Surgical technology powerpoint


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Surgical technology powerpoint

  1. 1. The goal of proper positioning is to provide the best possibleaccess and visualization of the surgical site while causing the leastpossible compromise in physiological function and stress tojoints, skin and other body parts Positioning should also provide access to the patient for the administration of IV fluids and anesthetic agents and provide patient safety
  2. 2. This is the usual position for administering general anesthesia and for doing most surgery of the abdomen such as laparotomy, herniorrhaphy, and appendectomy. With slight modifications, it is also used for other types of surgery, such as surgery on the arms or legs. Supine PositionTrendelenburgPosition Reverse Trendelenburg PositionFowler’s Position Sitting PositionLaparotomyPosition
  3. 3. Supine Position Trendelenburg Position ReverseTrendelenburg PositionFowler’s PositionSitting PositionLithotomyPosition
  4. 4. Supine PositionTrendelenburgPosition May be used for Reverse surgery on the neck, Trendelenburg such as Position thyroidectomy, and for certain abdominalFowlers surgery, such as liverPosition or gallbladder operationsSitting PositionLithotomyPosition
  5. 5. Applied atSupine Position operations on a head and neck, at laparoscopicTrendelenburg operations, fundoplPosition ications andReverse cardiomyotomyTrendelenburgPositionFowler’s PositionSitting PositionLithotomyPosition
  6. 6. Included in surgery for whichSupine Position the patient sits upright are various operations on the noseTrendelenburg and throat, as well as somePosition plastic surgical procedures.ReverseTrendelenburgPositionFowler’s Position Sitting PositionLithotomyPosition
  7. 7. Supine PositionTrendelenburgPositionReverseTrendelenburgPositionFowler’s Position Used for surgery in theSitting Position perineal area, such as drainage of rectal abscesses andLithotomy Position perineal prostatectomies, and for gynecological surgery such as vaginal hysterectomy
  8. 8. Kraske Prone Lateral Kidney (Jackknife) Sims’ PositionPosition Position Position Position Used for surgical procedures-major or minor-that are performed on the back, shoulders, neck, or back of the head. Placement of the patient in the prone position for minor surgery, using local anesthesia, differs in some respects with placement for general anesthesia.
  9. 9. KraskeProne Lateral Kidney (Jackknife) Sims’ PositionPosition Position Position Positionallowing the surgeon to have optimal access to the kidneys. Used for surgery on the coccyx, buttocks, or rectum, particularly when the patient has had spinal anesthesia and there is no objection to his being placed either face downward or head low.
  10. 10. KraskeProne Lateral Kidney (Jackknife) Sims’ PositionPosition Position Position Position
  11. 11. KraskeProne Lateral Kidney (Jackknife) Sims’ PositionPosition Position Position Position Used for surgery on the kidney or the proximal third of the ureter.
  12. 12. Kraske Lateral Kidney Sims’Prone Position (Jackknife) Position Position Position Position1/16/2012
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