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Media question 6 for evaluation

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Question 6 for media

  1. 1. Computers 0 At the start of this course I was pretty competent with my computer skills. I think that over the course of the project my computer skills have developed. I am much more familiar on how to use a range of programs (See later slides for detailed information on them) 0 I used a PC for this entire project no Apple Mac’s were used in this process and it was a PC with a 28 inch monitor which was good for seeing a lot on the screen and being able to see more while editing images. 0 I have loved working around computers this entire time during the project as I love using them and find them much more exciting and interesting than doing handwritten work/tasks.
  2. 2. 0 Blogger is the website that I used to host all my content on and post regular updates on. Before this project I had no idea what Blogger was and didn’t like it at first. Once I had used it a little I now really like it and think it’s a great idea to use it for coursework as none of it gets lost and its always there to view and makes life a lot easier. 0 When I first encountered blogger I had to create that page and name them all and it was really simple to do so. Since I'm used to using Tumblr and not blogger I was relieved to see that it was all really simple and user friendly and involved zero HTML coding. 0 I know have a developed deep knowledge of the site and how it works and could teach other people how to use it which is cool. I think I will use this site in the future if an opportunity ever arises for it.
  3. 3. Photoshop 0 Photoshop was something that I was vaguely familiar with when I started the project as I had used it before in GCSE graphics and had a simple knowledge of where things are and what did what which gave me a small advantage over some people who have never used the software before. 0 Over the course my skills inside of Photoshop have grown massively and I am now confident with using the software without being completely clueless. I have also now started to work in it outside of college because it has inspired me to get good at it and really make some good things inside of it. I think that this course has really taught me a lot about programs and it defiantly includes this one! I will continue to work in Photoshop even when the project comes to a close and expand my skills. Some of the skills I have learned with this project were 0 How to effectively make shapes that look good 0 How to colour things well 0 How to use layers effectively 0 Using the patch tool 0 Liquify 0 How to use all of the toners and colour balance tools 0 How to work with photos inside and effectively crop and resize an image 0 And there are but some of the things I have learned during this course and I am glad I did since I love technology and now being able to loosely use Photoshop is really interesting for me
  4. 4. Camera Work 0 Before this course I had next to zero experience with using a professional camera. I did however have experience with using just normal digital camera’s and my IPhone camera. 0 With this project I worked with a Cannon DSLR camera to take my double page pictures and that was really fun. I had a talk that explained how to use the camera to a basic level and over the 2 days I had to camera I experimented with it by taking photos in different lights and seeing what would happen, I also tried different angles and zooms. 0 I really enjoyed working with this camera as I have always had a interest in them and it was great to finally use one for a proper purpose. Thanks to the tutorial I had I learned how to hold them properly and use basic functions. On my own I learned what most of the settings did and how to effectively use the camera and get the most out of it while I had the chance. I was really grateful for that opportunity and given the chance I would work with a camera like that again. 0 I have learned so much on the cameras and I now use my own cameras differently because I now know how to use them to their fullest potential. And It has really made a difference in the quality of my day to day pictures.
  5. 5. 0 Survey monkey is a fantastic piece of technology that helped me create and effective survey that I could easily distribute among my friends and colleges via social sites such as Facebook and Twitter! I managed to get 20+ returns on my survey and most of them were in my target market which was great. 0 Survey monkey really made this section of the task easier for me and many others as going round manually and handing out surveys would have been a lot harder. 0 During this course I have learned how to make and effective survey and decide which questions needed to be asked and I could easily change them around until I was happy with them. I also now have a detailed knowledge of this website and how to use it in case I need it in any other subject or even for personal use later in life. 0 This is a really good piece of technology that I feel really helped me along the way and I look forward to using it again know I know everything about it!
  6. 6. 0 Go! Animate is an interesting piece of technology that I was shown during 0 0 0 0 0 this course. I had never heard of it before but I thought it looked interesting and turns out it was! Not only did it present information in an interesting way but also helped me develop my points of argument because of the way it was made. I really enjoyed doing this because I’m a creative person who has no problem taking a step into something that I'm not familiar with and conquering it. And I think I produced a fairly good Go! Animate considering it was my first time ever using the site. So during this course I learned how to use this site and what the best things to do are and I also now have an extensive knowledge of how the site works after doing multiple animations. Although my account wasn’t a ‘Pro’ I still think I have a good knowledge of how to use it given the tools I was. I now know how to: Create an animation Add speech and choose an effective voice Choose a good setting How to embed the video once I was finished with it
  7. 7. 0 Prezi is an online PowerPoint like site that excels in animation and making a presentation look good. 0 I have had to use it in loads of different situations including my evolution questions and research. 0 I started off having no idea what this site was and what it does. And now I can create many Prezi’s. As you can see the quality of my Prezi from my research page to the ones in my evaluation. I think this was a good skill to learn as I have already started to apply my knowledge of this to other subjects and create PowerPoints using this site. I really like it using it. 0 Its really creative and I now think that I can conquer any task given to me on this site and I would be able to do it well.