and for employers in understanding the skills and capabilities of graduates they may employ. TheThaiQualificationsFrameworkforHigher Education and the guideline in implementing the Thai Qualifications Framework or Higher Education have been proclaimed in July 2009 to serve as guidelines for higher education institutions in developing or improving their programs of study and the teaching, and enhancing the quality of education provision so as to produce quality graduates, and for the purpose of higher education qualifications recognition. Under the framework, it is required that the quality of graduates at every level of qualifications and course/field of study fulfils the domains of learning set by the OHEC. At least 5 domains of learning need to be fulfilled, i.e. ethics and moral, knowledge,cognitiveskills,interpersonalskillsand responsibility, and numerical analysis and communicationandinformationtechnologyskills. Development of infrastructure and networking system • The Inter-University Network (UniNet) The Inter-University Network or UniNet King Mongut’s University of Technology Thonburi serves as fundamental information technology infrastructure linking all in-country higher education institutions to foreign education institutions. During the year 2010-2013, UniNet has been developed to be a national backbone network for research and education for academic institutions called National Education Network or NEdNet. NEdNet provides a powerful network infrastructure placing the fiber optic transmission covering all provinces in Thailand. More than 26,000kilometerslongservesasaninfrastructure basedonDWDMtechnologyandGigabitEthernet for data communication, which allow exchange and sharing of knowledge and resources among institutions. The linkage with educational and research networks overseas enables academic institutions to manage virtual classrooms with institutions abroad. UniNet network services and facilities comprise high speed network for higher
  12. 12. International Programs in Thailand Vol.74 2 education, education and research network, self-learning centre and sharing educational resources on ThaiLIS, and distance learning on Thai global media network classroom and also e-Learning on Thai Cyber University. • ThailandCyberUniversity(TCU) TheThailandCyberUniversity(TCU)Project was initiated to support higher education institutionsinexpandingeducationalopportunities by using information technology to allow learners to get access to education regardless of time and place, serve as centre for creation of learning sources to promote lifelong learning, enhancehighereducationqualityandknowledge management, and manage the sharing of educational resources among higher education institutions. RamkhamhaengUniversity TCU has collaborated with national and foreign higher education institutions in sharing a pool of personnel and educational resources so as to enhance the higher education institutions’ performance efficiency and save educational budget. In 2012, TCU has forged academic and research collaboration in offering distanceeducationviainformationtechnologywith 44nationalinstitutions. International education • International programs in Thai higher education institutions International programs are broadly delivered in a variety of disciplines both at undergraduate and graduate levels including the certificate programs by public and private higher Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University education institutions. Prominent visiting professors and scholars from well-known international higher education institutions are invited to give lecture in order that students get better global perspectives. The number of international programs is annually rising responding to the demand of both Thaiandforeignstudents.In2012,bothThaipublic and private higher education institutions offered a total of 1,017 international programs using English as the medium of instruction at undergraduate and graduate levels, i.e. 344 undergraduate programs, 394 master’s degree programs, 249 doctoral degree programs, and 30 other degree programs. Foreign and Thai students can take courses for credits from those programs. In addition, joint programs are offered in different disciplines by Thai higher education institutions as a result of the growth in international education. The OHEC made a survey to Thai higher education institutions in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 and found the increasing number of joint programs from 61 in 2009to63in2010,92in2011and114programs in 2012 respectively. Degrees conferred under joint programs are categorized into 3 types: joint, double,andnationaldegrees.Curriculumsoffered were jointly designed by Thai and foreign counterpart higher education institutions. These
  13. 13. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 4 3 collaborative degree programs are delivered in a range of degrees from bachelor to graduate diploma. Foreign students in Thai higher education institutions In 2011, the survey on international students in Thai higher education institutions reveals that 20,309 foreign students enrolled in 103 Thai higher education institutions. The top five institutionshousingthehighestnumberofforeign students were Assumption University (4,179 students), Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (1,276 students), Mahidol University (1,233 students), Ramkhamhaeng University (1,004 students), as well as Dhurakij Pundit University (625 students.) Academic year and enrollment requirement • Academiccalendar Generally, Thai academic year comprises 2 sixteen-week semesters with a summer session. First semester : June - October Second semester : November - March Summer session : April - May Some universities’ academic year start in September-December and January-May and some universities adopted trimester academic year.InpreparationforASEANintegrationin2015, theMinistryofEducationmadeanannouncement in 2012 requesting Thai higher education institutions to shift the beginning of semester to August or September in order to match international academic calendar. This system is expected to launch in 2014. • Undergraduateprogramrequirements Applicantsforundergraduateprogramsmust complete their upper secondary education or equivalent to grade 12 in order to apply for study atabachelor’sdegreeinThailand.Insomecases, the examination is required and followed by an interview, a physical examination or an aptitude test which may differ from one institution to another. Application forms can be obtained by sending requests directly to universities/ institutions. • Graduateprogramrequirements Applicantsforgraduateprogramsmusthave a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Besides officially needed documents accompanying applicationforms,theapplicantsmayberequested to take such additional graduate examination as GRE or GMAT. The process may also include an interview. • Registration Students usually enroll in at least 9 credits per hour but no more than 22 credits per hour per semester for undergraduate programs. Graduate students are required to take between 9 to 15 credit hours. The process of registration must be completed before the class starts. Candidates for the bachelor’s degree must complete the minimum of 120-150 credits. The grade point average must be maintained at least 2.00 or better on the scale of 4 points in order to Srinakharinwirot University Kasembundit University
  14. 14. International Programs in Thailand Vol.74 4 achieve the degree. Candidates for master’s degreemustcompleteminimumof36creditswith thegradepointaverageatleast3.00onthescale of4points.Thedoctoraldegreeprogramrequires candidates with a bachelor’s degree to complete the minimum of 72 credit hours while master’s degree holders must complete the program with a minimum of 48 credits. • Grading and examination Thai higher education uses a letter grading system in both undergraduate and graduate programs. However, other grading methods can be employed such as points or percentage dependingonindividualinstructorsthroughoutthe courses. Those grading systems are converted as grade points as follows: Silpakorn University ChulalongkornUniversity Two or more tests including mid-term and finalexaminationsaregivenduringtheexamination schedule each semester. Students must obtain at least a cumulative grade point average of not lessthan2.00forabachelor’sdegreecompletion, and 3.00 for a master’s and doctoral degree. Tuition and fees The tuition and fees vary from university to university. Tuition fees for undergraduate study in public institutions are between USD 25-50 per credit hour. Other fees such as student activities, health services are between USD A Excellent 4.00 B+ Very good 3.50 B Good 3.00 C+ Fairly good 2.50 C Fair 2.00 D+ Poor 1.50 D Very poor 1.00 F Failure 0.00 I Incomplete W Withdrawn WF Withdrawn because of failure AU Audit Grade pointGrade Meaning 100-250. Other expenses including student registration, student I.D. card, and graduation fee range between USD 25-150. For the graduate level, the tuition and fees are about USD 1,000-2,000 per year for master’s degree level and about USD 5,000 per year for a doctoral degree program. Undergraduate tuition in private universities/ institutions is about USD 30-90 per credit hour and the graduate programs will charge between USD75-125percredithour.Otherfeesareabout USD 250 per annum while other expenses are about USD 75-150. Room and board Residence halls allow students to live within the campus vicinity, giving them chances to have interactionswithoneanotherandtoparticipatein
  15. 15. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 4 5 various on-campus social activities. Accommodation is available in forms of private-owned studio, or single/double bedroom, at approximately USD 60-215 per month. (1 USD = 35 Baht) Visa application • How to apply for a visa Foreignstudentswhorequireavisaforstudy inThailand(whichtobeissuedincategories“ED”) should follow these procedures: Documents to be submitted with visa application: (1) Visaapplicationformcompletelyfilledout, (2) Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months and its copy, (3) Two 4x6 cm full-faced, bareheaded photos taken within the past six months, (4) Transcript/letterofacceptancefromthe concerned schools/universities or institutes (5) Official note certifying the purpose of travel from the government agencies/embassies and consulates/international organizations/state enterprises in Thailand (6) Evidence of adequate finance (THB 20,000 per person and THB 40,000 per family) Students can apply for a visa at any Royal Thai Embassy and Consulate-General. • Visafee THB 2,000 for single entry (3 months) and THB 5,000 for multiple entries (1 year) • Period of non-immigrant visa Foreign students will be granted a non- immigrant visa valid for 90 days. Qualified persons can obtain an additional 1-year stay permit from the date of entry, referring to the Office of Immigration Bureau’s regulations on extension of stay. • VisaextensioninThailand Foreign students can extend their non- immigrant visas before the expiry date by submitting documentation as follows: (1) Letter of acceptance from the university or institute, (2) Photocopy of passport, and (3) 1 recent photograph of the applicant (4x6 cm.). • Apply for visa extension at: ImmigrationBureau 507 Soi Suan Plu, Sathorn Tai Road Bangkok 10120 THAILAND Tel. (66) 2287 3101-10 Fax (66) 2287 1310 Office hour: Mon-Fri 08.30-16.30 hrs. Mahanakorn University of Technology InternationalAviationCollege, Nakhon Phanom University Bureau of International Cooperation Strategy. (2012). Thai Higher Education. Bangkok: The office oftheHigherEducationCommission. (December 2012).
