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  1. 1. MARIO A VALDEZ SIVIRICHI Email: marioa_valdez@yahoo.com PERU USA Calle Porras Osores Nº 245, Dep. 704 657 Siskiyou Blvd.Ashland Lima 27, San Isidro. Perú Oregon 97520 Telephone / fax:(511) 4228582 Telephone: 541-522 1965 1. PERSONAL INFORMATION Certified Public Accountants Register: 1021 Sex: Masculine Nationality: Peruvian Civil Status: Married Identification: DNI. Nº 10544957 2. KEY QUALIFICATIONS University Professor of 4 universities in Peru, Author of several books and technical including adult Cooperative and NGO, cooperative leaders training. Participation in more than 200 training courses of adult education and group dynamics. Advisor and ex member of the board of the CPA Institute of Lima Peru and CPA National organization. Author of several books and technical articles in small enterprise, banking, credit unions, accounting, auditing and administration, and also on the preparation of instruction material for group and adult education. Management and consulting for private and public banking, agricultural banks, Savings and Loans, NGO, credit financing organizations, Credit Unions, Non profit Consortiums (centrals for Non profit organizations) for women anti poverty loans and services, religious organizations. More than six years as international consultant in the fields of: development and financing micro finances, and small enterprise, institutional strength, resources and funds raising activities; recruiting and staff training, credit design and improvement programs, budgeting and financial analysis, auditing and control systems design, accounting, management re-engineering, information systems, credit, portfolio, collections, organizational development training and team building. Recent consulting on Cooperative Laws in Chile and Paraguay to a contractor of the Inter American Bank (IDB) More than 16 years of experience in finances, auditing and accounting activities. 3. EDUCATION  C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant), Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Perú, 1963.  B.A. in Economics and Commercial Sciences, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Perú,  Culture and Humanities, Universidad Católica.  Bureau of Federal Credit Unions (USA). Basic and Intermediate Examiners Course. Stage in 5 regions participating on C.U. examinations.  Non Clinical Psychological Transactional Analiysis courses for trainers and human resources. Instructor and Management & Organizational Member of the Peruvian Transactional Analysis Asoc. Arthur Young & Company Main Office, (New York & Washington) USA 1977. 1
  2. 2. Stage in Administration, Accounting, Systems and Procedures of Water Supply Public entities. Electronic Systems Auditing.  Industrial Psychology Colombia. Recruiting and Human Resources evaluyation.  ITDPA, Bogotá Colombia (1986-1988) Congress and Seminars in Controls, Security and Systems auditing of Banks.  LA HAYA, HOLANDA F.M.O. (1985) World Congress on Small Enterprise Assistance and Financing. Investigation on Technical Assistance to Small Enterprises. Paper proposed and Speech in representation of Latin America organizations, with reference to a Quest and Statistical sample study Peruvian small enterprises.  Agency for International Development (AID) (1966) Stage in USA. By intermediate of Iowa University experts, it Included USA, Canada and Puerto Rico on financing, Banking and agricultural marketing.  Several International Seminars and Congress promoted by Sociedad Interamericana Para el Desarrollo del Financiamiento Cooperativo - SIDEFCOOP (1965-1980) Puerto Rico, Buenos Aires, Chile,Bogotá, Quito y Lima on Banking strategies, marketing and techniques matters. Productivity Institute of Chile and International Savings and Loan Organization, Seminar on Prospective and group dynamics. Among the various practical assignments and seminars en U.S.A., Europe and Latin America, may be cited to bee professor in the International Training Center for Latin American Credit Union Leaders,(CUNA). Participation in agricultural cooperative international courses of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, in Auditing, Ebhert Foundation in Fishing cooperatives in Accountancy, Finance, Administration, Cooperative Banking and Micro and Small Enterprise Development subjects. OTHER MEMBERSHIP Member of the Advisors Committee to the Peruvian CPA Deans Board in Free Trade Treaty TLC, on CAN treaty (Andean countries), and on Prospective matters projecting to 2015 the CPA rol. President and Chairman, of Central Cooperative Organizations, Credit Unions, Housing Cooperatives and financial institutions. Member of the Economic Committee of Peruvian Saving and Loans. Organizer of Central Credit Unions and 2 cooperative banks ,later President and Chairman of Peruvian National Central Credit Unions (CCC), and also member of the Board of International organizations as Secretary of the Board of SIDEFCOOP (Corporation for promoting Cooperative Banking and Finances) representing to the Cooperative Organization of the Americas (OCA). 4. KNOWLEDGE OF LANGUAGES Spanish: Mother Tongue. English: Good French: Reading 5. SHORT-TERM AND INTERMITTENT INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL CONSULTANCIES: Catholic Charities. Oregon Medford. New micro finance program for Spanish community ( November 2005 to present.). Portal Brown Accountants and Auditors, correspondent of Polaris (USA), Chief of Consulting . Several consulting private and governmental institutions jobs. 2002- up to date. MVS Consulting SAC. Chairman and Consultant:2002-4 2
