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  • 1. I’m doing my project on human evolution I chose to see if human evolution isreal people say we evolved from ape and monkeys. I choice this becausesome people say we came from monkeys and apes, and some believe in thatGod made the earth. There are people who don’t know what to believe in.Some scientist say that evolution and while some say that evolution is notreally , and some people show the proved that we might have evolved.
  • 2. Charles Darwin born on February 12,1809he was the ‘Father of Evolution theory’ hepublished a book called On the Origin ofSpecies, over coming earlier oftransmutation of species. Was the first toformulate the theory on evolution.
  • 3. Evolution is a change over generation.Humans are support to evolved fromanimals. I don’t what to thinks theresome much information that show wehave evolved form some animals. Butsome people believe in it and somedon’t believe in evolution. It show thatwe might have evolved from apes andmonkeys and other animals
  • 4. Scientist opinion of EvolutionI’m show scientist opinion of evolution theone who believe in it and the scientist whodon’t believe in it. I choice this becausesome people don’t know it scientist areright or to believe in their religion.
  • 5. I finding scientist who believe and don’tbelieve because I need to show peoplewho believe and people don’t believe in it.It show that we might have