June 4 to 6, 2008


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June 4 to 6, 2008

  1. 1. W H E R E T H E I N D U S T RY G O E S F O R S O LU T I O N S Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference June 4 to 6, 2008 Renaissance Worthington Hotel, Fort Worth Register on-line at: www.nafassociation.com © Copyright 2008 National Automotive Finance Association National Automotive Finance AssociationGrand Corporate Sponsor Corporate Sponsors
  2. 2. June 4 to 6, 2008 Renaissance Worthington Hotel, Fort Worth, TX Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference Register today at www.nafassociation built this years program to addressto join your colleagues in Fort Worth to these concerns. As in previous years,hear expert speakers presenting timely the conference will feature individualtopics that are specific to non-prime presenters and panels of speakers, all ofauto sales and finance. whom will share their expertise. This year the non-prime auto financ- You will find exhibits of the latesting industry is facing challenges that it products and services designed espe-has not faced for years. Economic con- cially for the non-prime auto industryditions and the non-prime mortgage and ample time to network during re-market have met to produce a "perfect ceptions, breaks, meals and free time.storm" scenario. Delinquencies and The conference is open to memberslosses are trending upwards, the securi- and non-members.tization market has dried up and non- We are grateful to our sponsors andprime dealerships feel the squeeze of exhibitors for their support that makestighter credit underwriting. the conference possible. The NAF Association knows the Make your plans to attend today!non-prime auto industry, and we haveSPEAKERS Emily Beck — Attorney in the Hanover, Maryland office Becky Chernek — President and Founder of Hudson Cook, LLP. She is of Chernek Consulting the vice-chair of the firm’s Incorporated, puts her dealership law practice group years of experience in all Rich Apicella — Executive and developed the dealership aspects of car sales to for Automotive Finance, compliance audit program for work in helping dealer- BenchMark Consulting In- the firm. ships throughout the United States and ternational. He is responsi- Canada refine the sales process and increase ble for advising executives Brian Becker — Shareholder of Becker Law their profits. She has worked with many in- working in the automotive fi- Firm, P located in Greenville, NC. He has prac- .A. dustry leaders. nance businesses of banks, ticed automotive finance work since 1992 with acaptives, credit unions and auto finance industry focus on representing automotive finance compa- Lisa Chlubiski —platforms. Rich has more than 25 years of auto- nies in state and bankruptcy courts. Senior Account Man-motive and financial services industry experience, ager of the auto financeand has held leadership positions with Deloitte practice for J.D. PowerConsulting, Capital One Auto Finance, Hewlett- Mark Brown — Vice President of Lender Solu- and Associates. She hasPackard and IBM. tions for DealerTrack, Inc., is responsible for adding been with the firm for new lenders to the DealerTrack credit application over seven years with Robert Beatty — Senior network, supporting and servicing existing lenders several years of experience in the research Vice President, Servicing, and the management of DealerTrack’s credit ap- division of the auto finance practice. AmeriCredit. He has over 11 plication solution. He also provides management years of call center-based col- oversight for the DealerTrack Digital Services out- lections experience in the sourced contract processing business. Over the past auto finance sector. Bobs re- few years, Mark and his team have more than dou- sponsibilities include early bled the number of lenders available on the Deal-stage collection strategy, training, quality assur- erTrack network, now numbering over 500.ance, autodialer operations and customer service.Where the Industry Goesfor Solutions 3
  3. 3. SPEAKERS Continued Scott Collier — Senior Vice Mark Floyd — COO, Ameri- Robert Hessman — President, Special Assets Manager, Credit Corp. Prior to assuming his Sekurus Financial Services, Regional Acceptance Corp. He current position, he served in the formerly Star Matrix Group oversees the operational and an- dealer services segment, develop- where he managed hundreds alytical units for collections, re- ing strategic alliance relationships of millions of dollars in sub- covery, bankruptcy and asset and directing branch network op- prime auto notes, consulted, remarketing. In his 14 years in erations. trained and restructured col- the automotive finance business, he has held lead- lection departments for dealerships, related finance ership positions in the origination and servicing. Annette Girmus-Orford – Managing Partner and companies and independent finance companies. Chief Risk Officer, Phoenix Capital Management, re- sponsible for all underwriting, loan acquisition processes Richard Howse — Senior Joshua Cox — Vice President and Associate Gen- quantitative