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  • 1. quantumcapital Corporate Profile Quantum Capital is an investment-banking firm focused on Sub Saharan Africa.
  • 2. Quantum Capital The firm’s objective is to be a leading investment banking firm in Sub-Sahara Africa in terms of best practice in providing innovative financing solutions. Quantum Capital’s operations are directed from its Head Offices in South Africa. Quantum brings onboard tailor-made solutions to importers and exporters in Africa. Quantum also assists its clients in the following areas:- • Management of risk effectively • Structuring of transaction • Secure funding at competitive rates coupled with attractive terms and conditions. Quantum offers innovative solutions to complex transactions including bill discounting, pre and post shipments export finance, and receivable finance. Quantum Capital also provides a wide range of financial advisory services to corporations in the Sub-Saharan region. Quantum offers financial solutions on transactions and capital raising activities including mergers, acquisitions, and financial restructuring, and equity and debt transactions. The professional expertise within the group has enabled the firm to provide some of the most innovative solutions. Our staffs have an in-depth understanding of the local trading markets and place emphasis on product creativity as well as facilitating export credit agency backed financing. Quantum prides itself as a firm that is specializing on structured trade finance with an aim to providing innovative solutions for all types of cross-boarder and domestic transaction through creating either an open accounts receivable or supplier finance solutions, bills discounting or supplier financing solutions. 2
  • 3. Quantum Capital Our trade finance team has a well seasoned experience in soft commodities, metal mining and oil. Quantum also designs solutions for pre-export finance, warehouse receipting and supply chain financing to primary commodity players. QUANTUM GROUP OF COMPANIES The Quantum Capital group operates subsidiaries in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa. Through joint venture relationships, Quantum is active in Angola, Malawi, Rwanda, Tunisia and Zimbabwe. From these franchises, the group originates and completes transactions across Africa. Quantum Kenya provides corporate and structured trade finance advisory services to multinational corporations, governments, financial institutions and private corporations in Sub- Saharan African region. INVESTMENT BANKING PRODUCTS OFFERED Quantum Capital offers solutions in the following areas:- Corporate Finance and Corporate Advisory Services Through the use of our extensive relationship with a wider spectrum of loan and capital market specialists, we are able to access emerging markets opportunities. We further assist our clients to solicit and acquire the appropriate borrowing instruments, within an integrated concept tailored to our mutual long-term funding strategy. The syndicated loans offer our clients the opportunity to build, with the support of Quantum, beneficial strategic banking relationships thereby sparing their existing credit lines with an integrated concept tailored to our mutual long- term strategy. Private Placements 3
  • 4. Quantum Capital The new investor groups are reached with straight-forward products placements, which are distributed through their investors in the private placement market. Bond Issues The public bonds allow our clients to significantly diversify their funding base, and ensure that they have a high degree of attention in the market. The Quantum capital staff market specialists, with their structuring and advisory expertise, excellent research and direct access to potential investor groups, enable our clients to make their offering an unquestionable success. Asset Backed Securitization Quantum Capital also facilitates the access to the securitization of receivables as an optional and attractive method of releasing liquidity that has been tied up in assets. We use your sustainable portfolio of receivables (for example, trade receivables) to a special purpose company and diversify your funding base by issuing negotiable asset backed securities. As an additional benefit, securitization will improve your balance sheet structure. Quantum in the structuring and marketing of asset backed transactions and has many years of experience in various asset classes. Project Finance Our knowledge and experience with view to this product is exemplified by our involvements in numerous Public Private Partnerships (PPP) arrangements. In addition, we have by our own initiative developed our own pool of Investors and Lenders to cater for this activity. MANAGEMENT Quantum Capital has a lean and performance oriented management team. The Executive Directors are directly involved in Group operations. Quantum Capital is committed to recruiting highly qualified and experienced staff in all of its operations. Directors and Executives 4
