A. Tools

       “It’s a Great Time to Buy” from NAR. Get buyers off the fence with this updated consumer

     ’s “Home Buyer’s Guide” (First Steps, Financing, Shopping, Closing, 1 Time

         Homebuyer) ht...
B. Web Sites


        Be sure your credit is in order at http://www.FreeCreditRepor...

 B. Web Sites

       IRS Tax Credit -
   Homeowner’s insurance information:

      ...
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Homebuyer Resources (Word doc)


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Transcript of "Homebuyer Resources (Word doc)"

  1. 1. PLANNING A. Tools  “It’s a Great Time to Buy” from NAR. Get buyers off the fence with this updated consumer brochure. Order your copy now for FREE M1U1O/JRBV2/YT/h o It reviews areas such as, Motivated sellers and inventory • Market strength • FHA loans • Benefits of home ownership • Low mortgage rates • Value of the real estate investment • How a REALTOR® can help. Designed for REALTORS® to provide to consumers to help them make informed decisions in this changing market  “It Pays to Work With a Realtor” from NAR. FREE download or $47.25/100pc  “Florida Housing’s First Time Home Buyer Program” flyer: ImageWebDocs/HomeBuyersAndRenters/FTHB_Flyer_English.pdf  Handouts for Customers - educational handouts on hot topics, from how to choose the best mortgage to moving safely with pets. Print copies of the handouts or customize them with your branding. Perfect for your newsletter, Web site, and promotional kits.: rshomepage B. Books  The National Association of Realtors® Guide to Home Buying, $19.95 o Outlines the process of purchasing a home with special focus on issues that concern first time buyers. It presents a variety of options for buyers to consider during each step of the buying transaction, and provides consumers with as complete a picture of the process as possible so they can make the best decisions with their real estate professionals for their needs. C. Websites  Great Time To Buy Florida:  NAR’s Home Buyer’s Basics, including “10 Steps to Homeownership”
  2. 2. st ’s “Home Buyer’s Guide” (First Steps, Financing, Shopping, Closing, 1 Time Homebuyer) guide-home.asp  NAR’s Housing Opportunity Program (“Home From Work”: video available on site)  First Time Home Buyer resources: (state specific info on grants, programs, loans, insurance, articles etc.)  Various information & tools on purchasing a home (rights, affordability, available homebuying programs, inspections, homeowners insurance)  NAR’s “Right Tools, Right Now.” A complete line of FREE and AT-COST products and resources that are part of NAR’s RIGHT TOOLS, RIGHT NOW initiative. Listings are updated monthly, so check back often!  Florida Housing Finance Corporation: Click “First Time Home Buyer Wizard” for more information.  Find Florida Properties o o FINANCING A. Tools  “Specialty Mortgages: What Are the Risks and Advantages?” from NAR (FREE Download or $30 for 50 pc.)  “Traditional Mortgages: Understanding Your Options” from NAR (FREE Download or $30 for 50 pc.)  “Learn About FHA Mortgages” from NAR, (FREE download or 50 pc./$30) produced by NAR, FHA, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, outlines the changes to FHA, how to qualify for an FHA mortgage, and other resources available from FHA, HUD, and NAR.
  3. 3. B. Web Sites   Be sure your credit is in order at  Finance section of  Search for Local Lenders and Mortgage Options (NAR site, powered by Bankrate):  Every REALTOR® who wants to sell more homes will benefit from the free, online FHA Toolkit available below. Click on the links -- and start learning all there is to know to help clients find the FHA-insured loans they need.  Fannie Mae-owned properties offer great affordable housing opportunities, with up to 97% financing for select properties through HomePath® financing options. TAX CREDIT A. Tools  Homebuyers' $8000 Tax Credit Promotional Letter from NAR.  “The 2009 First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit” PowerPoint from NAR: _affairs_homeb_tax_credit_new.pdf? MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=f6ee3f004d2465a491f6f526a9949436  Mortgagee letter on how to use First Time Homebuyer Tax Credits for down payment http:// (Document Number 09-15, IRS Form 5405, IRS Tax Credit Summary)  Information updated on HUD’s News page:  Help your buyers save now with this updated brochure on the Homebuyers' Tax Credit. Order your FREE copy now http://go-
  4. 4. B. Web Sites  IRS Tax Credit -,,id=205416,00.html AND,,id=204671,00.html First-Time Homebuyer Credit - includes overview & form to use  How to get tax credit:   The Basics: 2009 First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit: lid=ronav0019  Monetization of Tax Credit:  First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit (National Association of Home Builders)  Federal cash available for home buyers - bridge loans or cash advances, up to $8,000, that they can use for the down payment, closing costs or other loan expenses pending receipt of their tax credit check from the IRS GENERAL HOMEBUYER SITES       
  5. 5.  Homeowner’s insurance information:  Information on getting ready for homeownership, financing your home, finding the right property and closing. rshomepage FORECLOSURE INFORMATION    