analysis, predictive modeling and risk capi- Director, J.D. Power and As- eral Counsel for Santander Consumer USA Inc. tal. She is also responsible for the on-going actuarial and sociates. He oversees the (formerly Drive Financial Services), a specialized default prepayment forecasting to support reserve re- U.S. auto finance practice consumer finance company engaged in the pur- quirements to meet both statutory and operational and plays a role in growing chase, securitization and servicing of retail install- needs. She has over 10 years in credit risk management, the company’s presence in ment contracts. He oversees the company’s litigation including predictive modeling, reserve estimation and the auto finance sector docket, including class action matters, complex com- risk capital estimation. through syndicated research, proprietary tracking mercial disputes, bankruptcy appeals, consumer programs, solutions consulting and performance protection litigation and various intellectual prop- Robert Guerrero — Director of National Sales for improvement. erty issues. He was instrumental in the creation of Insurance Auto Auctions. He is responsible for the Fleet Drive’s first Legal Department and its later integra- Lease division and also manages the sales teams for this Eric Johnson — Attorney, tion with Risk, Governance, and Compliance func- segment. He also is responsible for the Dealer Sales Di- Phillips McFall McCaffrey tions. vision of IAA and the sales teams that manage this seg- McVay & Murrah P.C. His ment. Robert joined IAA in 2005 as a National Sales law practice is in automotive Steve Darsie — A Principal at Manager, and before this he worked for Manheim at finance, banking, commercial Scoring Solutions, Inc., has over various positions in Sales and Marketing in Texas. and consumer financial serv- 30 years of scoring and consulting ices, financial institution reg- experience for the credit industry. Steve Hall — President, drivers- ulation and e-commerce and information His background includes risk select, a new breed of automotive technology. He is chairman of the NAF Associa- management, credit scoring, retail that focuses on providing tion legal committee. product development and soft- consumers in the sub prime mar- ware systems for all stages of the credit life cycle in- ketplace the ability to afford the Dan Leonard — President cluding targeting, acquisition, account management, same type of vehicles as those con- and CEO of Triad Financial collection and recovery activities. He has focused on sumers in the prime marketplace. Corp. He oversees Triads the automotive industry designing credit acquisition, driversselect offers both new and late model preowned strategic direction and capi- automated decisioning and collection systems. vehicles and achieves above average portfolio perform- talizes on the companys ance and revenue that will approach $100M in 2008. strength in the non-prime Mark Edelman — Partner in Mr. Hall is a past president and board member of the auto finance market. He has Charge of McGlinchey Stafford’s NAF Association. over 30 years experience in the industry and is NAF Cleveland, Ohio office, practicing Association President. in the area of Consumer Finan- George Halloran — Auto Fi- cial Services. His practice includes nance Program Manager, Bench- Amy Martin — Senior the representation of banks, fi- Mark Consulting International, Director in the Structured nance companies, mortgage com- provides strategic and operational Finance Ratings Group at panies and savings and loans, consulting to auto and other fi- Standard & Poor’s. As a advising them on regulatory compliance for con- nance sources and related compa- senior member of the amor- sumer loan documentation, e-commerce, under- nies. He has over 30 years of tizing assets group, she is re- writing, acquisitions and divestitures, warehouse and operational and executive management experience sponsible for the consistent other commercial financing, insurance and struc- across the auto financing spectrum, including field op- application and development of on-going criteria, tured finance. He is a member of the NAF Associ- erations, strategy and planning, finance, marketing, risk chairing auto loan/lease ABS credit committees ation legal committee. management and IT. and for coordinating and conducting ABS analyti- cal training programs. The NAF Association’s 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference • June 4-6, 20084 7520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076-1343 • 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com
