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Sexual Assault Rates GTA by: Joshua & Preston

Sexual Assault Rates GTA by: Joshua & Preston



Our Social Justice Issue

Our Social Justice Issue



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    Sexual Assault Rates GTA by: Joshua & Preston Sexual Assault Rates GTA by: Joshua & Preston Presentation Transcript

    • By: Joshua & Preston 
    • Sexual Assault Rates in GTAWatching the news we have seen terrible stories of people getting sexually assaulted or abused in the GTA. These people never deserved this treatment and can never erase it from memory.What fascinates us is what are the key targets/reasons offenders attack at when it comes to this form of harassment. Factors of Research/Importance 1. What gender is the greater sexual offender 2. What age group is the more victimized 3. What way the offender attacked victim
    • Hypothesis We believe victims are sexually assaulted in the GTAif they are: female, between the ages of 1 – 19 years, and/or are assaulted/threatened with physical force.
    • Male vs. Female Sexual Assault Offenders Male Offender Female Offender = percent of the gender of the offender
    • Male vs. Female Assault Rates 100%Percent of Assaults Made by Gender 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% Male 40% Female 30% 20% 10% 0% Gender of Offenders According to the chart above, the data shows that the male gender is the more dominant offender of sexual assaults that are made. This tells us that the male gender not only are the greater offender ,but, that females are victimized more.
    • Age Group of VictimsChildren under 19 Adults over 20 = percent of total numbers of victims for age groups
    • Age Group of VictimsAge Group of Victims Children under 19 Adults over 20 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Percent of Times Assaulted According to the chart above, the data shows that the age group of children under 19 are victimized by the assaulters more than adults over 20. Not only that, but, sexual offenders are more “interested” in children as their victims.
    • How the Offenders Attacked VictimsPhysical Force Gun/Firearm = percent of times sexual offender attacked victim with
    • Percent of Times the Offender Attacked Victim with Weapon How the Offenders Attacked Victims Physical Force Gun/Firearm According to the chart above, the data shows that when these sexual offenders attack they are more inclined to use physical force when they attack their victims. This also shows that offenders may grab their victims instead of shooting them.
    • Summarization/Conclusion The data we covered on the social justice issue of sexual assaults in the GTA shows that the creeps that commit these crimes are more inclined to: victimize the female gender, attack the ages of 1 – 19 years, and primarily uses physical force to hurt these innocents. I believe that with the help of our municipality and our localpolice station we can help protect these victims and also make them aware of the precautions they have to make to protect themselves from these creeps.
    • Thanks! Hope You Learned About The Terrible Issue of Sexual Assaults..... P.S. The thumbs up is not for the idea of sexual assaults...... It’s for a good job for reading our presentation!