  16. 16. International Programs in Thailand Vol.75 0 Assumption University of Thailand HuaMakCampus 592/3 Ramkhamhaeng 24, Hua Mak, Bangkok 10240 Thailand Tel: 66 (0) 2300 4553-62 Fax: 66 (0) 2300 4563 Admissions Call Center: 66 (0) 2719 1919 E-mail: SuvarnabhumiCampus 88Moo8,BangNa-TradKm.26,Bangsaothong, Samuthprakarn10540Thailand Tel: 66 (0) 2723 2222 Fax:66 (0) 2707 0395 Website: Motto : Labor Omnia Vincit Brief Introduction AssumptionUniversitywasinitiallyoriginated fromAssumptionCommercialCollegein1969as an autonomous higher education institution under the name of Assumption School of Business. In 1972, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was officially established as Assumption Business Administration College or ABAC. In May 1975, it was accredited by the Ministry of University Affairs. In 1990, it was grantednewstatusas “AssumptionUniversity” by the Ministry of University Affairs. The University is a non-profit institution administered by the Brothers of St. Gabriel, a worldwide Catholic religious order, founded in France in 1705 by St. Louis Marie De Montfort, devoted to education and philanthropic activities. The congregation has been operating many educational institutions in Thailand since 1901. The University is an international community of scholars, enlivened by Christian inspiration, engaged in the pursuit of truth and knowledge, servingthehumansociety,especiallythroughthe creative use of interdisciplinary approaches and cybertechnology. International Programs UndergraduatePrograms Martin de Tours School of Management andEconomics • Marketing (B.B.A.) • Management (B.B.A.)
  17. 17. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 5 1 (seepage174) • Finance and Banking (B.B.A.) • Accounting (B.B.A.) • Business Information Systems (B.B.A.) • Hospitality and Tourism Management (B.B.A.) • InternationalBusinessManagement (B.B.A.) • Real Estate (B.B.A.) • Industrial Management (B.B.A.) • Insurance (B.B.A) • Business Economics (B.Econ.) • Management (B.B.A.- Commerce Concentration) • Au-WollongongProgram (University of Wollongong, Australia)* • Au-Dominican Double Degree Program (Dominican University of California, U.S.A.)* ABAC School of Arts • Business English (B.A.) • Business French (B.A.) • Business Chinese (B.A.) • Business Japanese (B.A.) • Chinese for Economy and Trade (B.A., Double Degree) (Beijing Language and Culture University, China)* ABACSchoolofScienceandTechnology • Computer Science (B.S.) • Information Technology (B.S.) • Telecommunications Science (B.S.) • Business Data Analysis (B.S.) • Technology Management (B.S.) ABACSchoolofEngineering • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (B.Eng.) • Computer and Network Engineering (B.Eng.) • Telecommunication and Electronics Engineering(B.Eng.) • Mechatronics Engineering (B.Eng.) • AeronauticEngineering(B.Eng.) *Jointprogramswithoverseasinstitutions. Academic Director: Rev.Bro.BanchaSaenghiran,f.s.g.,Ph.D. Numberoflecturers: 1,173 Numberofsupportingstaff: 832 NumberofThaistudents atundergraduatelevel: 14,043 NumberofThaistudentsatgraduatelevel: 1,680 Numberofforeignstudents: 2,803 NumberofStudents’Nationalities: 90 EnrollmentPeriodforLocalandOverseasStudents: Application Period for local students:June/November Application Period for overseas students: January/March/June/August/November Tuition and Fees: (approximately per program in USD)* Degree/ Disciplines Bachelor’s Master’s Doctoral Social Science * USD 1 = THB 31 15,270 – 20,095 7,469 – 29,914 12,593 – 41,983 Science 17,143 – 155,172 7,358 – 11,718 16,938 – 26,435 ABACSchoolofNursingScience • Nursing Science (B.N.S.) AlbertLaurenceSchoolof Communication Arts • Advertising (B.Com. Arts) • Public Relations (B.Com. Arts) • PerformanceCommunication (B.Com. Arts) • NewMediaCommunication(B.Com.Arts) • Visual Communication Design (VCD.) • Computer Generated Imagery (CGI.)
  18. 18. International Programs in Thailand Vol.75 2 Rama IV Road, Bangkok 10110 Tel: 66 (0) 2350 3500 ext. 1609, 1589 Bangkok University International College Website: International Higher Education for the Global Citizen Bangkok University International College (BUIC) is the English medium undergraduate faculty of Bangkok University, and as part of this creative university it shares high international standardsandthemissiontoproduceoutstanding graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit for any dynamic economy. BUInternationaleducatesyoungpeoplefrom more than fifty countries and inculcates an international perspective that is a significant advantage in any field of endeavor in today’s world. Students are taught by highly qualified faculty, who help students to achieve advanced knowledge integrated with a high level of English proficiency. Most classes are taught on the City Campus,whichisconvenientlylocatedintheheart of Bangkok. The campus is equipped with state-of-theartfacilitiesandacademicresources. CurrentlyBUInternationaloffersundergraduate degree programs in the areas of Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Entrepreneurship, International Tourism Management, Hotel and RestaurantManagement,Marketing,Communication Arts,andBusinessEnglish.Studentsfromaround the world studying together in and out of the classrooms and engaging in cultural, social, recreational, and service activities become knowledgeable and productive agents for positivechangeinanincreasinglyinterdependent world.
  19. 19. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 5 3 YearInternationalProgramEstablished:1984 Number of Students: 2,300 students EstimatedTuitionandFeesExpenses for 2013 Academic Year*: 1. Majors other than Computer Graphics and Multimedia: THB 55,000 per semester 2. Computer Graphics and Multimedia Major: THB 65,000 per semester ApplicationPeriodforLocalandOverseasStudents: Academic Semesters For semester 1: January-May For semester 2: August-December Academic Terms for Local and Overseas Students: Academic Semesters Semester 1: August-December Semester 2: January-May Summer Session: June-July ContactPersonandDetails: Bangkok University International College Admissions Office Tel: 66 (0) 2350 3500 ext. 1609, 1588 E-mail: International Programs offered • Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts • Bachelor of Arts in Business English • Bachelor of Arts in International Tourism Management • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Graphics and Multimedia • Bachelor of Arts in Hotel and Restaurant Management • Bachelor of Architecture in Architecture (BilingualProgram) • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design (BilingualProgram) Admissions Information Every applicant must submit the following documents: 1. A high school transcript and diploma* 2. Three1”x1”photographstakennotmore than 6 months from date of application 3. A copy of certificate of name or surname change (if any) 4. A copy of your TOEFL score with a minimum score of 500 (paper-based) or 61 (internet based); or IELTS score with a score of no less than 5.0 in all bands; or SAT with score of at least 1000 (Critical Reading and Mathematics sections). Native English speakers are exempted. 5. Oneletterofrecommendation(forVisiting, Exchange, and Transfer students) *Anyotherequivalenthighschoolcertificates or diploma must be translated into English and certifiedbyastudent’sownMinistryofEducation, ForeignMinistry,orEmbassy. Academic Qualification of Applicants Applicants with any of the following qualifications are eligible to apply: - Grade 12 (or M.6) certificate or high-level vocationalcertificate,oritsequivalent,asapproved by the Ministry of Education - IGCSE/GCSE/GCE “O” Level certificates with results not lower than ‘C’ in at least 5 subjects. - “A” Level certificate with grades not lower than ‘E’ in at least 3 subjects - GED certificate and diploma - IB certificate with scores not lower than ‘4’ in at least 5 subjects - Record of learning with scores not lower than 7 credits in at least 5 subjects for applicants who have graduated from New Zealand - Certificate of Education and Statement of Results, which are issued by Australian QualificationsFrameworkforapplicantswhohave graduated from Australia Visiting Students Students who would like to take some selected courses and receive the credits, but are not seeking a degree at Bangkok University (seepage176) * Pleasenotethatestimatedtuitionfeesareexclusiveofpreparatory courseswhicharemandatedbyadmissionsexaminationtestresults.
