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Web Analytics white paper from Quiterian

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Web analytics white paper Quiterian

  1. 1. DDWebWeb AnalyticsTotal knowledge ofyour website’svisitorsWhitepaper
  2. 2. Marketing Advanced AnalyticsDDWeb Web Analytics DDWeb Web Analytics The callenge of having a total knowledge of your website’s navigators Every time more companies and institutions are conscious of the important role that websites play as a mean to project the corporate image. At the same time, the huge amount of information that organizations generate –through business establishments and physical offices or through their webs-, requires a common place that joins all the business information, in order to interconnect that information and to analyze it. This is why organizations don’t hesitate to acquire Web Analytics tools which offer them qualitative information about their web visitors’ behaviour, with the aim of measuring their website’s profitability and effectiveness and therefore, to optimize the online channel. “Organizations equip themselves with Web Analytics tools that allow them to measure their website’s performance and effectiveness and to optimize the online channel ” In the current market of Web Analytics solutions, it is absolutely necessary to choose the most suitable solution. That one which, as Quiterian’s DDWeb Web Analytics, allows its users to cross the information from navigation with transactional sources from the organization, as well as to obtain a very accurate and comprehensive knowledge of the web visitor, with no duplicates, inmediately and in a simple way. Only this way, organizations will have a global vision of all the information they manage and will be able to anticipate to deviations in order to be more efficient and competitive. www.quiterian.com info@quiterian.com
  3. 3. Marketing Advanced AnalyticsDDWeb Web Analytics The market and Web Analytics Solutions Disconnection between navigation data and the own information Web Analytics’ market is nowadays very suppliers is, therefore, unique. As a result, there consolidated; so is it that eight suppliers hoard are various Web Analytics solutions in this so more than 90% of the market’s incomes. However, consolidated market. Most of them, more than 80% its is a sector in constant evolution that must face of the total incomes of the market come from a SaaS the arising challenges: user’s maturity, intelligent suscription model. The others –a minority-, are in- terminals, social networking, independent analysis, house products –stored in the own organization-. detailed and reliable visitors’ identification, etc. This This means that almost all Web Analytics solutions means there are still many gaps between suppliers that can be found in the market have in common (those who make the most from the products’ the fact that information is treated as an island skills and stretch them) and customers (those who regarding the rest of the information the company believe and invest in their use). manages. In other words, many reports and graphics explaining the use given to websites are At a technical level, the market still lacks of open provided, but there is no connection with the rest of instrumentation standards or correctly adopted the information the organization generates. metrics, and every proposal from each one of the “Most part of Web Analytics solutions which can be found in the market come from a SaaS suscription model; they provide reports and graphics on the website’s use, but there is no connection with the rest of the information the organization generates” Some solutions, on the other hand, solve this data referent to purchases in the orders files (which problem facilitating the placement of additional is their natural placement) and the web analytics information in specific actions that are carried out files. This situation occurs due to two possible in a website. For example: to store information reasons: Maybe because we don’t have access to about products, amounts and unit prices, that have enough information about the visits our websites been selected by the user in the shopping basket. generate, or maybe because although having access But with this, what is really being generated is an to them, that information is not related with the information duplication; this means, we will have business information. *Source: GASSMAN, Bill; Web Analytics, from ‘Hype Cycle for Business Intelligence’, 2010 www.quiterian.com info@quiterian.com
  4. 4. Marketing Advanced AnalyticsDDWeb Web Analytics DDWeb Web Analytics Solution Web visitors identification and analysis of their behaviour Web Analytics enables access to information in This way, it makes a qualitative analysis in detail of its maximum granularity. With no need of making each web visitor’s behaviour, beyond quantitative aggregates or previous calculations, it identifys data on visits, visited sites, average length of unique visitors clearly and precisely, with the certain visits, etc., being able to respond in a personalized of data not being duplicated, and it also makes a way questions such as the following: how many tracking (tracking_in) of them all along the route users visit you, where do they come from, how do they follow when navigating through the tool called they behave, how do they respond to marketing Analytic Behavior Recorder. campaigns, how many users abandon you and how many are you still retaining, etc. “DDWeb Web Analytics identifies unique visitors clearly and precisely, and it makes a perso- nalized tracking of them as they navigate the web; it allows therefore to make a qualitative analysis in detail on each visitor’s behaviour ” Actions Visit Visit Conversions Web Analytics’ Data Model The Data Model is organized in a unique database, which is called Web Analytics. This database contains tables with information about Visits, Actions made in each Visit, Goal Conversions and Goals. DDWeb’s technology, on the other hand, cubes are created in order to answer an information responds to current needs of the marketing and analysis need, but when those are ready for the final communication departments –focused on online user, that need has evolved and those cubes are not strategies-, and it is perfectly adaptable to a useful anymore. changeable and in constant evolution environment As it doesn’t require cubes, DDWeb connects all such as the Internet. Most of the techniques which variables between each other, answering any IT departments put into practice use a based-on- information analysis need from users immediately, cubes technology, that is very useful for predefined so that the final user can make any necessary or financial analysis, but insufficient for an analysis crossing at any time, the same way he creates the involving the Internet. The cause of this is basically metrics needed for analysis or reports. the continuous evolution of the own channel: www.quiterian.com info@quiterian.com
