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Photobucket Powerpoint
Photobucket Powerpoint
Photobucket Powerpoint
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Photobucket Powerpoint
Photobucket Powerpoint
Photobucket Powerpoint
Photobucket Powerpoint
Photobucket Powerpoint
Photobucket Powerpoint
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Photobucket Powerpoint


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  • 1. Photobucket
  • 2. What?
    • Number one photo site in the U.S.
    • Share photos, videos, and albums for free via email, mobile devices, and social sites
    • Can post for the public or can select specific people to share with
    • Browse other users’ uploads
  • 3. Features
    • Organization with tags and titles
    • Can upload from a computer, email, web URL, or cell phone
    • Hundreds of design themes, stickers, and special effects
    • Slide shows and scrapbooks
    • Online print store
  • 4. History 2003 Founded by Alex Welch & Darren Crystal Acquired by Fox Interactive Media 2007 Dec. 2009 Merged with Ontela Inc. to become Photobucket Corporation * Ontela Inc: a leading provider of imaging services to wireless carriers
  • 5. Users (99 million)
    • Majority: 15-40 years old
      • Keep others up to date on life
      • Stay in contact with distant friends/family
      • Easily organize photos/videos and ensure safely kept
      • Minority: older individuals (50 and up)
      • Technology challenge
      • Stick to what’s comfortable
      • Value physical album can be passed through generations
      • Believe internet alters photos/videos meaning and importance
  • 6. Users
    • Organizations in general can utilize Photobucket to…
      • Determine how many times each photo or video has been viewed
      • Find out the website where the view came from
      • Analyze the performance of certain web pages and how many visitors a photo has attracted
      • Advertise (the site itself)
  • 7. Corporations
    • Host a contest to reach new people and increase visibility
      • Draw attention to corporation
      • Receive feedback from community
    • Select material to post  Select how they want to be perceived
    • Join other relevant groups and post under their photos
    • Reach unlimited people who use Internet daily
    • Reminds people of corporation or makes them aware of its existence
  • 8. Non-Profits
    • Raise funds by first communicating organization’s story/cause
    • Demonstrate the progress its made towards its mission
    • Launch inexpensive campaign
      • Increase awareness and reach new audiences/volunteers
      • Ask supporters to donate $ to post own pictures
      • Comments on photos = noticeability = more $
  • 9. Educational Institutions
    • Inexpensive videos to post on website for prospective students and parents
    • Student run organizations can create a video or post images so others can learn about what else the university offers
    • Professors can discuss benefits of school
    • Informational videos vs. reading pages of material
    • Proves ability to connect well with students
  • 10. Obstacles
    • Past:
      • Turkish Hackers in June 2008
      • Security Hole in July 2008
    • Future:
      • Copyright material
      • Selling artists/photographers work via print store without permission
      • Take down system
  • 11. Improvements
    • Overwhelming ads on homepage
    • Social networking capabilities
      • Can only comment when album is marked as favorite
      • No direct comments can be left whether you have an account or not
      • Regardless Photobucket is still very…
      • Straightforward
      • Has great customization tools
      • Easy to share pictures/videos
      • Versatile can display pictures on favorite sites like Facebook/Ebay