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Tips word


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  • 1. Eau Claire Schools Assistive Technology Team Smart Sheet for: Microsoft Word 2000 Tips -o Getting Acquainted with the § To remove bullets in a o Redo Actions toolbars: By default the standard and document, place cursor on the § Sometimes you may undo an action formatting toolbars are docked side by line in which you want to delete and later wish that you had not side below the menu bar. bullets or numbers and click on undone it. To bring it back you § Standard Toolbar: The standard need to click on the Redo icon, toolbar has buttons for common tasks the bullet or number icon. which is located on the Standard such as saving, printing, checking toolbar. spelling, and inserting charts and tables. o Creating sub bullets/numbers: o The First Letter of a Word is § Formatting Toolbar: The To create sub bullets/numbers, Automatically Capitalized: By Formatting Toolbar has buttons to start a bulleted or numbered list default, AutoCorrect capitalizes the first change the font type or size, make and then hit return. To indent letter of a word that follows a period or the text bold or italic, indent text, and the next bullet hit the tab key or first letter of single words in a list or table insert bullets. column. If you don’t want AutoCorrect to § Drawing Toolbar: The Drawing the Increase Indent icon. capitalize text, try the following solutions: Toolbar has tools for drawing shapes, To return the bullet or number § Turn off the Capitalize First Word adding lines and curves, and inserting to the original position, hit the AutoCorrect Feature. To do this: text boxes and WordArt. It also has ØOn the Main Menu bar, click on buttons for manipulating and Decrease Indent icon. Tools; formatting the objects you draw. o Cutting, Copying, and Pasting ØClick on AutoCorrecto Docked versus Floating Toolbars: Text: ØDeselect the option, Capitalize Docked toolbars are locked to the top or § To cut text, you need to click first letter of sentences. bottom of the window. Floating toolbars and drag over text you want to ØClick OK. are toolbars that are hanging on the cut. Text should be § Click the Undo icon after typing a screen with a title bar. highlighted. Then go to the word that you don’t wanto Moving a Toolbar: Drag the move Edit menu on the main menu capitalized, but it is capitalized handle on a docked toolbar, or drag bar. Drag down to cut. anyway because of the AutoCorrect the title bar on a floating toolbar Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + X feature. By clicking undo, the capital § To copy text, you need to letter will change to a lower case letter. to another location. If you drag the click and drag over text you Using this solution will allow you to toolbar to the edge of the program want to cut. Text should be keep the Capitalize first letter of window or to a location beside another highlighted. Then go to the sentences AutoCorrect feature on, but docked toolbar, it becomes a docked Edit menu on the main menu gives you a quick and easy way to toolbar. correct inappropriate capitalization. bar. Drag down to copy.o Showing Toolbars: Click on View on Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C. o To Copy Character and Paragraph the Main Menu Bar. Click on Toolbars. § To paste text, you need to Formats: Sometimes you create a font Select or deselect toolbars. position your cursor where and margin layout that you would like too Adding or Removing Buttons from apply to another section of your Word you want to paste the text. document. To do this: the Toolbar: You can add more Then go to the Edit menu on § To copy paragraph formatting functions to your tool bar by clicking on the main menu bar. Drag position the cursor at the beginning of the down arrow at the end of a docked down to paste. Keyboard the paragraph that you want format toolbar. To do this: shortcut Ctrl + V. copied, then click on the Format Painter § Click on the down arrow icon, now you will see a paint cursor. o To make viewed page the Move in your document to the § Click width of the window: Click on paragraph in which you want to apply § View button choices and add or the format and ‘paint’ the selected remove as appropriate. zoom text box , and paragraph to apply.o Using Bullets and Numbering: then click on page width. § To copy character formatting, § To add bullets or numbers to a highlight the text that has the format document, place cursor on the line in you want to copy, click on the Format o Undo Mistakes/Actions: Painter icon, and paint over the text which you want to start § On the Standard toolbar, bullets/numbers and click on the you want to apply the formatting to. bullet or number icon. click the Undo icon .Lori Tufte, 2000 - email at: Page 1
