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    • CURRICULUM VITAE FAMILY NAME: Mucheru-Karuri FIRST NAMES: Margaret Mailing Address: P.O Box 58026, 00200 Cell: +254-722-707882 / 0724-690882 City Square Home: +254-066 73023 Nairobi-KENYA Email: wairimukaruri@yahoo.com DATE OF BIRTH: 16th June 1956 NATIONALITY: Kenyan CIVIL STATUS: Married EDUCATION: Institution: The University of Stirling in Scotland [U.K] Date(s): 1990 Qualification Obtained: Masters in Business Administration [MBA] - Finance Institution: The University of Nairobi - Kenya Date (s): 1980 Qualification Obtained: Bachelor of Arts [ BA] Honours – Economics and Sociology Other Professional Training: Institutions: Commonwealth Association for Corporate Governance, Kenya – Date(s): 2006 Qualification Obtained: Certificate in Principles of Good Corporate Governance Institution: IFC/World Bank, Nairobi, Kenya – Date(s): 2005 Qualification Obtained: Certificate in Enhancing Management Consulting Skills Course Institution: Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID) – Date(s): 1999 Qualification Obtained: Certificate in Investment Appraisal and Management (PIAM) Institution: Booze. Allen & Hamilton – Date (s): 1997 Qualification Obtained: Certificate - Managing Risk in Private Sector Project Development and Finance Institution: Chase Bank, New York, & Melon Bank, Philadelphia (USA) - Date(s): 1996 Qualification Obtained: Certificated in Senior Management Credit Program Institution: Japan Development Bank & African Development Institute - Date(s): 1997 Qualification Obtained: Certificate in Development Financing and Credit Analysis Institution: National Westminster Bank (NATWEST) (U.K) - Date(s): 1990 Qualification Obtained: International Finance, Markets and Trade Institution: Kenya Commercial Bank Training School - Date (s): Various 1982-1991 Qualification Obtained: Credit Management, Operations, Management, Marketing of Financial Services, Corporate Finance and others. LANGUAGE SKILLS (4=Fluent): Language: Reading: English French 2 Kiswahili 3 Kikuyu (Mother Tongue) 2 Luganda (Ugandan) 2 MEMBERSHIP OF PROFESSIONAL BODIES: Margaret Wairimu Mucheru-Karuri 1
    • Member Chartered Institute of Bankers, the Development Finance Forum, Microfin Forum KEY QUALIFICATIONS Key Academic Qualifications: • Degree in Economics and Sociology • Masters Degree in Business Administration - Finance • Training in principle of good corporate governance and assessment • Training in Investment Appraisal and Management • Training in Private Sector Project Development and Risk Management • Training in all aspects of Commercial Bank Operations, business development and advisory services Other Skills: • Effective written and oral communication skills in English and Kiswahili. • Good knowledge and experience in the use of spreadsheets, project costing and word-processing programs PRESENT OCCUPATIONS AND POSITIONS: A) Founder & Managing Director: “People Microcredit & Investment Bureau” [PEMCI] a Kenyan Microfinance initiative launched in June 2005, with operations in the Western part of Kenya. The initiative is committed to nurturing the entrepreuneural spirit among Kenyans, through the provision of an efficient and sustainable source of financial and non-financial services, that meet the needs of the people and is suited to their local situation. Through its motto of “Empowering the People”, PEMCI works to give people a hand-up and not hand-outs. PEMCI’s long term goal is to become a dynamic and innovative lead organisation in the provision of Microfinance, Consulting and Business Advisory Services. B) Independent Consultant: A “Development & Development Finance Specialist” with a wealth of experience in Banking, Finance and Development Project work, spanning over a twenty seven (27) years period. Providing: • Technical Support to development strategies, programs/projects and other public and private sector initiatives directed at promoting the social and economic development within Africa and worldwide. Particularly focused on initiatives geared towards the development of the financial sector, the rural- microfinance sector, and micro, small and medium scale enterprises (M-SME’s). Skills and experience include:  Designing, monitoring and managing implementation of public and private sector investments in all phases of the project cycle  Program development, management and monitoring  Conducting detailed and complex financial analysis and planning;  Managing project scope, cost, schedules and quality at all levels;  Formulating financial sector reforms and designing appropriate interventions;  Advising on and enhancing development policies, projects and programs;  Institutional and management analysis;  Project and country experience across Africa  Extensive travel across African countries, Europe and North America.  Multi-lingual • Advise and support business enterprises and individual clients in all phases of business analysis including formulating bankable business/investment proposals and plans. C) Entrepreneur: With business interests in real estate, hotel and tourism industry and financial sector. Margaret Wairimu Mucheru-Karuri 2
