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Poetry devices
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Poetry devices


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This is an iBook that I created in my Freshman English class at BCLUW High School.

This is an iBook that I created in my Freshman English class at BCLUW High School.

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  • 1. Lorem Ipsum Dolor FacilisisFirst EditionDefinitionsof PoetryDevicesJoshlyn
  • 2. 1Chapter 1 - PoetryDevices
  • 3. 2Here
  • 4. 31. speaker- the one who speaks2. diction - the way you enunciate a word3. imagery - an image that gives you a clue of what the poem isabout4. allusion - a way to say something without using the actualword... like catchphrase5. simile- comparison using like or as.6. personification - an imaginary person or creature consievedor figure to represent a thing or abstraction7. metaphor - comparison - not using like or asSection 1Definitions
  • 5. 48. refrain - to stop yourself or someone else from doing some-thing9. symbol - something that stands for something else10. stanza -like a paragraph, but for poems11. alliteration-the commencement of two or more words of aword group with the same letter12. onomatopoeia- what sound you think of when you hear aword13. enjambment - the continuation from one line of verse intothe next line without a pause.14. connotation- all the feelings that come along with a word15. denotation- the literal meaning of a word16. euphemism- a sugar-coated way of saying something harsh17. tone- the way you say your words18. hyperbole - obvious and intentional exaggeration
  • 6. 5Poetic devices in songs
  • 7. 2Blackout Poetry
  • 8. 7
  • 9. 3Haiku
  • 10. 9VolleyballWith a set and hitThe ball goes over the netThe hit is hard, that is game
  • 11. 4I am
  • 12. I am caring and understandingI wonder about everythingI hear voicesI see peopleI want foodI am caring and understanding11I pretend I’m okI feel painI touch softlyI worry too muchI cry rarelyI am caring and understandingI understand your emotions?I say I’m doing fineI dream of good thingsI try hardI hope it all turns out wellI am caring and understandingSection 1I Am
  • 13. 5Sonnet
  • 14. 13What is a sonnet?A sonnet is a poem with 14 lines with 10 syllables per line. There are two different kinds of sonnets, Italian/petrarchan andShakespearian/English. Shakespearian sonnets end in couplets. You can tell if it is a sonnet if it is in the shape of a square.
  • 15. 14ShakespearianCouplets3 Quat-rainsItalianSesetOctet
  • 16. 15The wall’s infernal and internalThe wall’s akin to doubts withinThe wall is vernal and externalThe wall within is your BerlinThe wall will tout until you shoutThe wall keeps in your thankless sinThe wall keeps out the hopeless doubtThe wall within is your BerlinThe wall will part and break a heartThe wall within divides BerlinThe wall of art keeps us apartThe wall within is your BerlinThe wall’s infernal and internalThe wall within is your BerlinDon’t let anyone tell you that you can’tYou have to believe to achieve anythingIt takes hard work and dedicationYou have to try your hardest
  • 17. 6Concrete Poem
  • 18. 17
  • 19. 7Lorem ipsum dolor ruturamet. Integer id dui sedodio imperd feugiat et necipsum. Ut rutrum massanon ligula facilisis inullamcorper purus dapibus.Acrosstic Poem
  • 20. 19Remembereverymomenteverymemorybecauseeventually time willrun out,Time is a very valuableopportunity toLive life, so live lifeincredibly,vyingly, andexceptionally.
  • 21. 8Free Verse
  • 22. 21A free verse poem is a poem that is made up of your thoughts that you put into a poeticform. It does not follow any specific design or number of syllables.My exampleFree VerseThe days go fast,time flies by,all is well,no worries,just good times.
  • 23. 9Parody
  • 24. 23Parody poems are usually poems made from a rhyme already made by someone else,but you put different words in to make it your own.My exampleParodyJack and Jillwent to the dockto jump into the waterJack fell inand Jill went infollowing shortly after
  • 25. 10Ode
  • 26. 25Formal poems written in iambic pentameter, broken into 3 10 line stanzas.