  4. 4. SPEAKERS Continued Tommy A. Moore, Jr. — Aaron Tankersley — Execu- Bernard L. Weinstein — Di- President and CEO – tive Vice President of Portfolio rector of the Center for Eco- Cofounder of First Investors Management at HSBC Auto. In nomic Development and Financial Services, Prior to this role he is responsible for all Research and a Professor of 1989 when the company was aspects of serving customers Applied Economics at the Uni- organized, he was employed in after origination, including cus- versity of North Texas in Den- commercial banking, responsi- tomer servicing, sales, market- ton. The Center wasble for retail and commercial lending. ing, collections and asset recovery. established in 1989 to provide economic analysis and consulting services to university constituents in the Gary Perdue — Jack Tracey — Executive Di- private, non-profit, and public sectors. He also serves Chief Operating Officer, rector of the National Automo- as director of the Institute of Applied Economics, AppOneWolters Kluwer tive Finance Association and a which offers masters degree programs in economic Financial Services , focuses certified association executive development. on building the company’s net- (CAE). He has over 35 years of work of lenders, establishing experience in the consumer fi- Larry Young — Partner, strategic alliances and support- nance industry. Hughes, Watters anding the company’s national expansion. He also man- Askanase, L.L.P., in Houston,ages all operations and the sales and marketing Texas, focuses his practice ondivisions. As a founding member of the National Gil Van Over — President consumer and commercial fi-Auto Finance Association, he is a past president, past and Founder of gvo3 & Associ- nance law, bankruptcy and re-chairman and a current member of the board of di- ates, specializing in developing lated litigation. He is a memberrectors. and implementing compliance of the NAF Association legal committee. strategies within the F&I and May Ya Poon — Risk Man- Sales departments of automo- agement Manager, Wells Fargo bile dealerships. He has over 25 Auto Finance. She is responsi- years experience working with automobile dealerships ble for credit policies, acquisi- in the consumer and auto financing industry and is a tion strategies and portfolio founding member of DealerTracks Compliance Ad- management of the growing visory Council. direct-to-consumer auto port-folio. She has more than 12 years of analytical expe- Marguerite Watanabe —rience in the areas of market research, marketing President, Connections In-and credit risk analysis and experience with the In- sights, LLC, has worked in theternet start up, PeopleFirst, later acquired by Capital automotive and automotive fi-One. nancing for over 20 years. She shares her expertise and indus-Kevin Pruner — Senior Vice President, Systems try connections with industry& Services Technologies (SST), an NCO Group Inc. associates, giving her a unique view of the industry,Company. He has more than 20 years and manages its strengths, weaknesses and, most importantly, its op-all aspects of the SST service offering, including portunities. She serves as Director of Internationalproduct design, sales and marketing, business devel- Programs for the Automotive Dealership Institute andopment, underwriting, contracting and quality. He is is Secretary of the NAF Association Board of Direc-a member of the senior management team of NCO tors.Group. Tom Webb — Chief Econo- Paul Snider — President and mist, Manheim. With 30 years CEO, CIQ, Inc.; Chairman, automotive experience, he Correct Course, Inc a training serves as a resource for the in- and consulting company; and dustry, providing analysis of NAF Association Chairman. used car market activity based He has more than 30 years on data from all of Manheim’s experience in retail auto and auctions and associated businesses, as well asfinance. industry research. The NAF Association’s 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference • June 4-6, 2008 7520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076-1343 • 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com 5
  5. 5. Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference The NAF Association’s 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference • June 4-6, 20086 7520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076-1343 • 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com
  6. 6. SCHEDULEWednesday June 4, 20082:30 to 4:00 pm Board of Directors Meeting5:30 to 7:30 pm Reception Sponsored byThursday June 5, 20087:30 to 8:15 am Breakfast8:15 to 8:45 am Opening Remarks Jack Tracey, NAF Association, Executive Director Dan Leonard, Triad Financial, NAF Association President8:45 to 9:30 am Session 1 - Key Note Address Dr. Bernard L. Weinstein, Institute of Applied SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS Economics, University of North Texas The Sub-Prime Mess, the Credit Crunch and the Recession of 2008: Implications for the National Economy and Auto Financing. The U.S. economy likely went into recession in late ACS provides fully diversified, end-to-end, business 2007 or early 2008. Home foreclosures and personal process outsourcing and information technology so- bankruptcies have spiked in recent months while lutions to commercial and government clients world- wide. We are a FORTUNE 500 company mortgage and credit card delinquencies are on the comprised of more than 62,000 people in 750 global rise. Overdue auto loans have also increased locations, and supports clients in more than 100 sharply in recent months. countries. In the finance industry, ACS provides