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  1. 1. Why should you invest in me?Iv found a niche in the market the simplicity of the logo but the way that thename appeals to people of all socio economic status because of the flip on thetwo fonts in the brand nameIn the dictionary it says arranged or distributed according to class or designatingthe parts of a publication that contains advertisements or lists arranged bycategory, this is used in relevance to the way I want to advertise my productbecause its aimed at a certain demographic but because of the sophistication ofthe text it could be aimed higher if the person thinks the demographic is them.
  2. 2. In the process of designing my t-shirt I had to think of the style which I thoughtwould sell the most and there are 3 styles of plain t-shirt I had the decisionbetween Crew neck, V neck & Crew neck with a pocketAfter looking at the designs I came to the conclusions of using the crew neck t-shirt which is the most recognised and simple but effective t-shirt to use.Originally I was going to buy a bulk amount of t-shirts either branded champion,fruit of the loom or American apparel and then have them screen printed.Afterlooking at different company’s I found fire label merchandisingwho can give youa quote of the work you want done if you explain how you want it. I was able toinstead of have it screen printed on have the brand name embroidered into the t-shirt which makes it look more professional and better quality as prints can fadeoff after a few washes.
  3. 3. Have someone wearing a Carhartt productCarhartt is a very well known brand for their quality of material and product as itis used by a lot of company’s as work uniform for their staff.Their Clothing is a bit more expensive than the RRP of my product but a goodbrand to take a look at as they focus on their advertising a lot because of thedifferent demographics of people they aim their product at. They sponsor a lot ofdifferent sports stars such as skateboarders, BMX’ers which keeps their brand onthe face of these extreme sportsman in the photo shoots they do and people willnotice the products, as well as this they have two brands within themselveswhich is just standard carhartt which is the standard clothing for workers etc butthere is also Carhartt WIP (work in progress) which is the more fashion basedclothing.As part of the advertising campaign they made a series of videos showing theillustrator drawing the posters which were used in the campaign, this is how Idiscovered that they were actually drawn. This adds to the campaign andadvertises the illustrator himself, The part which makes the campaign sointeresting and eye catching is the way that it looks like a models photo shootand they have still subliminally the brands clothes on the drawings of themodels, In the video you can see that purposely they have emphasized on thebrand logo when he rubs it out a few times to draw your attention to the badgebut it looks like a mistake the artist has made.How I am bettering the Carhartt is through price, I will be a lot cheaper butstill having a top quality product.Have people standing of the target audience I am aiming at
  4. 4. Wearing branded clothingI found a website called Photographers for you which allows you to put forwardthe job you have in place and you tick boxes as how you would like it to be andfreelance photographers respond to this via email giving you a wide variety ofthings to choose from with different price ranges.Initial quote for photographer is £325Including model will be £100 + £100 for hair and make up artist on location]The photographer and models travel costs are includedTshirts x 50 white crew neck embroiderd £229.80Software £2685.63Travel for myself 17.50Graphic designer to do logo £300Full A4 Spread in FHM £3,500Overall - £6,932.93