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Homa Bay High School 1984-1985
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Homa Bay High School 1984-1985


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  • 1. Samuel Otieno Odhiambo Contact.0722-778617 or 0712-366823 Personal data Date of Birth: 17th November 1966 Gender: Male Nationality: Kenyan Marital Status: Married Education Newport University.2002- 2004 Masters of Business Administration – Finance Newport University.1998-2002 Bachelors of Business Administration Homa Bay High School 1984-1985 Kenya Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education 2 Principals 1 Subsidiary-Maths Geography Economics Sawagongo/Maliera High School Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education 2nd Division, 29points Lihanda Primary School Certificate of Primary Education Professional courses Cambridge International College 1992-1994 Diploma in Personnel Admin & Industrial relations-Distinction Diploma on Accounting in Business and Management-Credit Diploma on Computer appreciation-Credit 1
  • 2. College of Banking and Finance Diploma in Banking I-KNEC College of Computers (Pie computer college) Software operations Lotus, Ms-Dos, Windows- Office Seminars and attendance courses Certified courses Euro money training : Czech Republic Prague- July –August 2007 on Credit Scoring , rating and Basel II compliance methodology ICICI India – October –November 2007 (Mumbai , India, Chennai India and BRAC bank , Dhaka Bangladesh Non-certified courses. Business Growth and targets at ABC Bank Other certified courses Banking Operations –Trust Bank Ltd –Training Center Successful supervisory skills –Consultants for Effective Training Experience (from present) Ndovu Insurance Agency (K) Limited & Riverbank Credit (April 2008 – Present) Chief Manager – Business development Flag bearer of the group is Ndovu Insurance Agency Limited , On the side, there is Riverbank Credit Financial Solutions which is the group lending arm. Key Tasks (Business development and staff deployment ) ♦ A new insurance agency incorporated in January 2008 by insurance sales executives of various underwriters with the mission to deliver affordable insurance products relevant to the needs of vast majority of Kenyans ♦ TASKS : To develop insurance products and fine tune premium payments so as to suit ability of the majority of Kenyans ♦ To ensure all Kenyans of adult age can access insurance products ♦ To employ right people for the job On the side of Riverbank Credit, ♦ To recruit staff and develop microfinance products affordable to the majority. 2
  • 3. Equity Bank Limited (Nov 2004 to March 2008 Senior Credit Manager ( Head of SME Sector) Key Tasks (management of SME loans i.e. loans from Shs 1m -10 million ♦ Port folio represents 36% of the total lending by the bank ( About Shs 7.2 billion) ♦ Portfolio includes special products ( Asset finance & Mortgages) ♦ In charge of new product development for the Sector ♦ Supervisor for six credit managers 4 on special products, one on sector training and another on book quality Management ♦ In charge of the volume growth and quality of the loan book Credit Manager – Tom Mboya branch (Nov 2004-March 2005) ♦ Leader of credit at branch level ♦ Coordinator of Credit Officers performance ♦ Assessment of growth of the loan book in line with policy guidelines provided by bank ♦ Making proposals to Head Office on customers trends and hence suitable products. Special duties ♦ Finacle (infosys) specialized trainer on front end and Back end SQLs ♦ SME credit rating and scoring trainer conversant with credit rating/scoring models as trained by Euromoney Diamond Trust Bank (Kenya) Limited 4th Feb 2004-November 2004 Position: Credit Relationship Officer – Asset Finance, Corporate banking. Key Tasks (Insurance Premium Financing & Hire Purchase) ♦ Marketing Hire Purchase business to prospective corporate clients through individual visits, joint discussions and sector exhibitions at social places like motor shows and other media. ♦ Liaison with auto dealers, insurance underwriters and advocates to foster speedy conclusion of business. ♦ Developing marketing procedure for Hire Purchase business, Insurance Premium Financing and Stock Finance - Floor Plan business (Financing whole sale purchase of vehicles from importers by dealers) The Stock Finance/ Floor Plan facility is utilized to finance purchase of vehicle stocks (inclusive of VAT) 3
