How my rock music magazine represents people


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How my rock music magazine represents people

  1. 1. How my rock musicmagazine represents people. By Josh Davey
  2. 2. Fonts-The use of fonts in my magazine help tobuild up conventional representations ofthe artists featured. For example all ofthe fonts featured in the magazine arebold and in capital letters, apart fromthe standfirst and body copy, it’sconventional not to do so.By including bold and large fonts incapital letters, it represents the artists asstrong and tough, which are correctrepresentations of aritsts within therock genre.Also I’ve used mainly sans serif fonts asit shows their slight immaturity and alsohelps aim my magazine at the targetaudience.The reason I used some serif fonts isbecause it’s in the rock genre style as itlooks more aggressive than typical seriffonts.
  3. 3. Colours-The use of colours in my magazine helpto build up conventional representationsof the artists featured.The main colours I have used are red,black, white and yellow.The reason I chose red and black isbecause they’re conventional rockcolours as they connote violence andaggression and will therefore representthe artists in this way.The reason I chose yellow and white isbecause they help contrast with eitherbackground or text, and therefore makethe text stand out, making it look bolderand more outgoing, which helpsrepresent the featured artists in thisway.
  4. 4. Images-My use of images helps build up conventionalrepresentations of the artists in many ways.For example, my use of low angle shots helpscreate a dominant and powerfulrepresentation of the artists, as does the useof certain facial expressions, such as in thisimage.In one of my other images the facialexpression represent the artist as depressedand deep in thought, which is alsoconventional.Also though the use of mise-en-scene therepresentations are created, such as being inthe studio and using instruments creates aproductive representation which is whatbands are known as, and also the use of darkclothing helps represent the dark, aggressiveand evil side of the rock genre.
  5. 5. Language-Through the use of language it represents the artists as slightly immature, which theyare, and also which the target audience are so it will appeal greatly to them.Examples of this include using exclamations marks, to which exaggerates the pointsand creates the immature representation, and also this represents the artists as loudand energetic which are conventional representations.Also the use of swearing and slang, such as “Fucking hard as hell”, which can be foundin my body copy; this represents the artists as reckless and rebellious which are alsoconventional, and this can givethe representation of energetic andlively.
  6. 6. Content Also the use of topics in my magazines represent the artists as lively, as the cover story shows the featured bands’ enthusiasm to be back in the studio. Also the use of a pull quote represents the artist as reckless and un-careful, as he is “lucky to be alive!”, this also gains sympathy and acts as a hook for the reader.The use of social networkingintegration represents the artists asconnected as they’re included in theuse of twitter in this case through thecompetition. This appeals to thetarget audience as they’re sociableand it’s one of their main interests.