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    1243260301940_P_K_Das__RFLC.doc 1243260301940_P_K_Das__RFLC.doc Document Transcript

    • RESUME DR. PRASUN KUMAR DAS Associate Professor School of Rural Management, KIIT University Krishna Campus, Bhubaneswar- 751 024, Orissa, India; TEL: +91-674-2305292(D)/2305208 (PBX); Fax: +91-674-2725278; Mobile: +91 9437507461; E-mail: drprsunkumardas@yahoo.co.in/prasun@ksrm.ac.in. Web site : www.ksrm.ac.in Date of Birth 27th November 1962. Academic Qualifications • Ph.D. (Agriculture) in Agronomy from Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya (The State Agriculture University of West Bengal) in 1993. • M.Sc. (Agriculture) in Agronomy from Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya (The State Agriculture University of West Bengal) in 1989 obtaining 1st Class (86.2%). • B.Sc. (Agriculture) Hons. From Visva-Bharati University (Central University) in 1986 obtaining 1st Class (71.5%). Professional Qualifications • M.B.A. (Specialization in Financial Management) from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 1999 obtaining 1st Class (63.7%). • C.A.I.I.B. (Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers) from Indian Institute of Bankers, Mumbai. Core Competence • My area of core competence is Credit Appraisal with special reference to Agribusiness proposals, and Microfinance institutions (MFIs); Capacity building of rural finance practitioners, NGOs & MFIs engaged in microfinance. • Delivery of financial services in the unbanked areas through Business facilitators & Business Correspondent model. • Excellent communication ability to direct a team towards achieving the goals set by the organisation. Ability to build, lead and motivate a team in pursuit of critical success factor. • Research inclination in the development and social sector with special emphasis on the impact of financial intervention and livelihood. • Excellent strategist and resource planner for research team. Able to apply technical skills in a team/leadership role to resolve and manage complex issues in relation to lending to agriculture/agribusiness, and other allied activities.
    • Achievements in Research & Development Apart from the field study during the M.Sc and Ph.D in agriculture, I have the experience of undertaking different research studies as under: • Received C. H. Bhaba Research Scholarship & award of Indian Banks’ Association, Mumbai in 2005 for the research work on “Increasing the Credit Flow to Agriculture by the Commercial Banks - The Task ahead”. The research was carried out for 4 months in different parts of the country. The study was undertaken to find out the effectiveness of existing agriculture credit delivery system/channels and the possibility of outsourcing/agency arrangement in agriculture credit through intermediary agencies/Govt. bodies/SHGs/partnership with panchayti Raj system and NGOs. This was the first study of its kind to address the need of outsourcing the credit delivery to increase the outreach of the formal banking system. • Conducted micro level research on “Risk Management practices in Micro Finance by the Commercial Banks”. The Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai adjudged the paper Risk Management Practices in Microfinance by the Commercial Banks - A Boon to Inclusive Growth and Augmenting Credit Flow to Rural Sector for award under Micro Research Paper competition 2007-08. • Worked as Project evaluator cum facilitator for CAPART, Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India. As a project evaluator, we had undertaken different studies related to implementation of different Rural Development projects in the fields of rural infrastructure, conservation and development of rural resources. • Worked as consultant agronomist in a project on “Augmentation of livelihood through adoption of new innovation in agriculture” implemented by CARE, India in 4 districts of West Bengal. Under this project we had undertaken the action research in 4 districts in the state of West Bengal. The study was conducted on different agronomic practices to improve the cropping intensity and thereby improving the livelihood of the farming community. Ongoing Research & Consultancy • Currently engaged in a research work funded by Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai on “Feasibility of Business Correspondent & Business Facilitator model for Financial Inclusion in the state of Uttar Pradesh”. • Conducting a research study on “Governance related issues in Micro Finance Institutions in India”. • Working on a research topic on Role of the commercial banks in morphing the microfinance as an improvised tool for rural financial intervention. • Engaged as a consultant microfinance specialist for one organisation named VAYUGRID (Bio-Fuel producer) based at Pune, Maharastra.