end- to-end software application and business process Still, in view of Congress’ recently enacted $200 outsourcing tools, including applications, systems billion stimulus package, and the dramatic drop in and services. With ACS financial solutions, lenders interest rates since the beginning of the year, the can streamline operations to focus on their core busi- ness and more effectively achieve their business recession of 2008 is likely to be fairly short and goals. shallow. In his presentation, Dr. Weinstein will www.acs-inc.com discuss the current state of the national economy and the outlook for various sectors and regions. He will also speak about the current credit crunch and how that is likely to affect durable goods purchases, including those of cars and light trucks. American Modern Insurance Group offers to the lending industry a complete line of insurance Continued . . . products and services that includes credit life, credit disability, debt protection, lender placed hazard, col- lateral protection, homeowners, tracking and out- sourcing services. www.amig.com The NAF Association’s 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference • June 4-6, 20087520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076-1343 • 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com 7
  7. 7. Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference SPONSORS & SCHEDULE Thursday Continued . . . EXHIBITORS 9:30 to 10:45 am Session 2 - Collections Moderator: Aaron Tankersley, HSBC Auto Panel: Scott Collier, Regional Acceptance Corp; Bob Hes- sman, SMG Servicing; Robert Beatty, AmeriCredit; and Kevin Pruner, Systems & Services Technologies CIQ, Inc. ("VOISYS") is a pioneer of the lead Given the current macro-economic challenges in the US generation industry and has quickly become the leader in special finance lead generation. The economy such as higher fuel prices, increasing level of un- VOISYS suite of products helps auto dealers employment, unknown impact of sub-prime mortgage produce more results with higher sales and payment resets, and softening used car pricing, lenders are greater profits. Specifically, VOISYS is an 800 and Internet based lead generation system serv- focusing more of their resources on the servicing side of ing the automotive non-prime, prime and lease their businesses in an effort to mitigate these risks. A dis- markets. Each year the company generates mil- tinguished panel of servicing experts will discuss several lions of credit related leads with its VOISYS Loan By Phone, Direct Mail and aspects related to optimizing a servicing platform. This dis- Internet programs. cussion will cover topics including strategy, technology, in- www.voisys.com centives, and loss mitigation.8
  8. 8. SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS CounselorLibrary.com, LLC, an affiliate of Hud- son Cook, LLP, is a collection of comprehensive, legal tools for compliance professionals, covering every as- pect of consumer credit finance. CounselorLibrary.com® SCHEDULE Thursday Continued . . . includes CARLAW®, CARLAW & Lease Counselor; and the Spot Delivery® newsletter. 10:45 to 11:15 am Break www. counselor library.com 11:15 am to 12:15 pm Session 3 - How Can We Stimulate ABS Investors? Moderator: George Halloran, BenchMark Consulting DealerTrack Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: TRAK) International is a leading provider of on-demand software and Panel: Amy Martin, Standard & Poor’s, Robert Mical- data solutions for the U.S. automotive retail industry. izzi, Merrill Lynch; and other non-prime originator Our solutions enable dealers to receive consumer leads, submit credit applications, compare financing and investor representatives. and leasing options, sell insurance, vehicle acces- This session will provide an update on current auto sories and other aftermarket products, document ABS performance by Standard & Poors followed by a compliance and execute financing contracts elec- tronically. In addition, the company provides dealer panel of present-day experts representing the rating management systems (DMS) through its Arkona, agencies, auto financing originators and investors who Inc., subsidiary. will discuss the current credit and funding environment www.dealertrack.com and the competitive forces affecting the ABS market- place with a special emphasis on what can motivate in- vestors to return to the non-prime ABS market. 12:15 to 1:30 pm Lunch driversselect, a new breed of automotive retail that focuses on providing consumers in the sub prime marketplace the ability to own and afford the 1:30 to 2:15 pm Session 4 - Alternative Data and Scoring same type of vehicles as those consumers in the Models in the Under-Banked Market prime marketplace. The company’s brand was cre- Moderator: Annette Girmus-Orford, Phoenix Capital ated by offering a shopping experience that builds consumer trust back into sub prime transactions Management through the use of credit education, large selection Panel: Steve Darsie, Scoring Solutions; May Ya Poon, of quality vehicles, and affordable financing pro- Wells Fargo Auto Finance; and Steve Hall, driversselect grams from responsible lending institutions. www.driversselect.com How do lenders determine a good risk from a bad risk when credit files are thin or non-existent? Join this panel discussion and learn about scoring models and developments in the use of alternative data in identify- ing better risks in the thin file market from both experts and practitioners. Continued . . . The NAF Association’s 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference • June 4-6, 20087520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076-1343 • 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com 9
