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  • 1. INNOVATION Key success factor in the Tourism IndustryJordi Mansour May 2011 1
  • 2. Quick hotel industry overview Supply vs. Demand Evolution (2001 basis) (2001 basis)Jordi Mansour May 2011 2
  • 3. Quick hotel industry overview Imbalance between supply and demandJordi Mansour May 2011 3
  • 4. Quick hotel industry overview Deflation in Tourism IndustryJordi Mansour May 2011 4
  • 5. Quick hotel industry overview Sales Rises and FallsJordi Mansour May 2011 5
  • 6. Quick hotel industry overview 5, 4 and 3 stars hotels profitabilityJordi Mansour May 2011 6
  • 7. Quick hotel industry overview Changes in Consumer Behavior Tourist New vacation habits Looking for new experiences New purchase behavior Social & Demographic changes The main vacation has More leisure activities Growing preference in Increase in life been reduced being practiced during customized trips expectancy vacations Increase in short trips Search for more clear, Immigration (escapes) Well-equipped hotels are valid and transparent Increase in one-parent requested and information Increase in long distance families demanded trips Search for new channels Flexible and customized Elder people travel Preference in specialized service are wished interest is growing products and services Claim mechanism and Increase of single service guaranteed travelersJordi Mansour May 2011 7
  • 8. My experience in Innovation THE BIG DIFFERENCE ACQUIRE USE IMPROVE Assimilate (understand) COPY Manufacture INNOVATEJordi Mansour May 2011 8
  • 9. My experience in Innovation GROWTH MODELS Management Enterprising improvements Initiatives Innovative InitiativesJordi Mansour May 2011 9
  • 10. My experience in Innovation Innovation vs. Creativity Ideas Process/Work Value Creativity alone is not innovation. Innovation involves process and systematic methods: 1% ideas + 99% hard work Innovation ALWAYS creates value. + InnovationJordi Mansour May 2011 10
  • 11. CONCLUSIONS INNOVACIÓN More clients Increase client’s loyalty Price rises Less Costs + Improves companies image New oportunities Clear competitive advantatge Lead the market trends Etc.Jordi Mansour May 2011 11