  3. 3. PROMUC (2nd. Level NGO, women and poverty assistance)Evaluation of Operational Risk. Manuals of Risk Administration. Training of 9 NGO officers. Human Resources manuals. July September, 2003. Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Pacífico (Peruvian largest Credit Union). Supervisory Regulations consulting. October. Instituto del Riesgo Financiero. Operational Risk: Diagnosis and Evaluation of EDYFICAR (Small enterprise financing institution)May –June 2003 ICC (USA) / Interamerican Develpment Bank. Subcontract. Evaluation of Cooperative Supervisory Agency Bill in Paraguay (January, February 2003). Study on the project of Cooperative Law of Chile. ICC/ Inter American Development Bank. Consultant on the project of evaluation of Cooperative Banco Latino a private bank. Design and implementations of an "ABC Costing and Profitability System" for the Development and Economic Division (1996-7). Nicaragua: Evaluation of the “Project for Industrial Modernizing of the small enterprise” sponsored by the Netherlands Government in the National Financing Corporation (FNI). Feb. 1998. Financial and Portfolio Evaluations Evaluations of the Housing Bank of Nicaragua for the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) under contract with I.P.C. March 1996. El Salvador: International Labor Organization International (ILO), Conduct Institutional Strength, including training, design of saving services, accounting system centralized and automated. Preparation and submission of the Final evaluation of the ILO/Netherlands micro enterprise Project, training and strengthening of boards of the Associations of market-sellers. Intermittent during 1993-4. Guatemala: BANCO EMPRESARIAL S.A. (GUATEMALA), (1993) At the request of FMO (Financing Corp. of Netherlands Design of a micro enterprise credit program adapted to the country. It included design of Operative Manuals, credit policies, implementation, recruiting and training of loan officers, assist to the automation of the processes. The methodology employed was of individual and groups loans technologies. Recruiting of personnel; training of loan officers. Nicaragua Participate with the Superintendence of Banks in the study and suggestions to improve the new banks chart of accounts, final draft. "Banco National de Desarrollo" (BANADES), Institutional Strength of the Agricultural governmental bank “Project IPC / IDB”. 1994-1995. Consultant for the design and implementation of the New Chart of Accounts, Conversion and implementation of the new Banking Chart of Accounts established by the Superintendence of Banks, including automated accounting procedures; design of a Cost System; participate in the reengineering of branches accounting and operations procedures. for the Computerized Branch Performance Planning and Evaluation by the Scoring Method. Banco de Credito Popular (Small Enterprise bank) (NICARAGUA), (June 1991 - June 1994). Bilateral Agreement between Netherlands and Nicaragua Governments for Institutional Strength. Resident and Chief of visiting experts to attend the fields of: Financing consolidation to arrive to profitability, Strategy and marketing; Loan Policies; Collections and delinquent loans control and administration; procurement of new hardware and design of the complete software for the administration, operations of the bank. Management Information System, including cost and management accounting design, Internal Auditing; Human resources, including psychology and technical evaluation of officers and personnel. As a Chief Consultant it was requested to prepare new financial products, among which the Design and successful implementation of 2 credit programs of financing micro enterprises in the 3
