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Poster blog powerpoint


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. The Final Chapter Poster design
  • 2. Research into existing posters
    From my research I decided that my poster should contain one image of my main character in the middle as a predominant image to show that he is the person the film is about. All the details of the film should be centralised as I have found from my research that this is a very big convention that is used in almost all film posters, Therefore I am going to put the name of the film, release date and tag line in centralised positions on the poster. I am going to use dark and gloomy colours where possible with text that is easy to read and stands out, as this will also go with the genre of my film and also follow conventions. I am also unsure as to whether I should us a plain black background or use the gradient tool in Photoshop to create a better looking and more interesting background.
  • 3. Possible photos for the poster
  • 4. First design of the poster
  • 5. Changes that can be made
    I think that the poster would look better of it just had the one picture of Sam looking distressed in the background as the single main picture. It would look more mainstream and follow conventions more if it had just the one picture, as I have seen this done in other film posters. I don’t feel that the font works that well in the poster either as it looks too formal and more like a story about a man who had his book published but without the possible awful consequences. Therefore I feel it needs to have a font that connotates the thriller genre more. The gold font also gives the feel of some sort of triumph of achievement so I feel a font colour that is darker and gloomier is needed. A background change could possibly be made to make the poster stand out a bit more and make it a bit more eye catching. I found that a few posters that I researched also had taglines on their posters, so that is another thing that I could incorporate into the design of my poster if possible
  • 6. Other drafts of the poster
  • 7.
  • 8. Final draft of poster