  9. 9. SPONSORS & SCHEDULE Thursday Continued . . .EXHIBITORS 2:15 to 3:00 pm Session 5 - Full Spectrum Lending Richard Howse & Lisa Chlubiski, JD Power and Asso- ciates As competition in the auto finance market intensifies, many lenders are deploying full-spectrum strategies,The Finance Express program provides servicing both prime and sub-prime customers. Chal-lenders with a comprehensive risk mitigation pro- lenges exist for both prime and sub-prime lendersgram, providing a safe and secure environment when expanding their base, and both price and servicefor lenders who offer their services to independ-ent used car dealers. are keys. Another challenge comes from increasing in-www.financeexpress.com stances of direct funding from non-captive finance companies . 3:00 to 3:30 pm Break Sponsored by Fiserv Lending SolutionsFiserv Lending Solutions provides compre-hensive automotive finance software solutions 3:30 to 4:15 pm Session 6 - Member Meetingand business process outsourcing (BPO) services Paul Snider, CIQ/VOISYS, NAF Associationfor banks, finance companies, credit unions and Chairman; Jack Tracey, NAF AssociationExecu-independent auto finance organizations. Thescalable systems, extensive services and variety of tive Director; Rich Apicella, BenchMark Consult-delivery options provide the right solution for ing Internationalclients. NAF Association officers will discuss accomplish-www.fiservls.com ments of over the past year and plans for the up- coming year. Rich Apicella, BenchMark Consulting, will provide an overview of the find- ings of the NAF Associations 12th Annual Non- Prime Auto Financing Survey. Survey reports will be available to all NAF Association members. Non-members are welcome to attend this session.Global Connect, the leading provider of Web-based voice messaging, helps a variety of organ-izations throughout the United States, Canadaand Puerto Rico deliver personalized voice mes-sages quickly and cost effectively. Global Connectis a privately held company with corporate of-fices in Mays Landing, N.J.www.gc1.com The NAF Association’s 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference • June 4-6, 200810 7520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076-1343 • 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com
  10. 10. SCHEDULE Friday Continued . . . Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference4:15 to 5:00 pm Session 7 - Innovations Roundtable Marguerite Watanabe, Connections Insights, LLC In this interactive session, leaders in the industry SPONSORS & will facilitate stimulating discussions on topics that EXHIBITORS represent ongoing challenges and emerging oppor- tunities for non-prime auto financing companies. Issues may include Non-prime Portfolio Purchases and Sales, Staff Motivation and Incentives During Harder Times, Benefits of Risk-based Verification, i-flex solutions inc. offers Daybreak Lending Ideal Set of Consumer Payment Options and Suite that streamlines all aspects of consumer fi- Pros and Cons of Independent Dealer Partner- nancing, from origination to servicing and col- ships or those identified by the audience. The top- lections. Daybreak, deployed either as a licensed or ASP solution, has been selected by premier ics will be explored in a roundtable environment lenders to increase productivity, enhance cus- and shared back with the full group. The end re- tomer relationships, decrease operational costs sult will be best practices and actionable steps for and improve risk management. www.iflexsolutions.com your operations.5:00 to 7:00 pm Reception Sponsored by Finance Express MasterFiles, a leading data provider offers the Freshest EDA Data available with our NoFriday June 6, 2008 Hit...No Charge and No Monthly Fee guarantee starting at only 10 cents a hit. Ensure your busi-7:30 to 8:10 am Breakfast ness with Fresh information, choose MasterFiles. www.masterfiles.com8:10 to 8:15 am Opening Remarks Jack Tracey, NAF Association, and Mark Brown, DealerTrack8:15 to 9:00 am Session 8 - State of the Non-Prime Industry Panel: Mark Floyd, AmeriCredit; Dan Leonard, PAR North America is a nationwide provider Triad Financial; Tommy A. Moore, Jr., First In- of vehicle remarketing services including repos- vestors Financial Services Group, Inc. sessions, skip tracing, titling, vehicle transporta- tion and lease end-of-term. Cutting edge Non-prime finance companies executives will Web-based technology connects PAR with its share their views on the challenges facing the in- clients and vendors in a collaborative effort to fa- dustry and the strategies necessary to be successful cilitate these back-end operational needs. www.parnorthamerica.com in the present economic climate. The NAF Association’s 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference • June 4-6, 2008 7520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076-1343 • 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com 11
