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  • 1. From last time… • Explored filters, blend modes, and masks! • Wrapped up PImage, Capture, and Movie
  • 2. Iteration 3 & Final • Your final project is 15% of your grade! • Judged independently of your iterations on the following aspects:! 1. Visceral: how does it look and feel? Polished, professional, pleasant?! 2. Functional: is the code clean? Are there bugs, or does it run smoothly?! 3. Reflective: is it fun? Does it give me information? Is it interesting and does it make me think?
  • 3. www.freemusicarchive.org
  • 4. CAP Text I
  • 5. Char’s & String’s • A char is a primitive type for a ‘character’ of text! char myChar = ‘a’; // only single characters • A String can be thought of as an array of char objects! String myStr = “hi!”; // a string of text println(myChar); println(myStr);
  • 6. Basic String Methods charAt(index) equals(“hey”) indexOf(“M”) length() substring(beginInd) OR substring(beginInd, endInd) toLowerCase() toUpperCase()
  • 7. String Manipulation join(list[], separator) split(str, delimiterString) splitTokens(str, delimitersString) trim(str) // removes white space from ends nf(num, digits) nfc() nfp() nfs() // comma, positive, space
  • 8. Display & Loading text(text,x,y) // draws given text to x, y PFont .vlw // font file extension loadFont() // loads existing .vlw createFont() // create a .vlw on the fly Create a vlw: Tools Menu, Create Font…
  • 9. Setting Attributes textFont() // sets the typeface textSize() // sets the size textAlign() // sets the alignment textLeading() // sets the line spacing
  • 10. Getting Attributes textWidth(str) // returns width of line .textAscent() // returns ascender height .textDescent() // returns descender height
  • 11. Text as Image
  • 12. For next time… • Reading: Shiffman, pp. 314–324 (Text II)! • Homework 5: posted online (Text as Image)! • Iteration 3: presentations about 1 week away