  20. 20. International Programs in Thailand Vol.75 4 169 Long-Hard Bangsaen Road, Saen Sook, Muang, Chon Buri 20131 Tel: 66 (0) 3810 2222 Fax: 66 (0) 3839 0038 Burapha University Website: Brief Introduction Burapha University is a public university located in the Eastern Seaboard Area of Thailand. Today the university offers a wide variety of degrees in many disciplines of the arts, sciences, technologies, health care, and humanities. There are currently 27,509 full-time students and 20,653 part-time students. International Programs Faculty Disciplines Number of Lectures (supportingstaff) Number of Thai Student (ForeignStudent) Estimate TuitionFee (US$ per year) Year Established Undergraduate Degree International College 40(15) 7(2) / 41(24) 4,700 2006/2012 4,700 4,700 4,700 4,700 4,700 4,700 2006/2012 2006/2012 2012 2012 2006 2006 28(15) / 6 29(19) / 19(2) 5(-) 8(2) 24(23) 14(2) - Business Administrations (B.B.A.) - Management (B.B.A.) - Marketing (B.B.A.) - International Tourism Management (B.B.A.) - International Hotel Management (B.B.A.) - Tourism and Hotel Management (B.B.A.) - Management Information System (B.B.A.) - Business Information System (B.B.A) - Logistics Management (B.B.A.) - International Business Management (B.B.A.) - Finance (B.B.A.) - Communication Skills for HRD (B.A.) - Global Business Communication (B.A.) - Fine and Applied Arts (B.F.A.) 25(14) / 90(2) 4,700 2006/2012 121(6) 4,700 2012 16(2) 4,700 2012 30(12) / 35(15) 4,700 2006/2012 5(-) 4,700 2012 10(-) 4,700 2012 5(-) 8,000 2012
  21. 21. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 5 5 Facility and Services • auditorium • laboratories • bank • medical services • bookstore • postal services • campus transportation • residential services • central library • sport facilities • computer center • others Residence and dormitories The university and private dormitories are available both inside and outside the campus. The rent rate is approximately USD 100 to USD 200 per room per month. Furthermore, there are also apartments and condominiums with a sea view on the beach around 5-10 minutes drive to the campus. Admission Requirements Degree/Requirement Bachelor Master Doctoral English Proficiency Test TOEFL 450 or IELTS 5.0 TOEFL 500 or IELTS 5.5 TOEFL 550 or IELTS 6.0 Qualifications High School Diploma (Grade12) or Equivalent Bachelor Degree in related field Master Degree in related field Year Established: 1955 EnrollmentPeriodforLocalandOverseaStudents: year-round BachelorProgram(BUUIC): year-round Academic Semesters (BUUIC): First Semester: September to December Second Semester: January to April Summer Section: May to July Assoc. Prof. Rana Pongruengphant, Ph.D. Dean, International College Tel: 66 (0)8 1949 3464 Fax: 66 (0) 3874 5856 E-mail:, Website: Contact Person and Details: Asst. Prof. Pichan Sawangwong, Ph.D. Vice President for International Relations Tel: 66 (0)8 1781 8871 Fax: 66 (0) 3839 0047 E-mail: Website: Faculty Disciplines Number of Lectures Number of Thai Student Estimate TuitionFee (US$ per year) Year Established Postgraduate Degree Education - Teaching English as a Second Language - Human resources Development (M.A.) - Educational Administration (Ph.D.) - Human Resources Development (Ph.D.) - Teaching English as a Global Language (M.Ed.) (M.Ed.) 15(2) 27(17) 3,200 2002 12(2) 21(32) 3,200 2006 8(3) - 6,500 2009 21(1) 6,400 2002 (supportingstaff) (ForeignStudent) (USD 1 = THB 30) Graduate School of Commerce - Business Administration (M.B.A.) - Business Administration (D.B.A.) 45(45) 17(3) 23 6,500 10,000 2012 2012 Nursing - Nursing Science (M.N.S.) - Nursing Science (Ph.D.) 35(2) 1(17) 31(1) 6,650 7,500 1995 2005 Public Health - Public Health (M.P.H.) - Biological Science (Ph.D.) - Bioengineering (M.Eng.) - Bioengineering (Ph.D.) 21(2) 23 1(-) 3,000 7,500 2001 2012 Science Engineering 8,000 20125(1)
  22. 22. International Programs in Thailand Vol.75 6 Brief Introduction Christian University of Thailand is one of the prestigious institutions established by the Church of Christ in Thailand on September 7, 1983. The Ministry of University Affairs authorized Christian College to offer the first bachelor’s degree program in Nursing Science. Christian University of Thailand is presently located on 70 acres of the land in Donyaihom Sub-district, Nakhon Pathom Province, 31 miles Southwest of Bangkok. H.R.H. the Crown Princess Sirindhon presided over the formal opening of the new campus and the unveiling of the nameplate on the main academic building named in her honor on June 6, 1997. Five years later H.R.H. the Crown Princess returned to preside over the Christian University of Thailand is a ìHealthy Universityî which builds future competent leaders with international standard of educational system along with creating student learning and living with loving care and green biophysical environment. Janjira Wongkhomthong R.N., Ph.D. Asst. Professor (President of Christian University of Thailand) ì ì formal unveiling of the new “ChristianUniversity” sign, and dedicated a botanic garden in her patreness, on June 28, 2002. Every year H.R.H. Princess Somsawalee presides at Christian University of Thailand’s commencement ceremony. The presences of members of the Thai Royal Family are great honor for the university. Christian University of Thailand is connected to the world through our association with sister universities and colleges. We are active in the AssociationofChristianUniversitiesandColleges in Asia (ACUCA) with 56 member institutions, International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) with more than 400 member institutions and we are an adjunct member of the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Nakhon Pathom Campus 144 Moo 7, Donyaihom, Muang, Nakhon Pathom 73000 Tel: 66 (0) 3422 9480 Fax: 66 (0) 3422 9499 Bangkok Campus Siam Complex Educational Center at the Church of Christ in Thailand Building, 328 Phayathai Road, Rajthevi, Bangkok 10400 Tel: 66 (0) 2214 6038, 2214 6303-6 Fax: 66 (0) 2214 6039 Christian University of Thailand Website:,
  23. 23. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 5 7 Universities (APCU) in the U.S.A. with 81 member institutions. Christian University of Thailand has built academic partnerships with 44 universities and companies all over the world; 6 in U.S.A., 2 in Australia, 3 in Austria, 1 in Bangladesh,2inBrazil,1inChile,9inP.R.China, 5inTaiwanROC,2inHongKong,Japan,Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia, 1 in Malaysia, Philippines,Indonesia,andIndia. International Programs offered at main campus in Nakhon Pathom Bachelor’sDegreePrograms 1. Bachelorof NursingScience(BNS) Emphasis is on professional knowledge and skills of nursing at the international standard. Students gain basic education in life sciences, in the state-of-the-art nursing laboratories, practice and supervised clinical practice in all areas of nursing in the most modern and high-tech hospitals. Nursing graduates are well prepared to be qualified to take the Registered Nurse licensed examination in Thailand and overseas. 2. Bachelor of Arts in Business English (BA in Busi. Eng.) Emphasis is on the knowledge and skills ofspeaking,listening,readingandwritingBusiness English in real situations. The program is taught bynativespeakersofEnglishandhighlyexperienced ESL instructors using an advanced modern computerized language laboratory as well as a broad range of multi-media instructional aides. The students gain professional practice in English in enterprises within the country and overseas. 3. Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and Tourism Industry (BA in HTM) Emphasis is on professional knowledge and skills in the fields of hotel and tourism management; using well-equipped hotel and restaurantlaboratoriesandinrealhotelandtravel agencies.Studentsareeducatedbyexperienced instructors using the instructional framework of the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the ProfessionalGuideAssociation.Thestudentsgain professional practice in 5-Star Hotel and top Tourism enterprises within the country and overseas. (seepage177) InternationalProgramEstablished:2003 Number of Lecturer(s): 42 NumberofStudentsinInternationalProgram(s): 219 EnrolmentPeriodforLocaland Overseas Students: June 1-12 Academic Semesters: Two semesters and one summer ContactPersonandDetails: Ms. Rasamee Luckanawannaporn International Program Offered at downtown campus in Bangkok (Siam Complex Educational Center) Master’sDegreeProgram • Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language (MA in TESL) Emphasis is on molding English teachers with academic excellence, ability and skills in teachingEnglishasasecondlanguagebasedon appropriate context and cultures. Highly competent native English speakers and TESL
  24. 24. International Programs in Thailand Vol.75 8 254PhayathaiRoad,Pathumwan,Bangkok10330 Tel: 66 (0) 2218 0209 Fax: 66 (0) 2218 0208 Email: Chulalongkorn University Website:, Brief Introduction ChulalongkornUniversity,theoldestandone of the most prestigious universities in Thailand, was founded in its present form in 1917 by King Vajiravudh (Rama VI). It was named after his father, King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), who laid thefoundationsformoderneducationinThailand. In keeping with the shared vision of both kings, Chulalongkorn University has maintained its reputation for academic excellence ever since, andhasbeeninstrumentalinnationaldevelopment. ChulalongkornUniversity,knownfamiliarlyas “Chula”, extends over a 456-acre tract of land. It has grown constantly in the near-century since its founding, and today is a comprehensive university offering over 500 programs in almost all areas of study, 86 of them international. Both traditional academic disciplinesandinterdisciplinarystudiesareincluded. The enrolment is currently approximately 40,000 students. For more information, please visit Chulalongkorn University and the International Standard Chulalongkorn University’s International Programshaveenjoyedalonganddeservedhigh reputationforall-roundacademicattainment,and this was cemented with the announcement of the QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) World Rankings for 2011-2012, which sees the university achieving a nine-place rise in the table from 180th to 171st place among the world’s top 2,000 universities. Chulalongkorn University is the high-ranking
