The Ways of Preventing IBS Constipation
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The Ways of Preventing IBS Constipation






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    The Ways of Preventing IBS Constipation The Ways of Preventing IBS Constipation Document Transcript

    • ibssym pt o m sguide .o rg http://ibssympto msguide.o rg/the-ways-o f-preventing-ibs-co nstipatio n/ The Ways of Preventing IBS Constipation IBS Sympto ms Guide How can constipation be prevented? T here are various things that you should do to avoid IBS constipation. You can take the daily recommended constipation diet, which are packed with lots of f iber. T he f ollowing f ood items are good sources of f iber: vegetables, f ruits, whole-grain bread, legumes, cereal, and especially bran. T he right amount of water and f iber helps the colon in passing stool. Guidelines T here’s always an available solution to blocked bowel. Use these guidelines so it won’t be dif f icult f or you to def ecate: Drink one and a half to two quarts of water as well as other f luids on a daily basis. T his is essential unless f luid consumption is restricted due to another medical condition. Additionally, liquids which contain caf f eine like sof t drinks and cof f ee should be avoided, as much as possible. T hese drinks generally have a dehydrating impact. You can continue taking cof f ee and sof t drinks when your bowel movements have already returned to normal. Some individuals avoid milk and other dairy products since these items tend to enhance their constipation problems. Do some regular workouts. Always move your bowel whenever you f eel the urge. Warm liquids are best especially in the morning. Vegetables and f ruits should be added to your daily diet. Eat bran cereal and prunes. When required, make use of a mild laxative or stool sof tener. However, it’s best not to use laxative products f or more than 2 weeks. Call your doctor just to be sure that you’re taking the right treatment. Always remember that overuse of laxatives can aggravate the symptoms of chronic idiopathic constipation. Don’t shock your system Some people commit the mistake of including excessive amounts of f iber supplements or f iber in their daily nutritional plan. Continue adding f ibrous diets until your body gets used to it. Fiber components help people move their bowels. It’s best to increase daily f iber intake by 2 to 3 grams. For those who have IBS, try increasing your f iber intake by 8 grams on the f irst day. Try Liquids and Prunes f or IBS
    • Fruity f ood items which are packed with more sugar sorbitol can loosen hard bowels. As such, regularly consuming dried plums or prunes and prune juice is recommended. However, don’t consume too much sorbitol as it can cause diarrhea, cramping, gas and bloating. Easing constipation symptoms can also be done by taking ground f laxseed. You can sprinkle it on cereals, salads, as well as cooked vegetables. Drink lots of liquids like juice and water. ADA suggests eight 8-ounce glasses f or you to have good hydration. Limit the amount of ref ined f oods T he worst thing about ref ined f ood items is that it can f ill you up but will not provide the right nutrients and f iber that your body requires. Individuals with IBS should avoid consuming too much ref ined f oods like: Cookies Chips White rice White bread Certain cereals without f iber content Dine at Leisure Avoid eating on the run. It would only reduce the pleasure you can derive f rom a meal. In f act, it could also prompt IBS symptoms. You shouldn’t eat at your working desk so you can avoid doing other things while you’re eating. Warnings regarding changes in bowel movements You should immediately call the doctor in the f ollowing instances: T here’s blood in your stool You’re losing weight even when you’re not on a diet You’re experiencing severe pains with bowel movements Constipation problems occur f or more than 2 weeks For those who have IBS with constipation, consuming anything can make you f eel too uncomf ortable. Yet, it’s essential that you maintain a balanced diet. Experts always say that one should enjoy all f ood items in moderation. Gradually add high f iber f oods to help relieve the symptoms of IBS. Keeping your own f ood journal T he main objective is not to be too restrictive. Keep a symptoms journal. Regularly include details of the f ood items that you consume, the amount, time and place where you ate, as well as the type of symptoms which are associated with the f ood. T his may help in f iguring out the f ood items and situations that triggered these symptoms.