    • Current Area & Interest in Teaching Assignment • Teaching Financial Management, Banking, Costing & Taxation. • Rural Finance & Risk Management; Microfinance and delivery channels • Management of NGOs and Co-operative Sector, Agri-Business Management, Micro entrepreneurship and MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) Work Experience Fortunately I Got the work experience in the Industry and the academics. Details of work experience in chronological order is given in Annexure-I Computer literacy • Proficient in all application of MS-Office, internet and intranet. • Proficient in customised banking operation software and financial packages. • Experience of working under Centralised Banking Solution and e-credit solution. • Conversant with banking computer software and automated financial system. • Common troubleshooting relating to PC (stand alone and networked) Publication • Apart from some basic research in agriculture, there are number of research report/publication and popular articles/booklet in my credit. (List enclosed in Annexure-II) Co-curricular Activities • Represented University Cricket, Drama and Debate team. • Selected as the President of the Student’s Forum of the University. • Selected as Scholar Volunteer by UNICEF during my Ph.D Programme. Family Background • Father: Mr. Prasanta Kumar Das. Retired as General Manager (Operations) of Coal India Ltd. In 1994. • Mother: Mrs. Anjali Das, retired as School Teacher in 1998. Passport A valid passport holder (valid till 07.02.2011).
    • References:- 1. Prof. (Dr.) L. K. Vaswani, Director, School of Rural Management & School of Management KIIT University, Krishna Campus (Campus-7) Bhubaneswar-751024, Orissa, India Tel.: +91-674-2725701/702/703 Fax: +91-674-2725278 Email: lkv@ksrm.ac.in Website: www.ksrm.ac.in 2. Dr. P. Balachandran Director, Academic Affairs Indian Institute of Banking & Finance “The Arcade”, World Trade Centre, 2nd Floor, Tower-4 Tel.: +91-22-22184349 Email: dran@vsnl.net/pbalachandran@iibf.org.in Website: www.iibf.org.in 3. Calvin Miller Senior Officer - Rural Finance Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00159 Rome, Italy Tel. (39)-06-570-54469 Cell (39)-34-814-11108 calvin.miller@fao.org
    • Annexure-I Work Experience (Chronological order) LOCA- DESIGN- DURATION RESPOSIBILITIES TION ATION (FROM – TO) Bhubanes Associate September, Engaged in teaching of the students war Professor, 2008 till date of the MBA programme on Rural School of Rural Management and research in - Management, • Financial Management, Costing & KIIT University Taxation • Credit Appraisal of Agriculture/Agri Business SME projects (agro processing) and Micro finance. • NGO/Co-operative Management and Agri-Business Management. • Risk Management in financial transaction and its mitigating techniques. Lucknow Sr. Manager & January, Engaged in capacity building of the Faculty Member 2006- field functionaries on at Staff College, August,2008 • Credit Appraisal of Allahabad Bank Agriculture/Agri Business SME projects (agro processing) and Micro finance. • Risk Management in agro business and its mitigating techniques. • Strategies for mobilising and marketing of the different credit products related to agriculture/agribusiness and SMEs developed by the Bank. Kolkata Sr. Manager at Feb,2002 to • Technical, Financial and Credit Dec, 2005 Economical appraisal and risk Department of assessment of project proposals Head Office, from corporate houses engaged in Allahabad Bank agri business, agri-infrastructure and agro-processing activities. • Monitoring of Credit portfolio, Review and Renewal of the accounts. Diamond Branch Manager July, 1998 • Analysis of business opportunity, Harbour, of a medium To January, planning and implementation for 24 sized branch, 2002 achievement of targets set by the parganas Allahabad Bank corporate office in terms of (S) of deposits, retail sales of various West products. Bengal • Mobilisation of credit proposals like car loans, home loans,
    • agriculture, SME and trading advances. Kolkata Asstt. Manager Sept, 1996 to • Technical, Financial and at Agric. Credit June, 1998 Economical appraisal of project Department, proposals from corporate houses Head Office, engaged in Tea plantation, and Allahabad Bank other hi-tech Agro business. • Monitoring of Credit portfolio, Review and Renewal of the accounts. Kolkata Asstt. Manager July, 1995 to • General Banking Operation and at a large August,1996 managing accounts relationship branch, with the corporate houses. Allahabad Bank Bongaon, Officer/Agric March, 1992 • Mobilising, marketing and 24 Finance Officer, to June, technical/financial appraisal of Parganas Allahabad Bank 1995 Agricultural credit products. (N) of • Appraisal, documentation, West monitoring and future planning Bengal for credit delivery.
