20 + 1 Reasons why SAP Business ByDesign is the Best Cloud ERP

20 + 1 Reasons why SAP Business ByDesign is the Best Cloud ERP






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20 + 1 Reasons why SAP Business ByDesign is the Best Cloud ERP 20 + 1 Reasons why SAP Business ByDesign is the Best Cloud ERP Presentation Transcript

  • 20+1 Reasons why SAP Business ByDesignis the Best Cloud Business Software SuiteMay 26, 2013 1AUTHOR
  • 1. True Business Value• With SAP Business ByDesign a customer isnot just replacing old IT infrastructure• Solutions specifically designed to improvecustomers business• A pragmatic approach to the solution• Functional end to end business scenariosand not functional silos• Efficient fixed budget implementationprojects• Leverage best practices to build a set ofstandardized consulting services
  • 2. Most Complete• Financial Management Processes• Project Management• Business Analytics• Customer Relationship Management• Supplier Relationship Management• Supply Chain Management• Human Resources• Product Lifecycle Management• Audit and Corporate Governance• Mobile Worker Processes
  • 3. Affordable• SAP Business ByDesign is a TrueSaaS (Software as a Service) offered onmonthly license subscription• It allows many companies to finally havea truly efficient business managementsystem, that previously could not afford• From less than US$2000 per month for15 professional users with no otherassociated system or maintenancecosts.
  • 4. Reduction of Investments• The SAP ByDesign systems are managedby SAP itself, and provided onDemand, soyou don’t have to worry about acquiringservers, about operation tasks such asbackups, updates installations and so on. Themonthly fee includes everything.• That means you get a dramatic reduction inyour costs to maintain your IT infrastructure.• Not only you dont worry about servers, butalso about costly updates, your businesscontinuity policies, the additional softwareassociated with backups, or when the companygrows and you need additional storage or CPUcapacity.• With SAP ByDesign you have all the storageyou need without paying any extras, and theavailability is guaranteed by SLAs.
  • 5. Projects Efficient, Fast and Economical• Pragmatic approach to implementationprojecs with estandardized methodologiesand consultintg services.• You can start with a Go-Live StarterPackage and grow from there• For just 9500€ you can have the CRMStarter Package implemented in about twoweeks• For just 37.500€ you can get the ERPStarter Package that includes the mostcritical processes of most businesses.• Not years or months, depending on yourscope, your company can be up andrunning in a questions of a few weeks.
  • 6. Flexibility• SAP ByDesign is an integrated businesssoftware solution that allows you toimplement additional components andbusiness process functionality as yourcompany business grows or needs them.• You can implement financialmanagement, or project management,and later and seamlessly include theCRM, the Supply Chain Management andso on….• Being a True SaaS solution, yourcompany can leverage the immensebenefits provided by public and privateaccessible Cloud Services, and use thosethat can benefit your company byexposing it to new markets or making itmore efficient.
  • 7. Improves Collaboration• It allows for an effectivecollaboration among employees,department or company sites.• SAP ByDesign is designed toprovide great improvements andefficiency communicating andcollaborating with business partnerssuch as customers and suppliers.• Being a “True SaaS” solutions, yourcompany has endless possibilities forinnovation such as the ability foronline interchange of invoicing withyour business partners, creditchecks, social collaboration andmany others.
  • 8. Reporting• SAP Business ByDesign embeds directlyBusiness Analytics and Intelligence,hundreds of predefined reports, totallyflexible and easily customizable, andbased on the most advanced SAP In-Memory technology.• Significantly increases both the companybusiness visibility and performance, byallowing real time business decisions.• By default, the solution includes a set ofKey Performance Indicators and acockpit that let the company to know thestatus of the business in real time from asingle point of access.• You can easily and without anyprogramming to define additional reportsand KPIs.
  • 9. Efficiency• Access to many SAP ByDesign withoutany additional costs from yoursmartphone or tablet devices. ByDesignapplications are available for iOS, Androidand BlackBerry.• Enter anytime and from anywhere yourbusiness opportunities, sales, contactdata, or report project time or projectexpenses.• You can access also to the most importantcompany KPIs and graphical reports fromthe ByDesign Mobile Dashboard.• Mobile Employee Self Services,including travel expenses, authorizations,leave requests approvals, personal dataupdates, and more.
  • 10. Large Applications with Small Cost• Using in your company a solutionsuch as SAP Busines ByDesign ispositioning your company to a levelof efficiency just as good as muchlarger enterprises. With ByDesignyour company can now “dance withthe elephants”• The Total Cost of Ownership orTCO of SAP ByDesign Solution is afraction of those systems used bylarger corporations, with the same orbetter functionality and efficiency,putting your company in an optimalcompetitive position