    • Individuals can come up with a special type of nutrition prescription or IBS constipation diet. T here are certain f oods which can relieve or aggravate the symptoms. Fiber-rich f oods make the stool easier to pass. Small roughage can make it more dif f icult to move bowels. T he ADA recommended daily f iber intake ranges f rom 20 to 35 grams. Main constipation causes Constipation is mainly caused by low f iber diets, not drinking suf f icient amounts of water, consistently ignoring the urge to go, and lack of exercise. Additionally, constipation is also caused by other f actors, such as medications, supplements, and potentially serious medical conditions. Hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism or the presence of an underactive thyroid gland can also cause irregular bowel movements. T his type of physical condition causes metabolic processes to slow down – even one’s gut. However, not every person with an underactive thyroid can suf f er constipation. It doesn’t also mean that the gut is underperf orming. Painkillers Bowel blockage can also be caused by using painkillers, particularly, narcotics. Lots of receptors f or narcotics can be f ound in the digestive tract, and these elements tend to stop everything. Most doctors advice those who are taking narcotics to use stool sof teners. Some studies suggest that constipation occurs in people who are using pain relievers such as ibuprof en and aspirin. Chocolates Eating chocolates in large amounts can also bring about bowel impaction. Severe constipation is common in people who are into consuming chocolates. T he same is true f or those who are eating bananas and drinking black tea. It’s important that you cut back on chocolates if you’re always constipated. Age A sudden change in bowel habits can both be f rustrating and painf ul. Everyone gets constipated. Elderly and women are more commonly af f ected. As one ages, his bowel movements become less f requent or even dif f icult. Normal bowel movements between individuals vary. Some def ecate three times a day while others once or twice a week. However, if you haven’t def ecated f or more than three days, there’s already a great risk of constipation. Remember that the f eces or stool becomes more dif f icult and harder to pass af ter a period of three days. Cause of chronic constipation Severe constipation is generally caused by bowel f unction disorders rather than structural issues. T his is common f or those who take inadequate water and f iber. In addition to this, disruption of routine or regular diet especially during travels can cause constipation. Stress and eating various dairy products should be minimized. Other causes of constipation include neurological physical conditions like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. T he f ollowing are likely to have constipation problems: People in a depressive state People with irritable bowel syndrome
    • Pregnant People who are suf f ering f rom colon cancer People who lack good muscle and nerve f unction Cases of IBS One is already considered suf f ering f rom bowel obstruction in the f ollowing cases: One-f ourth of the time you’re def ecating, you’re already straining hard Hard stools are present Incomplete evacuation Bowel movements happen twice a week or even lesser It’s important that you learn more about what causes constipation so you can prepare yourself . It’s pretty dangerous to resist the urge to def ecate, and this could even result to so much pain due to hemorrhoids. If you’re using laxatives, you shouldn’t overuse the same since it can weaken the bowel muscles. Symptoms of constipation Constipation symptoms should never be ignored. As such, take note of the f ollowing indications that you’re already about to undergo this type of dif f iculty: small bowel follow through inf requent bowel movements or no bowel movements at all abdominal pains swollen abdomen stomach pain vomiting Diagnosing extreme constipation Many individuals do not require extensive tests in order to diagnose constipation. Only a f ew constipated people tend to have serious medical problems. You should immediately see a physician if you’re experiencing IBS constipation f or more than two weeks. T he doctor can f ind out the main chronic constipation causes and provide the right treatment. Constipation can be treated immediately since there are so many laxatives which are currently available, but if you have are suf f ering f rom a special type of physical condition and are into using some medications, it’s best to consult your doctor. If the reasons for constipation is due to colon cancer, the necessary detection and treatment should be had the earliest possible time. Constipation tests T he physician may use any of the f ollowing tests to determine if the patient is constipated: Barium studies to search f or anything that obstructs the colon Blood test to determine if there is indeed hormonal imbalance Colonoscopy to search f or colon obstruction
    • T here are patients who are suf f ering f rom IBS constipation but they don’t have any visible illness that would explain the symptoms. T hey can suf f er f rom the f ollowing problems: Obstructed def ecation – the individual excessively strains so as to expel his stool f rom the rectum Colonic inertia – the colon has poor contraction abilities and retain the stool f rom time to time Welcome to everyone visiting my blog. I am Josephina and as a lot of other people I am very concerned about IBS and everything related to this syndrome. I have already gathered a lot of essential and usef ul inf o about IBS. So I f elt ready to share this to everyone and that is the purpose of this site. I hope that what you f ind here will help you or your relatives and f riends suf f ering f rom IBS to minimize discomf ort or even throw it of f completely.