1.Family name:           Paton

 2.First names:           Alexander Stuart

 3.Date of birth:         17 October 1942

4Rural and agricultural lending
   5International trade
   6 Customer relations
   7 Marketing & Product Development
   8 ...
Date from –    Location      Company         Position        Description
Date to

2 July 2008    Baghdad,      Louis Berge...
September      Prishtine,   Bankakademie     Short-term        EU project to assist Kasabank in reviewing commercial loan
1995 to   Chisinau,    Department for     Senior         As part of a change programme initiated by EBRD,
2000      Moldov...
1979 to      Vancouver    Banque           Assistant      Selling of bank’s services to Canadian companies, in
1984       ...
Alexander Stuart Paton                                            2 April 2009

Name of expert                          Si...
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  1. 1. 1.Family name: Paton 2.First names: Alexander Stuart 3.Date of birth: 17 October 1942 4.Nationality:UK / Canadian (dual) 5.Civil status:Married 6.Education: Institution Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained: [ Date from - Date to ] Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland – from Part 1 exams passed, Part 2 August 1959 to June 1970 incomplete. Ayr Academy (Senior Secondary School) – from None August 1955 to April 1959 7.Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic) Language Reading Speaking Writing English 5 5 5 8.Membership of professional bodies: Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland 9.Other skills: Computer skills: e.g. Word, WordPerfect, Excel, etc. 10.Present position: Self-employed consultant 11. Years within the firm: 10 12. Key qualifications: Senior commercial and retail banker with commercial and MSME credit development and change management experience in Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, working on donor projects funded by USAID, DFID, World Bank, ADB and the EU. Specific banking experience includes : 1Commercial banking operations and management 2Retail branch operations and management 3Micro and SME lending & lending training 1
  2. 2. 4Rural and agricultural lending 5International trade 6 Customer relations 7 Marketing & Product Development 8 Financial administration 9 Risk management including loan workout & recovery 10 General management 13.Specific developing economy experience: Country Date from - Date to Iraq July 2008 to present Azerbaijan 6/2002-5/2004 Kosovo 2001, 2004, 2005 & 2007/8 Armenia 2000-2001 Moldova 1995-2000 Vietnam 2004 Afghanistan 3/2005 – 1/2006 Pakistan 2/2006 – 6/2006 Serbia 9/2006 – 7/2007 14. Professional experience 2
  3. 3. Date from – Location Company Position Description Date to 2 July 2008 Baghdad, Louis Berger Microfinance/ Providing Grant to Loan program to selected Iraqi banks to present Iraq Group Ag Credit under USAID contract. Loans to stimulate Iraqi agribusiness Specialist sector. Evaluating all banks as to capacity and suitability, and responsible for evaluating all subsequent loan applications from selected banks. Developing microfinance grant packages for agri-credit by indigenous Iraqi NGOs. Business development of agri-businesses. August Prishtine, CRC Sogema / SME Credit Credit adviser for EBRD SME credit facility. Training and 2007 to Kosovo Tecsult, Adviser mentoring of loan officers at Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo. February Canada Oversight and monitoring of EBRD credit facility. 2008 Independent appraisal of new credit applications. Specific training provided: agricultural and cash-flow lending. Provided advice and assistance on new agricultural loan products. 30 Serbia Tecsult/ Senior EBRD contract to provide technical assistance to September National Bank Banking Komercijalna Banka Ad Beograd. Specific areas of 2006 to July of Canada Specialist assistance included: Advised and assisted change 2007 programme management team on Corporate and Retail Banking, Branch Banking, Marketing & Product Development, and provided training on SME, Micro, and farm credit. New product advice included agricultural lending products. February Pakistan Bankakademie, Senior Bank ADB credit programme. Attached to Bank Alfalah as 2006 to June Frankfurt Advisor advisor. Assisted with SME credit training, new product 2006 development and bad loan management March 2005 Afghanistan DAI Financial USAID project on Alternative Livelihoods. Responsible for to January Services expanding Micro Finance loans to provinces in Eastern 2006 Manager Afghanistan, in liaison with MISFA, through new offices of existing MFIs. Responsible for providing access to credit for SMEs, both agricultural and non-agricultural. Developed proposal for non-bank financial institution. Developed new credit products for rural MSMEs. Jan/Feb Prishtine, Bankakademie, Short-term Review loan portfolio of EAR funded Agricultural Business 2005 Kosovo Frankfurt consultant Unit (ABU), including loans from previous projects (IDP & ICU), with a view to determining which loans might be sold on, which might have to be administered, and which should be written off. Visited many of the poorest performing loans. Assessed possible sale price, based on discounted value. Feb/Mar Hanoi, DFC S.A., Senior Preparation of draft appraisal manual for World Bank 2004 Vietnam Barcelona, Consultant MSME rural lending project at the Bank for Investment and Spain (short term) Development of Vietnam. Assisting BIDV to appraise large Nov/Dec projects. 2004 3
  4. 4. September Prishtine, Bankakademie Short-term EU project to assist Kasabank in reviewing commercial loan to October Kosovo Frankfurt consultant portfolio and training loan officers in credit review 2004 techniques. Prepared report on state of Bank’s loan portfolio and made recommendations for improvements, including classification of loans for Central Bank. June 2002 to Baku, ABG, Deputy Team European Union (TACIS) programme for developing May 2004 Azerbaijan Gottingen, Leader, Rural economies. Hands-on responsibility for MSME rural credit Germany Investment development and training, introduction of formal credit Foundation policies and procedures, development of a branch network, (Tacis project) introduction of modern human resources management procedures, and development of appropriate banking practice, with the objective of converting the Rural Investment Foundation to a fully fledged bank. Continued assistance after a merger with Agrakredit, a state-owned rural lending institution. Member of Management Board and Credit