  11. 11. Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS SCHEDULE Friday Continued . . . 9:00 to 9:45 am Session 9 - Used Car Market Tom Webb, Manheim An analysis of how economic forces and supplyPark National Bank’s Structured Ware- and demand in the wholesale market influence:house lending unit provides revolving/redis- • New and used vehicle loan originations,count lines of credit to closely held automotive • Delinquency and recovery rates, andfinancial institutions with financing facilities rang-ing from $5 million to $20 million. Park also has • Dealership profit opportunities.an ability to arrange larger facilities if needed. www.parknationalbank.com A review of economic and industry trends to gain insights into: • The outlook for vehicle supply from the dealer’s perspective, • The robustness of used vehicle retail demand,PassTime, established in 1992, strives to support andand enhance the specialized finance industry with • Remarketing best practices that reduce days-state-of-the-art high tech payment solutions. ThePassTime family of products has improved cus- to-sell and maximize net returns.tomer payment performance and dramatically re-duced default and repossession risks for thousands 9:45 to 10:45 am Session 10 - Legal Updateof dealer and finance companies. Headquarteredin Colorado, PassTime invented the industry’s first Moderator: Eric Johnson, Phillips McFallstarter-interrupt device in 1997. McCaffrey McVay & Murrah PCwww.passtimeusa.com Panel: Brian Becker, Becker Law Firm, PA; Joshua Cox, Santander Consumer USA/Drive; Larry Young, Hughes Watters and Askanase,LLP; and Mark Edelman, McGlinchey Stafford Topics to be covered: recent dealer fraud case(s) and straw purchases; firm offers of credit compli-Phoenix Capital Management, LLC(PHXCM) is a specialized consumer finance asset ance; FRB amendments to Reg Z and M for elec-management company engaged primarily in ana- tronic disclosures, the documentation fees,lyzing and acquiring retail installment sales con- unauthorized practice of law cases; illegal alientracts. PHXCM currently manages special autofinance and special real estate portfolios and per- sales issues following passage of Oklahomas re-forms statistical, actuarial, mathematical and fi- strictive HB 1804 on immigration; and the Rednancial due diligence analysis. PHXCM‚s principal Flag Rules and Affiliate Marketing Rules.executive offices are located in Denver.www.phxcm.com. The NAF Association’s 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference • June 4-6, 200812 7520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076-1343 • 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com
  12. 12. SCHEDULE Friday Continued . . . SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS10:45 to 11:00 am Break Sponsored by Phoenix Capital Management11:00 to 11:45 am Session 11 Dealer/Creditor Compliance: Compliance in a Sub-Prime World – Regional Acceptance Corporation, an affiliate of BB&T, purchases automobile portfolios through The Dealers’ Viewpoint the Portfolio Acquisition Group. We buy prime Moderator: Gary Perdue, AppOneWolters Kluwer through sub-prime, servicing released. Our clients Financial Services include banks, credit unions, finance companies and automobile dealers throughout the country. Panel: Gil Van Over, gvo3 & Associates; Becky www.regionalacceptance.com Chernek, Chernek Consulting Incorporated; and Emily Beck, Hudson Cook, LLP This interactive and fast-paced discussion will focus on how auto financing sources can understand the compli- ance requirements their dealers are facing and how they can help their dealers meet the new rules and reg- ulations. Demonstrations and role-playing will be used to highlight common oversights and mistakes made by Reynolds and Reynolds provides documents in- auto financing companies with their dealers. cluding LAW® Universal Retail Installment Con- tracts accepted in all 50 states and available to all funding sources. Our contracts are regularly mon-11:45 to 12:30 pm Session 12 - Remarketing – itored through partnerships with leading legal ex- The Global Buyer Effect perts to help maintain compliance to Robert Guerrero, Insurance Auto Auctions constantly-changing automotive finance laws. www.reyrey.com Session to focus on unique challenges facing non- prime sector Remarketing trades and repossessions to buyers, both domestic and international, and how that affects your portfolio. IAA’s internet model sells vehicles to live and internet buyers from over 100 countries that create a strong bidding environment on units that typically aren’t attractive to the normal buyers at auctions. What RouteOne is a Web-based credit application man- make US cars attractive to International Buyers? agement system created by Chrysler Financial, Ford Motor Credit, GMAC and Toyota Financial to improve efficiencies in automotive financing.12:30 pm Closing Remarks RouteOne connects dealers to all their subscribed Jack Tracey, NAF Association Executive Director finance sources, including captives, prime and non- prime lenders, all within a single desktop. www.routeone.com The NAF Association’s 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference • June 4-6, 20087520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076-1343 • 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com 13
