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  • Here is an example of where Business eBanking modules can provide a customer with value added services in their value chain. Cash Management is for all business customers – it is just finding the right solution for the individual customer. If they are a sole trader, Northern eBanking and a Current account with a cheque book might be the best solution for them to be able to make payments. On the other hand if it is a Corporate customer with a number of subsidiaries, well Business eBanking and a Cash Pool solution might be of interest. Then they will most certainly use 7-9 of the modules in Business eBanking as well as Corporate card solution etc.

Presentation by Jeananne O'Sullivan Presentation by Jeananne O'Sullivan Presentation Transcript

  • Cash Management Presentation Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Meeting September 2008
  • What on earth is Cash Management ?
    • “ Making money on money”
    • and making money through efficient procedures & support systems.
    • Has a direct impact on Shareholder Value and Profitability.
    • Releases Capital Employed from the balance sheet and identifies and realises administrative cost savings.
  • Suppliers Receive and approve invoices Payment and bookkeeping Liquidity Management Working capital Currency Trade Finance Financing Leasing HR administration Payments – and credit cards Pension Salaries/Wages LIQUIDITY Administration PURCHASE SALES Customers Receive orders Invoicing Payments Reconciliation What Every Business Has to Think About View slide
  • Payments Account Information File Transfer Collection Services Trade Finance Currency Trading Integration with Account Management Software Corporate Cards
    • Collection Service
    • Trade Finance
    • Credit card payments
    • Bank Giro Credit
    • Acc. Information
    • Lodgement
    • File Transfer
    • Cap File
    • Acc. Information
    • File transfers
    • Acc. Inforamtion
    • File transfers
    • Reconciliation Serv.
    • Host to Host
    • Collection Service
    • (Unpaid D/D’s)
    Internet account Trade Finance Corporate Card Markets Online Currency Trade Finance E-invoice Travel account ERP/Integration Acc. Information File Transfer Payments File Transfers Trade Finance Credit Card, cheques Payments (Groups) File transfers Auto giro Liquidity Management Markets Online (all 3)
    • Corporate card
    • Markets Online Currency
    Due Date & Payment Book-Keeping Receipt of Payment Liquidity Management Debtor Creditor Order Purchase Sale Invoice/ collection Balancing Order Balancing Invoice Creditor Debtor HR/salaries Delivery View slide
  • Business eBanking – World Class Capability
    • Cash Management
      • Tools to help manage working capital – account information, payments, file transfers
    • Trade Finance
      • Processing of export and import documentary credit
      • Danske Group confirmation capability of letters of credit within 24 hours
    • Markets On-line
      • Mini trading desk in customer’s office
      • Securities, foreign exchange, forward contracts, swaps and options
    • One point of entry to one banking system.
    • Visibility and Management of information and transactions.
    • Reduced transaction costs.
    • Same day value for funds transfers in same system.
    • Execute cross border transactions as local payments
    • Open local collection accounts in customers home countries.
    Cross Border Banking – The answer!
  • Liquidity Management
    • Visibility of your funds – Nationally and Internationally
    • Control over your funds – Nationally and Internationally
    • Ability to concentrate your funds to one location/account
    • Enables you to optimise the use of and return on your money!
  • Group Cash Pool (zero balancing)
    • Physical movement of funds!!
    • TOP account /SUB accounts
    • Zero balancing automatic sweeping per transaction between SUB accounts and TOP account
    • Single currency - in all major currencies
    • Internal balance, control of available funds (optional) and inter company interest calculation at SUB account level
    • External balance, control of available funds and interest calculation at TOP Account level
    SUB account TOP ACCOUNT SUB account SUB account
  • Cross Border Sweeping
    • Automated service for concentration of liquidity cross border and cross banks
    • Target balance.
    • Upper and Lower triggers
    • Free choice of period (i.e. daily, weekly…)
    • Based on SWIFT MT940, MT101 and MT103 message types
  • Questions ?