  4. 4. commerce and industrial fields, with the orientation to women users and poverty reduction. The program occupied the first position in volume and scope in the country, without any external funding. It provided technical assistance, training, social services in addition to loans in 12 branches and 20 sale points, under the methodology of group’s loans. The bank was ranked 2nd. among private and public banks by an specialized economic magazine. Bolivia: Manager of a Consulting interdisciplinary team to assist in the Institutional Strength and subsequent Conversion into a bank of FENACRE (Credit Union National League), 1990, financed by FMO. 6. EMPLOYMENT RECORD: FROM 2002 to date Portal Brown Accountants and Auditors (Representative of “Polaris” USA). Chief of Consulting. FROM 2001- 2004 Chairman and Consultant of MVS CONSULTING SAC. FROM 1990 – 2001: Country Club El Bosque. Internal Auditor and advisor to the Control Committee. FROM 1999 – 2000: “Belgica Construcciones”. Advisor and Auditor. FROM 1996 – 1998: EDPYMES CREDINPET (financing enterprise) President. FROM 1982 – 1991: Banco CCC, Lima, Peru (Commercial bank) Division Manager of Internal Auditing(1983-91) with 30 auditors to examine 155 offices. Small enterprise (Netherlands project) on the fields of: organization, finance consultancy (1982). Consulting in Strategic Planning, Organization and Finance. FROM 1980 – 1981: Revlon International Laboratories Corporation of Perú. Controller General. FROM 1979 – 1980: Savings and Loans” Naval” (financing company) President (General Manager). Management and supervising, Design of Automated system, Housing programs promotion and financing. FROM 1974 – 1979: Arthur Young and Company Senior Consultant and Supervisor, in charge of diagnostic, training, design and implementation of financial, organization and procedures manuals and information systems in clients: banks, savings and loans, governmental and private firms. FROM 1967 – 1973: Savings and Loans ”Naval”. A company specialized in financing housing developments. President. Institucional Strength From 1965 – 1967: Corporación Nacional de Abastecimientos del Perú (A Governmental Food Supply National Corporation) Administrative and Financial manager. 7. OTHER QUALIFICATIONS Publication of various books in the field of Cooperative Accounting, Auditing, Budgeting, also specialized articles on Management, Auditing and Finances matters, as well as small enterprise development in professional and universities magazines. 4
  5. 5. University Professor at: San Marcos, Universidad Católica, Universidad de Lima and San Martín; in charge of finance, accounting, business management and cooperatives (1962-1982) Member of the Board (1985-1987), Banks Committee, Ethical Committee (1983-1984) of the Institute of Accountants “Colegio de Contadores Públicos de Lima” (1982-1984) and of the National Federation of Certified Public Accountants Institutes of Perú (1983-4). President of the Central Credit Union of Perú. Member of the National League’s Education Committee providing training for 13 Agrarian Sugar Cooperatives of Peru, under the Agrarian Reform (1968-80). Colegio de Contadores del Peru. (CPC Institute), member of the Board. Member of the Banking Comitte, and organizer of the housing and credit cooperative. Member of the Leagues and Central Educational Comitees and instructor to provide Training courses for credit unions in financial, administrative and auditing matters. ( 1965…). Promotion of Cooperative and Agricultural Banking and consulting for bills of law of the Congress of the Republic on Cooperative Law matters, National System of Control, Agrarian Bank and investigations. Development of a methodology for Credit Union examiners, and for special frauds investigations. NGO (Non Profit) administrative procedures and Manuals. Auditor and Consultant to the Arch Bishop Church Administration Manuals and Auditing (Lima). 1970-8. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND AND STAGES IN FOREING COUNTRIES Bureau of Federal Credit Unions (USA) (1962-63 Intermediate Seminar for Financial Inspectors (Government). Training and practices on Government financial and operational inspections in different regions. Sponsored by the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) Major in Supervision and Inspection of Credit Unions. IOWA University and AID. Stage on Agricultural Cooperatives Fundación Konrad Adenauer (1967) - Germany Stage on agricultural and financing matters in Germany. ITDPA, Colombia. Bank`s Computers System Audit. Inter American seminars and Congress 1986-7 SIDEFCOOP Inter American seminars and congress on cooperative bank organization and business. 5
  6. 6. REFERENCIAS Juan Klingenberger Lomellini (Colleague) President. /Fondo de Seguro Depósitos. Superint. of Banks jklingenberger@sbs.gob.pe Work5112223052 Manuel Barreto Boggio (Supervisor) Cihief of IPC/BANADES/IDB Program/BANADES (presently Manager of AlBA CONSULT) mbarreto@albaconsult.com Home5117727153 Ramón J.B. Rosales (Supervisor) Partner, Manager/International Consulting Consortium, Inc. (ICC) iccusa@att.net Work19549830468 Efrían Salas Ciminago (Colleague) FMO(Dutch financing) representative in Peru. /FMO Netherland Fianancing Corporation salasef@terra.com.pe Home5114644514 César Delgado B. (Supervisor) Past President. University Profesor/EDPYMES CREDINPET n/a Home5114773529 6