A2 Media: Analysis of similar products 3


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A2 Media: Analysis of similar products 3

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A2 Media: Analysis of similar products 3

  1. 1. Analysis of similar products 3: “Drive” In 7 screen shots
  2. 2. This is a wide angle, establishing shot, which is used to show off the setting of the film, being a large, major city. The use of low key lighting gives the audience a sense of mystery, which is conventional of films from the thriller genre, it also adds a sense of danger, which is also conventional, and fits in with the other conventions used later in the trailer, showing that there’s some action, and sinister behaviour going on in the film, which is conventional. It’s appealing to the target audience as it acts as a signifier of the genre, and gives the audience an eerie setting. Also by analysing this shot I’ve found it is conventional in the majority of film trailers in general, to give an overall general setting of the scene, therefore I will most likely use it for my finished film trailer.
  3. 3. This shot is a reverse over the shoulder shot of the driver, showing him being chased by a police car. This helps make the trailer conventional, and also adds entertainment for the audience. It makes it conventional because car chases and fast paced editing are typically found in films of the thriller genre, as well as the use of some kind of law enforcement, therefore giving the audience signifiers of what genre this film is, an therefore giving them incentive to watch the film. It adds entertainment for the audience, because it’s an exciting fact of thriller films, as it can hold the audience’s attention and make them want to watch the film. The use of the a police car in this scene is a conventional prop of the genre, and would be typically used in many thriller films. It’s also conventional to add exciting scenes into any film trailer of this genre, as it entertains the audience and would make them want to watch the full film, so therefore I will use this to aid the production of my own film trailer, by adding exciting scenes to the trailer in order to capture attention.
  4. 4. The use of these two close up shots, allows the audience to easily notice a love interest, which is also a conventional of thriller films. By having a female love interest in the film it helps target a wide audience, as although the majority of the target audience of thriller films are male, there is still a large amount of females within the target audience, so by having a female character it allows the target audience to relate and will therefore gain maximum attention from the target audience. Also the use of a close up of the hands touching helps show emotion, and that they’re in love, which therefore creates interest and attracts audience attention, as does the close up of her face as it shows her emotion, happiness, and therefore gets the audience’s attention as to why she’s happy.
  5. 5. This low angle shot helps show the introduction of a powerful character, and how the main character is inferior to him, which is conventional of this genre of film as it shows the protagonist as weaker, and typically he rises up and overcomes the obstacles. Basically this shot helps show the protagonist venturing into a disequilibrium, therefore showing conventional narrative progression of film trailers in general. Also the man’s facial expression shows aggression, which therefore depicts him as the stereotypical antagonist as he’s being shown as more powerful than the protagonist. Also his costume is more sophisticated which shows he’s well off, therefore being conventional of antagonists.
  6. 6. This close up show of a duffel bag filled with bounded dollar bills is conventional of this genre of film as it is a stereotypical prop and films within the genre. The effect this has is that it would attract the audience’s attention as it would leave them with questions regarding where the money came from, and who’s is it, therefore gaining audience interest. Also the audience could instantly put two and two together and realise that the money is linked to some kind of criminal offence which is conventional of the genre. They could instantly tell this because stereotypically large amounts of bounded money in a bag is either stolen or used in illegal transactions involving violence.
  7. 7. This mid-shot shows the protagonist holding a shot gun after firing it. The use of a shotgun as a prop is conventional, as weapons are almost always used within films from this genre, therefore gaining interest from the target audience as they notice this prop as a signifier of the genre. Also the use of him wearing black gloves and his strong stance shows that he is strong, and a conventional protagonist. A mid-shot was used in order to show off his costume and the shotgun, which all act as signifiers for the genre and help to gain interest from the target audience. Also in this still frame there are specs of ash and fire from the shotgun blast which is conventional as it is commonly used in films from this genre.
  8. 8. This over the shoulder shot helps to show mystery as the lighting is low key , and the protagonist is driving around with not known purpose, therefore getting the target audience to question what he’s doing, and it makes the film trailer conventional as mystery is conventional of the genre. Also the use of an over the shoulder shot allows the audience to feel a part of the action as they can see from the view of the protagonist and are therefore more engaged. Also the car that he’s driving is rather fancy and expensive which is conventional of the genre and would appeal to the target audience and create attention.
  9. 9. What I’ve learnt from this: From my research into similar products, I have learnt many different conventions to use, and the different effects they have including: • Using Low angle shots to show the dominance • Including specific props such as weapons and money in order to create signifiers of the genre and make it appeal to the target audience • Including a progressive narrative in my trailer, with a equilibrium and a disequilibrium, but leaving out the conclusion to give the audience a cliff-hanger and make them want to watch the full film. • Also I know to use a love interest in order to appeal to all of the my target audience, so the female proportion can relate. • To use low key lighting in order to show mystery, fear and danger • Use low key lighting establishing shots in order to set the scene for the mood of the film • To create a contrast between the equilibrium and disequilibrium through use of camera work and mise-en-scene, as well as editing by speeding it up during dangerous moments, and also to use sound to make scenes tense or calm depending on the goings on.