  25. 25. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 5 9 university in Thailand for four out of five areas of academicdiscipline: • Art&HumanitiesRanking:69th oftheworld • Engineering&ITRanking: 104thoftheworld • LifeScience&BiomedicineRanking:78th of the world • NaturalScienceRanking:138th oftheworld • SocialScienceRanking:68th oftheworld Moreover, the university ranks 1st in Thailand, 100th in Asia and 492th in the world according to SCIMAGO Institutions Rankings World Report 2011.Thereportaimsatbecominganevaluation frameworkofresearchperformancetoworldwide research organizations. AcademicCalendar Semester Classesbegin Classesend Two-SemesterSystem First Academic Calendar Semesterends Second Summer TrimesterSystem First Second Third InternationalSystem First Second Summer 1st week of Jun 1st week of Nov 1st week of Apr 1st week of Jun 1st week of Oct Last week of Jan 2nd week of Aug 2nd week of Jan 1st week of Jun Last week of Sep Last week of Feb 2nd week of May 3rd week of Sep 2nd week of Jan 2nd week of May 1st week of Dec Last week of Apr Last week of Jul 2nd week of Oct 1st week of Mar 2nd week of May Last week of Sep 3rd week of Jan 3rd week of May 3rd week of Dec 3rd week of May Last week of Jul Note: • Two-semester system is used for all regular programs which taught in Thai and some international graduate programs. • Trimester system is used for some international graduate programs. • International system is used for all international undergraduate programs and some international graduate programs. • To apply to an international program. You can contact the program administrator directly, please visit However, an applicant must check the semester system before submitting the application. For degree-seeking student, the application form must summit to the Faculty concerned directly. For exchange student, the application form must submit through the International Office of home university. Office of International Affairs Tel: 66 (0) 2218 3331-5 Fax: 66 (0) 2216 1299 E-mail: Website: Bachelor’sDegreeinInternationalPrograms There are 8 faculties offering 13 programs. 1.TheFacultyofArchitecture • B.Sc. in Architectural Design • B.A. in Communication Design 2.TheFacultyofArts • B.A. in Language and Culture 3.TheFacultyofCommerceandAccountancy • B.B.A in Accounting • B.B.A. in International Business Management 4.TheFacultyofCommunicationArts • B.A. in Communication Management 5.TheFacultyofEconomics • B.A. in Economic 6.TheFacultyofEngineering • B.Eng. in Aerospace Engineering • B.Eng. in Automotive Design and Manufacturing Engineering • B.Eng. in Information and Communication Engineering • B.Eng. in Nano Engineering 7.TheFacultyofPsychology • B.Sc. in Psychological Science 8.TheFacultyofScience • B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry
  26. 26. International Programs in Thailand Vol.76 0 125/502 Polpichai Road, Hatyai, Songkla 90110 Tel: 66 (0) 7420 0300 ext. 242 Fax: 66 (0) 7420 0366 E-mail: Website: Didyasarin International College Hatyai University Dr. Prapas Panjiang (Acting Dean, Didyasarin International College) ì Didyasarin International College (DRIC) is one international faculty of Hatyai University that offers academic programs in an international environment. Our qualified instructors and staff are deeply committed to being professional facilitators meaning we are doing whatever it takes to help our students achieve the learning outcome. Curricula have been carefully developed to equip students with qualifications and skills that are essential to meet the demanding requirements of industries and to succeed professionally in an international setting. At DRIC, we offer students programs of study in modern educational facilities, open-access computer labs with high-speed Internet, a safe, friendly and supportive environment, as well as individual attention to each studentís needs. ì Brief Introduction The University envisions to become a leading private university in Thailand, to go internationalandproduceprofessionalgraduates for the good of society. On the auspicious occasion of its 10th Anniversary, the University has launched a significantmilestonebyestablishingtheDidyasarin International College (DRIC). Didyasarin is the family name of the founder and licensee, Madam Praneet Didyasarin. The College is not an autonomous body, but its status is equivalent to afacultywithintheUniversity.OnMarch5th,2008, the College held its first press conference to inaugurate three programs during the 2008 academic year. Currently, the college offers four programs as follows: • International Business English • Business Chinese (bilingual program) • Digital Media Design (bilingual program) • InternationalBusinessManagement Details of Programs • BA in International Business English (IBE) This program focuses on International Business English communication. All classes are instructed in English by Thai and native speaking staff. Over 90% of graduates find careers in the trade, hotel, tourism and export, industries and government services. • BA in Business Chinese (BC) This program emphasizes Chinese for business communication. Students learn basic
  27. 27. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 6 1 (seepage176) Academic Director: Dr. Prapas Panjiang Year Established: 2008 Numbers of Lectures: Thai Lectures: 15 Foreign Lectures: 9 NumberofThaiStudentsin InternationalPrograms: 196 NumberofInternationalStudentsin InternationalPrograms: 5 Estimated Expenses for 2013 tuition fees: (approximately per program) BA International Business English THB 92,000 BBA International Business Management THB 84,000 BA Business Chinese THB 63,000 BFA Digital Media Design THB 104,000 EnrolmentPeriodforLocalandOverseasStudents: First Semester: 1 December - 31 May Second Semester: 1 – 31 October Academic Semesters: First Semester: June – October Second Semester: November – February ContactPersonandDetails: Miss Rochelle Javier and Miss Thiyada Kaewchana Didyasarin International College Hatyai University 125/502 Polpichai Road, Hatyai, Songkla 90110 Tel: 66 (0) 7420 0300 ext. 242 skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Culturalactivitiesareprovidedasameanoflearning. • BBA in International Business Management(IBM) Thisprogramofferseducationininternational business management and trade. All classes are taught in English. Graduates may find jobs in internationaltrade,financing,bankingsectors,etc. • BFA in Digital Media Design (DMD) This program concentrates on graphic communication,animationandmovingimagesand interactiondesign.Areasofstudyincludegraphic communication, interaction design (e.g. touch screens technology, new media technology), classical animation, computer 3D animation, production design, film and motion graphic. All classes are taught by the skilled designers who specialize in this exciting area. Application Requirements • An applicant must have graduated from grade 12, or an equivalent from institutions recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education. • An applicant may not suffer from any serious illness or disability which may impair his/ her study. • An applicant must have no record of serious misconduct. • An applicant must be proficient in English asdeterminedfromcredentialsand/orexaminations. Facilities and Services Didyasarin International College offers a variety of facilities and services, which include air-conditionedcafeteria,freeshuttlebusservice, Krung Thai bank, library and reading room, Students-One-StopService,postoffice,self-access language learning centre, sports and fitness centre, student career and placement service, student counseling service, visa and immigration service and visual arts studio. Residence and Dormitories HU provides dormitory for students on campus. At present, the newly built dormitory building has the capacity of 312 female students. However, the university is making an effort to build more dormitory building to accommodate male and female students. Each room is well furnished with AC, fan, TV, and washroom and canbeoccupiedby4students.Thechargeranges
  28. 28. International Programs in Thailand Vol.76 2 Dusit Thani College Website: Bangkok 1 Soi Kaenthong, Nongbon, Pravet, Bangkok 10250 Tel: 66 (0) 2361 7805, 2361 7811-3 Fax: 66 (0) 2361 7806, 2721 8475 E-mail:, Pattaya 382/2 Moo 6, Sukhumvit Road, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 Mrs. Veera Pardpattanapanich (Rector, Dusit Thani College) ì ì Welcome to DTC If your passion is in Hospitality Industry. We offer you the best opportunity in having it. Our commitment in quality will assist you to reveal the bright future. Brief Introduction Dusit Thani College is a hospitality industry institution belonging to The Dusit International. It was founded in 1993 by the owner Thanpuying Chanut, who always interested in the field of education and recognized the need for specialized hospitality training in Thailand. DusitThaniCollegeopeneditsdoorsinJune 1993. Since then, students have received extensive theoretical and practical training from Asia’s newest and most advanced hospitality educationalinstitute. In addition to Bangkok Campus, Dusit Thani College recently expanded to a eastern region by establishing Dusit Thani College Pattaya City Center in 2011. International Programs B.B.A., Faculty of Hospitality Industry • Hotel and Resort Management (with the academic certification of Ecole h teli re de Lausanne) • CulinaryArtsandRestaurantManagement (a joint degree with Le Cordon Bleu)