  • 11. Easy and Free Upgrades• With your monthly subscriptionfee, in ByDesign you haveunlimited storage, and when it istime for a release upgrade, it willbe performed by SAP, but thebest…. Free of charge!• With ByDesign you are saving ahuge amount of money in:• Upgrades• Server Upgrades• Software and firmwareupgrades for the servers• Storage• Consulting costs forupgrades
  • 12. Flexible• SAP ByDesign is extremely flexibleand adaptable to your specificneeds, including very easy yetpowerful tools for personalizingyour screen appearance, screenfields, reports, forms and more. Allthat without the need of anyprogramming.• And if you require additional or newfunctionality, you can use the SAPByDesign Studio, a powerfuldevelopment environment, that canbe used to design and build therequired new functions..
  • 13. SAP Store• With the SAP Store, is very easy toobtain new extensions,enhancements, utilities and even fulladd-ons.• Due to the large SAP SolutionPartner Ecosystem, and the onlineintegration between SAP BusinessByDesign and the SAP Store, yourcompany can browse, test ordirectly buy new solutionsinstantly.• Because SAP Store and SAPByDesign are both in the cloud, theupdating of the Store is immediateand automatic from any ByDesignsystem.
  • 14. Scalability• SAP provides a availabilitycommitment with a 99% of SLAby contract, independently thatyour company has 15 or 1000users.• You only have to take care to havea reliable network to connect tothe Web, and of course, that yourbusiness innovates and grows.• You can start with the users that youneed and can contract additionalusers as your company or businessrequires.
  • 15. Easy training• With SAP Business ByDesign you avoidthe need for constant training for newemployees. With the embedded learningcenter, and role-based training, it hasnever been easier and quicker to enableand train your new employees or newsystem users.• Customers can include their owninstructions and material within the HelpCenter of the ByDesign system.
  • 16. User Experience• Usability, Friendliness and userexperience was a key aspect ofthe ByDesign inception anddevelopment.• Intuitive, easy and flexible, it’s aquestion of minutes that userscan personalize their ownscreens, reports and commontasks.• SAP Business ByDesign has anInternet browser basedinterface, developed with theuser in mind, using MicrosoftSilverlight.
  • 17. Self Maintained• The SAP ByDesign solutionincorporates mechanisms andfunctions for self maintenance, aswell as a comprehensive andadvanced incident management.• With SAP ByDesign the ITDepartments can highly improvetheir efficiency by reducing theiroperations time, and rather invest inmore added value tasks, taking areal innovation role withincompanies.
  • 18. Open Standards• SAP Business ByDesign was designedand built for today and for the future,on top of a open standard architecture,and providing a PSM (Public SolutionModel) to enable solutions partners todevelop additional functionality, and alsoto guarantee the interoperability in ahybrid cloud environment, meaningthat your cloud applications can interfaceand communicate with your on premisebusiness systems.
  • 19. Security• Security at the highest level.SAP Business ByDesign is asave and secure solution, whichis demonstrated by complyingwith the following certificates andsecurity standards:• ISAE 3402• ISO 27001 Certified• SSAE Audit (Statements onStandards for AttestationEngagements) 16• TüViT Trusted ProductSOA, V2.1 Certified
  • 20. Industry Reach• Currently, SAP Business ByDesign is aperfect solution for:- Professional Services- Manufacturing- Wholesale and Distribution- As the Back Office (ERP) solutionfor any other industry sector• It is also an optimal solution forSubsidiaries of Large Enterprises thatare using SAP ERP.• Additionally, both SAP and the large SAPPartner Ecosystem are activelydeveloping new extensions and specificbusiness processes add-ons for additionalsectors, such as the Chemical Industry,Hospitality, Real State, and others.
  • 20+1. The Most International SolutionNo Other Cloud ERP Solution has theInternational Reach of SAP BusinessByDesign.SAP Business ByDesign is a perfect solutionfor companies that need:-Multi language-Multi currency-Multi companyAs of release FP4.0, ByDesign is fullylocalized for 15 countries, with more comingin the RoadmapBut it includes virtually settings for mostcountries in the world, which can beimplemented as sales subsidiaries in a non-localized way.
  • © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 23SAP Business ByDesign is…A fast path and a solid platform for the growth of your companyand your business, with complete business process solutions thatcan be implemented in a matter of weeks.Complete BusinessSoftware SuiteFast Implementation andDeploymentTrue Softwareas a ServiceAffordablePer User PriceIncludes:SAP BusinessByDesignTypical CloudCompetitorsOn-PremiseCompetitionComplete Software SuiteIT HardwareIT SupportBackup & RecoveryNetwork ManagementUpgradesUnlimited Data StorageMaintenanceMulti-Company, Country and CurrencyMobilityAnalytics Engine
  • myCloudDoor, Your Trusted Partner to SAP Cloud Solutions• SAP Experience since 1994• Quality• Commitment to Customer Success• Exclusive Focus on SAP on-Demand Solutions• Strict Methodology• Affordability• Global Presence• We will be with you before, duringand after your implementationproject
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