    • WORK AND PROFFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE RECORD: Date: 1992 to 2004 Organisation: The African Development Bank (AfDB) Location: Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire and Tunis, Tunisia Positions:  1992-1996 - Country Programme Officer - Ghana and Nigeria  1996-2001 - Senior Financial Analyst, West African Region with responsibilities as a Country Programme Manager and Team/Task Leader  2001-2004 - Principal Financial Analyst, West, East & South African Regions with responsibilities as a Country Programme Manager and Team/Task Leader Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique Countries Covered: Tasks & Responsibilities: Principal Financial Analyst: (2001-2004): • *Conducted the financial analysis and planning on Bank-funded projects at all levels while determining the reliability of the financial data pertaining to a project and the executing agencies to determine: adequacy of the investment cost and the financing plan for the project/executing agency; financial viability of the project; accounting and financial policies, the actual and forecast financial status, and the viability of the executing agency, including actual and proposed cost recovery policies where appropriate. • *Conducted a quantitative and qualitative examination of the financial policies and the capacity of the financial management systems practiced or proposed by the borrower or executing agency to support project implementation and operation. • *Specifically in-charge of designing and managing implementation of agriculture credit loans, rural finance, microfinance/micro enterprises poverty oriented programs. In-depth analysis of the institutional and management capacity of collaborating partner institutions such as: central banks, development banks, micro finance institutions, private sector enterprises, project management units, executing and government agencies etc. • *Formulated appropriate financial, management, institutional capacity building measures to enhance their efficiency and sustainability in the management and implementation of Bank funded projects to achieve the set objectives. Country Programme Manager (1996-2004) in-charge of Agriculture and Rural Development covering Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia my duties were to: • *Liaised between the Bank and its member countries, government agencies, the donor community, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders. • *Provided technical advice and operational support in developing and implementing long-term country program proposals, strategies, results frameworks, work plans and budgets. • *Coordinated and participate in all field missions to the specific member country. • *Conducted donor and all stakeholders coordination in the member countries by fostering and maintaining contacts and good working relationships with governments, key government officials, and representatives of donor, multilateral and private communities, and other development agencies to promote a common approach towards donor funded programs and projects. • *Supervised and administered the country loan portfolio. • *Established dialogue, contacts, partnerships, and collaboration at all levels with government ministries and agencies, the donor community and international funding agencies, local communities, the civil society including national and international NGOs, and other development partners to promote effective coordination on development projects. • *Prepared, managed and monitored the Country Programme and participated in formulating of the Country Strategy and Economic and policy analysis work. • *Participated in Bank-Donors Consultative Group (CG) meetings and other donor coordination meetings, portfolio review forums, and other discussion groups and meeting in the respective country. • *Reviewed and Monitored implementation and achievement of country programs, project objectives, procurement and disbursement ratios/rates, annual allocations and balances, and made necessary Margaret Wairimu Mucheru-Karuri 3
    • operational recommendations to the Bank. Task manager/Team Leader: (1996-2004) • *Lead, supervise and coordinate multidisciplinary teams of experts in identifying, preparing, appraising, and supervising development programmes and projects in assigned countries. • *Coordinated the timely preparation, production and review of accurate and quality reports and documents. • *Negotiated loan terms and conditions and effectiveness. • *Presented and defended financing proposal before the Board of Directors to secure their approval and funding. • *Organised workshops, dialogue and consultations with all stakeholders and ensure their proactive involvement in the planning, design and the decisions making process on programs and projects funded by the Bank. • *Developed and implemented project annual work plans, and managed the overall project implementation schedules, costs financing plan and quality. • *Managed the loan disbursement and procurement process. • *Reviewed and provided intellectual support in the preparation of Policy Documents, Operational Guidelines, Studies and other reports and documents of relevance to the work of the Bank. Country Programme Officer: (1992-2006) • *As liaison officer supported all operational activities by the Bank Group in the member country (Ghana & Nigeria), and coordinated with the