  13. 13. SPONSORS &EXHIBITORSSekurus/ON TIME the patented starter inter-rupt system that changes payment behavior ofcredit challenged consumers and is designed forbanks, finance companies, and lien holders.www.ppsontime.com Cow Girl Museum Grand Corporate SponsorSpecial Finance mails to 22,500 U.S. new- andused-car dealers. The magazine is focused on sub-prime, nonprime and nearprime automotive lend-ing, with a focus on sales and marketing strategies,industry news, regulatory compliance and buy-here,pay-here.www.special-finance.com Corporate SponsorsState National Companies — Get more port-folio protection with collateral protection insurancefrom the CPI specialist. The choice of successfulcredit unions nationwide, State National Compa-nies offers larger claims settlements, unmatchedservice and time-saving technology with a programbacked by our A (Excellent) rated insurance car-rier. See whats possible with State National.www.statenational.com The NAF Association’s 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference • June 4-6, 200814 7520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076-1343 • 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com
  14. 14. SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference SubPrime Auto Finance News is the top infor- mation source for the auto finance industry. In ad- dition to a glossy full-color monthly publication, SubPrime Auto Finance News keeps dealers and in- dustry executives abreast of the latest news through its companion e-newsletter, SubPrime News Update. www.subprimenews.com Teletrack Inc. provides auto financiers with non- traditional consumer credit data for risk mitigation, identity verification and skip tracing. Teletracks data from special finance lenders marketing to under- served consumers can enhance predictive modeling and portfolio performance. www.teletrack.com TransUnion combines powerful data, analytics and decisioning to improve application processing. By assessing risk, managing identities and inte- grating timely contact data, you can score more thin file/underserved prospects, quickly confirm applicants‚ contact information and help meet compliance obligations. www.transunion.com/business www.nafassociation.com The NAF Association’s 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference • June 4-6, 20087520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076-1343 • 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com 15
  15. 15. SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS 2008 Conference Sponsors DealerTrack — Grand Corporate Sponsor van Wagenen Financial Services - For 75 years, ACS — Corporate Sponsor van Wagenen Financial Services has offered cus- tomized risk management solutions to financial insti- tutions. van Wagenen offers insurance tracking and PassTime — Corporate Sponsor collateral protection programs to protect your loan portfolios. Our goal is to lower administrative costs Regional Acceptance Corp. — and reduce losses. www.vanwagenen.com Corporate Sponsor and Lanyards TransUnion — Corporate Sponsor driversselect — Thursday Lunch Finance Express — Thursday Reception VantageILM is the leading next generation inte- grated loan management (ILM) system that integrates Fiserv Lending Solutions — best practice origination, servicing, collections, recov- ery management, asset management, document man- Thursday Afternoon Break agement, and accounting in one on-demand platform. www.vantageilm.com Phoenix Capital Management — Friday Morning Break Route One — Wednesday Reception Special Finance — Media Sponsor Williams & Stazzone Insurance Agency — Western Union® Payment Services is the most experienced provider of comprehensive bill payment Conference Bags services in the auto industry, creating customizable payment solutions for billers that provide convenient and reliable electronic and cash payment options for consumers. www.westernunion.com NAF Association appreciates the support of its sponsors and exhibitors. The NAF Association’s 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference • June 4-6, 200816 7520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076-1343 • 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com
