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BlackBerry PlayBook Development Overview - KCDevCore
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BlackBerry PlayBook Development Overview - KCDevCore


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  • 1. BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOKDEVELOPMENT OVERVIEWPresented January 25th 2011 for the KCDevCore Adobe User Group by Joseph Labrecque
  • 2. About Me Joseph Labrecque, MA Flash Platform Developer Multidisciplinary Artist Adobe Education Leader University of Denver Fractured Vision Media, LLC An Early Morning Letter, Displaced
  • 3. What we will cover• BlackBerry PlayBook Overview• BlackBerry Tablet OS Simulator• BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Flash Builder• Application Development• Application Testing on the Simulator• Compiling the Application for Submission• Submitting an Application to BlackBerry AppWorld
  • 4. BlackBerry PlayBook Overview• QNX® Neutrino® RTOS which powers mission-critical systems on the space station, government defense systems, life-saving medical devices and millions of in-car systems• Reliable, high-performance kernel engineered for multi-core hardware• Multi-threaded POSIX OS (Portable Operating System for Unix) for true multitasking• Developer options: Tablet OS SDK for AIR, Flash Player 10.1, HTML5, WebWorks for Tablet OS, C/C++ Open GL SDK, Java SDK
  • 5. PlayBook Browser• Based on BlackBerry 6 WebKit browser• HTML5 and CSS3• Full Flash Player 10.1• Acid3 Score: 100/100• CSS3 Selectors Test: 578/578• HTML5Test: 208/300
  • 6. BlackBerry Tablet OS Simulator (0.9.2)ISO disc image for VMware Player (Windows) or VMware Fusion (OSX)• Extract ISO from the downloaded file• Guest OS should be “Other”• VM Memory should be 1024• Accelerate 3D graphics• Enable development mode and note device IP address
  • 7. BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Flash BuilderRun the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK Beta 3 for Adobe AIR installer (0.9.2)• Install as Flash Builder plugin• Be sure to change the install folder for Flash Builder Burrito• Be sure to point to the Adobe AIR 2.5 SDK folder ({FB}sdks4.5.0)• Verify installation once finished!
  • 8. Application DevelopmentCreate a new Mobile Flex Project (or Mobile ActionScript Project)• Choose BlackBerry Playbook as target platform• Once the project is created, you can edit the properties to include Tablet OS libs• You do not have to include Tablet OS libraries if you will not use them• Now just build and test your project as normal
  • 9. BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR• AIR developers can access QNX UI classes used by core PlayBook applications• Tablet OS extended AIR APIsQNX Class Examples:• StageWebView with more integration into the webkit on the PlayBook• qnx.system.QNXApplication Bevel swipe down event• qnx.system.Device Battery level, state, and monitor Device info• Hardware accelerated play black of media and other non-Flash supported codecs
  • 10. More Application Development Specificsblackberry-tablet.xml<qnx> <initialWindow> <systemChrome>none</systemChrome> <transparent>true</transparent> </initialWindow> <publisher>Fractured Vision Media, LLC</publisher> <category></category> <icon> <image>QNX-icon.png</image> </icon> <splashscreen>QNX_splash.png</splashscreen></qnx>
  • 11. Application Testing on the SimulatorCreate a new run/debug configuration for your project• Launch method should be “On device”• Choose “Development mode” for the Deployment mode• Choose “Install and Launch” for Deployment method• Pop the IP address from the simulator into the Target input here
  • 12. Compiling the Application for SubmissionExport release build for your project• Choose to export and sign a platform-specific application package• Choose to include Tablet OS libraries (or don’t)• DO NOT sign the application• Blackberry will work with developers to sign later on• You will now have a .bar file to upload to BlackBerry AppWorld
  • 13. Submitting to BlackBerry AppWorldSubmit your compiled .bar to BlackBerry AppWorld• Sign up as a vendor (individuals- notarized form, businesses- proof of inc.)• Add a product – basic info… title, description, et cetera• You will need; 90×90 icon, 480×480 icon, 640×640 max screen capture• Add “Releases” – upload your .bar file and provide SKU, version, et cetera
  • 14. Now… wait…The review and approval process now begins!• You may be waiting weeks for approval• Want a free PlayBook? Better get something submitted before March 15 th!• Tick… tock…
  • 15. In closing… Joseph Labrecque, MA Blog: Twitter: Email: Thank you!
  • 16. Shameless plugs…• Buy my book! Flash Platform and Android cookbook! Published by [PACKT] later this year!• An Early Morning Letter, Displaced A Prison of Oneself, Shudderflowers, 6Threads, and more… iTunes, Amazon, Zune…• Emergent Collective One FREE community compilation CD -• Upcoming Conferences Speaking at D2W 2011 - Attending (speaking?) 360|Flex Spring 2011 -