Introducción a SuccessFactors (Español)


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This is an introductory presentation of the main elements of SuccessFactors Business Execution Suite

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  • Companies have made significant investments in areas like process re-engineering, ERP, and process automation across areas like IT, marketing and finance.  These investments have focused on important operating expense areas, but have left out a focus on probably the biggest part of opex spending – the workforce.    Companies need to invest more time and resources into making sure the workforce is operating at the highest level possible.   
  • You know that the workforce is critical to successful business execution. You know your talent is your greatest asset. But, what exactly is the role of HR in business execution? Companies are still struggling with these challenges. (see slide)HR is the only group with the perspective and ability to affect the entire workforce – representing anywhere from 40 – 60% of your company’s total operating cost. There's big money spent on a company’s workforce. Business leaders are realizing they can't possibly optimize the performance of their company without optimizing the performance of the workforce.
  • But, are you focusing on the big business results, or are you still trying to improve your own efficiency (HR budget represents about 1% of the typical company’s opex)? The opportunity at hand, the call to action for HR right now, is to be more connected to the company’s strategy: driving more productivity, and driving more value to the business. This is the opportunity we want to help you capitalize on. YOU are in a unique position, in the best time in history to be in HR. YOU can have an unbelievable impact on your business this year – more than any other group. You need a clear plan for evolving from cost containment to increasing workforce productivity, to driving business results.
  • But, first you have to be able to answer the strategic questions for the company. Do you have the tools to do this?
  • If you can answer the strategic questions, you still need tools to improve alignment and productivity in the workforce. Let me show you some examples… play videos
  • Most companies have a challenge turning their strategy into business results because of poor or unfocused execution. They have an ‘execution gap’ between their intentions and their actions. We believe that YOU are the key to eliminating the execution gap. And that’s where SuccessFactors can help.  Unlike most software, which was built with a bottom-up view of the world (how to improve individual processes like hiring rewarding and developing employees), for a limited set of (HR) users, SuccessFactors has taken a business-execution approach, to help you turn your HR-centric projects into strategies for driving real business results that are aligned with the company direction. Our BizX suite helps you do three things better than any other business software – align and optimize your people and accelerate your business results:   Align : your workforce with your business strategyOptimize: workforce performance across the organization Accelerate: business results with the Workforce(BizX) Insights you need to answer the strategic questionsSuccessFactors’ BizX suite gives you the tools to turn your strategy into business results through your workforce.
  • Aligningis what a lot of you know us for. We started here, and we continue to lead here because it’s so critical to a company’s success. Our solution helps drive alignment across your entire organization by breaking down your strategy into a series of goals, cascading those goals to every employee in the company, and then tracking progress against those goals. This ensures that your people are aware of the company strategy, and working on the right things to support that strategy. In this way we’ll help you drive focus, visibility, and accountability across your business. We’ve been aligning workforces for more than ten years, and we’re the best at it. Next, SuccessFactors helps you optimize your workforce performance with the broadest and deepest set of talent management solutions on the market. We offer next generation cloud solutions for every part of the employee lifecycle to make sure that you can find the right people, get them in the right roles and can reward, motivate and develop them into future leaders. Our tightly integrated solutions support a full set mobile devices and functions across the suite. And lastly we help you accelerate the business with the Insights you need to really drive business results – we call those ‘BizX Insights’ and they show up across the entire suite, but are powered by our Workforce Analytics and Jam solutions.
  • This is NOT your average talent reporting, and not just for HR. It’s your talent data combined with your business data, plus our benchmarks and expertise to deliver a customized solution. We bring in data from all your key business systems so that your workforce data connects to the heart of your business. This is the only way to ensure you are accelerating the business. It’s the missing link between HR and the business: the only out-of-the-box solution that tells you what questions to ask, why they matter, and how you’re doing. For the first time, you’ll deliver actionable, quantitative insights to your business leaders that are easy to understand and consume, and contain insights that will be a catalyst for positive change in the business. You’ve never seen this kind of insight before without help from your IT team and a LOT of internal resources. And perhaps most important of all is the foundation for our BizX suite – our next generation, global, core HR solution. Employee Central was designed with familiar and intuitive consumer-like experiences that enable everyone in the enterprise (employee, manager, HR and business leaders) to more effectively participate in, contribute to, and execute on the tasks and decisions that are relevant to them. We designed our solution from the outside in, to put the ‘self’ back in Self Service. Strategically-minded HR and IT teams have realized that a next generation core HR solution is the key to accurate employee data that drives business results. Capturing employee, organizational and talent data all in one solution delivers better results, faster.
  • So, what makes us different?  Unlike most HR software, which was built with a bottom-up view of the world (how to improve individual processes like hiring rewarding and developing employees), SuccessFactors has taken a business-execution approach, to help you turn your HR-centric projects into strategies for driving real business results that are aligned with the company direction.   What’s the difference between a typical HCM system and a Business Execution Suite? We start by aligning to the businessWe optimize your biggest investment with the most powerful, easy to use, and tightly integrated talent management solutions on the market And we give you the tools to truly accelerate your results with collaboration and content-creation solutions that will unleash creativity, spontaneity, and teamwork across the organization, PLUS, Comprehensive Analytics that combine your people data with your business data, and come with 30 years of best practices, benchmarks, and expertise that you can’t get anywhere else. All [delivered in the cloud] and built on the foundation of a next generation core HR system, designed for everyday use, that enables you to capture employee, organizational and talent data in a single solution to deliver better results, faster.
  • But, what’s the impact of using a BizX solution? We hired a top three strategy consulting firm to find out. They surveyed over 500 of our customers and this is what they heard: Our customers are experiencing important efficiency gains in HR and cost savings across the company – such as lower turnover - from using our solutions. [highlight cost savings column]But more importantly, they were seeing significant improvements in strategic alignment and productivity, such as: 5.5% increase in time spent on strategic priorities - this is what we mean by alignment14% increase in project completion, more than 5% increase in productivity and 4.9% increase in high performers – these are things that go straight to the bottom line and are what we mean by optimizing the workforce. But, even more important than that, was the tangible business results they are getting from using our software – an average of 1% of revenue, added back to profit - this is a perfect example of accelerating business results. [Optional] Let me tell you about a couple of specific customer examples… [Insert relevant customer case study slides here]
  • So what’s the net of it? You can buy a talent management or HCM suite from any number of vendors. But, what you need is a Business Execution suite that will help you drive real business results – and you can only get that from SuccessFactors. OnlySuccessFactors’ BizX suite helps you get beyond the cost savings and process efficiency and move towards driving business results by making sure your people are aligned to your strategy and performing at an optimal level, and you have the insight you need to identify workforce challenges, understand how these challenges affect business performance, and accelerate solutions.
  • SuccessFactors is also run in the cloud, so there's no hardware to buy or maintain, a lower, predictable monthly cost and faster time to value. It's built using the same ‘toy-like’ experiences we're used to on the web, making it even easier to engage your users. We deliver continuous innovation with four releases a year and automatic upgrades. It’s more flexible, scalable, secure, and faster than traditional software - keeping your business agile. SuccessFactors is all about the workforce, so the focus will be on getting work done, not getting the system up and running.
  • Introducción a SuccessFactors (Español)

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