  • 2. Eau Claire Schools Assistive Technology Team Smart Sheet for: Microsoft Word 2000 Tips -o Set a theme in a Microsoft Word o Changing background color to o Using AutoCorrect to insert symbols: document to add visual interest or to provide students with a different You can easily add symbols to documents. correspond with the theme of a story or visual writing contrast. Here are a few examples: class unit. To do this in a Microsoft § On the main menu bar, click on :) = J, :( = L, :| = K, --> = à, Word document you will need to: Format § Click on Format § Click on Background ==> = è, <=> = ó § Click on Theme § Click on the background color of o AutoText: AutoText allows you to § Use down arrow to preview themes your choice quickly insert text that you use frequently. § Highlight choice, Click OK. o AutoCorrect Features The main difference between AutoCorrecto Create a form in a Microsoft Word AutoCorrect will automatically and AutoText is: document to create digital worksheets identify and correct typing errors, Ø AutoCorrect automatically makes the and tests. To do this you will need to: misspelled words, grammatical changes (inserts the text) for you. § Click on Tools errors, and incorrect capitalization. Ø With AutoText you can choose whether § Click on Customize To find the words that are or not to insert an entry. § From the toolbars list, click on Forms programmed for automatic § You can insert AutoText many so that it has a check in front of it. correction: different ways, including: § Now you see a Forms toolbar § On the Main Menu bar, Click on 1. On the main menu bar, click on § Use this toolbar to create fill in the Tools. Insert. blank boxes, check boxes, and § Click on AutoCorrect *Click on AutoText. multiple-choice boxes. § Now you can view the *Click on the submenus and § Tutorial directions online at AutoCorrect features. The boxes view the choices. checked are the features currently *Click on the AutoText entry of s/Q212/3/28.ASP activated. You can see that your choice.o Spelling errors are underlined in red. AutoCorrect will automatically: 2. When AutoComplete is activated, Right click on a word to view spelling Ø Correct Two Initial Capital AutoText choices (called screen suggestions. letters tips) will Ø Capitalize the first letter of automaticallyo Grammar errors are underlined in appear as you type. green. Right click on the words or each sentence. Ø Capitalize the names of days E.g. èèèè phrase to see grammar suggestions. You can choose to accept the screen and months.o Font for primary text in Microsoft word. Ø Correct accidental usage of the tip choice by hitting enter on the § Avantgarde caps lock key. keyboard. § Berlin Sans FB Ø Replace commonly misspelled AutoComplete is activated when its § Bradley Hand words with correct spellings checkbox is checked. § Century Gothic and use common suggestions from the spell checker. You can turn AutoComplete on/off in § Comic Sans o Using AutoCorrect for abbreviation/ the AutoText window. Click on § Primary One Insert, point to AutoText, click on expansion: § Primary Trainer AutoText. Now you can select or You can use AutoCorrect too Changing font color: Using black text simulate abbreviation/expansion clear the AutoComplete checkbox. on a white background is the industry software. For example, if your o Using AutoText to simulate Word standard for visual ease when word- student is typing a report on Prediction: You can add long or complex processing. Some students benefit dinosaurs, you can use the words that students type frequently into the visually when typing with a different AutoCorrect feature to enable them AutoText list to simulate very basic word font color. To change the font color: to type tr plus a space to insert the prediction software. To do this: § On the main menu bar, click on text “Tyrannosaurus Rex”. To do § On the main menu, click on Insert. Format this: § Click on AutoText. § Click on Font § On the Main Menu bar, Click on § Click on AutoText again. § Click on the down arrow next to the Tools. § Now you will see the AutoText Font color box to view color choices. § Click on AutoCorrect window. § Click on the font color of your § Type tr in the Replace box. § Type the word that you would like to choice. § Type Tyrannosaurus Rex in the add to the Auto Text list. § **Or click on the font With box. § Click on Add. shortcut on the main § Now every time your student § Click OK. menu bar. Click on types tr and a space, § Note: AutoText entries must be at least down arrow to view color choices. Tyrannosaurus Rex will appear. 5 characters long.Lori Tufte, 2000 - email at: Page 2