government, donors, other development partners, and the technical departments all issues relating to the assigned country, to ensure the smooth and timely implementation of Bank Group Programs and Projects. • *Contributed to the formulation of the Bank Group strategy in the assigned country and developing a project Pipeline. • *Programmed the use of resources (loans and grants) and coordinate the implementation of the country lending program. • *Contributed and participated in appraisal, launching, supervision, post evaluation, portfolio review, financial and operations review, donor coordination and Consultative Group meetings, and other missions relating to the work of the Bank in the member country; • *Coordinated general identification missions to the country and the development of the pipeline of projects. Date :1982 to 1992 Company: Kenya Commercial Bank / Kenya Commercial Finance Co. Ltd. Location: Kenya Position: Branch Manager, Head Loans & Advances Department, Account/loans officer, Special Loan Schemes, Fund and Marketing Officer Job Description: • Branch Management, provided direction and the day-to-day management and running of the assigned Branch including: client relationships, staff issues, lending and deposit mobilization activities, marketing and promotion campaigns, dissemination of bank policies and procedures. Supported Government policies and initiatives towards the development of private sector by advancing loans and credit to local investors and entrepreneurs. • Head Loans & Advances Department, managed all loans and advances operations in the branch including: processing and approving new loans and overdrafts facilities, supervision of credit/loan maturities and repayments, overseeing recoveries; and managing the delinquent accounts; funds mobilization (deposit portfolio) maturities and renewals; business support and advisory services to clients; co-manage the branch; and disseminated policies. • Account/loans officer, undertook business development/promotion activities, identified and appraised multi-sectoral projects; supervised and monitored the implementation and performance of the loan portfolio, reviewed and approved disbursements applications, monitored loan recovery, managed Margaret Wairimu Mucheru-Karuri 4
    • delinquent accounts and provided business advisory services to clients. • In-charge of Special Loan Schemes: managed these special schemes funded by external donor agencies including: the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC Fund), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). These schemes sole objective was to promote investments in the private sector in Tourism, Industry, Construction and Agriculture. • Fund and Marketing Officer, undertook fund raising/mobilization, management of interest rate, management of deposits maturities, withdrawals and renewals, designed marketing and promotion campaigns, developed marketing strategies for new products and provided overall liaison and advisory services to clients. The activities under this position were geared towards raising funds for on-lending to the private sector. Date: June 1980 - December 1982 Country: Kenya Company: Mercantile Finance Co. Ltd. Position: New Business Development Officer. Coordinated and reviewed new business proposals; Conducted nationwide marketing and promotional campaigns Supported the development of new lending instruments such as higher purchase, leasing, discounting etc; Appraised and processed loan/credit application; Evaluated and processed loan collateral; Provided follow-up support on loan repayments; Initiated legal action and recovery on delinquent accounts; CORE PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: • Able to provide strategic, technical and advisory support on both public and private sector investment projects; • Ability to conceptualize, analyse, and formulate innovative strategies, approaches and solutions to development challenges especially in the African environment • Ability to perceive and visualise issues and development challenges holistically encompassing the general environment, the people, the strategies and challenges, the existing policies or lack of them, existing institutional capacities, challenges and required support and training requirements. • Skilled in evaluating and managing all phases of development project cycle (identification-post appraisal), especially those targeting financial sector reforms and development of: policies, systems, procedures and mechanisms for microfinance/credit, rural finance and micro enterprises development and financial empowerment of the poor. • Experience in leading and directing the work of multiskilled/multiracial mission teams at all levels, in all stages of the project/programme cycle. • Skilled in conducting project financial analysis and planning, managing project scope, costs, schedules, financing plans, and establishing quality at all levels; • Skilled in evaluating institutional (financial and human) capacity in project implementing agencies, financial sector intermediaries including development banks, commercial banks, micro finance institutions, Savings and Credit Organisations and in designing credit delivery mechanisms and capacity building measured most suited to their local environment