  • 4. by individual Auto Dealers from General Motors Group for onward sale to eventual buyers/hirer(s) from time to time. ♦ Appraisal of new HP applications, from branches for presentation to Credit Committee ♦ Monitoring disbursed facilities through dairy system and compliance check mechanism to ensure that they comply with Standard requirements ♦ Classification of HP accounts for CBK prudential Returns purposes. ♦ Implementing recovery procedures, termination notices, repossession orders and custody of repossessed vehicles. African Banking Corporation Limited 7th Jan 2002- 1st Feb 2004 Position: Senior Credit Officer – Head Office Credit Division. Key Tasks ♦ Formulation of the banks Hire purchase policy ♦ Liaising with external bodies regulatory bodies and advocates to establish rules of operations ♦ Developing marketing procedure for Hire Purchase business and educating branch Managers on standard requirements ♦ Design of formats used in Hire purchase business from Marketing, application, disbursement, follow-up, recovery and disposals in HP ♦ Setting standards for appraisal of HP facilities. ♦ Appraisal of new HP applications from branches for presentation to Credit Committee ♦ Monitoring disbursed facilities through dairy system and compliance check mechanism to ensure that they comply with Standard HP requirements ♦ Classification of HP accounts for CBK prudential Returns purposes. ♦ Implementing recovery procedures, term notices, repossession orders and custody of repossessed vehicles ♦ Processing other advances CLPs on various advances applications according to existing policy. November 2000-Jan 2002 Paramount Universal Bank Limited 4
  • 5. Position: Credit Officer – Head Office ♦ Head Office- recovery accounts for all advances ♦ Repossession, storage and sale of M/vehicles ♦ Guiding litigation on cases when called upon ♦ Sale of Hire Purchase assets ♦ CBK consolidated returns (PR 1-8) Prudential returns. September 1999- November 2000 Paramount Universal Bank Limited Position: Credit Officer – Chester House Branch ♦ In charge of 6 staff after the Branch Manager ♦ Repackaging Hire Purchase product which was originally done by Universal Finance Limited and Combine Finance Limited ♦ Marketing for good asset based lending through visits to major industrialists ♦ Marketing of good Hire Purchase lending for financing of vehicles, HCVs and machinery ♦ Review of new applications, credit line presentation. HP account opening, maintenance and supervision of existing accounts under Bank 2000 ♦ Supervising Branch operations signing Bankers cheques ,remittance,account opening ,cash transactions ♦ Signatory category “B”responsible for withdrawal of cash/depositing at Central Bank of Kenya. ♦ Processing of branch reports ♦ Custodian of advances securities ♦ Custodian of cash January 1992- September Trust bank Limited Position: Credit Officer – Moi avenue branch ♦ Custodian of advances securities 5
  • 6. ♦ In charge of loan port folio Kshs 7.0 billion and total of 4 advances staff ♦ Appraisal, disbursement and post disbursement follow-ups with no litigation ♦ Statistical and spreadsheet analysis of borrowers business set-up ♦ Authorizing computer reports (Batch System) ♦ Authorised signatory category “B” of all banks financial instruments. ♦ Reconciliation /Accounts dept (1993 Jan to June) ♦ Clearing department (1992 Aug –1993Jan) ♦ Cashier ( Jan 1992- August ,1992) January 1987- 1990 Gemstone Import Export Agency Position: Procurement and documents officer ♦ Marketing products sold by the Import /Export Agency. ♦ (In those days) processing import applications to obtain Foreign Exchange Allocation License (FEAL) during exchange controls January 1986- Dec 1996 Argwings K’odhek Secondary School Position: Secondary School Teacher ♦ Specialties: Maths Geography Commerce. Social Activities/History School Prefect Maliera Secondary School Dormitory captain Homa Bay High School Deputy Shop steward Trust Bank Limited (1992-1993) Secretary General of Trust Bank Limited (1994-1999) Staff Welfare Association 6
  • 7. Leadership Present 1998. Vice Chairman-New East Gem Development group Committee member- Lihanda Development group. Committee member – Park road, Ngara Security Committee Interests/ Career Objective To be in an organization with a vision for growth, recognition for past achievements and a dignity to reject dirty money. Referees Mr. George Owour Chief Engineer –Kenya power & Lighting Stima Plaza -0721925910 Nairobi. Mr. Apollo Njoroge or John Ayuko Snr. Manager – Equity Bank Ltd -0722-277172 or 0721-326790 NHIF Building, Nairobi. Mr. Bharat Jani -0721648900 Deputy General Manager – Prime Bank Limited Head Office Nairobi 7