  • 3. Eau Claire Schools Assistive Technology Team Smart Sheet for: Microsoft Word 2000 Tips -o To Get a Word Count: One way to keep o To Insert Clip Art Pictures: o To move Pictures within a Microsoft data on student writing is to compile data § On the Main Menu, Click Insert Document you need to change the layout on word count over the course of the § Click on Picture of the picture or your clipart picture school year. To do this: § Click on Clip Art remains part of the text line. To do this: § Click on Tools § Within the clip art window, you § Double click on your clipart picture or § Click on Word Count can choose from the pictures, click once on your picture and then on sounds, or motion clips on file. the Main Menu, Click on Format ando To Create a Template: § To add Clip Art pictures, browse then Click on Picture. You can create customized templates for the picture files. When you find § Now you should see a Format Picture students with the appropriate font, background the picture you want to add, click window. color, font color, font size, and other settings. You would want to do this for students who on it and then click § Click on Layout need a certain document layout when they type on the insert clip § You will see 5 Wrapping Styles. To or for students who have a difficult time icon è move your picture around you need to getting necessary information on their paper § Close the Insert Clip Art window choose square, tight, behind text, or in (name, date, class title) or to create document and you will see your clipart front of text. layouts for specific classes/ curriculum within your text document. § Click on the wrapping style you want, activities (E.g. Numbered spelling tests). To and then click ok. o To Insert Clips Online from the do this: Microsoft website: § Now you can move your clipart around § Open a blank word document. § On the Main Menu, Click Insert on your document page. § Set up the page with the features and § Click on Picture **Or text you want on the page for the § Click on Clip Art § Click once on your clipart student. § Click on icon for Clips Online § If you see the picture toolbar *Note: To create fill in the blank page setups, you may want to use the fill-in- è § Click on the text the-blank option on the form toolbar. § If your computer is online, click OK. wrapping icon è Refer to Judy Sweeney handout. § Search the Clip Gallery Live site by § You will see 5 Wrapping Styles. To **To protect your template: typing or choosing information in the move your picture around you need to § On the main menu bar, Click on Tools. Search area. choose square, tight, behind text, or in § Click on Protect Document. § If you see a picture that you like, click in the checkbox below the front of text. § Click on Protect Document for Forms. § Click on one of the wrapping styles. **To save your template: § Now you can move your clipart around picture è § On the main menu bar, Click on File. on your document page. § When you have found the picture(s), § Click on Save As and type a file name. click on Download * clip. § Click on the down arrow next to the o To make Pictures/Clipart black & white: Example: Save As Type drop down list. § Click once on the picture in your document. § To add the Clip Art pictures, look at § Click on Document Template. the pictures you downloaded. When § If you see the picture toolbar § Click on SAVE. you find the picture you want to add, Now each time your student opens their click on it & then click § Click on the image control button >>> document template, they will have a on the insert clip icon à and drag down to Black & White. formatted blank document designed for § Close the Insert Clip Art **Note: If you don’t see your picture their needs. window and you will see your clipart toolbar, activate it by going to the menu bar, within your text document. click on tools, click on customize, and placeo To Highlight Text in a Document a check in front of picture. o Ready-Mades: Be sure to check out You can use the highlight feature to bring Or the document wizards such as letters, a students attention to text on the screen. § Click once the picture in your document. student tools, teacher tools, classroom This feature can be used as a learning tool § Go to the Main Menu and Click on Format. activities, calendars & more. To do this: as students edit documents. To do this: § Click on Picture. § On the Main Menu, Click on File. § Click on Highlight on the Toolbar § Click on the Picture tab § Click on New and view choices. § Click on the drop down menu next to Color è o Zoom Text: Use zoom to make text § Click on Black & White. bigger on the screen w/out changing the § Highlight the text or graphic you want o Creating a table in a Microsoft Word font size. Enable students to see the by dragging across it with the whole document page with Web Layout. document. highlighter or double clicking on it. Page will print at set font size: § Click on Table § Turn off highlighting by clicking on § On the Main Menu, Click on View § Click on Insert the Highlight tool on the Toolbar again § Click on Web Layout § Click on Table or hitting the escape key. § Click on Zoom Window to change § Type in the number of columns and size of font on the screen. rows you want and click OK. Lori Tufte, 2000 - email at: Page 3