Committee of Foundation. April/May Prishtine, Siguria Temporary Responsible to Board of Directors for all day-to-day 2002 Kosovo Insurance CEO & operations. Company Managing Director July 2001 to Prishtine, Deloitte Loan Hands-on responsibility for originating credits to SME October Kosovo Emerging Origination enterprises in Kosovo. Also responsible for hiring and 2001 Markets Group, Unit Head, training local loan officers, and providing field supervision Washington, Kosovo and mentoring. Established policies and procedures for SME DC, USA Business lending, monitoring and recovery. Liaised with other Finance Fund lenders, credit providers and business advisers in the (KBFF) establishment of a Credit Bureau. (USAID project) KBFF became Kosovo American Bank and is now Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo. 2000 to Yerevan, Bannock Senior Credit Responsible for assisting designated commercial banks to 2001 Armenia Consulting, adviser, make loans to their SME clients using EBRD funds. Also London, UK EBRD providing technical assistance in lending and institutional Institutional building in a developing economy. In addition, to carry out Building and due diligence on any additional commercial banks deemed SME Credit suitable for inclusion in the programme. Specific Line in responsibilities included assisting the commercial banks’ Armenia. credit staff in: the analysis of credit applications; the preparation and submission of credit applications to EBRD for approval, including ensuring compliance with EBRD environmental regulations; the provision of lending training; and, assessing the risk ratings of all loans in the designated banks loan portfolios. 4
  5. 5. 1995 to Chisinau, Department for Senior As part of a change programme initiated by EBRD, 2000 Moldova International Banking responsible for providing technical assistance to Moldova Development Adviser Agroindbank, and later to other banks, to enable the bank to (DFID), UK introduce western banking practices, in a developing Know How economy. Specific responsibilities included assisting in Fund restructuring the bank’s functions, establishing an internal audit function, establishing a loan work-out and recovery unit, provision of credit training, and advice on day-to-day problems. Provided specific credit training aimed at enabling the bank to lend to SMEs, in particular to farms and other rural businesses, and assisted the bank in the implementation of micro and other credit lines from a variety of donors. Additional assistance included the production of policy and procedures manuals for various departments of the bank, including a comprehensive fully-integrated personnel policy for all employees, together with a personnel performance management system, plus assistance in the establishment of risk management and internal control systems in the bank. Assisted Bank in establishment of new Retail Banking units, with advice on functions, staffing and management. Other banks assisted included Moldincombank (internal audit function), and Oguzbank (credit function). 1992 to Aberdeen, Grampian Senior Provision of economic development assistance to rural 1995 Scotland Regional Development communities within the local authority region. Programme Council (jointly Officer as designated “Villages in Control” and was designed to funded by assist communities develop their own economic Grampian development strategy through an action group. In addition, Enterprise) provided assistance to small and medium sized rural enterprises in their development. Successfully completed the programme in three Grampian towns. 1985 to Edinburgh, Girobank PLC Senior Establishment of the lending function for the bank in 1992 Scotland Commercial Edinburgh, with additional responsibility for Northern Lending Ireland. Developed the commercial lending “book” in these Manager two areas to a high of £70 million lent within four years, (Scotland & including the first syndicated loans by any Girobank office, Northern and including a large number of loans to small rural Ireland) enterprises. Responsible for all aspects of lending to borrowers in Scotland and Northern Ireland, including legal matters, financial analysis, preparation of applications and administration. BS5750/ISO9000 supervisor. 1984 to London Various Commercial Temporary positions with a number of banks in London. 1985 commercial loan analyst Analysing commercial loans. banks 5
  6. 6. 1979 to Vancouver Banque Assistant Selling of bank’s services to Canadian companies, in 1984 & Halifax, Nationale de Vice- particular lending to medium and large enterprises engaged Canada Paris (Canada) President, in export. Established the bank’s first office in Halifax, Nova British Scotia, to service the four Atlantic Provinces of Canada. Columbia and Maintained close relationships with provincial governments Vice- ministries of finance. President, Atlantic Canada 1975 to British Bank of Branch Directly involved in making personal, SME and commercial 1979 Columbia, Montreal Manager and loans in a number of branches throughout British Columbia. Canada Commercial Commercial lending undertaken included rural and Account agricultural enterprises as well as oil and gas development Manager and a variety of other businesses, both retail and commercial. Branch management of retail branches in Victoria and Vancouver, BC, Canada 1967 to Hong Kong, Chartered Bank Sub- Manager in overseas locations of the bank. Specific 1975 East (now Standard Accountant positions held included Branch Manager, Chief Cashier, Pakistan Chartered Branch Accountant, Lending Manager, and as head of (Banglades Bank) various departments. h), Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, & India. 1959 to Scotland National Clerk Clerical/cashier jobs in a number of retail branches 1967 Commercial throughout South-West Scotland. Bank of Scotland (now Royal Bank of Scotland) 15. Others Completed Farm Credit Course, run jointly by the Institute of Bankers in Scotland and the Scottish Agricultural College. 16. Publications Articles on banking in Moldova, Armenia and Afghanistan, for “The Banker”, the journal of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland. 17. Certification: I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, these data correctly describe me, my qualifications, and my experience. 6
  7. 7. Alexander Stuart Paton 2 April 2009 Name of expert Signature Date Contact: Mobile 44 (0)7866 757446 and 964 (0)7901 945 571 E-mail: patonbanker@hotmail.com UK mail address: 21 Barnhill Road, Dalgety Bay, Fife, KY11 9LL. 7