Research into market


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Research into market

  1. 1. Research into competitors and market lot of Carhartt’s poster advertisements are very simple but interesting because they have beendrawn by an illustrator but the photos look so close to realistic it makes you think otherwise. Theproduct they are trying to sell or show off is put onto the character but it is made to look likestandard portrait and the jacket isn’t the centre piece which I like. all the 2012 campaigns the brand hired the artist SHOHEI to do their posters which were to beput in their look books and in magazines, I intend to obtain the simplicity but obviously cannot havethe drawing as good as that.
  2. 2. illustrator did about 8 drawings for the company each showcasing a different product by thebrand mainly covering male clothing but having two which covers the female showing the diversityin the brand but still shows that their main target audience is mainly male.!A long with the drawings the company released 6 videos with stop motion clips of the artist bringingthe pieces together which adds to the interest because when I first looked at the images I thoughtthey were edited images but the fact you can see the time and the talent that the artist has makes itthat much better. This campaign makes the company so much more diverse compared to mostclothing brands which use a standard photo image, it makes them stand out from the rest. Theyhave taken an artist who no one in this country will know much about and widened the amount ofpeople who take interest in his work due to his incredible talent. What makes the artist SHOHEI fromTokyo interesting compared to other artist the only equipment he uses when drawing is a ballpointpen and a marker.After looking on popular clothing websites the average price for a branded t-shirt is about £25for themiddle class brand of clothes then the cheapest being £10 but only being because they are onclearance so I have changed my mind on the price of my t-shirt being £15 to £19.99 RRP becausethat is still cheap for people to be buying but not too expensive and out of the public’s price range.But charging £15 I feel the brand wouldn’t be taken seriously as a top quality brand. Brands such asAdidas, Trainerspotter, low end Nike, low end Carhartt & Vans are my main competitors on price butwhat gives me the upper hand on these brands is that their products cost £25 so my product will bean appealing product but will be cheaper than the market which makes the public more interested inmy product as it is cheaper. This information was taken by looking on SIZE? This is a chain of clothingand footwear shops around London.
  3. 3. Identify range of materials you need to useWhen creating the product I will be using a lot of different formats in the design process mainlyPhotoshop for creating the logo and designs and then Indesign before printing onto the t-shirt I willbe putting on the t-shirt template before sending that file off to the t-shirt printing company. Initiallyfor my first print I will be using a crew neck short sleeved 100% cotton t-shirt and simply just gettinga print on copy of the logo and getting them printed on one copy of the t-shirt. After I have receivedthe money to print the product on a larger scale I will be going to wholesaler who works with otherbrands and asking them to print the t-shirts for me at a cost. There are two brands that I have beenlooking at and I know are well known for the quality of the t-shirts and prints. The recognition of thebrands which they have been used by makes it clear that they would be a good choice to use. Iwould either be using Champion who is mostly known for making basketball t-shirts but otherbrands such as toomuchposse have used them for the printing of their hoodies and sweatshirts, butfor a t-shirt which will be unbranded I would use American apparel.Images links: Cotton T-shirt – Matalan for first draftIron on print of logo50 x 100% cotton T-shirt – Champion, printing logo on T-shirtThe skills of my own that I used for the making of this product was the creative designing of thewritten logo then rearranging it to get a better looking final piece. I am most proud of how the twodifferent words complement each other in the way they are completely opposite. As I am doingmost of the project on my own I will not need outside help apart from the help of an illustrator todraw up a picture logo for the brand as I am not a very talented artist.
  4. 4. Production management requirementsFor my project I will not have to manage anyone apart from myself and the illustrator making surethe logo is received on time for the pitch, but if I had a team which was doing the roles which I amtaking on myself I would leave have people doing the designs and printing of the t-shirts then haveanother team taking care of the promotion and advertising of the products.Appropriate content base for target audienceThe product has to be desirable by the age group it is mainly going to be aimed at, which is the agerange of 16-25 so at these ages people enjoy the party lifestyle and looking sophisticated butcurrent. The urban style is what I am going to be aiming at so this consists of graffiti, hip-hop,skateboarding, clubbing & branded clothes. Using these things in the advertising of my product canbe done by for the magazine insert the photos hoot which is going to of been done is in a graffiti’dlocation in a recognisable area of London which is known for its urban roots. Places like Shoreditchand brick lane are well known for younger people to go who are in to hip hop and house music headto and party or shop for clothes because of the shops around the area both vintage and modernshops. Looking at these areas could be an ideal way of advertising the product because I could putposters around location or ideal clothes shops.Research into production techniques needed to complete productionThe process of production of a t-shirt is mainly in the designing process where you would needAdobe editing software preferably Photoshop, InDesign & maybe illustrator if you are using graphictransfer. Photoshop will be used to create the logo playing with different fonts then once added to at-shirt template the best program to use before printing to get sizing is InDesign. After this has beendone it will have to be sent in the dimensions and style you would like it too come out to the t-shirtdistributing company that you would be using.Potential codes and constraintsThe main problem with producing a product which is worn by the public is trying to make sureanother brand has not done the exact design as I have because could then be taken to court forcopyright, that can also happen with brand names too. The market has to be checked thoroughlybefore actually advertising and producing a product, as it can bemajor money set back if you have tocall back stock because it is too similar to another brands and they have been informed about it.When I was looking at fonts to use for the LDN section of the branding I was on whichstores different fonts which can be downloaded and used some which are free of charge and haveno legal constraints attached to them. One font that I liked the look of and downloaded I couldn’tuse in the end because it said the font could only be used for personal reasons not promotional andmoneymaking businesses.
  5. 5. Identify ways to address constraintsThe ways that I am going to adjust my final product due to legal constraints is by taking a look at themarket before hand and reading the small print on fonts or images that I may be using, as thepicture above shows.