  • 4. Eau Claire Schools Assistive Technology Team Smart Sheet for: Microsoft Word 2000 Tips -o Table tutorial at WD2000: How to Create o Microsofts Accessibility Tips for words they can read in their favorite and Manipulate a Word Table Word 2000 at nursery rhymes. At § .asp?id=KB;EN-US;Q281503 Rhymes.html g/office2000/default-u.htmo Copying a Picture from a website o Dolch Lists § When you see a picture on a website that o To Split a Document so that you you want to copy, right click on that can see two sections of the same § Dolch Lists at picture. (Special note: you do not need to document at one time. Very do this if you are at a clipart website. helpful when you want to make lch/Dolch.html Instead, use their procedures for direction at the top of the document § Dolchs List – arranged in alphabetical downloading pictures). visible to students at all times as order at § A dialog box will pop up they work. § Click on copy. § On the Main Menu bar, Click on tm § That image has now been copied to Window o Word Wall Ideas/Activities your clipboard. § Click on Split § Word Wall Cheers at § Now you can go into another § Move the line to the place where document and paste that image from you want to split your document. blocks/word_wall_chants.htm your clipboard. § Word Wall lists for kindergarten § To manipulate the picture in a o To Remove a Split from a Document through third grade at Microsoft Word document, follow the directions outlined above. § On the Main Menu bar, Click on Window blocks/word_wall_grade_level_lists.hto Screen Shots m Sometimes you will want to copy the image on § Click on Remove Split § Interactive Word Wall Activities at: the computer screen. To do this you will need o Websites with Lesson Ideas for to take a screen shot. Writing s/wordwall062599.html § You can take a picture of the screen by § Reading and Writing with pushing the Print Screen (Print Scrn) key, § More Word Wall Activities at: Rubber Stamps Idea Page at which is located to the right of the F12 key. and select § Now your “screen” picture is on your rium/1783/WordWalls.html clipboard. the idea page as your category. § And More Word Wall Activities at: § You can paste the picture into any § Writing ideas at the McCracken document by dragging down from Edit on website at blocks/on_the_back_activities.htm - the main menu bar to Paste. Click on Monthly or Topical On-The-Back Endings § If you want to use only part of the screen or Current Features. shot, you will need to paste your screen o Templates for Making Words by P.M. o Websites with Student Activities shot into a paint program and then select Cunningham and D.P. Hall (Good Apple, for Learning: only the portion of the screen shot that you 1994), [ISBN 0-866-53806-2]. at § Puzzles to exercise the brain at want to use. To do this: § Click on Start cks/templates_-_making_words.htm § Click on Programs § At the site above you will also find tml § Click on Accessories templates for Making More Words, Making § Simple online storybooks at Big Words, and Month-by-Month Phonics § Click on Paint for First Grade. § On the Main Menu bar, click on Edit § Songs at and then click on Paste. o Working with Word Activities for § You may get a message now saying, Students in the Upper Grades at “The image in the clipboard is larger edForest/Glade/7438/index.html than the bitmap. Would you like the o Using Technology for Learning up/index.htm bitmap enlarged?” § Reading/Language Arts Ideas at § If you get that message, click on Yes. o Sign Language Sites with online § Now to select the portion of the picture 1 demonstration of how to make the signs. you want, Click on the selection tool § Early Childhood Technology § A Basic Guide to ASL at ç Literacy Project at http://www.masterstech- § Drag a box around the portion of the picture you want to copy and click um/littlekids/litinst.centers.htm § HandSpeak is a visual online sign on copy under the Edit menu. § Rebus Rhymes are designed for dictionary ato Microsoft WORD 2000 Frequently children who are learning how to Asked Questions at read. Preschoolers and o Vocabulary Frequency at Different Ages Kindergartners enjoy picking out the § From AAC RERC at FAQ/WD2K/default.asp Lori Tufte, 2000 - email at: Page 4