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Exploring development opportunities through countryside entrepreneur
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Exploring development opportunities through countryside entrepreneur


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Exploring development opportunities through countryside entrepreneur …

Exploring development opportunities through countryside entrepreneur
putting up business to countryside.

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  • 1. “Exploring Development Opportunities through Countryside Entrepreneurship” Prepared by: Garcia, Jovy D. Viray, Ruffa Mae S.
  • 2. Why people go into business?  Getting into business is not really easy as you know. It needs knowledge and of course your passion in doing it. There are people that are employed and quit in their job because he don't want being dictated by their superior in what to do. So he quit and start having his own business but at the end it is a failure got bankrupt because don't know how to run it. Aside from being a failure he is also a jobless. You want that to happen to you guys? Surely not!
  • 3. Why people go into business?  I heard also that money is in business. Individual who are in business become rich. Do you think so? Well, for me it depends. Everybody wants to be successful in life but be sure before doing any moves we have to think about it many times especially when money is involved. So below is the answer why people go into business.
  • 4. Why people go into business?  Common reasons: *To be their own boss *To be in control *To have freedom *To be successful *To gain recognition *To feel a sense of accomplishment
  • 5. Why people go into business?  In addition, based on my random interviews with businessmen and entrepreneurs who are my friends and clients, they told me the reasons why they went into business are:
  • 6. Why people go into business? 1. Independence. 2. To be the boss and call the shots, instead of remaining as an employee. 3. Achievement. 4. To fulfill a childhood ambition of being the owner of a business. 5. To make money or lots of it. Most businessmen said making money is one of the important reasons for their starting their own business. This includes making money to be financially independent, to be free from financial worries, to provide for a decent living for the family, to travel to other countries, to help other people by providing them jobs, are some of their motivating factors.
  • 7. Why people go into business? STATISTICS 4% joined the family business 25% 38% wanted more control over their future 33% tired of working for someone else were downsized or laid off
  • 8. Business ideas in the countryside collection  To start your own business in the country, you should have an idea and a vision for the future. It’s better to figure out what is missing in your area and what you want to do. Do you have a capital to start your business in the countryside? Think about what resources you have, skills and how to use them. You can open a small country store, or if you have a farm house rent it out to a company for the storehouse of building materials, fodder, fertilizers, plant protection products, garden store, etc.
  • 9. What business ideas in the country should you choose if you have the money to invest?  You can buy for example, combine-harvester, and then in harvest season earn some decent money. Looking through business forums in the subject of business in the country, one can see that some people mention the possibility of opening the clubs in the country. But it costs a lot and you need to obtain a lot of permits. The idea can also be selling of wood or charcoal, if you have a piece of square and have money to invest in loading equipment and freight cars. You can operate a timber as well: rafters, boards, timber moldings. patches. A related idea is to create a sawmill and starting production of furniture. You can also start passenger transport company.
  • 10. What online business can you open if you live in the country?  Business ideas in the countryside if you want to work online? The answer is simple – each and every type is ok. You can go, for instance, into e-commerce (online store). In the countryside it’s easier to set aside a place to store goods. E-commerce in the country, however, has the disadvantage caused by the difficult access to postal and courier services. On the Internet, you can sell anything, regardless of where you live in the countryside or in the city.
  • 11. INTRODUCING: PANGASINAN (Nice place to Business, nice place of investment)
  • 12. Tourist Spot in Pangasinan The following Tourist Spots will be a great place for the investors or business personnel in order for them to build their desired business that will suits the: A. needs of the people, B. atmosphere, C. uniqueness, D. etc. 
  • 13. Our Lady of Manaoag is located in Manaoag, Pangasinan. It was given its canonical coronation in 1926 though the church was built in 1610. Our Lady of Manaoag is a religious shrine with countless miraculous tales and healing powers. It is considered the pilgrimage shrine of northern Philippines. The Pilipino Catholics consider Our Lady of Manaoag as the revered patroness of the sick, the helpless and the needy. Our Lady of Manaoag Church