    • Annexure-II List of Publications 1. List of publications during Ph.D programme A. Published Scientific Research Papers • Zaman, A and Das, P.K. (1990). Effect of irrigation levels and mulches on yield attributes and seed yield of safflower in gangetic alluvial plains. Environment & Ecology 8(3): 864-67. • Zaman, A and Das, P.K. (1990). Growth and yield performance of Safflower under different nitrogen levels in Semi-Arid tropics. Annals of Arid Zone 9(2):141-143. • Zaman. A and Das, P.K. (1990). Response of safflower to different moisture regimes and nitrogen levels in Semi-Arid tropics .Journal of Oilseed Research, 7:26-32. • Sen, H. and Das, P.K. (1990). Effect to cut and whole seed corn of same size on growth and yield of elephant foot yam. Journal of root crops. ISRC Nat. Sym. 1990,special:151-153 • Zaman, A and Das, P.K. (1991). Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on yield and quality of safflower. Indian journal of Agronomy. 36(2):177-79. • Sen, H.; Mukhopadhyay, S.K. and Das, P.K. (1991). Growth and seed corm yield of elephant foot yam as influenced by N K doses and methods of application. Journal of Potassium Research. 7(2):120-25. • Sen, H. and Das P.K. (1991). Relative performance of newly introduced white yam (Dioscoria rotundata pair) in gangetic plains of West Bengal. Journal of Potassium Reserch. 7(2): 150-51. • Sen, H. and Das P.K. (1991). Agronomic appraisal of some taro accessions in the gangetic alluvium of West Bengal. Journal of Root Crops. 17(2):154-55. • Sen, H; Das Adhikary, D and Das, P.K. (1993). Possibility of growing summer vegetables intercropped with taro. Journal of root Crops 19(1):52-54. • Sen, H; Das Adhikary, D and Das, P.K. (1993). Economics of intercropping with elephant foot yam. Journal of Root Crops 19(1):52-54. B. National/International Seminar/Symposium: • Das, P. K and Zaman, A (1990). Effect of mulches on water use and seed yield of safflower under different irrigation levels in gangetic alluvial plains of West Bengal. Paper presented in the National Seminar on “Role of soil and water conservation in modern Agriculture” held At B.C.K.V. during 23.24 Feb 1990.pp.1
    • • Sen, H and Das, P.K, (1990). Effect of mulches on water use and seed yield of elephant foot yam (Amorphophallus campanulatus. Blume). Paper presented in the “National symposium on Recent advances in the production and utilization of tropical tuber crops” held at CTCRI, Thiruvanathapuram during 7-9 November 1990, pp. 22. • Zaman, A and Das, P.K. (1990). Effect of irrigation levels and mulches on yield attributes and seed yield of safflower in gangetic alluvial plains. Paper presented in 77th Indian Science Congress, Cochin, 1990, pp. 18. • Sen, H; Das, P.K and Goswami, S.B (1991). Growth and corm production of elephant foot yam (as affected by seed size, types, NK nutrition and harvesting dates and evaluation of low cost seed storage methods. Paper presented in the “International symposium on tropical tuber crops” held at Thiruvanathapuram during 6-9 November 1991, pp. 46-47. • Sen, H; Das, P.K; Goswami, S.B and Panda, P.K (1991). Growth and yield of Yam bean (Pachyrrhizus erosus) as affected by sowing dates. Paper presented in the “International symposium on tropical tuber crops” held at Thiruvanathapuram during 6-9 November 1991, pp. 56-57. C. Popular articles in Bengali (Regional language): • Zaman, A and Das , P.K. (1991). Agroforestry, Nananna Bharati, 22(9): 543-45. • Zaman, A and Das , P.K. (1991). Water management of safflower in arid regions. Nabanna Bharati. 22(10):562-65. • Das, P.K. (1991). Fodder cultivation in West Bengal. Nabanna Bharati. 23(4):285-88. • Zaman, A and Das, P.K. (1991). Safflower cultivation in the arid regions. Sar Samachar 28(4):11-12. 