  • 5. Quantum Capital Lloyd Muposhi is one of the founding members of Quantum Capital, and currently is its Managing Partner. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Zambia. Mr. Muposhi is a specialist in deal structuring and arrangement in the financial markets of Eastern and Southern Africa, with over eighteen years of professional experience in commercial and investment banking in the region. He has held senior positions with Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank and Loita Capital Partners. Peter Mukiza is also one of the founding partners of Quantum Capital and is currently heading the Uganda operation as the Managing Partner in Uganda. Peter also overseas Quantum’s operations division. He holds a degree in Finance and Banking from Makerere University, Uganda. He began his career in the corporate banking group of Standard Chartered in Uganda rising to relationship management positions with the bank. He has also held management positions with Lonrho East Africa, Toyota Uganda and the Cooper Motor Corporation. Peter also headed the operations of Jos Hansen Gmbh, a German trading and procurement house, before going into full time private business. Peter has also got interests in high-end retail fashion business and in the pre-cast and quarrying sector. John Mbela is currently the General Manager of Quantum Kenya Limited. He was until recently working as a Divisional Manager with the Express Group of companies. He has also been involved in the establishment and development of Quantum Training (QT). He holds a bachelor of commerce degree in Accounting from Daystar University in Kenya and a diploma in Business Development from Kenya Institute of Management. Christopher Banda is currently the Project Finance Manager for Quantum Capital Limited. He was previously working at PTA Bank. He has an MBA in finance and over 20 years work experience of which 18 years he solely dedicated to project financing all over Africa. Mr. Banda developed a strong financial and credit skills which include Computer Model for Feasibility Analysis and reporting (COMFAR), a UNIDO Computer Software Package for project appraisals. Mr. Banda’s area of expertise is mainly in Project Finance and Management. Besides his vast experience and knowledge, he has good networks and sound credibility within the investment circles. 5
  • 6. Quantum Capital DEALS SUCCESSFULLY CONCLUDED By Quantum Capital WE Tilley – USD 5.5 million Quantum Capital advised and structured the trade finance pre-export finance Fish Export (Nile Perch) – Lender NEDBANK August 2007. Multiple Hauliers – USD 5 million Lease Financing Facility - August 2007 Quantum Capital advised and structured the lease Finance Facility for Vehicle/trailer imports. Lender: WESBANK Mat International – USD 40 Million 6
  • 7. Quantum Capital Structured Trade Finance – February 2006 Structured Trade Finance (Renewal of Facility) – February 2007 Quantum Capital advised and structured the Trade Finance Facility for Sugar Import. Lender: Rand merchant and NEDBANK BOSS Freight Terminal – USD 9.6 Million Medium Term Loan- September 2006 Mafuta Products Limited – USD 3 Million Structured Trade Finance – September 2006 Tropical Sunshine Limited - USD 3.5 Million Structured Trade Finance for white sugar imports - October 2006 Jetlak Foods Limited – 2.5 Million Structured Trade Finance for white sugar imports - January 2007 Muloil Limited – 5 Million Structured Trade Finance for fuel importation – March 2007 Pan Afric Impex - Euro 6 Million Lease Finance Facility – May 2006 Quantum Capital advised and structured the lease Finance Facility for Vehicle/trailer imports. Pan Afric Impex – USD 10 Million Structured Trade Finance –January 2005 Quantum Capital advised and structured the Trade Finance Facility for coffee export. Pan Afric Commodities – USD 5 Million Structured Trade Finance Facility- January 2005 Advised, structured and placed a wheat importation facility. Uganda Coffee Development Authority- USD 15 Million Trade Receivable Securitization –August 2004 Quantum Capital and Sanoco Capital have been mandated by the Government of Uganda to structure, arrange and place a Value Addition Coffee Export Facility. Pioneer Corporation Africa –Zimbabwe) – USD 6 Million Quantum Capital arranged a Medium Term loan in June 2005. Kenya Shell Limited 7
  • 8. Quantum Capital Mandated assist in restructuring debtors book. Deal size US$ 1.1 million in December 2005. Benzina (U) Ltd Benzina secured a US$ 5 million petroleum importation trade finance line of credit, December 2005. Quantum Capital Group ***************** KENYA Quantum Capital ZEP RE Place, Ground Floor Upper Hill, Longonot Road Nairobi KENYA 8
  • 9. Quantum Capital UGANDA Quantum Uganda Limited 4th Floor Cresta Towers Hannington Road Kampala . 9