  29. 29. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 6 3 Admission Requirements • IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate Diploma), or • High school certification or equivalent qualification recognized and approved by the Ministry of Education Thailand with minimum TOEFL score of 525 (iBT 79), or minimum IELTS score of 5.5, or minimum SAT scores with critical reading of 550, writing of 550 and mathematics of 500. • A medical examination from a hospital using the college’s medical form Application and Documents • ApplicationForm • Transcript (2 copies) • High School Certificate (1 copy) • Photocopy of House Registration or Passport (1 copy) • Photocopy of ID Card (1 copy) • Three (3) current passport photos taken within the last six (6) months • A medical check up using the college’s medical form • A THB 500 application fee Facilities and Services Bartendingroom,demonstrationandtraining restaurant, simulated hotel reception area, housekeeping suites, language centre, three languagelaboratories,mock-uptravelcentre,four fully equipped demonstration kitchens and five practical kitchens, practical room for fruit and vegetable carving, practical room for flower arrangement, computer laboratories, canteen, coffee shop, fully equipped fitness centre, extensive academic resources centre and large student locker rooms Residence and Dormitories The college has no on-campus dormitory. However,thereareplentyofflatsandapartments near the college for rent pricing from THB 3,000- THB 6,000 per month. Academic Director: Mr. Siripong Rugmai YearInternationalProgramEstablished:2001 NumberofLecturers: 79 NumberofThaiStudentsin InternationalPrograms: 251 NumberofInternationalStudentsin InternationalPrograms: 19 Estimated Expenses for 2013 Tuition Fee: Approximately THB 300,000 (USD 10,000) per year for tuition fee and additional charge of approximately THB 24,000 (USD 8,000) for health insurance and other matriculation fees. **THB30perUSD1 EnrolmentPeriodforLocalandOverseasStudents: First Intake: January to May Second Intake: September to January Academic Semesters: First Semester: August to December Second Semester: January to May ContactPersonandDetails: Ms. Piyachat Katanyuta Ms. Vilairat Suranowarat
  30. 30. International Programs in Thailand Vol.76 4 Tel: 66 (0) 2312 6300-73 ext. 1711-1718 Fax: 66 (0) 2312 6412 Huachiew Chalermprakiet University (HCU) Website: Brief Introduction Huachiew Chalermprakiet University (HCU) was founded as the first non-profit private university in Thailand by Poh Teck Tung Foundation. The university has a proud history extending back to 1942, when the foundation established the Midwifery School at Huachiew Hospital. In 1981, the school was upgraded to HuachiewCollege. Theuniversitycameintobeingin1992,when HisMajestyKingBhumibolofThailandgraciously granted the foundation’s request and bestowed upon the new university the name, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University. On Thursday, 24 March 1994, Founder’s Day, His Majesty the King graciously presided over the university’s Opening Ceremony. The university is currently actively pursuing international academic cooperation. We believe an international outlook will reap great benefits in the fields of academic development and public health. HCUiscommittedtodevelopingvariousfields of study that meet the needs of society, by producing graduates who are academically competent professionals. An education at HCU places special emphasis on developing a set of moral and ethical principles that are the basis of being a good person, a good Thai citizen and a good citizen of the world.
  31. 31. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 6 5 International Programs UndergraduatePrograms • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English and Chinese Aware that English and Chinese are two of the most important languages for international communication, HCU offers a dual major Bachelor’s Degree in English and Chinese. HCU is the first university in Thailand to offer such an innovative program. • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)InternationalProgram The BBA International Program is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in today’s complex and dynamic business environment. This goal is accomplished by utilizing native English speakers as well as foreign-educated Thai instructors. As a group, these instructors possess business experience in local and international firms, ranging from SMEs to multinational enterprises.Anoptionisavailabletospecializein Chinese business and to study Mandarin specifically, which addresses the reality and importance of the emerging Chinese market in the global economy. Admission Requirements • Completion of M6 (grade 12), or the equivalent, as accepted by the Thai Ministry of Education • Acceptable results in National University EntranceExam,HCUAptitudeTest,SAT,GCSE, or an equivalent exam • Acceptable results in an English proficiency test administered by HCU, an accredited institute, TOEFL, IELTS, or an equivalent test • Excellent record of good behavior • Good physical and mental health • Satisfactory HCU interview results Facilities and Services The main campus covers 150 rai (60 acres), located at Km. 18, on the Bangna-Trad Highway, Samutprakarn. The Yossey Campus is located onAnantanarkRoad,PomprabDistrict,Bangkok. The campus at Bangna has modern housing, air-conditioned classrooms, instructional and AV equipment,languagelabs,computerlabs,science labs, a self-learning resource center, along with sports and athletic facilities. Residence and Dormitories Separate male and female dormitory accommodation is available on campus. Dorm fees are approximately THB 4,000 to 5,200 per semester. There are also private dormitories and apartments nearby, with costs varying from THB 2,000 to 3,000 per month. AcademicDirector: Associate Professor Prachak Poomvises, PhD InternationalProgram Established:2004 Number of Lecturers: 55(IncludingAdjunctFacultyMembers) NumberofThaiStudents inInternationalProgram(s): 216 NumberofInternationalStudents inInternational Program(s): 23 EstimatedExpensesfor2013TuitionFeeperyear: Approximately THB 68,250 per year for BA and THB 64,750 per year for BBA EnrolmentPeriodforLocalandOverseasStudents: First Semester: June to October Second Semester: November to March Summer Session: March to May Academic Semesters: Three (3) Semesters ContactPersonandDetails: Student Admission Department, Office of the Registrar Tel: 66 (0) 2312 6300-79 ext. 1711-1718 Fax: 66 (0) 2312 6412 E-mail:
  32. 32. International Programs in Thailand Vol.76 6 129 Moo 6, Phoe-Tak Sub-district, Muang, Nakhon Phanom 48000 Thailand Tel: 66 (0) 4253 1577 Fax: 66 (0) 4253 1574 International Aviation College, Nakhon Phanom University Website: ì ìINTERNATIONAL AVIATION COLLEGE A 100% STATE-OWNED COLLEGE NAKHON PHANOM UNIVERSITY Brief Introduction International Aviation College-Nakhon Phanom University (IAC-NPU), the only 100% state-ownedflyingschoolinThailand,wasfounded on 2nd April 2007. The College is placed under NakhonPhanomUniversity,MinistryofEducation. The College has been approved by the Department of Civil Aviation-Thailand as an Approved Training Organization (ATO), as laid down by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Annex 1–Personnel Licensing, since 15th October 2007. Aim • To produce Airline Pilots of International Standards and Quality. Objective • To thoroughly train the selected candidates from ab-initio stage to fully fledged Airline Pilots to qualify for Commercial Pilot LicencewithMulti-engineandInstrumentRatings of International Standards. Our Core Course Our core course is CPL/ME/IR. IAC is the onlyflyingschoolinThailandthatoffersMultiCrew Cooperation (MCC) and Jet Orientation Training (JOT) Courses 36 hours on fixed base simulator Airbus A320. E-mail: Facebook:
  33. 33. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 6 7 Additional Courses Offered In addition to the integrated course CPL/ME/ IR + MCC and JOT course mentioned above, IAC also offers modular courses as follows: • Private Pilot Licence (PPL) • Multi Engine Rating (ME) • Instrument Rating (IR) • Flight Instructor Rating (IP) • Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) • Jet Orientation Training (JOT) IAC becomes the first flying school in Thailand and the 13th in the world that provides MPL training TheICAOcounciladoptedandacceptedMPL inearly2006withanapplicabledateofNovember 2006. The training is divided into 4 phases, i.e. core flying, basic, intermediate and advanced. International Aviation College, working in close cooperation with Thai Flight Training Company (TFT) - a daughter company of Thai Airways International PCL, is very proud to become the first flying school in Thailand that launched its firstMulti-crewPilotLicence(MPL)courseinApril 2010 for TFT. This becomes the 13th country in the world that provides MPL training. Since April 2010 Thai Airways International PCL has already sent four batches of its MPL cadets via TFT to be trained at IAC. Batch 1 (4cadets),Thailand’sfirstMPLcadets,graduated on 13th May 2011. Batch 2 (4 cadets) graduated on 20th April 2012. Batch 3 (12 cadets) will graduate by the end of 2012. Batch 4 (14 cadets) has just celebrated its first solo and is planned to graduateinMay2013.Batch5(14cadets)started on 3rd December 2012. In possession of Airbus A320 fixed base simulator (A320 FBS), IAC is, to date, the only flying school in Thailand that is capable of training MPL cadets from Phase 1 through Phase 3. Our Setup 1. Fleet of world class proven trainer aircraft. - 6 Diamond DA40 - 4 Diamond DA42 - 1 Aerobatic aircraft Extra 300L for unusual attitude recovery (upset recovery)training 2. IAC is the only flying school in this part of the world to possess three types of flight simulation training device (Simulator) - FNPT I, FNPT II and Fixed Base Simulator Airbus A320. 3. IAC has highly experienced ground and flight instructors, Thai and foreigner, to ensure the highest training standards. 4. Ground subjects are taught up to ATPL Level (ATPL Frozen compliant). 5. IAC is equipped with Computer Based Training (CBT) facility for interactive self-training. Qualification Requirements • At lease Secondary School/ Grade 12/ PreUniversity • Age not less than 17 years • Medicallyfit Place for Application Apply at Nakhon Phanom Office (address above), or apply through IAC website. Academic Director: ACM. Wallop Mesomsup, Dean of International Aviation College Year Established: 2007 EstimatedTuitionFee: Total core course fee is THB 2,190,000. This includes hotel accommodation, meals, training materials, shuttle van between school and hotel, uniforms and miscellaneous throughout the course (In US$, depends on rate of exchange). EnrolmentPeriodforLocalandOverseasStudents: April, July and November Formoreinformation: International Aviation College, Nakhon Phanom University 129 Moo 6, Phoe-Tak Sub-district, Muang, NakhonPhanom 48000 Thailand Tel: 66 (0) 4253 1577 Fax: 66 (0) 4253 1574 E-mail: Website: Facebook:
  34. 34. International Programs in Thailand Vol.76 8 ì ì PatanakarnCampus 1761 Patanakarn Road, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250 Tel: 66 (0) 2320 2777 Fax: 66 (0) 2320 4444 RomklaoCampus 60 Romklao Road, Minburi, Bangkok 10510 Tel: 66 (0) 2904 2222 Fax: 66 (0) 2904 2200 Kasem Bundit University Vallop Suwandee, Ph.D. President of Kasem Bundit University A Learning Path with Felicity that Leads to Success Kasem Bundit University encourages every student to discover how to seek and obtain happiness in life, leading to an academic excellence through a rich ambience of learning, practice, and simulation in various fields of learning laboratories that provide them with specific experiences, which are worth beyond academic learning, with also an aim to produce and develop students who will become high-caliber members of their society. The University is also geared toward preparing the students to be respon sible, ethical and competent ASEAN members and world citizens. Brief Introduction Kasem Bundit University has placed itself among distinguished private universities of Thailand. Since its establishment in 1987, the University continues to be an innovative leader in education, preparing graduates to serve the increasingdemandofhighly-qualifiedprofessionals. The University offers a broad portfolio of academic programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels, enriched by prominent academic staff with extensive experience and exceptional academic backgrounds. The University fully commits to its philosophy, “Value,Virtueand Worthiness,” which has grown as one of the national trendsetters, and has provided significant contributions to both social and economic development. International Programs UndergraduatePrograms • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, Management and Business Computer • Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation Industry Management • BachelorofArtsinEnglishforCommunication • Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Management GraduateProgram • Master of Business Administration BUSINESSADMINISTRATION The Business Administration Program was established with an aim to educate business and economic leaders of tomorrow. The program offers a stimulating learning experience that
  35. 35. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 6 9 (seepage178) inspiresnewwaysofthinkingandbringingunique insights into business. Based on the belief that successful businesses operate through the cooperation and collaboration with others, both within the business and as customers and suppliers,theprogramemphasiseson“collaboration” ratherthan“competition”.Theprogramis,therefore, more focused on the individual student’s development rather than on where he/she is ranked among his/her peers. This underlies the program’s approach to teaching, learning and assessment. The total requirement to obtain a degree is 127 credits. The program offers 3 majors: Marketing, Management and Business Computer. AVIATIONINDUSTRYMANAGEMENT(AIM) The AIM Program is to unquestionably delivertopqualityeducationinbothbusinessand aviation to students. The program provides its studentswiththeacademicknowledge,skillsand functional applications in both business and aviation in order to serve the ever growing global aviation industry. The students will be well-equipped to qualify and succeed in their chosen careers in aviation and its related industries which they will play a vital role in propelling into the new and innovative era. The total requirement to obtain a degree is 131 credits. The program offers three minors: BusinessEnglish,Marketing,BusinessComputer and Thai studies. ENGLISHFORCOMMUNICATION TheEnglishforCommunicationProgramaims toadvancestudentswithEnglishproficiencyskills for global communication. The program offers studentsopportunitiesingainingmoreeducational experiencethroughCooperativeEducation,which leads students to succeed in the real-world involvement at international schools or internationalcompanies(banking,hotelbusiness, tourism, aviation services, office services, etc.). The total requirement to obtain a degree is 127 credits.Theprogramoffersthreeoptionalminors: Teaching English, Marketing, and Business Computer. HOTELMANAGEMENT TheHotelManagementProgramisdesigned to educate the next generation of leaders for Thailand and the world’s largest and most dynamic industry. The program builds student service/hospitalityknowledgeandskillsunderthe most accomplished faculty in the field. Courses provided also include a variety of subjects in business-relatedareas.Theprogramensuresthat Academic Director : Senee Suwandee, Ph.D. YearInternationalProgramEstablished:1994 Number of Lecturers : 100 NumberofForeignStudents: 400 EstimatedExpensedfor2013TuitionFees: Undergraduate Programs (1 academic year) USD 1,800 Graduate Program (the whole program) USD 8,000 Academic Semesters: UndergraduatePrograms First Semester : June to October Second Semester : November to March Summer Session : March to May Graduate Program First Semester : August to January Second Semester : February to July Formoreinformation: Undergraduate Programs : 66 (0) 2904 2222 ext. 2209 Graduate Program : 66 (0) 2320 2777 ext. 1153 Email:
  36. 36. International Programs in Thailand Vol.77 0 ì ì Website: Kasetsart University 50 Ngamwongwan Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Tel: 66 (0) 2562 0985 Fax: 66 (0) 2562 0985 E-mail: Kasetsart University is a dynamic and innovative university. Over 70 years of experience, Kasetsart University is now one of the most famous comprehensive universities in Thailand and in Southeast Asia offering courses in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree Programs for Thai and foreign students. It is highly confident that our graduates will obtain illustrious competencies as truly global citizens who can follow their career path worldwide. Assoc. Prof. Vudtechai Kapilakanchana (President) Brief Introduction Kasetsart University is the first specialized agricultural sciences university of the country. It has become a comprehensive university and research university highly recognized nationally andinternationally. Kasetsart University is a public university with a greatest number of students in Thailand. It currently has 4 campuses, namely: Bangkhen Campus, Kamphaeng Saen Campus, Si Racha Campus, and Chalermphrakiat Sakon Nakhon Province Campus and also Suphan Buri Establishment Campus Project. The University is offering programs in agriculture, science & technology, social sciences and humanities in 27facultiesand2colleges.Moreover,itmaintains altogether 13 academic support units, 9 institutions, 105 centers, 17 research stations, 4 student field stations, 4 veterinary hospitals as well as 4 radio stations nationwide. Kasetsart University aims to achieve the “Research University” status by integratory its competence in all disciplines and educational management at graduate level to reach another goal as “Center of Excellence” in various commodities such as food, rubber, rice and energy. Moreover, its faculty members and researchers have devoted to innovative creativity for all human beings so much that they received many prestigious awards form national, regionalandinternationalorganizations. Facilities and Services The University provides many services for
