Chobani Greek Yogurt Insights and Strategy


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A group project for the Syracuse Masters Class ADV 612: Strategic Account Research and Planning

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Chobani Greek Yogurt Insights and Strategy

  1. 1. Prepared by:Josh Crafter, Cheng-en Lee, Li Tang, and Nancy Weickhardt Prepared for: Dr. James Tsao, Syracuse University; Niel Sandfort, Chobani, Inc
  2. 2. What We’ll Talk About• The Major Insights – Cultural Insights – Consumer Insights – Product and Competition Insights• Overarching Insight• Cognitive Map• Media Insights• Quantitative Surveys• Creative Brief
  3. 3. What We Did• College Students• Conducted Focus Groups• Conducted Quantitative Surveys
  4. 4. Cultural Insights
  5. 5. Cultural InsightResearch Objectives• Key trends and issues about yogurt• Possible future trends• How the brand Chobani and Greek yogurt are perceived in society.Research Questions• What are the current trends relating to the consumption of yogurt?• What are potential future trends or issues relating to the consumption of yogurt?• How is yogurt portrayed in the media?• What are cultural perceptions of the brand, Chobani, and its products?Methodologies• Secondary research, specifically • Researching how yogurt is portrayed in the media • Researching current diet and health trends
  6. 6. Cultural InsightCurrent trends relating to the consumption of yogurt:• Health trend, eating nutritious foods, high in protein. (Krashinsky, 2012)• Greek yogurt has rapidly increased in sales within the past 6 years.• Greek yogurt percentage of overall market • 0.7% - 2006 • 19% - 2012. (Badkar, 2011)Potential future trends relating to the consumption of yogurt:• About 40% of Americans do not consume yogurt.• Yogurt is perceived as feminine. (SodaHead, 2010)
  7. 7. Cultural InsightInsightsThe emergence and prevalence of Chobani and the Greek yogurt in recent years hassuccessfully sparked people’s interests into eating them.A person holding a Chobani cup and eating from it is often perceived as cool andsuch act reveals the person’s high consciousness on well-being and a possibility heor she belongs to a higher economic status group in the society.Rationale• Greek yogurt has become trendy because it’s: - Fairly new product, - Frequently portrayed in current media - Considered exotic and satisfies current health trends.• Sales of Chobani and Greek yogurts continue to rise -> many traditionalyogurt-making brands are now entering this category as latecomers.
  8. 8. Consumer Insights
  9. 9. Consumer InsightResearch Objectives:• Identify behaviors, attitudes and lifestyles• Identify current consumer trendsResearch Questions• What changes in behavior and lifestyle have affected sales?• What are the segments of yogurt eaters? Their strengths and/or weaknesses?Methodology• Predominantly focus group based
  10. 10. Consumer InsightWhat Changes in consumer lifestyle and behavior have affected sales?• Increase in dairy advertising• Nearly $1 billion in measured media spending• 11% of food advertising overall• Consumers are seeing moreWhat are the existing segments of Chobani consumers? What are thestrengths/weaknesses/potential for each segment?• Yogurt Lovers: Yogurt is an intricate part of their diet and lifestyle• Frequent Yogurt Eaters: Eat often but go from brand to brand• Occasional Yogurt Eaters: They eat yogurt when the mood arises. Flavor dictates all• Non-Eaters: For one reason or another, this segment usually refuses to enter the yogurt category
  11. 11. Consumer InsightFocus Group• Two Focus Groups • Not brand loyal• October 19th, 2012 & November 2nd 2012 • Some use yogurt as a• 13 participants substitute for other foods• 10 female, 3 men• Predominantly Asian and • Negative perceptions of Caucasian Dannon, Yoplait• Roughly equal split among class rank • No such perceptions for• All Syracuse Students Chobani• Convenience sampling• Varied yogurt consumption• $10 Starbucks or iTunes gift card for participation
  12. 12. Consumer InsightConsumer Insight:Because of its high protein content, Greek yogurt provides consumers with a more“filling” experience, unlike other yogurts.This draws consumers to the product, though not loyally. Negative perceptions ofDannon and Yoplait among the college demographic prevent the brands fromestablishing brand loyalty, an issue Chobani doesn’t have.Rationale:• Frequent and occasional eaters offer room for growth• These eaters are unaware of Chobani’s benefits or superior taste• Poor reputation and credibility among its competition
  13. 13. Product & Competition Insights
  14. 14. Product & Competition InsightResearch Objectives:• Explore current perceptions of Chobani products and packaging• Understand competitive advantage• Understand users perception of Chobani vs its competitionResearch Questions:• What aspects of Greek yogurt are most appealing?• Is yogurt gender specific?• What are key differences between Chobani and its competitors?Methodology• Focus groups
