Working to a Brief   Josh McLean
The IdeaToo create a website for‘The Saturday Club’
Pre ProductionRisk AssessmentsPolicys
PermissionExtra caution with picturesOf children
1st website template
Home page
New website design
Working to a brief presentation
Working to a brief presentation
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Working to a brief presentation


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  • Explain about the club, it having no website beforehand, trying to create recognision for the cause and because its in the local area.
  • Questionairre created so the clients specifications could be taken in to consideration, so that there wasn’t the need to keep offering ideas, working with the client at all times, through text and face to face conversations. Flyers which are sent out to the parents were forwarded, so that up to date information could be put onto the site, could have gone to the club and handed out a different questionaire asking what the arents and children would want in the website. Always reffering back to my log sheet which was were I updated what I was adding and doing to the website as I was going.
  • I looked into the RBWM which is the royal borough of windsor and maidenhead who fund the club, the information abuo the club is very difficult to obtain about the club itself, the site does not give the recognition that is needed and doesn’t make clear what the club does and the information is put forward in a uninteresting way, not appealing. Out would have to look up what you wanted to know the site wouldn’t make it clear. The rbwm were contaced to find out if I could use the boroughs logo, this was the main site I looked into because the club did not previously have site and this was the only website which had relevant information about the club on it, next time I would look deeper into clubs like this and how there websites looked. Even when you type into google or other search engines the club is not highly recognised and specific searches have to be used to get it.
  • This is all the information that is put on the rbwm website, for a club which does as much as it offers for £2 a session or donations given more recognition should be given, part of the reason as to why I am making the site.
  • Due to the website being for a government branded club extra caution had to be taken with sticking to guidelines. Risk assessments for the location, the equipment, the staff all taken into consideration and I wanted to make it clear to the readers of the website that the club took these things seriously, deciding to devote a page to the policys which are used within the club, still in contact with the client the logo for the club which they were hapy with and wantd me to keep throughout, if it were my choice I would have re created a logo.
  • Due to all the children that would be posted on the site being under the age of 18 consent from the parents had to be received, one form for each child that would be on the website. Next time I would go to the club and take the pictures myself so that they for one would be copyright free and the parents would have of given permission before taking. The client sent me photos from the activities that took place in the club and the trips they do outside so that the viewers would be able to see all that the club offers.
  • Made on I web the apple website design program, using the club logo as a banner, the final banner idea instead of using all 3 to break it up used the RBWM the councils logo to show its involvement and funding of the club
  • The collage of pictures, trying to match the bright colours with that on the logo, 1st very basic simple text not layered, 2nd what would have been the final page, same font as what is used in the newsletters,
  • A key feature to the website was that I wanted to involve google maps, so that the viewers f the website could find there way to the location simply and easily the adress is made clear, again using the same fot which is used through out to keep the contiuity
  • Due to the iWeb software being outdated and the website unable to be published I had to scrap that design and create a whole new design on a website designer online which offers a free domain name, which sometimes can cost a lot of money but the problem was that you did not get the choice of the domain name on the internet, if I had had the time and the knowledge I would have used dreamweaver because it is the professional software to be using when creating websites, the layouts stayed much the same but I think the problem came for the better and the way in which this site is laid out is better and better functioning,(explain new layout whats different what I prefer what I dislike, problems with inputting the content
  • Working to a brief presentation

    1. 1. Working to a Brief Josh McLean
    2. 2. The IdeaToo create a website for‘The Saturday Club’
    3. 3. Planning
    4. 4. Research
    5. 5. Pre ProductionRisk AssessmentsPolicys
    6. 6. PermissionExtra caution with picturesOf children
    7. 7. 1st website template
    8. 8. Home page
    9. 9. Map
    10. 10. New website design