2. List of publications related to Banking & Rural Finance A. Research Reports related to Rural/Agriculture Credit: • Das, P. K. and Baria, B.G (2005): Increasing the flow of credit to Agriculture by the Commercial banks – The Task Ahead: Executive Summary of the Report submitted to Indian Banks’ Association, Mumbai for fulfillment of C. H. Bhaba Research Scholarship – 2005. IBA Bulletin, October, 2005: 18-24. • Das, P. K. (2007):Risk Management Practices in Microfinance by the Commercial Banks - A Boon to Inclusive Growth and Augmenting Credit Flow to Rural Sector”: Paper selected for award under Micro Research Paper -2007-08 of Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai. B. Published Articles/Papers related Banking/Rural Credit • Das, P. K. (2004): Managing Operational Risk in Banks. Triveni Dhara (In- house Magazine of Allahabad Bank). 17 (1-2): 23. • Das, P. K. (2007): “Information & Communication Technology (ICT) – A Catalyst to Transform Agricultural Lending Business of Commercial Banks” The Indian Banker, published by Indian Banks’ Association, Mumbai. Vol.2 (5): 21-25.
    • • Das, P. K. (2009): “Role of supply side to build the human resources for the booming microfinance sector” Sa-Dhan Patrika, published by Sa-Dhan, New Delhi. Vol.3: 22-30. C. Paper presented in National level Seminar/BANCON • Das, P. K. (2005): Emerging Tools for Mitigation of Risks in Agro-Business. Paper published in BANCON-2005, held at Kolkata during 11-12 November, 2005: 75-83. • Das, P. K. (2006): Securitisation of Micro Financial Assets. Paper published in BANCON-2006, held at Hyderabad during 3-4 November, 2006: 234-237. • Das, P. K. (2007): Multi Task Outsourcing in Indian Banks & HR Challenges. Paper published by Indian Institute of Banking & Finance for Bank Educationist Conference, held on 19-20 Jan, 2007 at Mumbai pp 102-107. • Das, P. K. (2008): Investment Credit Flow to Agriculture Sector. Paper presented in National Level Seminar on “ Credit flow to Commercial agriculture” organised by College of Agriculture Banking, Reserve Bank of India, held on 23rd June, 2008. • Das, P.K (2008): “Innovation in Banking Industry-Some issues”; Paper presented in UGC sponsored “National Seminar on New age Banking” organised by Nabira Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur University held on 30th August, 2008. • Das, P. K. & Vaish Arun (2008): “Microfinance for the micro entrepreneurs in India: Some unresolved issues” International Conference on SME Social Responsibility and opportunities at the Bottom of the Pyramid held at Kochi,5-6 Dec, 2008. • Das, P. K (2009): “Impact of WTO on Rural Banking & Micro Finance”. National Seminar on WTO & Trade Negotiations organised by Ministry of Human Resources, New Delhi held at Oriental Institute of Management, Mumbai on 6-7 Feb, 2009. D. Paper submitted for National/International Seminars • Das, P.K : “Up-Scaling Technology to build Inclusive financial system”; Paper submitted to BANCON, 2009 conducted by Indian Banks’ association and J & K Bank. • Das, P.K : “Leveraging microfinance in the hinterland as an improvised tool for up-scaling accessibility to financial products and services”; Paper accepted for International Seminar on Microfinance in India-Issues and Challenges conducted by Centre for Microfinance Research at Bankers Institute of Rural Development, Lucknow during March, 2009. F. Books /Booklets in Bengali: • Scale of Finance and technology of Vegetable cultivation in South 24 Parganas District - P. K. Das (2001), Published by Allahabad Bank, Regional Office, Behala.
    • • One Chapter on Risk Management in Agriculture lending published by ICFAI University press in their book named “Rural Financial Sector- Alternate models” Edited by T. Dutt Chowdhury (2007). The latest book on Rural Banking, MSME & Micro-finance written by Dr. Prasun Kumar Das is under publication and expected to be released within 2 months time.