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A short visual narrative scenario that motivates Semantika as the right platform for your data access need.

A short visual narrative scenario that motivates Semantika as the right platform for your data access need.

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Semantika Story Semantika Story Presentation Transcript

  • Semantika Story Query Service for Everyone!
  • Meet Bob Bob is a field engineer. He works much on querying data to support his decisions at work.
  • *click* *click* Meet Bob To help his job, the company provides him with a special app that manages his common query tasks.
  • Meet Bob <3 And he is satisfied with it...
  • Meet Bob ...until things get nastier when the job requires Bob working on more advanced tasks. He certainly has a definite limitation!
  • Meet Bob *hello Jim* The usual thing he always does is to contact his IT colleague to tweak the app with some extra queries...
  • Meet Bob ... Although in many cases such request may not get an instant attention...
  • Meet Bob So now Bob is unable to complete his task and the company is at risk of losing money.
  • What could be the better solution?
  • “Self-Service Data Query”
  • Meet Semantika Semantika is a platform for building Java application that addresses data access and querying SQL database in “plain way”
  • Meet Semantika As plain as using the company’s “own word” when asking the data
  • Meet Semantika *omg* So instead asking data like: SELECT cEMP_name FROM tEMP-XYZ_666 WHERE cDEPT_name = ‘Company Life Potion Mngnt’
  • Meet Semantika <3 Query can be formulated like: “Show all Employee names that work in the Finance department.”
  • Meet Semantika *click* *click* It gives benefits of minimizing IT knowhow in the company and giving endusers more control on data access need
  • Lessons Learned Querying data can be a challenging task. Sole reliance on IT experts can be a *major* bottleneck that costs time and money. Such reliance can be minimized by providing direct data access and intuitive querying tool. Semantika serves as a platform that can add value to your existing query system without reducing quality of service and performance.
  • Visit our Project https:/ / Extras Command-line Tool: https:/ / SPARQL endpoint with Sesame: https:/ /