  15. 15. Product & Competition InsightWhat aspects of Chobani Greek yogurt are most appealing?• Health, “fruity”, “natural”, high protein• Exceptional love towards certain flavors• Plain Greek yogurt (They didn’t like plain)• “It’s healthy for me. I don’t think I’m obsessed with yogurt. The taste is not the best, but Greek yogurt has a lot of protein.”Is yogurt gender specific?• Socially perceived as female oriented• Male students don’t feel comfortable eating it in public• Packaging contributing to perception?What are key differences between Chobani and its competitors?• Young adults more likely to be brand loyal (Frank, 2012)• Community and charitable Image• Reputation
  16. 16. Product & Competition InsightInsight• College students eat Greek yogurt because they believe it is healthy for them, especially because of its low fat and high protein content. Among Greek yogurt eaters, those who are loyal to Chobani are health-conscious and hold Chobani in a higher esteem than its competitors because of its responsible and ethically profound company culture.Rationale• Nutrition is important• Chobani has a strong reputation• Consumers respect that reputation
  17. 17. Overarching InsightConsumers have negative perceptions of majorbrands such as Dannon and Yoplait, andconsequently, consumers are very apprehensivetowards those brands. Chobani doesn’t have thisproblem because of its reputation and new-ness asa brand, a “clean slate”, if you will.Chobani lovers show unparalleled loyalty to thebrand because they view themselves as part ofChobani’s community and Chobani as a part of theirown.
  18. 18. Media Insight
  19. 19. Media InsightMedia Objectives:• Drive awareness among college students• Drive Chobani eaters online to talk about and engage with the brand• Increase followers of brand sponsored social media accountsDescription:• Increase specified use of CHOmobile• College tour• Utilize social events to create positive interaction with students
  20. 20. Media InsightCHOmobile College TourFor example:• Friday, August 24th, 2013 – Syracuse, Move-in weekend for students• Monday, August 27th, 2013 – NYU student orientation• Friday & Saturday, August 30-31, 2013 – Rutgers, Move-in weekend for students• Tuesday, September 4, 2013 – Temple University, Student organization and career fair• Ask for a Like or Follow in exchange for a Chobani Greek Yogurt• Allows for interaction then and later• School with most interactions wins Chobani Greek yogurt sponsored concert• Measured through Facebook, Twitter analytics
  21. 21. Media InsightCHOmobile College TourWhy is this important?Chobani lags in consumer awareness, especially among college students• 76% awareness• 48% conversion rateDannon and Yoplait suffer from perception issues• Chobani has a “clean slate”• Let keep it that way
  22. 22. Quantitative Survey
  23. 23. Quantitative SurveyResearch Objectives:• Explore lifestyles of college students• Explore expectations of diets• Identify the factors that drive purchasesResearch Questions:• What is Chobani’s current awareness?• How important is social responsibility?Methodology• Quantitative Survey
  24. 24. Quantitative SurveyQuantitative survey• 150+ total responses• 74 currently in univeristy• 18 male, 55 female, 1 otherTwo surveys• One if they’d purchased Chobani• A different if they hadn’t
  25. 25. Quantitative SurveyQuantitative Survey:Findings
  26. 26. Quantitative SurveyQuantitative Survey:Reason To Purchase
  27. 27. Quantitative SurveyQuantitative Survey:Importance of Nutrition
  28. 28. Quantitative SurveyQuantitative Survey:Community Involvement
  29. 29. Creative Brief
  30. 30. Creative BriefObjective: To persuade the college students that Chobani is more than a brand; it’s acommunity.Target Audience: Emma is a junior in college, and she lives the typical college lifestyle. She doesschool work all morning and afternoon, has a few meetings in the p.m., and tries to hitthe gym at night at least a few times a week. She drinks heavily with her friends onTuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and she knows she eats fairly unhealthy, thoughthat’s more a product of being on campus all day and never being home to cook.Emma volunteers biweekly at the local soup kitchen on campus, and when she returnshome every summer, she does community outreach in conjunction with her city’schild services.Emma likes yogurt, but she doesn’t love it. It isn’t essential to her day like it is forsome of her friends. That’s because she harbors negative perceptions about a lot of“big brands”. Emma is looking for something more personal, more cultured, and greattasting that fosters a sense of community as a business and a brand.
  31. 31. Creative BriefWhat Does The Target Currently Believe?: They distrust “big brands” because of negative perceptionsWhat Do We Want Them To Believe? Chobani is a brand you can proudly associate withSingle Minded Proposition: Chobani isn’t a brand, it’s a communityReason To Believe: Chobani supports local businesses, initiatives and charities within yourcommunity.
  32. 32. Prepared for:Dr. James Tsao, Syracuse University; Niel Sandfort, Chobani, Inc
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