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3. Final Project - Intro
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3. Final Project - Intro



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  • 1. From last time… • We installed and toured Processing! • We saw basic syntax, reviewed functions we’ve learned so far (setup, shapes, colors, debugging)! • Everybody is caught up on reading and has Processing installed
  • 2. Special Topics CAP
  • 3. Level of Class Experience! By Percent 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0 1 (none) 2 3 4 5 (very)
  • 4. Special Topics Interest! By Weighted Percent Games iOS Gen Art Design Ruby 0% 12.5% 25% 37.5% 50%
  • 5. The Final Project CAP
  • 6. Project Goals • Identify a project of interest! • Communicate ideas and goals! • Break an idea apart into it’s component parts! • Create a development plan! • Iterate on the idea, a yield a polished final project
  • 7. Example Proposal! Based on the iOS Weather App
  • 8. 1. Working Title • It’s your creation, it should have a name! • Will foster better discussions about the project! • E.g. “Weather Watch”
  • 9. 2. Executive Summary • One or two paragraph summary! • Contains a “problem statement”! • Summarizes your main ideas
  • 10. 2. Executive Summary E.g. “Weather Watch will be an interactive panel which displays weather data in a way that is easy to understand. Weather Watch will display data for today, and the next several days, in an easy-tounderstand way. It will also focus on what apparel is appropriate for given weather conditions (‘wear a sweater today!’ for example).”
  • 11. 3. Project Analysis Write at least a paragraph which analyzes your project proposal through each of the following “lenses”:! a. Visual Elements! b. Animation! c. Text & Data! d. Interactivity
  • 12. 3a. Visual Elements What are the basic visual objects or elements that make up your project?! E.g. “weather symbols, background weather objects (snowflakes, clouds, raindrops, sunbeams, etc.), textual elements (temperature, time, city names).”
  • 13. 3b. Animation In what ways are your visual elements animated? What do your animations look like, and what extra information do they bring to your project?! E.g. “The backgrounds are animated to give an overall sense of the current weather in a given location, which allows for a quick understanding of the weather. Also, the information animates smoothly as the user slides between locations to give a very polished feel.”
  • 14. 3c. Text & Data Is your project data driven? What’s the source of that data? What text will be presented to the user? Which information or text is most important?! E.g. “Data will be taken from the Yahoo weather service (weather.yahoo.com). Text will be the primary way of conveying data (such as temperature, city name, dates).”
  • 15. 3d. Interactivity How does the user interact with the project? How does it make your project more useful or meaningful?! E.g. “The user can customize the cities presented to see only those cities they care about. They will have full panels of weather information for a given location but can easily swipe between locations to get to information quickly.”
  • 16. 3. Project Analysis a. Visual Elements! b. Animation! c. Text & Data! d. Interactivity
  • 17. 4. Source Material • What is your source inspiration?! • Provide images/web links of source material or data! • Provide any places where you wish to solve a different problem or take a different approach! • Provide sketches of your own that clarify your project (digital or hand drawn)
  • 18. 4. Source Material E.g. “I will be emulating the iOS Weather App (see screenshot). But I hope to take a more usercentered approach and focus on what the temperature ‘feels like,’ along with clothing suggestions.” Prudhoe Bay (snowflakes animating) Be sure to wear a ! full snow suit! Feels like -45°
  • 19. Proposal Outline 1. Working Title! 2. Executive Summary! 3. Project Analysis! a. Visual Elements! b. Animation! c. Text & Data! d. Interactivity! 4. Source Materials
  • 20. Your proposal should… • Be 2 pages or less! • Contain each of the four proposal components! • Be something you are motivated to create! • Be something that is properly “scoped”! • Clearly communicate what you hope to make! • Be clean, professional, and free of errors
  • 21. Suggested Sources • Video Games (be careful about scope!)! • Data Visualizations (visualizing.org)! • Mobile or Desktop Applications! • Generative Art Projects (zenbullets.com)! • Anything that is animated and interactive!! • Start by thinking about what you’re interested in
  • 22. ! Real Ultimate Goal Define a project that is animated and interactive, that you can reasonably create over the course of a semester, and show off or talk about to future employers.
  • 23. Design Thinking
  • 24. For next time… • Read Shiffman, p. 31–42 (Interaction)! • Proposal Due: Next Wednesday, 22 Jan 2014! • Print a copy and submit at beginning of class! • Proposal guide is posted on the homepage! • If you are having trouble, narrow it down to 2–3 ideas and come see me