  37. 37. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 7 1 (seepage179) students such as KU convention center, sport complex, medical care service, postal service, banking, transportation, consultancy and other activities both academic and entertainment such as sport event, concert and, especially “Kaset Fair”- the annual academic conference with flea market etc. Graduate from Master’s degree Ph.D. Degree/ Requirement Bachelor Master English Proficiency Test TOEFL 500-550 / IELTS 5.5 Qualifications Graduate from upper secondary school equivalent to grade 12 from American-system schools or O-level from British-system schools Graduate from Bachelor degree level TOEFL 500-550 / IELTS 5.5 TOEFL 500-550 / IELTS 5.5 Admission Requirements YearInternationalProgramEstablished:1995 NumberofLecturers: 3,511 NumberofForeignStudents: 339 Academic Semesters: June-October, November-March, April-May Formoreinformation: InternationalStudiesCenter Kasetsart University 50 Ngamwongwan Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Tel: 66 (0) 2562 0985 Fax: 66 (0) 2562 0985 Website: E-mail: InternationalAffairsDivision Kasetsart University 50 Ngamwongwan Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Tel: 66 (0) 2942 8171-3, 2942 8858 Fax: 66 (0) 2942 8170, 2942 8726 Website: E-mail:
  38. 38. International Programs in Thailand Vol.77 2 123 Mittraparp Road, Muang District, Khon Kaen 40002 Tel: 66 (0) 4320 2059 Fax: 66 (0) 4320 2059 Khon Kaen University InternationalRelationsDivision, Brief Introduction KhonKaenUniversity(KKU)wasestablished as the major university in the Northeastern part of Thailand in 1964 and has continuously grown into one of the top universities in Thailand. It is now one among the nine national research universities in the country and an educational center in the Mekong sub-region according to the strategic goal to be recognized both internationally and regionally as a leading university in research. The university’s major mission is to prepare qualified citizens to work in the continually changing world. KKU currently has more than 40,000 students studying in 17 faculties, 1 satellite campus, 1 school, and 3 colleges and in 43 International/English programswhichcoverawidevarietyofdisciplines. Our campus serves as the leading educational and learning center of the Northeastern region. It is conveniently located a few kilometers from the center of the city on a large, safe, and attractive site of green fields measuring 900 hectares. KKU has excellent facilities and thus provides its students with an environment conducive to learning and with proper support to achieve academic success. Additionally, KKU takes an investment-minded approach to education by providing funds for students to pursue their goals of higher education through study and research. Facts and Figures • 22FacultiesandCollegeswithmorethan 2,200academicstaffand8,500supporting staff members
  39. 39. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 7 3 • 40,000 students including 10,000 postgraduates and 500 overseas students • 340 study programs (101 Undergraduate programs, 138 in masters degree programs, 77 doctoral degree programs, and 24 graduate diploma programs) • 44 international programs Rankings • Oneof4highereducationalinstitutionscertifiedattheFundamental Level (FL) for its quality under OPDC • Rated first in Asia and the 5th in the world for its research work on Liver Fluke infection and cancer (Elsevier in 2010) • One of the top five universities in the world thathaspublishedworkon Cholangiocarcinoma research (the data base of ISI Web of Science, 2000 - 2010) • Ranked as a university of excellence in teaching, learning and research study. (OHEC, 2006) • The best university (No 1) of OPDC for 3 consecutive years in 2006, 2007 (in the group with similar missions) and 2009. • Ranked as a university passing NationalEducation Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA, 2007) at a good level • In 2008, Times Higher Education ranked KKUtobethe528th inthe world for the world leading universities, and No 21st of ASIAN universities. • The4InternationalColleges&Universities ( Webs Popularity Ranking for the world leading higher educational institutions in 2008 and KKU website was ranked the 160th of the world, the 24th of Asia, and the 2nd of Thailand for the top university websites. • Selected as one of eight higher educational institutions in the country for passing the standard of internal education quality of the national university assessment/ assurance system (an annual contest) • Announced as one of nine national researchuniversitiesinThailand (CHE, 2009) AcademicAdministrator: Assoc. Prof. Thawalwong Ratanasiri, MD Vice President for International Relations and Cooperation Strategy Enrollment Period: Regular: Twice a year: 1st semester (June), 2nd semester (October) International College: 1st semester (September) Estimated Expenses for 2013 Tuition Fee per year: Undergraduate: USD 1,200 – 6,300 Graduate: USD 900 – 3,000 Academic Semesters: Regular: Two semester system: 1st semester (June-September) 2nd semester (October-March) International College: Three semester system: Fall semester (September-December) Spring semester (January-April) Summer (May-August) ContactInformation: International Relations Division Khon Kaen University 4th Floor, Bimala Kalakicha Building 123 Mittraparp Road, Muang District, Khon Kaen 40002 Tel: 66 (0) 4320 2059 Fax: 66 (0) 4320 2059 E-mail: (seepage181) HappinessCaring CreatingConnecting
  40. 40. International Programs in Thailand Vol.77 4 1518 Pracharat 1 Road, Wongsawang, Bangsue, Bangkok 10800 Tel: 66 (0) 2555 2000 Fax: 66 (0) 2587 4350 King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok Website: Brief Information King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB) is an education institution which focuses on the best development for students and researchers in science and technology. It was first established in 1959 with cooperationoftheThaiandGermangovernments as the “Thai-German Technical School”. The University is located in the northern Bangkok, Bangsue District, near the Chao Phraya River on Pracharat Sai 1 Road. The University is committed to the academic development of human resources in science and technology at advanced levels with over 25,000 students and 134 courses from vocational certificate (Pre-Engineering) to doctoral degrees, creating the capacity to innovate and improve appropriate applications in technology, thereby assisting insustainableeconomic,socialandenvironmental development. KMUTNB has strong cooperation with many Universities worldwide. KMUTNB develops 2 international institutes namelytheSirindhornInternationalThai-German Graduate School of Engineering (TGGS) and Thai-French Innovation Institute (TFII). These Institutes are hosted to some of the world’s most modern scientific and technological research laboratories and has produced a great number of manpower. KMUTNB is mainly taught in Thai and English languages. Since 2010, many Faculties and Departments started Bilingual programs for Bachelor degrees.
  41. 41. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 7 5 International Programs College of Industrial Technology generates creative graduates in technology science and engineering by creating and developing a network for teaching and learning, research and technical services both locallyand internationally. College of Industrial Technology provides education in vocational certificate (Pre-Engineering), Bachelor and Master Programs. FacultyofInformationTechnology was founded in 1999 to provide a wide range of professionals skilled in Information Technology, and educational services to meet the needs of society and industries in Thailand. The Faculty also aims to help alleviate the technical manpower shortage problems faced by Thai industry. The Sirindhorn International Thai-German Graduate School of Engineering (TGGS) is an industry oriented public-private partnership, established with strong support from the Thai and German government, for engineering education, technology, innovation, and business development in Thailand and South-East Asia. The master degree programs at TGGS are based on the international master degree program at RWTH Aachen University. International Programs Degree Granted ContactAddressDisciplines Tuitionand fees College of Industrial Technology Certificate in Technical Education - Technical Education in Electrics and Electronics THB 55,000 / Semester Dr. Saowakun Khunnawut Pre-Engineering English Program, College of Industrial Technology Phone: 66 (0) 2555 2000 ext6608 Fax: 66 (0) 2555 2000 ext6109 E-mail: Faculty of Information Technology Ph.D. - Information Technology M.Sc. THB 75,000 / Semester - Information Technology -ManagementInformation Systems THB60,000/ Semester FacultyofInformationTechnology Phone: 66 (0) 2555 2000 ext2702 Fax: 66 (0) 2912 2019 E-mail:, The Sirindhorn International Thai-German GraduateSchool ofEngineering (TGGS) Ph.D. - Electrical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering THB 100,000 / Semester M.Sc. - Mechanical Engineering Simulation and Design - Electrical Power and Energy Engineering - Production Engineering - Communications Engineering - AutomotiveEngineering - Chemical and Process Engineering - Software Systems Engineering - MaterialsandMetallurgical Engineering TGGS Academic Affairs Phone: 66 (0) 2555 2000 ext2931 Fax: 66 (0) 2913 5805 E-mail:, Thai student THB 60,000 / Semester International student THB 85,000 / Semester EnrolmentPeriodforLocaland Oversea Students: 1st Semester: End March 2nd Semester: End September Academic Semesters: 1st Semester: May - August 2nd Semester: October - March