and needs. • Skilled in developing, implementing and monitoring country strategy and programs, enhancing capacity development strategies and effectiveness of management finance and control systems • Skilled in reviewing and providing intellectual inputs in the preparation of Policy Documents, Operational Guidelines, Studies, and other operational reports and documents emanating from different sources including donors, countries and development agencies • Skilled in conducting stakeholders dialogue and consultation in the promotion of a proactive involvement of the local communities; the civil society; the private sector; government departments and agencies; and the donor community etc in the process of planning, designing and reaching decisions and consensus on development issues. Ability to synthesis and analyse outcomes • An entrepreneurial oriented mind, skills and ability to provide advisory and support services to business enterprises and individual clients in all Phases of Business Analysis, and in formulating bankable business/investment proposals and plans. • Good negotiation and networking skills and in gathering and analysing information and data relevant to any assignment at hand, in any sector, region or country of the assignment. Margaret Wairimu Mucheru-Karuri 5
    • • Familiarity with most countries of East, West and Southern African region such as the East African Community, NEPAD, PTA, SARDEC and their social, political and economic strategies. • Ability to draw experiences and lessons from working in other parts of Africa and a whole range of other projects and familiarity with donor co-ordination techniques, practices and approaches of arriving at shared vision and approach to the development agenda. SAMPLE COUNTRY AND PROJECT WORK: Country: Kenya Description: Home Country --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Country: United States of America – Washington DC Dates: 1993 – 2005 Description: Family Duty Station 1993-2005 – Husband employed by the World Bank ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Country: Abidjan Ivory Coast Dates: 1992-2003 Description: Duty Station while employed by the African Development Bank Project Work: Joined the Bank in 1992 as a Country Programme Officer, later switched to Senior Financial Analyst and later promoted to Principal Financial Analyst -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Country: Tunis, Tunisia Dates: 2002-2004 Description: Duty Station while with the African Development Bank ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Country: Rome Date: 2004 Description: Consultant with Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Country: Uganda Description: Born and raised in Uganda In 2001 appraised the Uganda Fisheries Infrastructure Development Project funded by African Development Bank and other donors ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Country: Mozambique Responsibilities: Programme Manager Project Work: Led the Team that identified, prepared and appraised the Rural Finance Intermediation Project [RUFIP] which changed the way the Central Bank of Mozambique regulates Microfinance in the country. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Country: Ethiopia Responsibilities: Country Manager in-charge of country portfolio with the African Development Bank. Project Work: Led the Team that identified, prepared and appraised the Rural Finance Intermediation Project [RUFIP] which has had a major impact on the Microfinance delivery systems in Ethiopia. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Country: Tanzania Responsibilities: Country Manager and Task Manager Project Work: Led the Team that identified, prepared and appraised the Agriculture Marketing Systems Development Project in collaboration with IFAD. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Country: Ghana Responsibilities: Senior Country Programme Officer and later Country Manager Team Leader in the appraisal of the Rural Financial Services Intermediation Programme [RUFSP] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Country: Nigeria Responsibilities: Country Manager Project Work:  Appraised in collaboration with the World Bank the Community Driven Multi-State Poverty Reduction Project. Margaret Wairimu Mucheru-Karuri 6
    •  Was Task Manager in-charge of the Agricultural Line of credit and institutional strengthening support projects to the Nigeria Agriculture and Cooperative Bank (NACB);  Was Task Manager in-charge of the Savannah Sugar Company Project and the Nigeria Sugar Company Projects (BACITA) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Country: The Gambia Responsibilities: Principal Financial Analyst Project Work: Prepared and Appraised the Fisheries Development Project. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Country: Malawi Responsibilities: Principal Financial Analyst Project Work: Designed credit delivery systems on a smallholder irrigation project --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Country: Liberia Responsibilities: Team Member of a diagnostic fact finding mission -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extensive travel within African, Europe and North America. REFERENCES: Available on Request Margaret Wairimu Mucheru-Karuri 7