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Jose ramirez presention

  1. 1. Charles Darwin born on February 12,1809he was the ‘Father of Evolution theory’ hepublished a book called On the Origin ofSpecies, over coming earlier oftransmutation of species. Was the first toformulate the theory on evolution.
  2. 2. I’m doing my project on human evolution I chose to see if human evolution isreal people say we evolved from ape and monkeys. I choice this becausesome people say we came from monkeys and apes, and some believe in thatGod made the earth. There are people who don’t know what to believe in.Some scientist say that evolution and while some say that evolution is notreally , and some people show the proved that we might have evolved.
  3. 3. Humans Evolution is a change overgeneration. Humans are support toevolved from animals. I don’t what tothinks there some much informationthat show we have evolved form someanimals. But some people believe in itand some don’t believe in evolution. Itshow that we might have evolved fromapes and monkeys and other animals
  4. 4. Scientist opinion of EvolutionI’m show scientist opinion of evolution theone who believe in it and the scientist whodon’t believe in it. I choice this becausesome people don’t know it scientist areright or to believe in their religion.
  5. 5. It might be truth because a so animalsrelated to each other like the chicken theT-Rex the leg bone is the same bone asthe T-Rex so if it possible that a chickenand a T-Rex are related then that wemight have evolved from some monkeysor apes. So it possible that we might haveevolved from other animals. Themonkeys have thumbs and they knowhow to use their thumbs, and we alsoknow how to use them.
  6. 6. Some Orangutan know how to use thingaround them to get their food. Just like usorangutan find find food they related ontheir thumbs and we need our thumbs toeat. Some also know to get their food byjust using the thing around them
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Scientist who believeThere are some scientist who believe thathuman evolution is possible.
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