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Presentation deck by Joshua Siva (@joshuasiva) and Melanie Feldman (@melzfeld) (Co-authors of BOLD: Get Noticed, Get Hired) given at the University of Pittsburgh in November, 2013. To view the presentation and see the detail behind the slides, check out: or for more details.

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  • Turn this link ( into a story to open with. Getting noticed, and getting hired all starts with doing something. It’s easy to talk about talk about results and landing a job. It’s not difficult to take action. Everyone in this room is proving that by being here tonight and that is impressive.
  • I’m Joshua Siva, and I’m joined with Melanie Feldman. We’re both alumni of Pitt and the College of Business Administration (class of 2011). Having graduated into one of the worst job markets, getting a job was no easy feat….until we changed our approach. After hundreds of blind corporate resume drops online, general email mailboxes we decided to take a step back and approach this differently – using people not corporations. I leveraged the alumni network, and Melanie leveraged LinkedIn to change our fortunes and get hired. All by focusing on people….the right people, and making ourselves relevant to them and that is really where our story begins.
  • We recently published, BOLD: Get Noticed, Get Hired which is our answer to today’s job market woes – we all used cool techniques to land our jobs, and wondered whether there were others out there who found success in their own cool way. After several dozen inspiring interviews over the past year, we have a book about interesting people that landed the cool jobs they wanted using creative approaches to getting noticed and getting hired – regardless of the current climate.
  • The book was started out of (2) questions we asked ourselves: 1. Why is it so difficult to get a job, and 2. Can we help make it easier for others. Simple. Straightforward and relevant tonight which furthers our goal and will hopefully help each of you.
  • Financial crash of 2008. It sucked then and it still sucks now. We’ve seen corporate hiring take massive hit. Increasing Competion – your class, class before you and every who has been laid off and needs to compete for the same job you are applying for with experienceStandardization – unhuman approach that decides who gets to interview and who doesn’t, kills relationships
  • 2 words….good luck. If you can accomplish any of those, let us know because we’d like your autograph, as I’m sure everyone in the room would too.
  • Establishing your brand, while using a little creativity, and a little planning up front with a focus on PEOPLE are the the recipe for success. Simple yet effective, let’s breakdown each each of these items to better understand.
  • The platform, or “Brand YOU” consists of the must have’s for your search. Greater than 93% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to evaluate potential candidates. And with that number growing daily, everyone should be registered with an active account depicting your professional history. It doesn’t matter what your background is, anyone can create an “all star” account and we’ll show you how to do that shortly. Best of all, you can control every aspect of it. The second item, “Google Search” ……..MEL TO COMPLETE. AFTER DESCRIBING EACH ONE AT A HIGH LEVEL, GO INTO ROBBIE’s STORY FOR OPTIMIZING LINKEDIN TO YOUR BENEFIT
  • How to organize yourselfAvenues in which you want to reach out in (i.e. LinkedIn, alumni data base, google, etc)Balance between too much and too little, don’t want to spread yourself too think
  • For example, the creative element could be how you deliver your resume. In searching for the best examples to feature in BOLD, we came across a few worth mentioning. The QR Cod, which when scanned, linked to a video of a pre-recorded verbal statement from the applicant to the hiring manager. The slideshare resume which used graphic story telling to share his story, experience, and why he wanted the jobThe lego resume whichMEL TO INSERT PURPOSEChristmas lights hanging on the front of one applicant’s house to capture attentionOne applicant wanted to desperately get seen by the creative directors at a number of big agencies in NYC, who he had previously had zero success getting in front of. Recognizing that everyone google’s their own names, he bought advertisements for each persons name, and when each creative director searched their name, his message appeared before them. To spare everyone the suspense, every person targeted called the applicant.Lastly, Prezi. MEL TO INSERT FULL STORY AND VALUE OF CREATIVITY fOr THIS TECHNIQUE. PERSONALIZE IT WITH ALIZA AND SPEAK TO THE FACT SHE WAS LIKE EVERY PERSON IN THE ROOM
  • How to approach random people that could help you land the job of your dreamsPut yourself in their shoes, if a random person contacted you, what would make you want to help them? Certainly not if they ask you for something right off the bat.Give an example of how I have approached random people that have worked in my favor.
  • As Pitt business professor once taught us, a corporation is nothing more than a group of people organized to work together towards a common goal. These big companies are nothing more than people like each of us working to advance it’s corporate mission. Heck, we could incorporate right now, set our mission, and be the next company interviewing students on campus. With that being said, the larger the corporation, the more bureaucracy and standardization that’s required to manage its’ operations. This includes the hiring processes which tend to be the most robust amongst the larger companies in an effort to keep control with the company, and objectively assess all applicants. Two quick stats to share with you: MEL TO INSERT QUOTE FROM RYAN SEACREST HR GUY ON USING KEYWORDS AND MEL TO FIND QUOTE SUPPORTING REFERRAL FROM INTERNAL EMPLOYEE
  • One of the best ways to get up close and personal with the right people at the company or companies you want to work for are through networking. Organized events such as this are perfect. Even better, networking with alumni has to be the easiest and most fruitful channel to leverage. Every single person in this room has something in common and curiosity is your friend. Every single person in this room could be another person’s “big break” – through something or someone they know. Current student or alumni, it makes no difference. With the opportunity to network and speak with one another after ask each other anything and everything. Follow up and establish sustainable relationships. For those of you who have yet to begin full-time employment, take a mental note, and for those of us who are in the rat race you’ll appreciate what I say next: we are only as good as our network. Our network gives us our next sale, our next job offer, or our next bit of advice. Our network is everything that we live and thrive off of. We take from it, and contribute to it and as we are all students of this fine university, we belong to one of the largest and prestigious networks in the entire world. Hail to Pitt, thank you very much.
  • Pathway to Becoming a Professional via BOLD

    1. 1. BOLD Get Noticed, Get Hired Pathway to professions
    2. 2. Joshua Siva GSK in Toronto THE University of Pittsburgh Melanie Feldman Undertone in NYC
    3. 3. Why is it so difficult to land that first job out of college?
    4. 4. Financial crash of 2008 Increasing competition Standardization in hiring
    5. 5. What can you do?
    6. 6. GOOD LUCK!
    7. 7. But really, what can you do? Stand Out
    8. 8. 1 2 3 4 The 4 Steps to Success Brand YOU Plan of Attack Creativity The Human Connection
    9. 9. Brand YOU Robbie Williams Butler University ‘09
    10. 10. Plan of Attack Organize   yourself   Select  your   channels  to   connect   Find  the  right   balance  
    11. 11. Creativity Everyone can be creative, using what they have
    12. 12. Approaching People
    13. 13. A corporation is just a group of people organized to work together towards a common goal
    14. 14. Résumé Black Hole
    15. 15. Congratulations, you’re here to network
    16. 16. Hail to Pitt Thank you