  42. 42. International Programs in Thailand Vol.77 8 ì ì King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi Website: 126 Pracha-Uthit Road, Bang Mod, ThungKhru, Bangkok 10140 Tel: 66 (0) 2470 8333 Fax: 66 (0) 2470 8367 E-mail: Through 50 years of growth and development, KMUTT has continually adapted to our changing world and society. We now stand prepared to meet the challenges of a globalized world, the internationalization of higher education and the exciting prospects presented by the ASEAN Community. As a leading provider of higher education, the University will continue to strive to be the best, in order to produce the best. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sakarindr Bhumiratana, the President of King Mongkutís University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) Brief Introduction Sinceitsestablishmentin1960asascience and technology college, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi has consistently strived to produce quality graduates, provide excellence in education and research, serve the community and make contributions to society at large. KMUTT is also determined to improve the total quality management of the University, working to continuously benchmark performance and quality of service. As the first government institute to become an autonomous university in Thailand, we are better equipped to service the needs of our students and to direct researchtorealindustrialandcommunityissues. Honorary awards 2012 • Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2012-2013) - Only Thai university in Top-400 (This is the first year that KMUTT has participated in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings) - Top 50 in Asia - Top 3 in ASEAN • QS Asian University Ranking - Ranked 161th-170th, Overall - Ranked 6th of Thailand - Ranked1st ofS&TUniversityinThailand • SCIMAGO: Normalized Impact Variable - Ranked 7th, Overall
  43. 43. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 7 9 (seepage180) - Ranked 1st of Research Institution in Thailand • UI Green Metric World University - Ranked 47th of the World - Ranked 2nd of Thailand 2011 • SCImagoInstitutionsRanking (SIRWorld Report 2011: Normalized Impact Report) - Ranked 1st of Research Institutes (CR: country Ranking) • Webometrics - Ranked 933th of the world - Ranked 70th of Asia - Ranked 7th of Thailand - Ranked1st ofS&TUniversityinThailand • The Society of Automotive Engineers in Thailand (TSAE) Auto Challenge 2011 • SoA+D students win Best Design Award 2010 • SCImagoInstitutionsRanking(SIRWorld Report 2010: Global Ranking) - Ranked 4th of Research in Physical Sciences • UI Green metric Ranking of World Universities 2010, University of Indonesia,Indonesia - Ranked 17th of World Green Metric University • Thai higher institutions by Thailand Research Fund (TRF) - Ranked as Excellent in Technology underanacademicresearchassessment • The Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand - One of the nine National Research Universities International Programs KMUTTisdeeplycommittedtoprovidingwith thebestexperienceofstrongacademicprograms. Depending on growing the international dimension of our education mission, we offer a variety of academic programs to help foster global competency. The flexibility and diversity of programs allow students to find the program that uniquelyfitstheirneeds.Theprogramisdesigned byourprofessionalmanagementteamandguided by experienced educators with high quality academics. Our strengths on Architecture, Bioresources,Energy,Engineering,Environment, Linguistics,Science,andTechnologycoverawide range of academic fields as follows: FacultyofEngineering • AutomationEngineering B.Eng. • ChemicalEngineering B.Eng. • CivilEngineering B.Eng. Academic Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suvit Tia YearInternationalProgramEstablished:1994 Numberoflecturers inInternationalPrograms: approx. 280 NumberofThaistudents inInternationalPrograms: approx. 2000 NumberofInternationalstudents inInternational Programs: approx. 158 EnrollmentPeriodforThaiandInternationalStudents: Throughout the year via Academic Semesters: First Semester: August - December Second Semester: January - May Summer Session: June - July Estimatedexpensesfor2013TuitionFeesperyear: (inThaicurrency) Fields/Levels Bachelor Master Language Doctoral science & Technology 50,000 - 80,000---------------- 100,000 80,000-110,000 50,000 - 170,000 50,000-120,000 ContactPersonandDetails: Admission and Recruitment Division, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi 126 Pracha-u-tid, Bangmod, Thungkru, Bangkok 10140, THAILAND Tel: 66 (0) 2470 8333 Fax: 66 (0) 2470 8367 E-mail:
  44. 44. International Programs in Thailand Vol.78 0 Mae Fah Luang University 333 Moo 1, Tasood, Muang, Chiang Rai 57100 Tel: 66 (0) 5391 6024-6 Fax: 66 (0) 5391 6024 Website: Brief Information Mae Fah Luang University (MFU) was establishedundertheRoyalCharterinSeptember 1998, as a public autonomous university with the financialsupportsfromtheRoyalThaiGovernment. The establishment was in response to the needs of people in the North of Thailand and to commemorate the gracious contribution of the King’s Mother, Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindra,thePrincessMother,lovinglyknown to her subjects as “Mae Fah Luang”. Mae Fah LuangUniversityisfullyaccreditedbytheMinistry of Education of Thailand and has close collaboration with other leading institutes in Thailand and other countries. Mae Fah Luang University is the only public university in ThailandusingEnglishasitsprimarymedium of instruction and offers degree programs at every levels of study in 11 schools covering the areasofScienceTechnology,HealthScienceand SocialScience. Mae Fah Luang University is located in Chiang Rai, the northernmost province, amidst thestrategiclocationoftheGreaterMekongSub- region (GMS) covering Thailand, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Yunnan Province (Southern China). Utilizing a “University in the Park” concept, Mae Fah Luang University offers an environment and culture conducive to living and learning. We invite you to consider Mae Fah Luang University as the University of your Choice, and look forward to welcoming you in the near future.
  45. 45. International Programs in Thailand Vol.7 8 1 (seepage182) International Program (English programs) Undergraduateprograms DegreegrantedFaculty Disciplines School of Liberal Arts School of Science Applied Chemistry B.Sc. Biosciences B.Sc. School of Management Business Administration B.B.A. Accounting B.Acc. Economics B.Econ. Tourism Management B.B.A. Hospitality Industry Management B.B.A. (Hotel Management) Aviation Business Management B.B.A. Logistics and Supply Chain Management B.B.A. School of Information Technology Computer Science B.Sc. Software Engineering B.Sc. Computer Engineering B.Eng. Information Technology B.Sc. Multimedia Technology and Animation B.Sc. Information and Communication B.Eng. Engineering School of Agro-Industry Food Technology B.Sc. Technology Management of Agricultural B.Sc. Produces and Packaging Number of lecturers: 449 Numberofsupportingstaffs: 580 NumberofThaistudentsatundergraduatelevel:9,653 NumberofThaistudentsatgraduatelevel: 1,017 Numberofforeignlecturers:46 Numberofforeignstudents (undergraduateandgraduatelevel): 372 EnrollmentPeriodforLocalandOverseasStudent: First Semester: June-October Second Semester: November-February Academic Year: 2 Semesters + Summer programs ContactPersonandAddress: Head of Division of Admission (For Thai Students) E-mail: Tel: 66 (0) 5391 6103-5 Fax: 66 (0) 5391 6107 Head of Division of International Affairs (For Foreigner Students) 333 Moo 1, Tasood, Muang, Chiang Rai 57100 THAILAND E-mail: Tel: 66 (0) 5391 6024-6 Fax: 66 (0) 5391 6023 English B.A. Business Chinese B.A. Thai Language and Culture B.A. International Development B.A. Undergraduateprograms School of Cosmetic Science Cosmetic Science B.Sc. Beauty Technology B.Sc. DegreegrantedFaculty Disciplines Graduateprograms DegreegrantedFaculty Disciplines School of Science Applied Chemistry M.Sc./Ph.D. Biosciences M.Sc./Ph.D. Biotechnology M.Sc./Ph.D. Computational Science M.Sc./Ph.D. Materials Science M.Sc./Ph.D. Natural Resources and M.Sc./Ph.D. Environmental Management (International Program) School of Information Technology Information Technology M.Sc. Computer Engineering M.Eng. School of Agro-Industry Technology Management of M.Sc. Agricultural Produces Food Technology M.Sc./Ph.D. School of Cosmetic Science Cosmetic Science M.Sc./Ph.D. School of Health Science Public Health (International Program) M.Sc. School of Liberal Arts English for Professional Development M.A./Ph.D. ( International Program )
  46. 46. International Programs in Thailand Vol.78 2 InternationalBachelorofArtsDegreeEnglishProgram Headquarters,WangNoi 79 Moo 1, Lam Sai, Wang Noi, Ayutthaya 13170, Thailand Tel: 66 (0) 3524 8000 ext. 8096, (0)8 9146 5842 Fax: 66 (0) 3524 8096 E-mail:, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University Website: BA English Program Brief Introduction The Faculty of Buddhism has offered undergraduate courses since BE 2490 (1947), from which students, both Thai and foreign, have successfully graduated. In more recent times, MCU has organized a number of national and internationalconferencesonBuddhism,whichhave led to an increase in the number of people of various nationalities wishing know more about Buddhism,atbothapracticalandtheoreticallevel. As a consequence, the Faculty of Buddhism has decided to offer, from BE 2550 (2007) onward, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Buddhism taughtentirelyintheEnglishmedium.Thecourse will be open to persons of all nationalities, both monastic and lay. This is in keeping with Charter 6 of the MCU regulations of BE 2540 (1997), which specify that the University should function both as an educational institution and a research centre, offering education and research facilities to all. It should also be a centre aimed at the preservation of Thai arts and culture. Admission Requirements Applications are expected to possess the followingqualifications: • Completed Grade 12 (M6) or equivalent, or higher, from any accredited institution in Thailand or abroad, with an average GPA of 2.50 or higher • HaveneverbeendismissedbyotherMCU faculties; • Gained a minimum of 50% on the MCU entranceexamination.