  5. 5. Marketing Advanced AnalyticsDDWeb Web Analytics 360º Knowledge on the web visitor: digital and offline integration Web Analytics allows to condense all the then the most part of Web Analytics solutions must organization’s information in one only place, identify the user previously. It often occurs that it identifying a link between the information is not possible to identify the user, and in that case compiled by web analytics and the organization’s the temporal link is always available, being therefore transactional data (databases, products, sales,…) necessary to relate different relevant facts (web This way, appart from providing a common place visits, sales, telephone calls, etc.) through the date for the storage and analysis of all the business when they do take place. information, Web Analytics enables a 360º knowlegde on the web visitor, as it connects However, DDWeb Web Analytics always provides information from the digital media with off line data. detailed information on each visitor’s interaction with the website –including the non registered This link between web and transactional data is ones- through creating behavioral profiles. usually located in the user who visits the website; “As it integrates web information and offline data, Web Analytics offers a 360º knowledge of web visitor and puts all the information the organization manages together” Increase of the capability to anticipate At the time it obtains operating information of of website and to detect which features to modify users when they acceed to web applications and with the aim of achieving the business goals. navigate them, Web Analytics brings information on if the goals –previously defined- from campaigns As it puts Data Mining and Predictive Analysis launching, e-mailings, etc., are or not reached. techniques into practice –on which Dynamic Data Web is based- the organization can identify This way, it permits to detect improvement flanks; deviations easily regarding the goals to reach and, this means, to know what works and what does not as a result, it takes measures soon, anticipates and –or does not as it was expected to do-, in order to acts with a clear competitive advantage. obtain steps that increase effectiveness of any kind “Through Data Mining & Predictive techniques, the organization can detect deviations and improvement flanks soon, and it increases its capability to anticipate” Independent analysis, secure information With Web Analytics, the information is stored inside the organization; this means, data are located in own recources and they remain under control. Its installation in the organization’s server guarantees If you want to read more about Marketing Advanced reliable information, which has not been disturbed Analytics Solutions, visit www.quiterian.com or slanted in their way through third parties’ servers. www.quiterian.com info@quiterian.com
  6. 6. Marketing Advanced AnalyticsDDWeb Web Analytics Optimum visits classification and instant segmentation As it offers information in detail on each visitor’s segment instantly from the extracted data. For interaction with web applications, Web Analytics example, it provides correctly the number of unique makes an optimum visits classification, obtaining users from last quarter or from last three days. behavioral profiles that improve and speed up Furthermore -and appart from offering segmentation. predetermined reports-, it enables to create own and personalized reports and dashboards, with On the other hand, DDWeb Web Analytics allows to unlimited segmentations immediately, without create advanced segments which are applicable to waiting and completely independent from IT current and historic data, and creates any complex department. “Web Analytics generates behavioral profiles, allows to create advanced segments which are applicable to current and historic data, and creates any kind of complex segment from the extracted data” Web Analytics’ Predefined Reports Web Analytics includes the following predefined reports: Visits: Length, Origin, Average time, Day of the week, Browser, Local time, Country, Key word of search, Provider, Date, Month, Seen sites, External entrance,... Actions: Of the visit, For each type of visit, Average actions per visit,... Visitors: Visitor’s country, Visits per country,... Report on Average time per visit Sites: Landing pages, Visited pages,... Report on Visits per day of the week Report on Origin of visits www.quiterian.com info@quiterian.com
  7. 7. Marketing Advanced AnalyticsDDWeb Web Analytics Dynamic Data Web: Depth, Self-government and Immediacy Dynamic Data Web is a 2.0 Business Intelligence platform, based on Data Mining and Predictive Analysis techniques, that allows to extract implicit information from data, to identify hidden relations and to discover patterns and trends in order to build predictive models. It helps organizations to take more value from data soon, so they can anticipate and become more agile, more competitive and more efficient. With a technology conceived and developed to give answer to any kind of information request with no need to predict this request in advance (it doesn’t require modellings, it does not work with dimensional cubes nor metadata); Dynamic Data Web is the information exploitation solution which provides a dynamic environment to obtain knowledge from data and to generate added value information. Depth and Business Knowledge It allows to explore, to visualize, to filter and to select data in their maximum granularity to obtain the information knowledge in all their detail. In an intuitive way (without previous programming, using the mouse), it permits to use crossing techniques, comparisons, profiles, clustering which bring a high degree of business knowledge. It helps to obtain profiles, behaviour patterns, multidimensional crosses, comparison diagrams, etc. Adding Value to Data It includes the tools for creating data as you move along in order to add value to native data, with self-government and with no need of reloading the database. The creation of stretches, ranks, quantiles, decodings, metrics; which add new perspectives and enrich the vision of the information. Dynamism and Immediate Response Dynamic Data Web does not require modeling, nor dimensional cubes nor metadata. Its distinctive logistics allows an immediate starting-up process. All the loaded data are ready for their exploitation just because of them being loaded. Ergonomics and Users Self-government User is self-governing in the data exploitation. He can put all his business knowledge into practice when exploiting, exploring, investigating and simulating with full self-government. EUROPE HEADQUARTER - QUITERIAN BARCELONA USA HEADQUARTER - QUITERIAN MIAMI C/ Frederic Mompou 5, Edif. Euro 3, Planta 3ª 2655 LeJeune Road, Suite 810 E-08960 Sant Just Desvern (Spain) Coral Gables, FL 33134 +34 93 371 44 70 1-305-442-4890 www.quiterian.com info@quiterian.com