  • 14. It is located in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. The islands (124 at low tide and 123 at high tide) are scattered along Lingayen Gulf and cover an area of 18.44 square kilometres (4,557 acres). They are believed to be about two million years old. Only three of them have been developed for tourists: Governor Island, Quezon Island, and Children’s Island. The islands are actually ancient corals that extend well inland, in an area previously comprising the seabed of an ancient sea. Lowering sea levels have exposed them to the surface and the peculiar “mushroom”like shapes of some of the islands have been caused by the eroding action of the ocean waves. Hundred Islands National Park
  • 15. Enjoy the breath taking waters as you see the running waters of Antong Falls which is located in the municipality of Sison, Pangasinan. But before, getting into the site and seeing this wonderful falls, you will embark a journey passing through the green fields of the town. You’ll also pass through a hanging bridge on the way. It’s really an exciting adventure everyone should try. Antong Falls
  • 16. Enchanted Cave in Bolinao, Pangasinan is one of a couple of caves that are in the area. The Enchanted Cave is a coral cave located in featuring a fresh-water pool. The pool is said to have depths ranging from 3 ft to 6 ft. You can dip yourself at the clear waters while exploring the natural beauty ofthe cave. It looks to be a huge cave system but the management restricts you from entering certain areas ENCHANTED CAVE
  • 17. Steep stairs to the water of Wonderful Cave. When we arrived at the compound of Wonderful Cave it was somehow a residential area and it was. The cave is being handled by the family that lives there. When you go take a dip into the pool in Wonderful Cave try to find the secret room Additional Note: During summer they have a time limit of 30 minutes per person to accommodate the many visitors that arrives WONDERFUL CAVE
  • 18. Enchanted, Wond erful and Cindy’s Cave are included in the tricycle tours around Bolinao, Pangasi nan which costs 800 Pesos/tricycle and will take you to the different tourist spots of Bolinao CINDY’S CAVE
  • 19. The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse at Patar rises majestically 351 feet above sea level atop Punta Piedra Point, a towering hill of solid rock which is the sharp point of Cape Bolinao itself.It was built by the Americans in 1903 on a 351 feet (107 m) high promontory at the western part of Cape Bolinao, the lighthouse still sends signals to vessels passing by the area. Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
  • 20. Cacupangan Cave The municipality of Mabini is the home of the Cacupangan Cave System, which is known for its multiple entrances, magnificent formations and diverse wildlife. The main entrance of the cave is situated in a private land in Barangay Tagudin and extends to Barangays De Guzman, Barlo and San Pedro. The Cacupangan Cave System is well-known for its big rimstone formation which residents call the Binmatya (from the word“batya” meaning basin). The formation provides tourists with a swimming area. Near the cave entrance is another large formation that resembles an ice cream cone. Other formations include stalactites, stalagmites, flow stones and helictites – one of which, looks like a hand holding out peace sign. For visitors, there are picnic sheds for rent. Aside from spelunking and swimming, they can also hike overland and rappel down the skylight ofthe cave, walk or crawl across the “test passage” at the entrance of the cave. The real challenge with this cave system is swimming. It is about 200 ft to swim across, and about 15 ft deep. The tour can take three to four hours including an overland hike back to the main entrance. The entire cave system can bring guest to Barangay Villacorta as the pick-up point and would take seven to eight hours of wet and wild caving adventure
  • 21. The town of Agno is a home of Sabangan Beach, Aloleng – Bunga Beach and the Famous Umbrella Rocks. The town’s attractions are very relaxing place perfect for people who’s looking for places where they can release stress from work. You do not prevent yourself to jump and feel the coolness of the clear ocean waters, feel the fragrance of fresh air, play with the white sand, and taking some pictures of beautiful and gigantic umbrella rocks in the coast of Agno, Pangasinan. Umbrella Rocks
  • 22. Note: 1,935hectare is a Protected Landscape since 1940. This forest park declared as a National Park in 1940. Manleluag Spring National Park
  • 23. Mount Balungao Mount Balungao stands at 383 meters high and is situated about 5 kilometers southeast of the Balungao town proper. Hot and cold springs are found here and many visit the place during the summer because it is said that the hotspring can be use mainly for medicinal purposes. Balungao is 188.55 kilometers from Manila thru Carmen, Rosales” Mount Balungao
  • 24. Generalization  Business will be give you success if you know to play its game. Money, capital, profits, etc. Yes, these are all important but the most important are those unspoken values that you can give to your customers not only to satisfy their needs but also for them to say that: “Masaya palang balik balikan ito!”
  • 25. END OF SLIDE THANKS!  BSBA 1Y2-1    Prepared by: Garcia, Jovy D. Viray, Ruffa Mae S.  Submitted to:  Mrs. Alma Dimacali