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  2. 2. A cultural product is defined as a media artefact which can be anything included within the field of communication. Nearly every household has one. Whether it is in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, the Xbox is played almost anywhere This can be interpreted as power, as it is dominant in our society. <br />The fact that it is seen as a cultural product does not alter the need for me to own one, but does influence mypurchase somewhat. I believe the fact that it is a cultural product is because of its popularity, With over 50 million sales worldwide it isn’t surprising. This leads me to conform pressurising me into buying one. <br />
  3. 3. There are many factors which prevented me from purchasing this console. One reason is the person who you are seen as, because the PS3 is the more expensive console, the user is seen as more wealthy and possibly more upper class. The ergonomic design of the 360 controller means playing games is a lot simpler than on the PS3, this helps me promote my ideal self in games. Finally the main reason I chose it is because my friends already owned one, this stimulates the sociability of the console.<br />Apart from the WII being a different type of console, it doesn’t have many features which are suited to my target audience, which is whynot many people my age own one and play it regularly. People associate the WII with family play or as a method of exercise neitherof which are suit to my style of play.<br />
  4. 4. There have been many advancements over the years in consoles, there was only one Xbox before this, and I didn’t own this one. I started with a PS1 which was the family console for years. The console then evolved into something for specific audiences, in particular teens. Youth culture has become obsessed with video gaming, it has now even integrated into our culture and become a huge part of it.<br />Firstly when consoles first came out the role they fulfilled was in the home for occasional play when the family got bored. Now consoles have developed into lifestyle products . People play a lot more, and the technology is advancing making it more popular. Advances in graphics is rapidly narrowingthe divide between the game and reality. Therefore the sense of realism is changing the way we see gaming as a whole.<br />The expansion of the console to different countries has introduced a cultural shift. Now that many different countries from all overthe world have access to online gaming, the variety of people I can play against is increasing, meaning a greater diversity of users in this ever expanding media company.<br />
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  6. 6. Communication has played a massive part in the success of the Xbox, being able to talk to and play against anyone in the world. I play on multiplayer games such as COD and Need For Speed which require teamwork and have a certain level of competitiveness. I speak to people over a mic, this can be either friends or people who I have never met, I find it easy to speak to anyone, which shows that my self is altered as I am more able to talk to people when I don’t know who they are.<br />The profile on Xbox defines who you are, itsall about yourself. It consists of an avatar which is a visual representation of yourself with information on how you liketo describe yourself. My profile gives an impression of what I am like to other players. Although my profile defines me quite well, there may be some features which canbe different from my ideal self The profile on Xbox is not that comprehensive, however making it as accurate as possible to my ideal self helps me play better .<br />
  7. 7. There is little sociability associated with the Xbox, so as far as relationships go there is no link between the console and relationship development.. Consoles could be said to have increased communication while reducing personal contact ,as social life is hindered by this as well as youth culture. However as many others also play Xbox, the ability to crossover and develop relationships and communicationsis achieved.<br />According to Goffman’s theory of presentation of the self in everyday life, we cannot live without communication or interaction. The Xbox, I feel does fulfil both these needs, while the interaction is not physical it is still interaction nonetheless. While the communication is more expansive as I talk to people from all over the world and also people who I would never talk to if I saw them in person.<br />The Xbox alters my identity and my outlook on life. Some games can change how I perceive certain aspects of my surroundings. Games like Call of Duty make me realise the extremities of war, whereas Racing Games portray the high levels of adrenaline and thrill. This then alters my perception of reality through artificial technology. The political implications of this are, what is going on in the world at the moment may not seem as real as it should be. But differentiation is still possible.<br />
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