Evaluation unit 6


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Evaluation unit 6

  1. 1. Critical Debate OfTheBrand ReleaseOfFrom a first glance at the brands logo I have noticed it has a modern twist on thename, it can be perceived in two different ways. The ‘Classified’ section is written incalligraphy, which looks smart and sophisticated as the script writing is seen as aprofessional way to write and then the section labeled ‘LDN’ which assuming meansLondon as that is where the company is based has a very urban feel to it which isoften related with London it is seen to have a very urban and graphical scene foryouths with such locations as the Banksy tunnel underneath waterloo bridge whereit is legal for people to do graffiti underneath. For a brand in London I feel that it willfit quite well into the 16-25 age range as the brands logo still has an appeal to peopleof an older age as it is not too in your face. The one thing I do feel the brand ismissing is an image logo that would give the buyers something extra to look at and
  2. 2. appeal to them also opening up the opportunity to do bigger spread images acrossthe t-shirt. I would like to see a wider range of products coming from the band but itis expected to see the first release small just in case all doesn’t go well on productturnover.The genre for the brand I believe is as I mentioned before very urban so looking intothat subject there comes a lot of underlying sub genres from different sports, themusic listened to, events that the people attend and of course the clothes that theywear, so this gives the brand an opportunity to appeal to a wide range of people butcould also deter some people as they may believe the product is to set to one genreand is not open others if all the advertising is in that form. A brand who’s advertisingis on point and is an extremely renound brand is Carhartt recently all of there posterdesigns have given the effect that they have been drawn, in particularly one whichstands out is a group of images drawn by the illustrator SHOHEI. The thing whichgives the brand the upper hand is the money they can put in too there campaignsand it proves, it catches the eye of the consumer. Carhartt’s target audience is a lotwider than what Classified have aimed at as the brands logo is so simple that itcannot be defined to one particular demographic, the only thing which it isn’t issportswear like football as but more towards extreme sports but the brands productrange is wide from work wear to ski wear which gives the brand a wide variety toaim at.As I have said previously Ibelieve that the companyneed to have a widerselection of clothes sothat the consumer has avariety to choose fromand different tastes cancaught then again thatwill lead to the wideningof the market. Ipersonally like the factthere is little content onthe t-shirt and believethat subtle is a suaveimage to take but some people prefer t-shirt designs which are extremely out therewith pictures and colours this may want to be considered for different designs as thebrand grows.The brand is shown how it matches the genre by its advertising, the poster comesacross scruffy but still looks well edited, especially with the tape in the corners whichI think adds a great effect to it. The model gives it a rugged look and matches thegenre of urban and he looks the age of the demographic I believe is set at with the16-25 year olds. The environment of the photo shoot matches the graffiti style textthat has been used for parts of the branding of the product. Once again I do feel thata character or brand image is needed to top off the brands image, it could make an
  3. 3. appearance in the corner of the poster and could lead to other branding, advertisingand market opportunities for the brand if they did so.As the brand is extremely new on the market I was not expecting it to blow upstraight away and be the next top selling brand but the brand helped themselvesalong the way by promoting it in magazines which built up the hype before therelease and made it clear to people who may not have noticed it before. I read afigure that “for every £1 spent on advertising you get £5 back” makes it clear thatadvertising is key to getting the product out there, Carhartt are who I took myinspiration from, as well as magazine posters they release free look books into therestockist’s before they come out so that the shops can give these to the customers intheir shop and have a look through the products and then go back to buy them ifthey are interested. The advertising campaign in particular I looked at was theSpring/Summer, Fall/Winter 2011/12 collection where they added a promotionalvideo a long with some of the drawings which they hired the artist to do themSHOHEI. This meant that followers of the artist himself would become interested ashe posted the video on his blogs, the artist is extremely well known in Tokyo that iswhere he is from. The audience expect a lot more from what carhartt would bereleasing in comparison because they are so renound and have a worldwide status.By the looks of the advertisement it is only aimed at the male sex which means theymay have lost out on money by not opening up there options by creating productsfor females. As I said before the brand are still in their beginning stages so as thebrand expands so may there range of products. The fact that they don’t advertise towomen does not mean that they could not buy the products as it seems to be acraze at the moment for women to wear men’s baggy t-shirts and jeans so if they areinterested in the product and it appeals to the demographic which they classthemselves in its possible they may buy it.Carhartt do make women’s products andadvertise to them but in comparison to the amount on money they put into the malesections it is miniscule. For the release of the collections I previously spoke aboutthere were 8 videos made of the artists drawing process but 7 of the 8 images are ofmales wearing the product and one of a female.
  4. 4. Any product is open to be bought by anyone of anyage it just depends whether they are interested inthe product but by the age of the model in theadvertisement it makes it clear that it is morefocused on the younger generation it can be madeclear that he is younger but not below 16 becausehe has a beard and if they were trying to aim it at ayounger age group it would have smaller person who looked a lot younger.Sometimes age can be mistaken but for males if you pick someone aged 20-30 yearsold they are going to look much the same so it can be used as an advantage of theage group that it is aimed at. Carhartt’s advertising campaigns seem to be aimed at ahigher age group than classifieds but still appeal to the younger generations as well,but carhartt cover clothing from children’s all the way through.I feel that this product appeals to people as it carrys both an urban appeal and stillhas the brand name which can appeal to a wider variety. I think the brand has founda niche in the market that will be taken in well by a lot of people in the 16-25generation. The brand logo is simple but in my opinion you do not want somethingwhich is to in your face as I have learnt from looking at the Carhartt brand a lot ofthere branding is subtle but still looks sophisticated and smart.