  16. 16. SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS Williams & Stazzone Insurance Agency specializes in fleet insurance programs including USI, Forced Place, GAP, Garage Liability, Lessors Contingent/Excess, Warranty, Car Rental Fran- chise Systems. We provide Group Life & Group Health programs, Life Insurance and Disability In- come Insurance for Estate Plans. www.wsins.com Wolters Kluwer Financial Services/AppOne offers independent dealerships access to lenders while providing industry leading risk mitigation and compliance services. As part of Wolters Kluwer Fi- nancial Services, the leading provider of regulatory compliance solutions and services for banking, se- curities, and insurance, AppOne delivers trusted management tools and resources. www.WoltersKluwerFS.com or www.AppOne.net Fort Worth, Texas The NAF Association’s 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference • June 4-6, 20087520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076-1343 • 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com 17
  17. 17. Turn Saving time and money piles is safe and secure. You can turn your automotive of auto paper into cash within 5 days. We buy all credit tiers, large and small, prime through sub-prime, paper with servicing released and nobody beats our pricing. into Regional Acceptance Corporation is an affiliate of stacks BB&T (NYSE:BBT), one of the largest financial holding of cash companies in the nation with a tradition of excellence that stretches back to 1872. NYSE:BBT t o l l - f r e e 8 7 7 - 7 2 2 - 4 9 9 9 w w w. r e g a c c . c o m Dont miss out on the original non-prime auto financing conference! A sampling of the companies who attended the 2007 conference:Ace Motor Acceptance Corp. Counselorlibrary.com/Hudson Cook, LLP PassTimeACS Credit Acceptance Corporation Premier Lease & Loan ServicesAmerican Thrift & Finance Creditors Bankruptcy Service Regional Acceptance CorporationAmeriCredit Corp. Crescent Bank & Trust Reliable Auto FinanceAppOne DealerTrack, Inc. ReMark Capital Group, LLCAscension Capital Group driversselect Reynolds and ReynoldsAutoIMS Easterns Automotive Group RouteOneAutomotive Finance Corporation Equifax, Inc. ScotiabankBenchMark Consulting International Finance Express LLC Southern Auto Finance CompanyBill Heard Enterprises First Data Solutions Standard & PoorsBMW Financial Services Fiserv Automotive Solutions, Inc. State NationalC & F Finance Company Ford Credit SubPrime Auto Finance NewsCain Financial Inspire Auto Finance Company, LLC SuperSolutions CorporationCAR Financial Services Inc. J.D. Power and Associates Systems & Services Technologies Inc. (SST)Carfinco Income Fund LexisNexis TransUnionCenterOne Financial Services Manheim Travelers Automotive FinanceCentury Credit MarkOne Financial Triad Financial CorpChase Auto Finance Military Assistance Company Used Car NewsCIQ/VOISYS National Auto Finance Company Wells Fargo FinancialCMSI National Bankruptcy Services Western Union Payment ServicesCompli ON TIME Sekurus Westlake Financial ServicesConsumer Auto Refinance Services, Inc PAR North America Wolters Kluwer Financial Services The NAF Association’s 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference • June 4-6, 200818 7520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076-1343 • 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com
  18. 18. REGISTER NOW! Register on-line at www.nafassociation.com Special 2008 Registration Fees Designed to Accommodate Reduced Travel Budgets: Member $495 • Additional Reps $195 Non Members $995 • Additional Reps $695 Auto Dealers $495 Hotel Registration - Reserve your hotel room before May 9 for special conference room rates. Follow hotel link on nafassociation.com, or call the hotel at 800-433-5677 or 817-870-1000 and be sure to reference the NAF Association annual meeting.Cancellation Policy - Refund of registration fees will be made upon receipt of written request if cancella- tion is received by May 28, 2008. Cancellations are subject to a $100 charge. Refunds will be processed after the conference. You may transfer your registration to another person at any time. • Contact info: NAF Association • 7250 Parkway Drive, Suite 510 • Hanover, MD 21076 800-463-8955 • metracey@nafassociation.com • www.nafassociation.com TransUnion is a proud sponsor of the NAF Associations 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference. You want to approve and purchase contracts faster and with greater confidence. Approve. Soon your organization must comply with Red Flag Regulations too. TransUnion gives you the tools to reduce risk, lower costs and manage compliance objectives with: Purchase. Fraud and Identity Management Regulatory Compliance Comply. Predictive Customer Acquisition Strategies Credit Decisioning Portfolio Management Market Intelligence Drive risk and cost out of automotive financing and shift into high gear for comp liance with Red Flags. Learn more now! Call Pete Turek at 248-324-3030 or email pturek@transunion.com. © 2008 TransUnion LLC All Rights Reserved 19
  19. 19. Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference June 4 to 6, 2008 Renaissance Worthington Hotel, Fort Worth R e g i s t e r o n - l i n e a t : w w w. n a f a s s o c i a t i o n . c o mPermit No. 1225 Richmond, VA Hanover, MD 21076-1343 PAIDU.S. POSTAGE 7520 Parkway Drive, Suite 510FIRST CLASS PRESORT