Black Pearl Intelligence Primer


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Black Pearl Intelligence is designed to empower you and your team to harvest, understand, prioritize and leverage business intelligence on consumer and industry perceptions of your brand, your product, the marketplace and your competitors.

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Black Pearl Intelligence Primer

  1. 1. What is Black Pearl Intelligence? 1
  2. 2. What is Black Pearl Intelligence? Background Black Pearl Intelligence is designed to empower you and your team to harvest, understand, prioritize and leverage business intelligence on consumer and industry perceptions of your brand, your product, the marketplace and your competitors. The breadth of intelligence we gather spans traditional borders. Our advanced technology uses sophisticated analytic technologies that span the entire digital landscape. This technology was designed for intelligence agencies, and it is now in our commercial offering. The business value of the intelligence we deliver is designed to support strategic planning, comprehensive marketing and product/service assessment, enabling you to: 1. Assess consumer sentiment and perceptions of your organization in a dynamic and evolving marketplace. We deliver insights on your brand, your core products/services, perceived value of your organization, reputation, image, campaigns and other offerings. 2. Define and deliver high-value market intelligence–used to inform both tactical actions strategic planning and positioning. We identify trends that can help guide your marketing and development actions. 3. Enumerate both the attractiveness and weaknesses of your brand and products/services. 4. Amplify and affirm your core principals and marketing messages, and reinforce your value proposition. 5. Deliver prioritized insights and actionable recommendations Using the power of Black Pearl Intelligence’s proprietary software and stratified analysis, we perform deep consumer perception research – delivering an assessment of the viability of current and past reputation and brand and product/ service messaging. We identify dis-satisfiers, unmet needs, value perceptions, service excellence and unleveraged strategic openings across the communications platform. We will deliver statistically relevant quantitative information, and actionable qualitative information – all of which can inform and guide decision making. This information is consumer-centric. It is a foundation for building operational priorities, rapid communications repositioning and for deciding on new strategies. Abstract In the digital world, consumers reveal amazingly candid information about likes and dislikes, an organization’s reputation, brand preferences and product and service successes and failures. This is where Black Pearl Intelligence lives! On the Internet and through Social Networks, consumers openly discuss their2 perception of value. These value points are harvested, prioritized and reported by Black Pearl Intelligence. The World Wide Web of visitors’ comments is “real time,” unvarnished and highly dynamic. Sentiments and perceptions shift and change over time driven by “group©2012 Black Pearl Intelligence
  3. 3. What is Black Pearl Intelligence?think,” thought leaders, news headlines and events happening across the globe.These are memorialized digitally for those who have the technology and expertise tomine them at will. We unleash this power.Black Pearl Intelligence delivers analysis based on current and past dialog. There isminimal lag between intelligence gathering and action. This technology empowersour clients to stay in front of consumer opinions and leverage emerging trends.It also unleashes the power of predictive modeling so you can earn maximumefficiency and measureable return on investment.Action PlanWith the predictive power of Black Pearl Intelligence, We empowerwe can ensure you retain a sustainable competitiveadvantage. Whenever there is a potentially disruptive our clients toor favorable event on the global stage, we can arm youwith deep intelligence to leverage the event ahead of the stay in front ofpack. Black Pearl Intelligence can help you stay in front of consumer opinionsthe knowledge curve by conducting consumer researchbased on Consumer Generated Media (CGM). and leverageCGM is becoming increasingly popular, with the massive emerging trends.proliferation of digital chatter, blogs, message-boards andrich media social network destinations across the Internet.These dialog portals are accessible by all demographics. However, the universe ofperceptions is immense and unstructured. It changes rapidly. Black Pearl Intelligencecaptures billions of bits of data, performs statistical analysis, and reduces the datadown into actionable market intelligence. Black Pearl Intelligence operates in realtime, with no interviewer or survey bias. Our analysis is delivered in client context,prioritized to your business objectives. With the proliferation of mobile technology,consumers can be prone to spontaneous reactions.It is important to understand the new realm of digital influencers. Black PearlIntelligence will track message-board postings, usenets, blogs and more. We thencapture what consumers are saying about the pre-defined subjects. We defineand deliver a database including quantitative metrics to measure and prioritizesentiments, interest, attitudes and perceptions of consumers in order to understandnational and regional trends.We then develop sentiment mapping and segmentation relating to travelingpreferences, satisfiers and irritants. We track changes through time. Using BlackPearl Intelligence’s proprietary analytical tools combined with senior level subjectmatter experts, we will produce: • An aggregated client-friendly study, as well as quarterly pulse reports, to monitor the effectiveness and the dynamics of consumer sentiment – yielding 3 a sustainable competitive advantage. • Continuous intelligence and reconnaissance on the effectiveness of existing and new campaigns.
  4. 4. What is Black Pearl Intelligence? Our systems ensure that anecdotes do not become the “foundation for strategy changes.” Instead, market intelligence derived from a wide cross-section of your customer and community base is the bedrock upon which your strategy WILL thrive. Position A Black Pearl Intelligence baseline study will provide immense value to your organization via the following: • Empirical understanding – customer impact in real time. • Insights and roadmaps to guide strategy and action planning. • The opportunity to get in front, and stay in front of all formulating perceptions and issues. • A first responder strategy – proactive versus reactive! Black Pearl Intelligence Deliverables • Tracking Consumer Sentiments – Positive and negative • Segmentation Based on Mind Share – Not traditional demographics, but analytics showing segmentation of players. • Mapping Perceived - Defining consumers’ hot spots • Decision Trees – From where is the consumer getting information? How does this information play into ultimate decisions? • Concept Mapping – What is linked to what, in the mind of the consumer? You will know: What’s working…what isn’t? Why are people engaged...why aren’t they? What else they are talking about that affects your plan and your brand? What can you do about it? Black Pearl Intelligence (BPI) is a business intelligence firm with over a decade of experience providing marketing and communications solutions to Fortune 500 clients. Through the use of proprietary software and analysis, BPI taps into the digital and social stratosphere to uncover the unvarnished truth about brand threats, perceptions and opportunities. BPI’s category experts then interpret the data and package it into strategies within the marketing and communications industry, giving BPI’s clients a sustainable advantage over the competition.4©2012 Black Pearl Intelligence